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B Published By The
M Olllclal Republican Organ ot Caabo County; Utah
BM' Entered at the Postolllco every Tuesday, Thurs-
BM day nnd Saturday, at Logan, Utah, as Second Class
B By , Mall
BV One Year $3.00
BM Biz Months 1.75
BM Three Months OOo
BM By Carrier
BM One Year $3, SO
B Six Months 1.60
Bfl Threo Months 7 Bo
BM If Not Tald In Advance, Add CO Cents Per Year
BM Subscribers wishing address ot paper changed
BK will plonso glvo former as well as present address.
Bfl' An papers are continued until rxpllclt order Is re-
Bfl celved to discontinue. All arrears must bo paid In
BS every case.
BM Hon l'ctor C. Nelson is tho short term com-
BK mlssloncr for Logan City, In en so any ot our rend-
Bfl crs should havo forgotten thtit fact. Ho was elect-
BJ ed on tho Democratic ticket under a promise that
Bfl ho would be "non-partisan" In actions, at lcas.t In
fllB somo of his actions. Immediately nfter his clec-
pftfl tlon ho said among many other things "I will con
pftfl duct tho city's business with the samo care and
pftm nttcntlon as If it wcro my own.'" Commissioner
pflfl Nelson Is tho great "I Am" in tho street depart-
pfeY ment In tho city government. About ten days ago
Pfefl private citizens learned that the street department
pftfl of Logan City was In open violation ot the city
H ordinances In that giant powder was being stored
pftY I within the city limits. With the assistance of the
pftfl Mayor these citizens succeeded In having this ex-
pflg ploblvo removed. This and tho incidents that hro
H connected with it made certain members ot the
H street department somewhat peevish and they be-
pftm Rhn talking in several languages as to what they
B woro Eolng to do to this fellow, that fellow and
PkY tno othor fellow, meaning tho citizens who com.
B plained against their open violation of law. Tho
pfef matter of hauling gravel on an alleged private road
H enmo Into tho controversy, n matter that had been
flflfl discussed for weeks hero nnd there. TJta status
B of tho r0IW' wh8 finnll' settled, and in order that
pfefl t'io matter might bo mado clear to all ptirtlcs con-
B corned this paper directed a number of question?
pftfl t0 tho IIon- Commissioner asking that he kindly
PfeY Hnswer them. Tho questions wore printed In good
pflp. faltl1 na " wns Information that wo wcro nfter.
PfeY For somo tlnio tho commissioner Ignored tbo ques
BX ' tlons but finally decided to nnswer them, his reply
BJ appearing In a recent issuo ot Tho Journal. Wo
BX do not know why ho did not reply through this
BM paper thUB giving tho citizens who subscribe for
X this paper n cbhnce to read his roply. Ills reply
X In full ls nB follows:
In a recent Issuo ot tho Republican there
BM wero printed a number of questions rolatlvo to
M tho repairing ot n certnln road In tho city, which
B that paper at one tlmo declared to be ti pr'.vato
. right ot way and then retracted the statement
B ,n tho noxt Issue. Theso questions v. ere direct-
B ed at mo, but I paid no attention to them until
B It beenmo apparent to mo nnd my friends that
B tho nepublicnn was party to a plot to deliberately
BX misrepresent mo In tbo matter and create an
B Impression tbnt I had been using funds of the
B clty for unwarranted purposes. At first It mado
B tho charge that I had ordered n prlvnto road ro-
B p'alred with city funds and falling In tho proof
B of thht statement, it then printed the questions
'i referred to with no other apparent purposo tnan
B, '-V .ti to place mo in n falso light before the peoplo
BB J of tho city. In Justice to myself I decided to
B ' mnko plain all tho details of tho trhnsactlon by
M ' answering tho questions that never would hnvo
B ,,ocn nslel lllul tho sllghtost Investigation been
B mttdo, or had there been a desire to deal fairly
B !' wltlx mo. Hut to tho questions, thoy ask:
BM' "Where ls this road located?" t
B II ls tn eastern extension ot Eastt Second
B North Btreet and Is tho prlnc'pal road through
B tno nowly croated Eighth ward, tho ward meet-
B Ing house being located at tho eastern end of tho
BJ highway.
BM "How far is It from tho Road Supervisor's
HM homo?"
B TDo rond supervisor's homo is located on
B the street as are the homes ot a score of other
Hj people.
BX "Is " a dlrect routo from the street super-
B ' visor's home to tho center ot tho city?"
B u a nnd nis t!i most drct rute for tn
B majority of tho resldonts of tho Eighth ward.
B "How much gravel w,as put on this road?"
BX Approximately 1000 loads.
B "How much did Logan City pay for It?"
B About $150.
BM "Hns as much gravel been put on any other
B street In the city?. On any two strcots. On nny
BM tbrco streets."
BM There nro h Bcoro of streots In Logan whoro
B ,noro than that amount has been expended in
B recent years. Within tho lust year and n hhlf
BA thero hns been expended on First East streot,
B -' four times tha,. amount. On two blocks of First
H East street thcro wh8 oxpendod this spring near-
B ly tw,C1 tlint amount nn' ot tho 'Kth wnrd
B streot is mora than throe blocks long. On Sixth
B Etl8t there was oxponded recently a great deal
B ,noro thhn tho amount oxpended in tho Eighth
B L wnrd, and tho snmo ls truo ot East Third South
BM i street, yot thero was nevor a word said nbout
BM ' ' thoBO expenditures, There aro a great many
M ) other streets !u the city that might be named.
BM It "ced be, whore two, threo and four Unit's tho
BM amount spent on the Eighth ward road has been
BM "Whs thore any gravel put on tho sidewalk?
B There wbb not. There ls no sidewalk In the
B stroet until It reaches tho property of Mr. John
H Johnson, and not a pound of gravel as far as I
H Know has been plhccd on tho walks, l'ooplo
Bl 'there are now hauling the gravel on the wnlks
BM &- themselves.
BB "Was the grhvel put'Oii there, a crying nee-
Ma4Art 'Oft -.mI ' ' ' liUWM'n. C F
csslty as compared with other streets?"
It certainly was. My nttcntlon was called
to tho fact last summer tbiit as'soon as Irriga
tion was commenced In that ward wnter stood
above tho road to n depth of four Inches In nt
least thieo places, for days at a time, making
foot passage Impossible
"What did tho Btreet supervisor give is a
reason for doing so much work on this street?"
Ho gave no reason. He was not required to
glvo a reason for doing work that I directed him
to do. I gavo tho order to do -that work becauso
I thought It wnH needed, and because I am of the
opinion that somo of tho outlying districts of ,
tho city Bhould havo some nttcntlon as well as
tho central part of town. The peoplo affected
llvo in a new ward and nro trying to build It
up and beautify it, hnd when appealed to by
them to render somo encouragement by making
It possible for them to travel the principal street
of the ward, I gladly did so and ordered ex
pended tho small amount of $150. Then every
knocker In the city got out his hnmmcr and went
to work. Four thousand loads of gravel on First
East was nothing, but one thousand loads on
Second North to help n new and struggling com
munitythat is n crime according to tho Repub
lican hnd some of tho gentlemen who have been
so Industrious, conversationally, over this mat
ter that thoy could not stay' within the limits
of tho truth at all.
I havo absolutely no hpology to make to any
ono for my action in this matter. The road"
was in n very bad state. I ordered It repaired
hnd did what I considered a fairly good Job be
foro leaving the street. I used the best Judg
ment that I possessed, and therefore hnvo no
excuses to make. PETER C- NELSON
In the first place we desire to congrhtulato
tho Commissioner for replying, still, at tha same
tlmo we think ho would, hhvo measured up more
nearly to tho stature ot a commissioner had ho
tendered his reply where the questions , wero
asked. t
In the second place In tho matter ot the al
leged private road where he shys this paper '-'at
ono tlmo declared it to bo a private right-of-way"
and then retracted the statement In tho next Issue"
wo most respectfully demur. Wo never said It
whs a private right-of-way, and If Mr. Nelson will
read our article ho will And It says In plain English
"an alleged private, rond." It will not take us long
to produce tho evidence that there were mhny al
legations of this character, some ct them ..being
made In public plnces As soon ns we found the
allegations wcro not wnrrhnted we withdrew them,
ns wo had no deslro to do injustice even In the
matter of allegations made by those who were in
a position to know.
In tho third plhco tho commissioner says: "At
first It mndo tho charge that I had ordered a pri
vate road repaired with city funds, etc." Now Mr
Nelson, you hnvo taken high grounds in your hr
tlclo. You Bpeak of being put In a "fnlse light"
and of not being "fairly dealt with, etc." W11J you
now kindly como forwnrd nnd shy wherein wosypr
made any charges ngalnst you? We publlshcljbe
Btntcmcnt that this road In question wns alleged
to bo n prlvato road, and you knew thnt somo of
tho best citizens In this city were of tho opinion
thnt It was h prlvato road, and even you did not
know that It was a public road when you ordered
tho gravel hauled there, did you? We did not
chargo that It whs bo, and wo mado no charges
whatsoever against you. Now you know what It
is to bear false witness, and as h. leading light in
tho community will you please correct yourself, or
bo .kind enough to glvo us chapter and verso?
In tho fourth plnco tho chargo that this pa
per was In a plot to misrepresent Mr. Nelson ls as
void ot foundation as his wild, fnlse, nnd hpnnrent
ly malicious statements above mentioned. The,. Idea
of a newspaper entering into it plot to misrepre
sent! Commissioner Nelson. That Is entirely un
necessary as conditions represented by fncts aro
Bulllclent to causo tax payers to sit up and tako
notice. Hut now to his nnswers to tho questions:
Number one. Wo nro glad to know tho locntlon
of tho much talked ot road.
Number two. Citizens In general will noto
thht tho Commissioner says tbnt the street super
visor's homo Is located on this street.
Number threo. Citizens will also note that the
said road is in a direct routo from tho street su
porvlsor's homo to the center ot the city.
Number four. Citizens will no doubt bo glad
to congratulate tho residents ot this section on
their good fortune In getting 1000 lohds ot grnvel
hauled on this road.
Number flvo. $150 Is not a high price to pay
for your own gravel.
Number six. Noto this foxy, evasive answer,
Seo how nicely the commissioner confuses ina
amount of gravel put on this road In question, with
funds expended In other localities. However, tho
answer gives somo good Information. He might
havo meant Main street too.
Number seven. Noto that ho says In etfect
no gravel was put on the sidewalk because thero
Is no' sidewalk. Clover Isn't It?
Number olght. Wo think with the commission
er that under such conditions tho grhvel was a
"crying necessity."
Number nine Oh thnt personal pronoun "I."
'Tho king can do no wrong." "He gave no reason.
He was not required to give a reason for doing
work that I directed him to do." Orent, Isn't It.
Tho statement thnt has been going tho rounds for
weeks to the effect that when asked why he was
diverting hll tho gravel In this locality the rond sup
ervisor replied: "this ls tho only opportunity I
hnvo bad and will perhaps never get another,"
falls weak and lifeless besldo that monstrous per
'sonhl pronoun I, and wo aro all humbled and sub
dued. Ot course wo aro all glad to havo the com
missioner throw a few boquets at tho peoplo of tho
Eighth wnrd. This may help him in tho next elec
tion, theroforo wo havo no objection to his playing
to the galleries In this matter. Furthor, no citi
zen of Logan will begrudge the good people ot tnls
wnrd In getting their Just dues.
Tho commissioner's statement that "to help n
now nnd struggling community Is n crlmo accord
ing to tho uepubllcan," Is as ftilso. ns somo of his
other statements, but If ho has to resort to the
falsehood routo to bolster up his own record wo
suppose ho will have to go to tho end of tbo ropo
at least.
Mr. Nelson assumes that every citizen wno
dared raise his voice In opposition to his official
nets ls a "knocker." He says "every knocker In
the city got out his hnramer nnd went to work."
Personally we have known Mr. Nelson a long time,
and havo hlways held him In high steem, but wo
wont to say right hero that some of his official actB
havo met with our dlsplcasuro and In voicing thht
we suppose we must bo characterized a "knocker."
We have heard men In public plnces tnko excep
tions to some of his hcts, and according to his
edict wo suppose they aro "knockers."' We have
heard some of tho best citizens In the community
take exceptions to some ot his official acts, and pre
sume they must be characterized as "knockers."
Aghln, "tho king can do no wrong." nnd If y'ou
do not want to be called a "knocker" do not dis
agree with the king.
Mr. Nelson Is h very fine g'cntlemnn, but ho
must learn to grant others the privilege of think
ing for themselves, nnd tho right" to express their
thoughts. Because bo ls in public life he ought
net to feet thht ha has a mortgage on the thoughts
and opinions of the peoplo. In fact as a servant
of tho people he should tako their criticism-kindly
and if the criticism is good use It to the advantage
of the people, nnd It not good discard it. Because
a citizen sees fit to disagree with His Honor, said
citizen ought not to, bo characterized a "knocker"
ns Mr. Nelson apparently believes. And becauso
a newspaper sees fit to take up these matters of
public Interest Mr. Nelson ought not to step Into .
th role of the fabricator, tho falsifier, in other
words he ought not to stretch tho truth. Having
sought the' office he should tako the criticism hlong
with the commendation and use them all to the
best Interests ot tho city. Above all Mr. Nelson
should become converted to tho fact that even he
can make mistakes.
Now for h new one. Citizens aro alive to the
fact that the present Btreet supervisor is paid tho
sum of $1200 per annum, this being $300 per annum
more ihan nny oUer Btreet supervisor 'has ever
been paid, the previous salary being $900. In the
city ot Provo the street supervisor ls paid the sum
ot $840 per annum, $360 per year less than in our
city,a which would make a saving of $720 to tho el'y
for tho term of Mr. Nelson's office in case the shme
rate prevailed in Logan. It appears to have been
tho custom heretofore for tho street supervisor to
havo a team on the cl(yt pay roll, and It has been
In Pending California Legislation to
Prevent Aliens Holding
Washington, April 9. President
Wilson let It be known today that
the federal government would not In
terfere with pending 'legislation in
California by which nllcns wno have
not declared their Intention ot becom
ing naturalized as American citizens
aro prohibited from owning land or
property. Ho communicated this de
cision formnlly to Representative Ra
ker. Though the mcasuro Is aimed pri
marily nt the Japanese, the fnct thht
It makes no discrimination ot race In
Its contents, as well as tho desire to
the president not to Interfero with
the sovereignty of tbo state, has pre
cluded any action by tho federal gov
ernment at this time.
Tho president was told by Mr.
Baker that the peoplo of California
would onnct tho lawthrough the lnl
tlatlvo and referendum If tho legis
lature refused. He declared tho sen
timent was flvo to one In favor of
the law.
Tho president's position had been
merely thnt of hn Inquirer for In
formntlon, following protests by tho
Japanese govornment.
Representative Raker had shown
the president a telegram from J. a.
Sanford, a leader In the senate ot
California, requesting that the tod-
stated, and In public places too, that when tho I
present snlary was fixed and the present street su- I
pervlsor employed ' It was tho understanding that
ho should not hnvo his team on tho streets, but
that this privilege Bhould be given to some citi
zen. U has been furiher stated; and In public
places too, that this has not been tho case, thnt
the street supervisor's team has been almost con
stantly In use, and that when there Is but one team
In uso It Is almost Invariably tho street supervis
ors .
Again, this office was called a few days ago and .
received tho report that the Btreet supervisor'"
team was In uso hauling debris and rubbish from .
private property, apparently at tho expense of tho
city. It was not easy for us to Investigate the .
matter ns bo'th tho street supervisor and com- Jq
mlssloner appeared to be in a high, state of excite
ment, and as we do not happen to stand In with
them we could not hope for satisfaction even In
their normal temperature. We do not know as to
nctuat conditions In this matter, but the source
of tho information was thoroughly rellablo, the
gentleman was "not n "knocker," but on the other
hand was a good citizen, and 'ono who has spent
' a great' deal of money in this community.
Finally in these matters Mr. Nelson may be
acting Just as a large number of citizens want him i
to act. They may want the street supervisor to be i
favored. They may npprove of all that has been
done, in which case Commissioner Nelson Is vin
dicated, and as be says "has no apology to make."
On tho other hand there aro those who think oth
erwise. Those who think prosperity should be
passed around" and If the street supervisor Is giv
en $300 per year to keep his team oft the street
It should bo done, and the work given to some
other citizen. There are hundreds who have ex
pressions of dissatisfaction nt the offical acts of .
these gentlemen and they feel like expressing them,
notwithstanding tho fact that It ruffles the feelings j
ot Mr. Nelson and Mr. Johnson. '
The questons and tbe answers are now before
the people, where they belong, and the people will
be their own Judges in the matter. And if we
have dono nothing more we have got the matter
where all can read and know tho facts In the case.
We have also got this private road matter settled,
a matter that even Commissioner Nelson would not
Investigate until he was forced to.
By the way, we note some activity In the mat
ter of leveling and piling up the rocks on tho
streets. Congratulations boys; but don't forget to
remove the rocks.
eral government should not Interfero
with local nflhlrs. The president's
decision today, Mr. Raker said,
would find approval in California.
President Wilson told Mr.: Raker
the whole question touched tbo sov
ereignty of tho state nnd that no
left it to California to make such
laws nB it deemed advisable for itself
with tho hope, however, that no law
would be passed which was in con
flict with nny treaty obligation ot
the federal government. It is be
lieved thnt the protest ot tho Japan
ese government will be held In the
state department until the legislation
ls actually passed.
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coffee was tried to dotermlno tho effect
of the caffeine it contained died, prov
ing beyond a dciU that coffee never
was Intended nB food for rabbits.
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