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t LOGAN REPUBLICAN TO . mf II g . T tl 11 illX "l 1 Kllfl 111 I WlMMM- . NEWSPAPER IN NORTH- 19
GET THE NEWS .. - a0 Vf '' r.'','. ERN UTAH W
"... "v - ,Y friSPSfll
The ljlgan.d. important fature .of
tho demobilization of tho 145th will
: bo the Military Review at the col
lege today and the parade through
V tho principal streets ot tho city. At
' 12:30 a special tqaln from Salt Lako
W City carrying the entlro state legls-
m Uure, state officials, city eoramla-
1 sIobs from Salt Lake Clty and Og-
I don, and many other prominent peo-
I pie" of the state will arrive at Logan
to witness the review nt tho collego
4 and the big parade In the city. There
KJ' will bo at least"300 people on this
S special who will return the sanio ov
V cnlng.
At 1 p. m., tho' 145th with Its fam-
ous-military band In lead will march
thrdugh tho city. This Is an oppor
H tunlty you may never witness again.
H After the parade tho"processlon will
H go to the college where tho military
H review will bo held. Tho public is
H Invited to be present. Everybody as
H far as possible should go to the col
K lege, seo tho review, tho decorations
jH and the many fine buildings con
JH structed this year. It will sure make
M you feel proud ot the institution
H when you se it. This Is part of your
M festivities and you should bo pres
B '' ' ent. People from all parts of Utah
B and Idaho will be here.
JH This evening the soldiers will all
ffl march to the Nlbloy Hall whore the
ffl' Commercial club will present Its an-
H nual show "The Only Girl." Dur-
H uu tho show tho Soldiers' Welfare
fH Committee will sorve refreshments.
PB The Transportation committee
BB have asked for 100 automobiles to
BB transport the visitors on Saturday
BB from the depot to tho collego. It
BB you have a car, notify tho Commer-
BB clal club. We need it. We must not
BB, let our distinguished guests walk
dBfi' from the depot to tho college. We
JMBL aro tho hosts, so help us to make
Y! Vd
M Wo ar Informed by Mr. P. E. Pet-
BB crson who is In charge of the froo
BK canteen service for the 145th boys,
that all women and girls who wish to
help furrsh tho boys with pies,
cakes, cookies and doughnuts, can
leave them at Murdoch's and they
BS will bo gathered and takon to tho
BB College.
BF' The touchers of tho Logan city
H jfchools have very kindly volunteorod
.. Bj y to uiako donghmis for tho boys. This
VBp' Borv'Co '3 Greatly appreciated and it
B) is to bo hoped that the womon and
B girls ot 'Logan and Caclti county will
J be as kind In offering their sorvlcefl.
Bj This Is an ewefient way to show
Br the boys that, you appreclato them
Bj and to make their stay In Logan
BJ. moro pleasant.
i Tho things can also bo left at tho
B A. C. If It Is more convenient for
B rou,
B Tho boys will be here alt week, so
B 4e not' lot on plo do for their en-
B Ut (4ay, trat kae thwt .Mpptied tin-
m 4 ttir-aaT H lft A Mlteco.
vtah AqniuLTunAL- college
An exhibit ot sugar beet machin
ery jrlll be held by' the Committee
on Machinery, J W. Jones, Chair
0:80 A. M.
1 Commercial. Beet Seed Produc
tion: W K. Wlnterhaker, United
StateB Beet Seed Company
!2. Problems In Beet Seed Produc
tion, Asa Maxson, Great Western Su
gar Company.-
l:ao 1. M.
3 Comparison Between 'Eastern
and Western Methods,, A. M. McOmte
Better Beet Culture Committee, Los
5. Preparation of Soil' for Beets,
H. Mendelson, Great Western Sugar
6. . Experience In Irrigating Su
gar Beets, J C. Wheelon, Twin Falls,
8:00 P. M.
Reception, Logan Commercial
tlon Mark Austin, Utah Idaho Su
gar Company.
0:80 A. SI.
7. Recent Investigation ot Eutet
tlx Tenella and Curly Top, Dr. H.
H. Severln, University ot California
and W J. Hartung, Spreckles Sugar
8. The Sugar Boet Nematode, Dr.
E. O Titus, U. S Department of Ag
riculture 9. Recent Observation on Sugar
neet Diseases, Dr. O. R. Hill Jr, Utah
Agricultural College
1:30 P. SI.
Now Sugar Beet Machinery, J. W.
Jones, U S Department of Agricul
ture 11. Taring and Piling Bcots, J.
F. Feathorstono, West Cacho Sugar
12. Contract Problems, Jos. Quln
ney Jr, Amalgamated Sugar Com
8:00 P. M.
Banquet, Ecclcs Hotel.
0:80 A M.
13. Relation Between tho rnrmor
and tho Sugar Company, Reed Y.
Taylor, Amalgamated Sugar. Com
pany and W. D. Llppltt, Gieat West
ern Sugar Company. j
14. Discussion by Farm Bureau!
members i
1:U0 P. M.
1 15. By Prodncts, J. A Brook, U
S Food Administration und Facts
About Sugar.
1C. Practical Problems Ir. Handl
ing By Products, R. C. Klbby, Am-1
oilcan Beet Sugar Company. I
I 17. Investigation!! on tho Costj
of Producing Sugar PlantB, L. A. .
Moorhouso, U. S. Dopartment of Ag-rlculturo
We cannot give L. M. Jouson,
chairman of tho Dcoratlon commit
tee, too much credit for tho way he
I has arrangod the decorations on tho
main streets of tho city. He has had
tho help ot city electricians and Trtth
tho cooperation of all the noAanlca
in the eitr tud tfc'ltyh' never bo
tfora boo C9 eUUetty 4eooat4.
1 ?" , ;
Troops Reviewed by Governor Bamberger
Staff, Secretary of State Bennion and
local officials. Flags Waved, Bands
Played, and general rejoicing
over the Safe Arrival.
All Cache Valley ex'tonded loyal
weicomo to Utalis own reglmenC" yes
terday. It was a gala day for' Logan,
tho greatest In history. Tho city
never looked 'more beautiful, the
beautifully decorated streets, busi
ness houses and. homes throughout
the entlro Hue of march, with a sol
id mass of men, women-and children
lining the streets on both sides add
ed to Its beauty, and when our her
oes marched along Main street led
by Colonel Webb, the galant com
mander that wears a smile that
won't como off, n sight tho like
of which this generation will never
see again was wltnossod by the thous
and of cheering admirers. For tho
first time In the hlstorjf of our quiet
city ourcltizens wero privileged to
look upon real soldiers, dressed In
full uniform and with all necessary
equipment, and as the gray hordes
marched along in perfect step, with
their packs on their backs, sun tan
ned and hard as flint, It could easily
be seen why the Boches crlod
"Kamerad" and had such a speedy
use for the white flag. Glad to go
"over there" and anxious to stay as
long as thoro was work to bo done,
but when the enemy surrendered
they were all anxious to hit the trail
for home. And it is a happy home
coming too, for most of tho boj-3
camo back.
Tho regiment reached Ogden on
tlmo yesterday morning and formed
In Uno and paraded the main thor
oughfares of the Junction City. At
10 a. m. tho train In three sections
left for Logan, arriving at 2 p. m.,
where tho Mayor, President of tho
Commercial club and the various
committees met tho Governor and his
staff, Colonel Webb, and other ofll
cers. The parado was formed In
true military style, and tho lino of
march began, from tho station to
Main street ,thenco north to First
North street, thence east along tho
boulevard to tho U. A. C. Tho band
played, men and women cheered,
wuved flags and wept. Children
tang songs and pronounced It tho
happiest day of their lives. At the
reviewing stand on Main street. Gov
ernor Bamberger and staff, Secre
tary ot Stato Bennion, Auditor Klr
le, Mayor Bullen, Colonel Webb,
Preslc.nt Owen of the Commercial
club and others rovlewcd tho troops,
n'nd nfter they had passed pjonounc
cd them tho finest In flic land.
j The regiment la a 'part of tho
Sun8llne Division and so designated
by the Insignia on tho sleovo. Its
fuH strength was 1G40 men, but at
prcsont It numbers 1170. Some ef
tho reglmeiX has gone to tho Presi
dio, some to Fort Dodgo and soma
to Fort Logan. It conslstB of a
Headquarters company and band,
Supply company and Ordnance Do
tachmont. First Battalion, composed,
of Batteries A and U- Second Bat
taSon, wmpoood of Batteries B and
0; Third 'Battgelloa, composed ot
Batteries E and F.
The offlcors are Colonel William
C. Webb, commandor; Major Curtis
Y. Clawson, Salt Lake, First Battal
ion, Mapor Wlllard ChrlstotfcrsOn,
Salt Lako, Commander Sanitary De
tachment; Captain E. O. Wolloy,
Richmond, Commander Second Bat
talion; Cuptaln Fioomnu It. Wil
liams, Commander Third Battalion;
Captain A. E. Wllfong, Ogden, Com
mander Supply Detachment; Captain
Byron II. Wayne, Commander Head
quarters Company; Captain J. Ray
Ward, Regimental Adjutant; Captain
Guy 1U Holmes, Personnel Officer and
Lieut. Brlgham H. Robeits, Chap
lain. Lieutenant Is In charge ot the
band, and Captain, A. T. Archer Is In
command of the Ordnance detach
ment. Tho Dattory commanders are
as follows Captain T. D. Foster,
Battery A; Captain Irwin Clawson,
Battery B; Lieutenant Samuel W.
RIter, Battery C; Lloutenant Don O.
Williams, Battery D; Lloutenant
Lloyd H. Duffin, Battery E, and
Lloutenant Charles W. Woodruff,
Battery F. Batteries A and E aro
Salt Lake boys, Battery B Is Ogden
boys, Battery C, Logan and Brlg
ham boys, Battery D, Mount Pleas
ant and vicinity, and Battery F,
Provo, Mantl, Ephralm and vicinity.
The regiment sailed on the morn
ing ot December 24th from Bor
deaux, France ,and arrived In New
York January Dth. Tke trip was
pleasant and without any disagree
able or distressing circumstances and
practically the entlro regiment arriv
ed In good health. A gieat many of
the men were smiling over tho
"masks' which brought up tho Influ
enza. Wo wero Informed that the
regiment had 1400 cases of Influen
za, out of which but 14 cases proved
fatal. Tho boys wore loud In pralso
of tho medical officials, vhom they
said handled tho epidemic magnif
icently. Fresh air, that which a sol
dier gets most of, nud In tho "Pup
Tent" was tho Influenza routine.
They aro all well dressed and do-,
clared that they had been well fed.
Sometimes they would bo short of j
ceitaln kinds of food, as for Instance
potatoes at the time so many pota
toes wore Bunk by the submarines.
They were loud In tholr pralso of tho ,
French girls, but louder, still louder
and -thru louder still In their pralso
of the American girl, nnd tho Red
Cross simply will llvo forevor In
their affections. Ten degreos below
zere wus nothing for tho Red Cioss
girls tu bravo, Under any and all
conditions they were by the sides of
tho soldiers ministering to the needs.
Summing It all up, It was a great
experience to have had.
Mr. und Mrs. Orson Hanson ol
Preston are Logan visitors today.
Oolonsl C. E Loose and wife ot
Provo, wo guests at the Uoolos Hotel.
i i. .
Mrs. Olllo Jesfi Howell, wlto of
Wesley Howoll and daughter ot
Charles W. Nlbley Jr., died at her
home hero Thursday ot pneumonia
complicated by heart trouble Sho
was 20 years ot ago.
Mrs. Howell, a grand daughter ot
Bishop C. W. .Nlbley, was bom and
raised In Logan. Sho was wldoly
known and highly ostoomed In this
community. Hor death followod a
severo cold. Her husband, a mombor
ot the Howell Brothers' Clothing Co.
Is ii son of tho lato Joseph Howell.
He attended the officers' training
sixty days prior to tho signing ot
tno armistice nt which tlmo he was
honorably reloasod and roturnod to
his homo In Lognn. Ho has slnco
been working at Howell Brothers'
Clothing store. He and his wlfo
were unltod In marrlago some two
years ngo.
Funeral sorvlcos will bo conducted
at noon Sunday. Intormont will tako
placo In tho Logan cemetery.
GIo' ma my bonnet Genie,
And tho best frock that I hao,
I roun louk ma best yo ken,
Far Jemmy's comln homo tho day.
GIo ma they high topped booties,
And the shawl with fringe all roun',
And ma white silk napkin deary,
With bordor tae match ma goun
I'm sure I'l hao tao greet a little,
I canney help ma set'.
When 1 see my soldier laddlo,
The ono I loo sae well.
He's been far o'or tho ocean,
To Franco and England, too.
He's been flghtln for his country,
Under the red, whlto and blue.
And today tho flwgs aro wavon,
Far o'er the land and sea,
Freedom's wan, and peace begun,
And ma ladle's comln' homo tae mo.
So glo ma my bonnot Gonle,
An the best frock that I hae,
I in tin louk ma bust ye ken,
Tor Jemmy's comln' tho day.
What's In tho nolo yo'r readln'
Why do yo hide It frao mo?
Why are ye greovln ma Inssey?
Why a tear In e blua eyes I seo?
Did yo say Jemmy's nao comln the
Jemmy's uno comln' the day?
I canney hear yo speakln'
Oh! I dlnncy ken what ye say.
Ho died upon tho battlefield,
A soldier true and bravo.
And here's tho flowers UI3 comrao
, sent you,
A flower fioia Jemmy'e gravo.
Oh! Ma oyes hae grown sao dim, d.c-
So dim I cauuey see.
Oh! Ma heart Is brokon latnoy,
Old ye say ma Jemmy's not comln,
Not comln' home tao mo
Lay aside ma bonuet,
Lay aside ma goun,
I'll neod tbn nao nialr nu. lnasoy,
Nuu that ma Jemmy's nuo comiu'
Mrs. IUUJh Cooper
TO U. A. G.
Tho people In cliargo ottho cafo- ' HHHB
torta at the U. A. C. have reYlced v.lH
letters from dltferont sources ex!,- H
tondlng appreciation of tho valuable i- iH
asststanco tho cafeteria baa given la 'k pl
feeding the soldiers who havo been 'VV . flppH
stationed at the colego. Below aro ' H
two letters rocolved by tho 'cafeteria. JppH
1333 Water St., San FrancUco. ' H
Dec. H
Cafeteria Manager, 'Utah Agrlcul- pppJJ
tural College, Logan, Utah: fH
Mr dear
At tho tlmo when tho' army' triiln-, . ffH
Ing detachments' word first bonstd- '
orcd for Logan, the problem ot feed- H
lng tho men became' tho most serious :H
ot nil quostlons to be solved. iH
Your sorvlc In taking caro of our PPJH
soldlors deserves special mention '1
not only becauso of tho efficiency ot iJpH
your work, but also becauso of your iH
constant devotion to tho general ,pJH
cuuso ot winning tho war. B
Tho elucloncy'of your work stands 'iH
out as bolng worthy of my slncerest 'iiH
appreciation and In behalf of tho ipH
Committee on Education and Special '
Training of, the War Department, I' ' jH
wish at this tlmo to express to' you v lH
our slncerest appreciation ot your jJpH
most valuable services. ifH
Slncoroly yours, H
District Educational fH
Director Dost. No. 11 H
January 4, 1919 H
Cafterla Manager, Utah Agricultural H
Colege, Logan, Utah, jfH
My Doar Sir: iH
Mr. Addlcott has just wrltton mo JB
something ot the splendid work you jl
havo done In connctlon with the feed- lH
lng of the men at the Utah Agrlcul- K
tural College. J
It Is the Bplrlt ot team work and H
absolute devotion that has made our . J
country successful with Its War pro- M
gram and even though our part of It M
was small compared to tho whole, PJH
nevertheless tho general opinion Is JH
that It was an Important part and fH
was well done. '
You may well find groat satlsfac- M
tlon In having had a hand In It. I JH
nssuro you It has been a pleasure to llH
bo associated with a group of people H
scattered over tho United States who fH
respondod so thoroughly. 'JH
Very sincerely yours, 'JH
Educational Director PH
Vocational Instructor iMH
Soi'geartt Lymuu MeiboF of tho H . Hf
S. Marino Coips Resruiting olllcos in . 3H
Salt Lako City U In this city for re- mg
ciultlng purpoios duringitho domok- '; $j
ilizatlon of the 145th Field Artillery. , K
No doubt some of our boys will want Se
to seo moio military torrl'o especial-
ltlijpo not huvlng made any plans ijffa
fJt'njo futur. Opportunity is of- B
ferod thorn nt tho post office and Kf
Sergoant Metbos will be thoro to ans- H
wur any and all qaovtlons reeardlnt R
svrvlcn In tko Murine tiorps, H
Auyana duulrlne a booklet may , iH
.havo ono by calling at the post oillcb ijH

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