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B Such It Report of President Jensen
at Meeting of B. Y. C. Board
B of Trustees
B At ono o'clock last Monday, tbo
B board of trustees ot the Drigham
B Young College met for the purpose
B ot completing the organlzatloh of the
B school for tho coming school year
and of transacting routine business.
B There were present Trustees C. W.
B Nlbloy, James II. Xlnford, Alma Mer-
rill, Charles II. Hart, William H
B Maugban and Serge F. Balllt besides
B President Jenson and Secretary Nor
B ton. President Joseph F. Smith was
S unable to be present because ot 111
H ness.
B The proceedings of the executive
B committee since the last regular
B board meeting were reported and np-
B proved. The proceedings Included
B the establishment of the normal
B training school and the authorization
S of extensive repairs.
B President Jenson reported condl-
B tlons and prospects, of the school for
B the coming -year as well as the com-
B pletlon of certain authorized repairs.
fl The principal Items ot his report
IH were as follows:
B .An extensive campaign throughout
H Box Elder county, Cache Junction and
EX Franklin county, Idttho, has Just re-
fl cently been completed. The various
H ward authorities, as well us presl-
B dents of stakes had entertained the
B representatives of the school very
fl kindly. In all ot the wards v.'slted an
B excellent feeling tor the Drigham
B Young College existed, as well as very
B sood prospects for a largo represen-
H tatlon of students. At present Pror.
B Bitter Is traveling through Centrni
B Idaho In the Interest ot advanced nor-
fl mal work nnd Prof. Norton leaves one
B of the first days to assist him.
B With respect to repairs tho author
ial Ized repairs of the president's home
:ZW' had been completed. The president
Hi was particularly gratified to report
B that tbo repairs made on the presl-
B dent's homo "were of such a nature
B as to make it a modern and well
B equipped residence.
B The long looked for repair ot tho
H Installation ot a cement conduit ns
H well as the covering of the pipes be-
H tween tho west and cast buildings
B had been completed. This pleco of
B work will permit of tho proper heat-
B lng of tho laboratory and east build-
H lng, a condition which has not ex-
B lsted for years. The president also
B reported the completion of many new
H rooms In the west building to suit tho
fl needs ot the training school, and tho
H additional class rooms, as a result ot
B tno Installation ot the training school.
Ono of tho rooms Is a large office
which will be used by the principal
of tho training school and the head
of tho normal school. Tho president
further reported that tho swimming
pool was being used to its utmost
limit by tho public. Hardly a week
has passed by during tho last month
hut what approximately flv,o hundred
people used the pool.
Tho trustees heartily approved of
tho president's policy to mako ot tho
Collego 'a standard Normal school of
first rank. At present two years of
I college work aro given, not nlono In
education, but In all .such othor
branches which go ,to make' educa
tion along theso lines effective and
Tho board decided that the wcrd
should go out to all of tho various
presidents of stakes, In northern
Utah and southern Idaho to the ef
fect that this normal work had been
established for their benefit and that
all ot this section ot the country
should rnlly to the support of tills
work, that tho school might All tbo
JU mission for which It was established
jM Tho meeting closed with election
L of officers for the coming school
?JM yenr' Tho eIectlon resulted as fol-
B Iows;
President, Joseph F. Smith; vice
B president. C. W, NIbley; secretary
H and treasurer, E. J. Norton.
The appolntmont of tho oxecutlvo
committee was referred to preside it
fl of the board with power to act.
'M The tegular monthly ofllcors meet-
ln8 ot tho Cache stake Hollof SodoH
m will bo held Saturday September C
at tbo usual time and plitco.
S LUCY S. CAItDON, President.
Denies That He Fraudulently Omitted
Water Certificate From Petition
of Distribution of Estate
N. P. Johnson, as executor ot the
last will and testament ot Jens Jo
hansen, deceased, defendant to a suit
recently filed by Johanna C. S. Jo
hansen, plaintiff, has filed his answer
to the amended complaint which de
nies that defendant wrongfully con
verted a certain water certificate, to
his own use as set forth In the com
pla'nt, for the purpose of defrauding
the plaintiff and the court. The an
swer avers that tho certificate was
not listed In the appraisement of the
estate for the reason that defendant
c'nlmed to bo the lawful owner at
the time the petition ot distribution
was filed, also that plaintiff did not
Institute any proceedings whatever,
to have the said water certificate In
cluded In any of the Inventories nnd
appraisements, petition, or accounts,
filed, nor did she at any t'mo insti
tute any proceedings for the purpose
of having the water certificate declar
ed to bo a part of tho assets of the
estate, notwithstanding plaintiff knew
the water certificate was In exlstance
a'nd in the possession of defendant,
and that he claimed to be the owner
by reason of which facts, defendant
alleges that the plaintiff Is now pre
cluded nnd estopped from claiming
the said certificate or Impeaching the
validity or correctness ot the account.
Completed Hit Two Years Course at
Paris and Is Back at His Work
In the Logan School
Prot. J. S. Powell head of the de
partment of flno arts at tho Agricul
tural College has completed his two
years course at Paris and Is back at
his work In the Logan school. Ho pur
sued bis art studies In the Ecole
des Beaux Arts, In the studios of F.
Carmon and Louis Blloul, specializing
'in Interior architecture and mural
decoration. The art work at tho A.
C. now is divided into two depart
ments, that of lino nrts and that of
applied arts. Prof. Fletcher who will
finish his studies In Paris and return
to Utah about" the first gt January,
will preside ovr tho latter, while
Mr. Powell will be In charge ot tho
former. Mr. Moser will continue as
Instructor In art.
Unrest In France
Mr. Powell reports France as ex
periencing considerable unrest, due
to tho prevalence of socialistic doc
trines. Tho craving for social equal
ity, which converted that country In
to a hotbed ot anarchy and drenched
Its soil with "blood over a century ago
Is still a prominent factor, although,
this visitor declares, tho economic
prosperity of the people Is very
marked. This spirit threatens to de
stroy nil discipline In tho army be
cause It Is antagonistic to the the
ory that some should command and
others obey. Llkowlso It has doubt
less wrought much good to tho coun
try, 88 It has called the attention
of tho people to tho abuses of the
nristocracy and Inspired them to cor
rect thoso abuses. Tho president of
tho republic Is a mero figurehead and
stands about In the same relation to
government as does the king of Eng
land. Tho real executive authority
Is in tho cabinet, tho leg'slatlve In tho
assembly and senate
A Moral People s
This artist says that, contrary to
the general Impression, the middle
classes of France, maintain a high
standard of morality, and that the
Idle rich from America, England nnd
other European countries are respon
sible for tho upkocp of most of the
resorts of vice and crime there.
Frnnce Is a most delightful land, a
country teeming with beauty and nat
ural scenery and threaded with n net
work of canals on which one can vis
it almost any part ot the nnt'on.
Wlwn soon by tho writer, Mr. Fow-
oil was n work on tho model of a
golden eagle for the now Thatcher
theatre. Ho Is super; .ding tho work
(Continued on page four)
KVnvrbhf.) v iL "
r T
Producer of the Jonathan Give Re.'
view of Results Obtained by t
Cache Fruit Growers - u-
Assoclatlon ."""
Tho Cache" Valley Fruit Growls',
association has worked hard (or
all your Jonathans at once, two otL
fruit Industry In general and the up."
pie Industry in particular.
Tho first requirement for successful
horticulture Is the soil and the cli
mate and to that end .tho people of
Cache valley are blessed beyond com--prehension,
one ot the main things to
consider Is the planting of that par'-'
tlcular variety to which our peculiar'
conditions are especially adapted arid ,
at tho samo tlmo a variety attract ns
tho attention ot the trade; and thanks
to the Agricultural Collego we haie
long ago settled on the "Keddcst Tted
In tho spring circular letters art;
sent out by this association to nU
three pickings will bo needed or you
list of 1B3 names, urging and encour
aging, pruning nnd spraying, as with
out that, we cannot hope for good re
sults at harvest time.
As picking tlmo approaches tho as
sociation again sends out instructions
on tbo care and packing of thp fruit,,
from which tho following extracts
havo .been taken:
Picking i
Do not allow your pickers -to pick
all your Jonathans at oncer, two pr
throe pickings will bo nseded or you
will pick some too green nnd lose
both In size nnd color, while; others
will be over ripe nnd reach tho mar
ket in a decayed condition. -Do rjet-
Prof. J. C, Hogensen of the Local
Institution Has Been Honored and'
Will Devote Time to Boys
and Girls 4
Another Agricultural Collego man
has been honored. This tinn It,, ,5s
Prof. J. C. Hogenson Of the E.toil-'
slou Division of the Utah Agricultur
al Collego, who has been Appointed
state leader In tho Boys and 'Qfrls
club work for tlve state of Utah This J
work will bo co-operatlvo with. the-
United States department of agricul
ture and tho Utah Agricultural Co', i
lego. The appointment Is a derided
boost for Prof. Hogenson In recogni
tion of the splendid work he has
done In relation to Boys and ulna
clubs hero in tho past. With KO.f.qrji
mont aid, the work will be broaden
ed out and made much more effect
ive, as Prof. Hogenson will devoji
all his time to It. !a
Tho club work In Utah has been
In existence only about a year,- yet
during this tlmo some 16,000 bpys
and girls have been enrolled.'.ln tha
cnusa of Improving agricultural tii'd
homo economics conditions In
vnrlous sections of the stnto. '
Somo of tbo lines so far taken uj I
aro potato growing, sugar beet grow.
lng, mangol growing, poultry raising, I
bread making, flower garden wor
and canning of fruits ad vegetable.
let the pickets pull off fruit spurs,
nor brulso apples by dropping them
into buckets; apples should be placed
gently Into buckets or boxes and not
dropped or poured in. The stems of
tho apples should not bo broken eft.
Haul tho apples from the orchard to
the packing house dally; do not allow
them to stand In tho orchard lu the
sun as they get sun scalded.
Packing House
Tho packing house should bo ar
ranged to let in plenty of light and
keep out the wind.
Packing Tables
Each grower should have one or
more packing tables and nt least one
nail ng' press.
Have sufficient number of boxes on
hand. Keep them clean. Do not pack
fruit lu dirty boxes. Buyers will not
receive fruit In dirty boxes and the
Association wilt not accept them.
Piling and Loading
After covers are nailed on alvnr.
pile boxes of apples on the sides find
I separate both as to varieties and
I grado so as not to mix extra fancy,
I Fancy and choice In tho same- pile, i
Lend .nto wagons on tho sides. Po '
not pile boxes of apples Into the way- :
ons by standing them on tho ends, I
I th's doubles the risk of bruising when
hauling by Increasing the weight en
the apples In .tho under end making
nn empty space In the top end and
i box may be rejected fot loose pack-
Tho grower will put on with a rub
ber stamp the name, ot tho variety ot
'ripples and also the tier stamp. Bo
sure to do this right. All stamping
must bo dono on ono end of tbo box.
Do not haul on wagons without
springs, also uso a blower to keep
1off the dust and rain. Pile boxes en
I the sides,
1 Uso not less than four nails on entH
end ot sides, tops nnd bottoms. Tho
I best nail Is n five penny cement cont
nail. Please do not' uso any other
This, association like all other Fruit
Growers associations was organlcd
for the purpose of grading, packing,
j and mnrketlng tho fruit crop of tbo
Having established n reputation for
honest pnek, .n gaining the conndjnoo
of the buyers that every box brand
ed extra fancy or fancy, Is Just as
represented, tho task of finding n
market Is practically easy.
A common pactlco with many chip
ping concerns seems to have boen to
speculate with the growers fruit, load
It on cars nnd bill same to somo po'nt
east or west then wire offerings 1o
buyers at or beyond billing point and
divert to final destination on confirm
ation or sale.
This method Is what Is known by
the trado ns the tramp car syst.nn,
while under certain conditions this '&
perfectly legitimate and even nt times
necessary. It has n bad effect on
tho legitimate buyer, tho man who
liieeds tho fruit for hlB customers, V
I who either sendB his representntlvo
I to tho load'ng point to pay the cash
nt tlmo of loading, or he may teol
(Continued on pago flvei
Athletics at A. C. to be More Care-'
fully Cared For Than Heretofore.
Football Season This t
Month f',
An assistant In physical cducatml
In tho person of John Chrlstensen V$
ono time a student of the B.Y.U. oty
Provo, nnd who for somo tlmo haa.
been In charge of athletics In tho'
Richfield high school, has been secuty
ed to assist Coach Teetzel of tho Utajfy
Agricultural Collego with tho work iW
tho gymnasium. This arrangement
will admit ot tho beginning of train
ing for basketball earlier than was
done last year.
Football Situation
Coach Teetzel says tho Aggie team
will go Into training for football on
tho 23rd ot September. All the mem
bers of tho team will be back except
Crookston, Batt, Klrby nnd Mohr, tho
latter ot'whom goes to the branch
A. Cf at Cedar City to take charge
of athletics and training In that. li,
stltutlon. Mr. Teetzel says tho losfy
of these four men will not affect th'e
situation so far as the playing of;
games Is concerned. ry
When asked as to his opinion oi',
tho now football rules, he replied'
that ho did not consider tho game
would be affected In any apprejlablu
way aside from the fact that a 'day
er now may kick from any po'nt
back of the lino of scrimmage.
Another electrical Btorra played!)
about Logon and nearby towns duri
lng Tuesday night and with It came';'
some rnln. Tho lightning wns in evl
denco to tho extent of frightening'
mnniu of tho timid folk nnd much
thunder accompanied tho storm,
There- wns ono clash which struck n
fence belonging to George Both Qt
Providence which shattered the ralUt
and posts and a valuable cow belong
lng to John Fuhrlman of tho snnVo;
town wns reported to havo been Viwi
cd when tho lightning struck. Theife,,'
storms nre not uncommon hero nny
more, the Tuesday night storm beips
nbout tho fourth electrical storm wlh.
In the past ten days.
-- :
. i
yv. Christian Fonnesbcck had a
rather thrilling experlenco while .on
his way from his Blue Creek iiclr
last Tuesday. Upon arriving aP Caii
Huston bo took tbo short cut roaa-ijiy
cross tho divide, and while In Bco$
Elder county territory ho came to a,
pleco of road that tho Box Eider of
ficials had recently -iuado across ,n
deep ravlno. Instead ot provldlnah
outlet tho ofilclnls had comuMpp'
filled the ravlno which had mado a
reservoir. During tho freshethp
reservoir became filled with watert'nid
the road being very narrow left' "ft j
largo body of water on ono sld,ond
a deep Incline on tho othor. lj.yjjjvj
about 9 o'clock in the evening vben
tho Blue Creek farmer came tpfa.s
pleco ot road. Ills horses bWbme
frightened and came wlthlil a few
Inches ot running him off the grade
and dumping him Into tho water. ll
finally succeeded in stopping them
long enough for Mrs. Fonnesbeck to
get out and carry out ono by ono three
ot tho children, tho other two getting
out themselves. Mr. Fonnesbeck
then succeeded In handling the hors.es
In such a way that ho got out without
accident. Ho Is of tho optulori that
Box Elder county should be Ajnoro
careful In their road building..)
. jJt
Boideu'e Condensed Milk company
of Utah announces that It will pay for
milk at its Logan and Wellijvllle
plants for tho month of September,
1013, 37 cents per pound for butter
fat at 'dairymen's milk stands or 39
cents delivered at factory. j,
Advertisement. K
'L Bl
'.Organized Play a 8peclal Feature.
hs Will be Taught Best Games and Hi
the Most Interesting Way Hi
of Playing Them 'BJ
' Tho people cf Logan havo come to :flfl
reallzo the necessity for organized H
and well directed play for their chll- flfl
dron. The nffreclat!on of the lm- ;
portnnco of play lu education Is ,flfl
growing. No movement In school at- jH
fairs has met with such hearty re- jflj
'sponse on thpart of. parents and HI
teachers. Wo'ave apparently bo- B
come converted' to the fact that chll- jflfl
(Iron must have a largoX amount of Wfl
divers fled plaj In .drdui, to develop Hi
normally. There waawi tlmo when HJ
lbth parents And teasers felt It HJ
their sacred duty to efiqld and cbldo Hi
children tor being enwustasttc over Hi
plnys and games andtb urge upon B
them tho Importance ofvdevottng their Hj
time to profitable worp some kind. 'HJ
This attitude we are'pleiised to note IHJ
,1s rapidly dying out, although per- Hi
imps one might find It still lingering iHJ
In certain section' of our community. :H
It Is conceded- by students of !iu- Hi
man progress that physical education ;HJ
Is Just as essential as Intellectual HJ
education. It Is,' In fact Impossible HJ
for pension to nintiire properly Intel- HJ
lectually wlthout'n great deal ot mus- ,HJ
cular nctlvlty during tho years, pre- HJ
ceding adolescence. We ore coming HJ
to recognlzo also It, Is not enough flj
to give children mere or less formal flfl
oxerlse In the class room and gym- HJ
nasluni but there must bo an nbun- H
dance ot spontaneous activity. This IHJ
Is, 'best secured through organized HJ
play which calls for tho exercise ot HJ
most ot tho muscles and all ot the fll
vital forces ot the. bod)'. Organized HJ
pla,v captures the pupil's attention BJ
nnd directs hip rndtal and physlci! HJ
reactions towards a definite end. fll
This form ot piny Is .much more HJ
necessary In Logan today than ever HJ
before. Wo are beginning to tako on HB
various phases of city life and these flj
tend to repress tho spontaneous piny HJ
activities of the younger children. HJ
Many of the games and sports thai HJ
our parents used to enjoy nro dying fll
'oitt among our boys nnd girls, and
'ifjjs becoming necessary to give do- fll
finite Instruction to them regarding HJ
thjfibest games and tho most Interest- HJ
ini'way of playing them. :HJ
.To ono who has taken note of he Hj
conduct ot children on the playground HJ
during tho average play recess h--n HJ
'tliave was no supervision It Is not H
Wfcessary to call attention to tho B
many d'filcultles that constantly urisi HJ
Vnd this must alwnys bo true whoro HJ
jKiys congregate and have no ono to
jrect their efforts. Those whp havo HJ
Observed conditions on tho play- H
grounds ot tho Logan City schools HJ
Vie last year or so slnco the prln- HJ
clpnls end teachers began to direct
and organize' tho play of tho children HJ
must have noticed a marked change
especially In the conduct ot tho larger HJ
boys and girls. Before this super- HJ
vision heennio common thcro was a HJ
great deal bf bullying, teasing and HJ
tormenting !op tho play ground but HJ
now Biich livery largely eliminated. HJ
With tho Introduction of contests and HJ
competitive 'games, especially In tho HJ
upper graded, there has coino n cbtin- HJ
ed spirit tdwnrd school and teacher HJ
better dtsclpllno and apparently HJ
better school work In every respect, HJ
Tho tralnjng school ot tho.Brlghnm HJ
Young College will mako organized HJ
play n special featuro ot its work. HJ
Student tertchers will be expected to BJ
learn nil tlvB mosti appropriate games HJ
and exercises suitable to tho differ- HJ
ent grades' of tbfW public schools. HJ
Practice In organjlng and directing HJ
these games wlUWbn a part of their HJ
regular work. y HJ
That part of tta campus west of HJ
the main bulldlngojd north of Mr. HJ
Holmnn's house wllTbe fitted up with HJ
play ground apparatus. During tho HJ
forenoon rooess each day bo long as HJ
the weathefviwmlts various games fl
will bo organized and directed by HJ
Coach Jonfeeh and the principal as- HJ
slsted by the .regular grado teachers. HJ
The Hyrutn stako nellef Society Hj
officers meeting will convene on Sat- HJ
urday, September C, at 10 a.m. In Hj
the iJyrum Third ward meeting house Hj
A full attemdanco Is desired. Hj
nellof Society Stake Presidency.

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