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Copyright. 1913. hy "Roy L. MeCardtll I
. "ovl,"1,n of1th Photo P'" sslact.d aa th. bit In over 19,000 aubmlttsd to tha aeenarlo department of I
fjta Chioaao Tribune In a 10,000 prin contest during December and January. The manuscripts In this competl- I
tln came from many aactiona In tha United 8taUa and Canada. Authora of note aa well ae thouaanda of ama- I
tour took part. I
An Altered Telegram.
SANKHY, the stableman, fought
his way out of tliu melco at tlio
circus. Of thoso who had Been
lilin seize the diamond from tlio
llon'a, paw several hud been separated
from him In the struggle mid confu
nlon, mid others luid been struck down
by the circus men wielding bludgeons
and shouting the circus men's battle
cry, "Hey, Utibc!"
Hiding the diamond In tlio pocUot of
his sweater coat, his hand clasped upon
It, Snnkey fccemed to be but one of the
ninny frightened, fleeing spectntors
speeding from tho scene of tragedy nnd
riot, I'mitlng, he gained tlio street,
swung himself aboard it crowded street
car and made his way back to the
mean neighborhood whero liU stable
wns. Hero he threw the nervous
monkey, Clarence, tied to the stall of
Quabbu's pony, Into (Its ns lie rushed
Into the place, clambered up tlio ladder
and hid his booty, tliu diamond from
the sky, beneath tlio hay In a corner of
tho loft.
Qunbba had seen Ksthcr safely to her
hotel and had leturned to the congenial
quarters where he Iodised the stable
uttering lamentations In reaction of the
excitement ho had been through.
At the entrance to the stable yard he
met the policeman who lind already
aw :PaLBBaaaaBaaBaaaaaaaacjl
Parker Promised Ho Would Send the
heard of the riot call that had brought
the reserves to the scene of tragedy and
battle at the circus. Tho policeman dis
cussed the whole exciting aflalr with
Qunbba, who hud been a spectator.
Tlio two came down the alley together,
mid Sunkey, the stableman, peering
panic stricken from a crack in thu loft
wall, saw them, and his guilty con
science prompted the harrowing
thought that ho hud been 'Identified as
tho thief who had dragged the diamond
from the claws of death and that the
search for him was on.
IQuubba and the policeman called his
name, but Sunkey did not answer. IIo
lay trembling In tho loft In an ague of
fear. Qunbba and the policeman left
tlio stable without looking Into the loft
and walked up the alley to tho street,
and Sunkey dropped down the ladder,
climbed tho buck fence and hid lit an
other part of town, leaving tho dia
mond beneath the hay,
SunUoy reasoned if he wero located
nnd searched the diamond would not
be. found upon him nnd he would take
tho ttrst opiKirtunlty of retrieving It
and steal uwny with it by night.
I'nrtlng from the policeman, Quubbn
returned to tho stable, angrily uttering
maledictions on the absent Sunkey. for
Clnrcnce, tho monkey, wus chattering
with hunger. The pony hud not been
watered, and his hayrack wus empty.
Qunbbu attended to these duties, then
clambered to tho loft and thoved down
hay Into tho empty rack. Qunbba gave
full measure of hay to tho pony. IIo
did not know that in the generous
measure of hay ho shoved down Into
the rack thero fell nnd lodged hidden nt
Itho bottom of tho rack, Just over tlio
manger, tho diamond from tho sky!
That very morning Arthur, distrust
ing himself and Busplclous of thoso
nround him, had written a telegram to
Illake. tho lllchmond detective. Of nil
M with whom ho dealt Arthur had tlio
' ff most conudeneo In this ustute nutl se
n cretlvo confidential ngent of his. Ar-
I ttiur nlso felt ho could trust his Eng-
8 llsh butler, Parker. Taking ndvantngo
8 of a moment that ha was nlonc, Arthur
M lind scribbled tho telegram. It read:
Bj "Answer nt once. Is Ksther Harding
U In I.os Angeles? Also wire condition of
g Hngnr Hnrtllng." Tho telegram wus
M signed with tho nnino he wns known
9 hy lu the west. John I'owell. Ho hand
H id this to Parker, who faithfully prom
H Wed ho would send tho telegram In so
I 'ret, nnd ho kept his word,
1 When Hlnko received this strange
1 message ho was puzzled, for ho know
R Esther U'l been, In tlio wcit forjev-
prni Troijss. r.t-.t -ns tina learned or
Arthur's Injuries nnd deemed that
Esther wns kept from the Injured man,
For Hlnke knew, too, that ninlr and
Vivian were In Lii, Angeles, nnd he
suspected them. Illake telegraphed
promptly: "Answering your wire. Jllss
Esther Ilnrdlng Is In I.os Angeles, lin
ear HnrdhiK continues to Improve."
This telegram wns delivered nt the
offices of the Good Hope Oil company.
Illair, lu charge, received nil business
nnd personal commiinlcntloiiR In the
absence of the Injured Arthur, lllalr
opened tho envelope cautiously nt the
suggestion of Vivian, who wns pres
ent. They were dumfoimded for n mo
ment, and then Vivian pointed to tho
first line of the message, which wns
"Thero Is n purple ribbon on tho
typewriter over there," sho whispered,
"It seonis thu same type of the machine
tills telegram was copied on, lu purplo
nlso. It the word 'not' were added ut
the end of the first Hue the messngo
would read:
"Anrwcrlng your wire, SIlss Kstlicr
Hardlnc Is not In I.or Angeles, linear
lint ding continue to Improve."
"VI, you are a genius!'' crlci lllalr.
They placed the telegram lu the type
writer, Vivian llruily struck the keys
nnd the entire Import of the message
was changed. Then lllalr carefully
scaled It In the envelope nnd sent It by
tho ofllce boy to Mr. I'owell at his
"That will convince him ho Is dippy,
for sure!" cried lllalr. "Hut ho must
be pretty cunning at that to get a tele
gram out to llluko without Dunmil or
Do Vniix knowlug of It, for they watch
him like hawks."
"Kluco tho diamond from tho sky
turned up so tragically at tho circus,
I) u nil ul has forgotten his patient," said
Vivian. "I believe Uuraud might have
becli on the level If It wero not for one
thing, diamonds!"
"Ho certainly Is a bug on them," re
marked lllalr. "Hero is alt this busi
nessmillions nt stuke nnd Duruud Is
content that I huvo full charge, and lie
does not question whether I will cheat
or play fair when we divide. All he
thinks of Is tho diamond. Ho would
soil his soul for u diamond, u big dia
mond like tlie diamond from the skyl"
"Who would not?" murmured Vivian.
"I have sold my soul, and you have
sold yours for the diamond. from the
sky. And It has never rested lu our
"Hut It will!" cried lllalr fervently.
"It belongs to us, to you and me. 1 nin
.Stanley nnd tho rightful heir, and you
are my wife. As for that smooth
swindler, Durnnd, nnd his shadow. Do
Vnux, tho diamond from tho sky shall
never bo dirty spoil for them."
"You wnu t to be careful and cunning
nnd during, then," said Vivian. "I
know Durand of old. Ho goes through
blood ami lire for u diamond of price.
It Is an obsession with htm. IIo was
born ho marked. Ills mother was a
walling' mnld to a French banker's
'wife and murdered her mistress for a
diamond necklace n few mouths before
Durand wns born. IIo was born lu
"He's likely to dlo there." remarked
Illair grimly. "IIo had better keep his
hands off tho diamond from, the sky."
"And wo had better get our hands on
it," said Vivian: "What witchery Is
on it? It comes and goes llko tho
devil's talisman."
"It will only rest nnd stay with a true
Stnnley," muttered lllalr.
Vivian reguided him strangely, but
snld nothing. If this wero true, why
had the diamond from the sky avoided
lllalr ns though It wero ii living thing
that wriggled from his grasp?
Arthur was clay In the hands of the
conspirators again when tho doctored
message from Hlnko leached him. Ar
thur believed now that It was true, ns
thoso nround him Inferred his obses
sion that Esther was near wns n
symptom of recurrent lnsunlty. He
shuddered and grow sick ut tho
"Oh, God, spnro mo from mndnoss!"
ho prayed In agony. "Let mo recover
in body nnd mind .to mnko a man of
TSrTi, to riTuru to Esther whole nnd
sound and clean nnd honorable, ns I
promised her and my poor mother 1
"Ilnse, unworthy, proillgnto ns I hnvo
been, my gypsy mother sucritleed her
youth nnd ever)' happiness In life, nnd
sho now lies lu a inndhouse, as I llo
lnnd In a mansion."
And then In his weakness and In his
strength ho battled with tho drug do
sire that clutched him by the soul-he
battled and lost.
That nfternoon tho soft California air
of Into summer brought tho splco of
fruit nnd flower across' thq green lawns
of the shining new Powell, mansion,
whero dwelt tho "Ooldcn Sinn." I.uck
nnd fortuni' hud been his, except an ac
cldent from tho Injuries of which, tho
newspapers stated, his friends wero
pleased to learn he was recovering.
This nfternoon John Powell, tho
"Golden Mini." noes to tho races on his
costlv nnd shining tnllyho. Tour thor
oughbred conch horses In gold mounted
anujas toss.tb.elr hes.'J"."" ". -
English coachman nnd guard to blow
John Powell Goes to tho Races.
"the yard of brass" udd swagger to the
With the convalescent millionaire on
his tallyho party to the races go his
closest friends. These nro his private
physician, the eminent Dr. Trunk Du
rand; his cousin, Mr. lllalr Stanley, nu
eastern capitalist associated with Mr.
I'owell nnd managing his nfTnlrs dur
ing his convalescence; the Ccunt di
Vnux of Purls nnd Miss VIvlMi Mnr
ston, who. It Is rumored. Is n young
woman of splendid family from New
York and who has taken up nursing
nml who wns called Into the case by
Dr. Durand and who nlded tliut skilled
physician to restore his patient to
health ugnln.
This and much more the p:ixrs say.
And this nnd much more Esther reads.
These lire line friends, she thinks. Flue
The Daughter of the Stanloys Walks
In tho Dust.
friends Indeed, nnd he, the gypsy
changeling, lords It well among them!
Tor tho llrst time it sense of Injustice
nnd Indlgnutlou burns Esther's bosom.
Sho will make tho test nnd prove him
what he Is. IIo Is tho gypsy and she Is
tho true Stanley. She will go as tho
gypsy and confront the so culled gen
tleuinu, who onto again bears u name
that Is not Ills own! Shu dons her
gypsy dress and takes her tnmboiirlno
and walks afoot besldo Quahlm, tho
humble mountebank. Tho daughter of
the Stanleys, tho fair young mistress of
Stanley Hall, walks lu thu dust with
a mountebank anil a monkey, besldu
thu mountebank's (ony and street or
gan! Sho goes to meet u gentleman with
his couch and four, liut us she goes
she, wonders bitterly If the mountebank
is not the gentleman uud tho gentle
man the mountebank. .For Arthur
Stanley, as "John Powell." has been
called the "Golden Map," but the poor
hunchback who trudges In the dust bo
side her has lu honor and loyalty to
her proved he has a heart of gold!
Toward them comes the tnllyho. Ar
thur, lu high spirits despite his recent
Injuries, demand to drive tho horses,
nnd sitting besldo Vivian, displaces
lllnlr. Vivian smiles ut Arthur and
hands him a rose from tho bunch at her
And then Esther steps by the wheel
horo and cries up to him, "Arthur!"
Ho draws tho horses to a halt. A
look of glad, wild Joy comes to his
eyes, succeeded by a gloro of horror.
Vivian lashes tho oft horse with tho
whip she him seized, the rose falls from
Arthur's nerveless hnnd nnd the horses
dash away and the coach Is gone lu a
loud of dust.
..:z . i. "- IJaaVkaaaal
ff -7- -;H
I Dentistry At Reduced Prices 1 yM
I B This question is answer Co by boiiio of our competitors nnd flErv tjaaaaaaaaal
I aaafla tCir frlomls ln tno l'R lUlvo. You are Informed that "o 0'Hafc I ilallaaaaaaai
I Ri -' I aro not' n,ul tIml v' nro UBl"K l'c"lor materials, etc. jjp B iH
I aaaPM'H ' "''' '" R"J "ml uu'r' l,loc l,f u0k Mint leaves our V'9Q!VVi L llaaaaaaaafl
I fKtf-A-V mC reIlrC80I1,s ,llC l,t'8 ' vttan that wo can pcBSlbly put & T N 'liaaaaaaaaaal
I BfttP W fl.i, and that tho materials used nro always of tho ory " jy 'J tl
I w"k ' Kunranteo a'.l that we do to bo entirely satisfactory BlHf""' V ilaaaaaaaafl
I L r ilto '" ovcry respect, nnd will uso every efTort to please you. .J " .rfaataaaafr liaaaaaaaaaal
I L MUf cnn ll "loro? Al"l cn" Wo afford to do KSKBF Msaaaaaaaaal
I Jjm JSW "aven't wo n reputation to maintain? And would It not be RJMpIr -laaaaaaaaaal
I &r absurd for us to spend money In establishing ourselves nml 483 il
I then by underhanded means undo In n day moro than wo could establish In a month? The groat- ijjl
I cut nil wo can possstbly hnc titter all Is the character of the servlco o perform. rJlalaaaaaaaa!
I Wo nro local boys, nnd did you ever hear ef either of us being ciiurged with dishonesty? jaH
I Now, wo do havo nn object In offering our services nt these reduced prices. First wo want to nLaaaaaaaaal
I do uwny with credit, which R n bugbenr of nil business, and to establish ourselves on n strictly faaaaaaaaaal
I cash basis, and while wo do not wnut to offend nnyone, wo wluli it understood that wo cannot 'll
I extend credit. Our second object Is to Increase tho volume of business. Ect us glvo you an ex- t'l
I nmplo of the saving you effect by doing business with us. plaaaaaaaaai
I nnd other work In t'.ie snmo proportion. Now wo know what w 0 nro talking about for wo hnvo tho ;H
I prko list of tho dental society ln our possession nnd these figures nro bused on thesa prices. jH
I avrf"r"- Drs. Ensign & Smith M?"
C. ji
rn vk C 1-.1 oi the road lies tho roe.
Quubbn stoops uud lifts It from the
dust nnd hands It to tho broken henrt
ed girl who leans ln her gypsy llnery
iigalust the pony cart and weeps. The
roso In the dust to u roso lu the dust!
Far down the road racegoers In other
equipages tee a ragged man clinging
to u tnll.Nho. "Whip behind" Is tho cry.
The lnh files back uud I.uke I.ovell.
returned for blackmail uud revenge,
drops from thu coach to which he hud
run nnd (lung nnd shakes Ids list uud
curses the more exulted gypsy who is
muster of u couch uud four.
Hut the muster of a coach uud four
has sunk fainting luuk among his
friends. What use Is wealth to n mad
man? lie has seen a flower by the
wayside and u rose lu the dust, and he
deems what he has seen aro but the
visions of a mind diseased.
That night Quuhha's pony lu his stall
munches nt his hay and knows naught
of human heartaches. The rats scam
per nnd annoy him. unit something
falls half fiom the hayrack and dangles
at his no-e. The pony nibbles at It.
but It Is not good to eiit. A foolish
thing. Indeed, the pony regards It. and
yet It is that baleful thing for which
bauble loving men and women have
bartered and taken life.
The diamond from the sky. Into
whoso hands will next If coineV
to hi: roNTiNn.n.
Our Safety Valves.
The Invention of the safety valve for
steam engines has saved thousands of
lives and millions of dnllcrs lu pmp
erty. It Is nu Invention that stands
prominently to the front lu this ago
of nipchanlcnl progress. Hut nnture
supplied us each with n safety vulre
which for effectiveness works better
than any made by man. If wo did
not have this safety valve wo could
not lle twenty-four hours. This safe
ty valvo Is tho perspiration or sweat
gland, uud to mnko sure that wo should
not run short of the supply she bus
furnished the body with sumo two and
a half millions of them. If our tem
poral arc rose 7 or S degrees we should
die within a few hours. n:I yet wo
could not run. row. Indulge h, nnv nth
letlc eereles or oven wnlk safel any
distance without Increasing our tem
perature fo the danger point If wo had
no safety vnlve provided so Ingenious
ly by nnture.
A Stitfih in Time
Logan People Should Not Neglect
Their Kldneya
No kldnoy nllmont Is unimportant.
Don't overlook thu slightest, bnckncho
or urinary Irregularity. Nat tiro may
bo warning you of approaching drop
sy, gravel or Hrlght'a dlsenso. Kid
nc dlseaso Is soldom fatal It treated
In tlmo, but neglect niny pavo th?
way. Don't neglect a lame or uchlng
back another dny. Don't Ignore dizzy
spells, Irregular or discolored urlno,
headaches, weariness or depression.
If you foci you need kldnoy help be
gin ufllns'tlio rollnble, tlmo tried rem
edy, Doan's Kidney Pills. For GO
years Doan'a liavo been found effec
tive. Endorsed by Logan pooplo.
Mrs. Jenslna I.arscn, 331 8, Crock
ett avenue, Logan, says: "During tho
past several years my kidneys have
been weak" nnd whenever I caught
cold or exorted, I had an attack of
backache. I often becamo so sore and
lamo that I could hardly keep up.
Doan's Kldnoy PIUb strengthened my
kidneys and mado mo feoj better In
every way.
Call nt this ofUce and get a hundlo
of old papers for a nickel. Just, the
thing for starting fires.
According to tho October monthly
crop report of tho Department of
Agrlculturo, tho condition of tho su
gar beet crop on October 1 wns 1-7
per cent above the avorngo lovel and
1 per cent below tho September 1 es
timate. Tho Department's exports forecast
tho beet crop when hnncstod nt fi,
15S.000 tons, a decrenso of CO.000
tons from tho provlous month's foro
cast and 870,000 tons moro than the
1911 crop, which totaled n.SSS.OOO
Tho two children of J. V. Nix,
Cleveland, Go., "nnd croup. Ho wrltoa
"Iloth got so choked up thoy could
hardly brcntho. I gnvo them Foley's
Honey nnd Tnr nnd nothing elso nnd
It completely cured them." Contains
no oplntes. Cuts tho pholgm; opens jil
nlr passages. Sold every where ''1
Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm 'ilaaaaaaaal
tender little Stomach, liver '1
and bowels. H
Look nt tho tongue, mother I It -i'H
coat od, your llttln one's r.tomnch, liver I'l
and bowels need clonr.slng nt onco. ,'il
When Kovlsh, cross, listless, doesn't fll
sleep, eat or act naturally, or Is fovor- 'll
lull, (stomach sour, breath bail; has iH
soro throat, dlnrrluca, full of cold, glvo
a tcaspoonful of "California Syrup of H
Figs," nnd lu a fow hours nil tho foul, ' H
constipated waRto, undigested food ,'H
and sour bllo gently inovea out of I to H
llttlo bowels without griping, and you 'H
havo n well, playful child agal". Ask. "'aaaaaafl
I your druggist for a TiOcctit Initio ot '.aaaaafl
"California Syrup of Figs," which, con- taaaaaaal
Itnlnil full directions for babies, chll- jsaaaaaal
drcn of nil ages and fur grown-ups. '
This Is lal You Have Been Looking Fori I
4iaaaaaa mammmmBmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmimmmm H
GO acicj of -zh'-icc irrigated land within walking dis- ( M
tancc of Logan Public Schools and Colleges, together with H
farm machinery, 7 good milch cows, 3 horses. This is ' H
offered at a bargain for a short time only. $2,500.00 H
cash will handle it. Balance, long time, with low rate of H
Our demand for farm property has never been greater. iH
If you have farm lands for sale at prices that arc right list IjH
them with us and we will get results. H
Wc have some choice office rooms for rent at a reason- H
able price. H
MMaaaaa?aaaaMsialaaaaaaaaaaaaaVaaWssaVaa H
112 North Main Phone 99 H
I HUM. u. ! I
Quote the following prices for S I
COAL dt their Yard I
Aberdeen, Spring Canyon and I
other Utah Coals I
Lump Coal' ... $6.00 per ton
Nut Coal $5 75 per ton H
Rock Springs lump ... $5. 75 per ton jH
We will give a discount of five (5) for i M
Cash on Delivery, or at yard I 9
Now is the time to put in your winter's supply I H
Let Us Have Your Order 1 H
Call Phone 74 I 'i

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