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Rapid Transit Companies of This And The Junction City
to Connect Lines. Lxpect to Operate New Road
Before End of Year. Two Hour
r Schedule to be Maintained.
That tho long talKcd of electric
railway between Logan and Ogden Is
crystallzlng Into definite form and
that tho citizens of this valley can
Bpcak with some assurance that
such accomodations for Cache aro
forth coming In the near future, Is
.evidenced from tho following dis
patch from Ogden under date lino of
Feb. 25:
Tho electric road between Ogden
and Logan Is to bo built and work
Is to bo started this summer accord
ing to Information made public by
tho Ogden Ilapld Transit company
today. Tho campaign of extension
was decided on at a prlvato meeting
of tho stockholders of tho company
yesterday afternoon, but could not
b0 verified until today, when Sup:.
P. D. Kline confirmed tho statement
that the company had ordered tho
work to bo started.
Just which route tho now lino
will take has not been definitely de
cided. Threo surveys havo been
made between this city nnd Logan,
I hut the routo will not bo designated
until the officials can go over tho
ground, which will bo as soon as the
weather will permit.
Tho extension probably will take
the courso through Ogden canyon to
Huntsvillo, Eden and on over tho di
vide Into 'Cacho valley. The routo
through tho canyon offers an easy
grado and would traverse a rich sec
tion in tho southern part of Cacho
valley. Tho distance over this routo
is about forty-flvo miles, much less
k ! than tho other two lines under con
y "jjltjlsiileratlon. That this Is tho likely
routo Is on account of tho fnct that
work has already begun on tho ex
tension from tho Hermltago In Og
den canyon to Huntsvllle.
The other two routes lead from
Brigbam City, one through Mantua,
over Wellsvlllo summit and tho oth-
Ier through Hear River canyon, paral
lel to tho Oregon Short Lino as far
as Cacho Junction. Tho former
would bo 48 miles and tho latter 64
miles. Tho routo through Dear River
canyon would be tho most difficult
and the longest of the three, but
would include a number, of Important
towns and cross Dear River "valley,
which would add greatly to tho pos
sibility of traffic. It is said the offi
cials are favorable to tho Dear River
route, as they consider the valley
aectlon would be a good country to
Tho route will be definitely deter
mined In a short time and tho con
tracts let. For some time Engineer
Joseph West has been busy making
j . -r
Speaking of tho motion picture pre
aentatlon of Cloopatra at tho Salt
Lake Theatro tho first threo nights
of last week, tho dramatic critic of
the Dosoret Nov:s says In part ns I
follows: I
"The artist who posed for the
picture Is Helen Gardner, a woman
whoso beauty of face and figure and
whose attainments nB an actress,
make her Ideal In tho part. The pic
tures are bright, clear and distinct
and the strong story narrated, while
a tragic one, follows tho fate of Cle
opatra and Anthony with fidelity.
Tho presentation takes about one
and a half hours. Tho exhibition is
a rarely beautiful ono and well worth
Three performances of Cleopatra
wilt bo glvon today and this ovenlng
. at tho Oak Theatre In this city.
Tho city board of health was In
session yesterday morning at which
I a report was made from City Health
1 Inspector, Georgo T). McCulloch. Tho
I report was Jo tho effect that thoro
R are threo cases of scarlot fover, six
I ot smallpox and from thirty to forty
of nicaBloB under quarantine at tho
I present" tlmo In the city.
maps of tho threo routes which will
bo completed this week.
It is the Intention ot tho officials
to operate cars between tho two cit
ies on a two-hour schodulo."
Whichever routo Is selected an ex
ceedingly rich territory, well popu
lated, will bo opened to suburban
electric servlco by tho completion of
tho road ag Indicated. And ns tno
surveyors aro under orders to hasten
their work, construction may bo ex
pected to bo pushed forwnrd as soon
ns tho season Is sulllclently settled
Decide To Complete Street Work
Now Under Way Before Taking
More Obligations
Tho city commissioners wero la
session Tuesday evening nnd among
a number of routine matters which
wero settled, was tho matter ot gra
ding streets of tho city. A decision
was reached whereby tho work now
under way Is to bo completed beforo
any now work Is considered. First
East Btreet will bo graded first. Near
ly n year ago the petitioners living
on this street wero given to under
stand that tho mud holes nnd frog
ponds on South First East street
would bo filled by grading the street.
Tho funds were expended beforo this
work was done. At the Tuosday
night meeting a motion passed that
the street department proceed to
grade First East streot from Fourth
North to Third South; also that the
work on Fourth North street from
Main street cast which has been com
menccd bo completed. A petition of
Lorenzo Hansen and others was pre
sented asking that Immediate, work
bo done on Fourth West between
Center and Third South and on First
South between Second and Fifth
West streets. Tho petition was '"
en xavorauio consideration.
Tho reports of tho city treasurer
for tho year closing 1912 and for
the month of January wero presented
nnd ordered filed
The city electrician presented a
schedule for motor power rates. In
tho matter of washing machines, tho
recommendation was for a 25 cent
month rate for tho washing machine
instead of SO cents, as has been pre
viously charged. This was dono to
meet competition with tho Utah Pow
er and Light company which has In
forco tho lower rato.
Senator Smoot's Amendment to Sun.
dry Civil Appropriation Bill
Favored By Committee
Washington, Feb, 25 Senator Held
Smoot's amendment to tho sundry ci
vil appropriation bill, carrying $25,
000 for a fish culturo station in Utah
was accepted today by tho commlttco
on appropriations and reported as a
committee amendment to tho bill.
Tho amendment provides that the
site for tho station shall be selected
by tho secretary of commerce nnd
Directing the attention of tho local
sportsmen to tho above dispatch from
Washington, D. C, It appears tho
tlmo is opportuno for an organized
effort to induco tho government to
establish this fish culturo station, If
the appropriation Is made, In soma of
tho Cacho valley streams. Logan
river offers excellent opportunity for
fish culturo on a largo scale. We
havo plenty ot fresh water, nnd not
far awny thero Is ample, opportunity
of securing food by seining for corp
which at tho present tlmo aro over
running the low or valley waters
. "
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Suffrage Army Trudging on Way to Washington
And Miss Lavinia Dock With Her Suffrage Map
m BfiBrasMfaBHBBk. - BBBBv.BBiBbM,?"-'-F'-F''5.
""ifv "jf' , vljHHPP J JBBBJBlBBBfcWvC. N N $$0
oj BfflV Jt "-1 ''!' $"' A tC aBvBK
MH i-'-wtfuti'"-'-- & i tlta ! a v l 1 tP TflB
pWv " jo J 4mj$ Jj : kj"(fc fr" 'i "...'mhii1 iii j-tBBHIBBBB t 1 fcSwi!' St
BH ?!'!;;?BHHBBBBrBBBL--;. ' SL . BBB
"B v - '" "r v xv&.V'fBllfP tm 1IIIIIIH
"HHIIIHt ,; ! 'f.-M:ft'. .-."- && T- " ."HiMBjF Wm . 4H
B 1 4 r "' - p'3 HHiEs vb3t- i IiilllIH
BJBJp ' Ol tel BBT
Bk. n ?& -- "- k '$& '-rKs."'' w,, B9
1 Photos by American 1'ruHH Axaocmtion
Additional proof tlmt the suffragUts lime no end of orlglnulity la kUoii l MN l.mlnl:i Duck, one of Hie bund
of women who undertook tho hike from Now York to Wnnlilnston. Miss Doric onrrli's with her mnp she painted
i ahowlng tho foothold votes for women has gained In lliln country. 'J'lie nine stntei which have granted eiiual NtlffrnK
are painted In tho prettiest color nvnllable and those which have not aro hIiouii In the illnulest, most unnttrnctlre
hade conceivable. The above plctureshows the innrchers trudging on their wny anil ImIdw MImm Dock nnd her map.
Newton, Feb, 25. The gun sports
ot Newton got busy last Monday
night after the priesthood meeting
and succeeded in effecting an organ
ization to bo known as the Newton
dun club. Tho offlcors of tho organ
ization are: John Hansen, president;
L, George Clarke, secretary and trea
surer, and Jesse Darker, field cap
tain; and members as follows: M.
C. Itlgby, Ernest Ecklund, Fritz
Ecklund, E. II. Cooloy, A. A.
Johnson, James S. Hancey. Joseph
Hansen, F. W. Jensen Jr., and F.
T. Qrlllln. Thoy proposo to put off
a practico meet noxt Saturday and
have chosen a suitable slto on Mr.
R. A. Dowdle's property for tho lo
cation of tho trap. All aboard for
some good lively sport. Wo need
something of this kind to kill so
much monotony during tho winter
when wo must rest from the farm
Last Wednesday evening tho
Clarkston Dramatic company pre
sented "Myrtlo Ferns" to an appre
ciative, though not a large audience.
Their work must bo congratulated as
a wholo for the production showed
that a great deal ot tlmo had been
spent In getting their lines so well.
Tho production could bo Improved In
some respects by putting a little
more life Into the Jail scene and tho
cscapo of tho prisoner and tho fam
ily reunion hut stlu It was well dono
for homo talent. Como again Clark
ston. On Saturday night, undor tho aus
pices of tho schools appeared Miss
Knthorlno Trovotto ot Chicago, In
recital, aided by homo talent who
furnished musical numbors. Tho
work ot Miss Trovotto as an Imper
sonator and rccltist, was not up to
our oxrectatlons, nnd some ivo
bn t heard to say tbnt our own tal
ent could havo' matched hers. Her
program ot course, did not ad mil of
any variety ot work, being addressed
chiefly to .young pcoplo, and in much
tho samo vein throughout the differ-'
ent selections.
Tho stake priesthood meeting held
Saturday in Richmond was attended
by Dlshop M. C. Rigby and High
Councilor John E. Griffin. They re
port a small attendance from all
wards owing to tho Inclement weath
er. Tho speakers at the Sacrament
services Sunday wero: Elders John
Jenkins, M. R, Benson, and A. A.
Johnson. Timely counsel and advice
was tho burden ot their remarks.
In lieu ot tho regular Mutual be
ing held Sunday evening, tho time
was given to Mr. Jonas, who is trav
eling In tho Interests of The Inter
mountain Industrial association who
entertained u large and attentive au
dience In an llllustratcd lecturo on
"The West nnd Its Industries." The
gentleman dwelt with particular em
phasis on tho'valuo of homo industry
and urged Its support. His lantorn
slide views of Utah's Industries cau
ses a thrill of prldo to rlso In our
i-arts when wo coatemplated that
such r. great state, so rich In all the
utilities which man needs, In agri
culture, In mining, In manufacturing
and commerce, is our homo. Surely
wo can sing with greater emphasis
and fervor "Utah Wo Lovo Theo."
Tho work of Mr. Jonas deserves
tho support of ovory community nnd
We bespeak for him success where
over he may go.
Elders James F. Hansen, II. L.
Larson, E. II. Cooloy and R. A.
Dowdle attended tho Seventies con
ference held in Richmond last Sun
day. They report an oxcollont con
ference. Tho principal speakor being
J. Golden Kimball.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Irvln Unrker nro
homo from Logan to bogln prepara
tions for Hprlng work upon tho farm.
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Ralph H. Hendricks of Richmond
Die While Doing Missionary
Work In England
Nows has reached Cacho valloy
from Great Britain of tho sad death
ot Elder Ralph II. Hendricks of
Richmond, who hns boon laboring
for the past year as u Mormon mis
sionary In tho British mission. Death
Is said to have been duo to hem
orrhage ot the lungs nnd stomach.
Elder Hendricks was tho son of Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel A. Hendricks both
ot whom nro dead, also a brother ot
S. W. Hendricks, ox-county treas
urer, now Mayor, prominent farmer
and business man of Richmond. Ho
was born Nov. 17, 189C. Ho loft
Salt Lako for England on April A
of last year and had mado good pro
gress In his work until his recent
Illness. Ills death occurred on Feb.
24. Tho body will bo sent to Rich
mond for Interment.
Invitations nro out for tho Twen
tieth Annual Military Hall which
will bo given at tho Thomas Smart
Gymnasium Monday evening March
Tho officers and cadets ot tho Da
tnlllon regret that It has been nec
essary to limit tho number ot Invi
tations ns tho gymnasium is too
small to accomodato all their friends.
Excoptlng tho studonts and facul
ty, no ono will bo admitted without
an invitation.
Thatcher Music company reports
n heavy reserved seat salo for both
performances of Cleopatra at the Oak
theatro tonight.
John L. Christiansen Returns H
From Eastern Marts. Gives
Interesting Hints on Spring
And Summer Fashions H
Mr. Christiansen of tho Howell- BBVB
Canlou company returned homo on BBflB
Monday evening. Manager Held BBVB
Sluunhart is expected homo In A fow BBhJ
days, having remained tho extra BBVB
time to Inspect somo now fenturoB BBBJ
Just being brought out. In speaking BBVB
with Mr. Christiansen yesterday ho BBBB
assured us that tho trip had been BBflJ
most pleasant nnd beneficial. For BBhJ
tho benefit of the ladles wo publish BBVJ
tho following fashion notes on which BBBJ
ho gave us Information. An regards BBVJ
styles In suits, tliero Ih u great ill- BBBJ
vurslty tho "cutaway typo" still BBBJ
being tho fnorlto. Tho Balkan BBBJ
Dlouso" effect is used to somo ex- BBflJ
tent nnd is gaining favor. Tho suit BBVJ
skirts, this season show many clov- BBVJ
or Ideas. Somo qulto extremo drap- BBflJ
Ings nro Bhnwn, but generally speak- BBVJ
Ing tho simpler drnp& will bo moro !
popular, only a slight fullncBs gath- BBBJ
ored Into tho front, sides or back. BBVJ
Tho coats and dresses will have BBhJ
tho greatest run this season thero BBBJ
Is no question, somo beautiful mod- BBBJ
els hnvo beou produced In forty-flvo
nnd forty-eight Inch coats. Ono of BBB
tho dominant features is tho odd cut- BBB
ting of tho seams, another Is tho low BBBJ
waist lino. Tho Balkan Inllucnco Is BBb
noted In tho coats which fasten at BBBJ
tho sldo In military offects. Tho BBBJ
trimming In Uulgnrlau colorings Is BBBJ
frequently seen on collars, rovors BBflJ
and cuffs. Tho now draped coat with BBBJ
long shoulder lino nnd wide, set-In BBhJ
slcovos nnd tight fitting around tho BBBl
bottom will also bo worn during tho BBfl
spring und summer season. BBVJ
Tho nowest In Btreet drcssoB Is
tho coat dress, tho modldct' drnpory BBVJ
styles, tho long wnlstod Peasant mo- BBl
dels, tho Russian blouse, togothor BBbJ
with a wldo variety ot simpler do- BBBJ
signs which dopend largely for their BBVJ
striking effects on tho belts, collara BBl
cuffs or vesteeH. BBflJ
In trimmings tho Bulgarian and BBVJ
Persian aro dominant. Duttons will BBhJ
ho In great vogue. Rhinestones will BBVJ
coutlnuo to bo a strong fcaturo ot BBVJ
ovenlng gowns. BBVJ
In woolen nnd worsted material, BBBJ
Epongo or spongo cloth has broken BBflJ
all records ot Bales In novelty weave BBVJ
Black and white checkB aro also real BBV
chic. Serges hold first place as ro- BBV
garde quantity selling. Manu'actur- BBV
ers, in many cases having bcon un- BBV
ablo to securo thoBe clothes In tho BBH
regular women's weights havo tak- BBV
en to using tho men's wear sergos, BBV
which Is now taking the lead. Gnr- BB
ments mado from this material pro- BBh
sent a moro tailored appearance as BBV
well ns giving additional service. BBV
Among tho cotton dress materials BBV
that will havo a largo movement for BBB
spring aro Ratlnos, Cords, I'opllns, BBB
Continued on Pago Eight BBB
Salt Lake City, Feb. 20. Dr. M
Jaua Skollleld, practicing physician, BBB
and surgeon nnd a member ot tho BBB
lower house of tho state legislature, BBB
Ib 111 at the L. D. S. hospital, suf- BftB
fcrlng Bovoroly from nervous shock. BBB
Dr. Skollleld performed yesterday an BBB
operation for appendicitis and on tho BBB
conclusion of tho trying ordeal was BBB
prostrated. She was romoved to a BBB
prlvato ward In tho hospital and BBB
given ovory attention. Late lust BB
night sho was reported greatly lm- BB
proved. BBl
"Dr. Skollleld has evidently been
working too hard lately," said tho BBB
attending physicians last night, "She
has devoted long hours to her legls- BB
latlvo duties and In addition Iuib BJ
kept up her practice. This with the WJ
strain of performing a major opera- k'9J
tlon proved too much for her, but It ' lull
Is believed sho will bo ablo to ro- BBj
sumo her duties after somo days." flB
Tho opeiatlon performed by Dr. BBh
Skollleld Just prior to hor breakdown BBl
was a success. BBJ
A reunion ot tho South Sea Island- BBl
missionaries and Saints will bo held BBa
In tho Fourth ward mooting houso BJ
on Saturday ovenlng March 1 at 7:30 BJ
Good program and Island refresh- BBl
ments seiveu, O mat la outou uma. BBl

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