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- , . PAG THREE i tfl !
New Ideas in the Observance of Arbor Day Are
Supplementing Formal Tree Planting Ceremonies.
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. Photo by Atnurlcun Prca. Association
There nro now Ideas nowadays ns to Low Arbor day should bo celebrated I'lie tendency Is to inulte It dny of
; generally cleaning up and beautifying tho earth fuxtuad of demoting It merely lu tUo tree planting ceremony of fonnei
! years. This Illustration shows how tho children of Fort Vushlngtou, N.'Y..celebrnted Arbor ilny this year. They lit-
crally "scoured" tho town, collecting all tho rubbish from jurdi, alleys and streets nnd piling It where It could lie
easily dlipoed of. Similar observances of the day nre reported from other towns. Tho new Arbor day Is rapidly
I finding favor, and In vlow of tho gctu-rol agitation lu favor of an auuunl municipal "housecleanlng duv" Its develop
nu-ut to u Ulgb degree of usefulness Is possible.
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Most Popular Sulky Plow
In The West
Western Agents '
Free Circus Street Parade 10:30 a.m.
9 bands, 250 horses, JBMKffiSJ
1 a people of all climes in native costumes will be shown in parade.
1 -Two shows daily afternoon at 2, night at 8, doors opeh'at 1
I 9 and 7 pan. Waterproof tents. Admission 25 cents to see it all.
Did Its Duty to the Finish But thai
Strain Was More Than It
Could Bear and Survive.
Not long ago an cigovornor ofl
Michigan, a Cleveland capitalist, and
several fiionds wero In the btgl
woods near Turtlo Lake, guided by
Sam Harapson, a famous hunter and
trapper. Saruo possesses a gun with
a ban el 11 vo feet long, but once, ao-
cording to his story, ho had a still
longer ono. ,
"It was a wonderful gun," he said
to the ex-governor. "I could kill a
b'ar as fur off as I could see '1m, an'
that gun was as knowing as a man.
If It hadn't been fur that, It would
never ha' basted I" I
"How did you break It?" asked ono
of the hunters. i
"I strained It t' death," said tha old
guldo soberly "I was out huutlng
one day when I seen a buck aad botoi.
doos a-standln' close onto me. I
pulled up old Beetle that's what I
called th' gun and was Jest coin' t'
let go when I heard an awful funny
noise over my head.
"I looked up 'a' there was mora'n
ten million wild geese a'sallln over
me. There I was In a predicament.
I wanted th' geeso 'n' I wanted tho
"At lasr I aimed at th' geese an' 1st
sliver, ilcetle must ha' knowed I
wanted both, fur that was th' end of
the old gun. The strain on her was
too much, an' both barrels busted.
"Th (hot In one of 'em killed the
buck, th' shot In th' other killed ton
cccse, and when Beetle died she
ticked o hard I was knocked Into a
crick. But when I come out my
bootlegs was full o' fish. I ain't navor
seen another sech gun as Beetle."
Llpplncott'a Magazine.
Mysterious 8tranger In Town.
"Something mighty quoor about a
toiler that was hsro last week," re
lated tho landlord of the Turgldtown
tavern. "Ho novor kicked about hU
room, ett with apparent rpllsh what
was set before him, didn't try to flirt
with the waitresses, and whon I asked
him if ho was looking for land or seek.
I Ing health or canvassing for something I
he politely repllod that ho wasn't. He
I went to bed and got up at reasonable
hours, walked sedately about town, i
I bought 10-cent cigars as If ho was
I used to 'em, answered civilly tho re
marks of practically every prominent
citizen In town about the weather. He
stayed three days, and then paid his
bill without grumbling, bade mo a
courteous good-by and went away with
I as Uttlo flutter as bo had come. And
I on account ot the consistent manner
' In which ho minded his own business
and let other pooplo's affairs alone
there has been a good deal of specu
. latlon about Mm evor since, the con
sensus ot opinion being that ho was
i either a famous detectlvo, somo kind
ot a slick swindler or a crazy man."
My Duty.
Thoro Is nn Idea abroad amors
moral pcoplo that they should make
tholr neighbors good. One person I
havo to make good: Mysolf. But ray
. duty to my neighbor Is much more
nearly oxprossod by saying that 1
havo to make him happyIf I may-
Robert Louis Stevenson
Church In the County Palatine Qlves
iVarnlno It la Time to Begin
Frying Pancakes.
Concerning church bells Mr. Frank
Hlrd tullB of tho quaint customs whloh
are still obaervod In omo of the par
ishes In tho County 1'alntlne.
Wore the Reformation tho great
bell of tho pariah was rung on Shrove
Tueda to call the peoplo together
for the confession of their sIiih, or to
be Dhrlvon;" honco tho name ot tho
day "This bell." says Mr. Hlrd, "is
atlll rung In somo parts of Lancashire,
and Is still called tho 'Pancnko Hell.'
bolng now regarded only as a signal
to the pcoplo to begin frying tholr
"In somo villages a bel) is rung as
tho congregation Is leaving the church
after the morning service This la
known us tho 'Pudding Boll,' It hav
ing boon firmly believed for many gen
eratlnns that It Is rung to worn thoao
at homo to get tho dinner ready
' The origin of tho ringing of this
bell Ik not known, but like many oth
er old customs, It still lingers In the
remoter parts of tho country, an
nouncing to the vlllngo thnt the serv
ice ih oer and that 'pudding tli.ie
has come '
"So late as 1S70 tho curfew bell
was rung nt Burnley, Colno, lllack
bum Padhnm, and In many other
towns and villages. This, perhaps, Is
tho most remarkablo Instance of the
persistence of nn old cuRtom centuries
after It has ceased to havo any oa
son "
Laugh and Grow Fat.
Democrltus, who was always laugh
ing, lhed ono hundred and nlno
years, Hcraclttus, who novor ceased
crying, only sixty. Laughing, then, Is
best, and to laugh at another Is per
fectly JiiBtlflaole, slnco wo nre told
that tho gods themselves, though they
made us as they pleased, cannot help
laughing nt us.
For an ideal horso ranch and al
falfa farm combined 500 acres nt
$11 per acre apply to C J. Norman
Paradise, Utah. Advertisement.
m m
Constipation causes headache, nau
sea, dizziness, languor, heart palpi
tation. Drastic physics, gripe, sick
en, weaken tho bowels and don't
euro. Doan's Rogclots act gently
and euro constipation. 25c. Ask
your druggist. Advertisement.
' We Sell Thn Earth, Mad Its lie fl
And Loan Money On It jH
stracts and correct M
titles on all Cache M
County Real Estate? H
ARE YOU AWARE that wc have $250 000.00 to M
loan on farm art) city property and insure you against H
death, (ire actum or sickness in the strongest insurance
Companies ot the Wot Id? il
HAW I1?l Li YOU FORGOTTEN that wc buy, 'H
sell and exchange all kinds of Real Estate, in all parts of iH
H. A. Pedersen, Manager, C. W. Dunn, Abstracter. M
t-. iasBslI
, 'H
i Following is the New Mail Schedule at Logan, Utah, ! jH
! Post OHice on account of new time card of the Oregon J H
J Short Line, effective Sunday, December 2, 1012 ' :H
1 Cast, West, Noitli and Soutt 7:30 a. m. 2.00 p. m I ii
j 1'ieston llr.UK.li, nouli 10:25 a. m. 7.15 p. m. V jH
I lirnucli Loop south, lljruiu, Wellsvlllo, etc 2:00 p. m. I
i I'lovuluiicc .mil .MiliMlle, a R. F D. 1 0:30 a. m. I 'H
I beiuui! nnd Mug, (e(ei' Sunday) 1:00 p. m. f
i It I' i) 1 College Waid, (except Sunday) 9:30 a. m. H
a It I 0 2, Xon.i l.ogun (excopt Sunday) 9:30 a. m. J
Dual, Went Norili and South ....8:20 n. m. 11:30 a. m. S:.10 p. m. & H
I I-cdiot. IIiiuilIi 8.20 a. in. 3:00 p. in J H
llinuch Loop, W'elsllle, Hyium, etc 11:30 n. m. I H
i l-rovlilrncc nnd MiliMlle 4:30 p. m 1
J liensnn nnd King (except Sunday) 11:45 a. m V
11. T l). 1, College Ward 4:30 p. m. fl
1 It F. IJ 2 GreenUe, North Logan 1:00 p. m
f All w'mlows nl post olllco are closed on Suudnjs the emir's day I
I Ge.ioiul Delivery, Stamp, and Carrier wlndowb open on liollilnjs from H
i to 10 o'clock n in I
I Only two dlspn:hes nro made on Sundays: South, 7:30 n. m nnd f H
I North r "n. I H
! Very Respectfully, I H
JOSKl'II ODKLL. Postmaster. I lH
Per Cent Off I
I , ' On All " . ;. '
1-tClU.lvd I
Vnirc 1
jiEliason Sisteifs I

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