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The people ot Logan and Cache
county who wero hero to wolcome
; home the 145th soldier boys aro
'( attll talklne about Iho beautiful dec-
! orations which were arranged on the
,i nialm streets ot our fair city. When
N.V the central committee was appointed
Y by the Commercial club, City Coun-
Jl I cll'of Defense and th City Commls-
' sloners, with Luthor Howell aa chalr-
;i man, the Question ot decorating the
SS Btroots was one ot tho first to con-
S front the committee. The chairman
I Mr. Howell, placed Dr. I. S. Smith In
J .j charge ot this work and he immedl-
1 atoly started, a search for flags. He
t, telephoned to the prominent cities ot
ip tho state and even sent as far as
Denver to secure flags for the dec
orations. ' He called for tho services
ot L. M. Jensen, chairman ot tho
Decoration committee ot tho Com.
morclttl club, and they, with tho help
f of Luther Howell are responsible for
J tho best decorations -Logon has ever
I had. Wo glvo the above Information
to satisfy the many people who aro
Inquiring dally as to whero the flags
I came from which wore used hero for
? r ' ..
t' CORNISH, Jan. 17. A few Items
V may prove ot Interest to the readers
iot your valuable paper.
Cornish Is certainly proud since
the location ot the West Cache Sug
ar factory hore. Hundreds of tons
y ot beets are being hauled dally to
' tho factory from the beet piles at
, Lewlston, Wheeler, Falrvlow, Idaho,
I Trenton and 'Newton. Some men
have hauled as many as twenty tons
a day, at one dollar a ton? making
' $20 a day.
(JBT" A largo hotel, and soma cottagos
"MBBL have been built hero this year. Any
v I one wishing work can always' get It.
;J A condition that every farmer who
!7 owns land under the West Cacho Can-
l' al can bo tnanWul or Beforo tbe
I sugar factory came the only means
J ft somo few had, and they woro the
5; J elect, and a few near relatives, was
I, to go and work on the canal. Some
fow made a row dollars at tho ex
penso ot tho poor farmer, whethor
the work was necessary on the canal
or not. Therefore tho location of the
i factory here Is a blessing to all.
Great changes have boen brought
1 about throughout the entire valley,
' due to tho West Cache sugar facory.
Land that was sold for $2f and $60
an ncio Is now selling at $250. Tho
Northern Feeder Co. havo built largo
modern feed yards hero, a large cut
ting machine Is being lnstaalled,
l w'hlch will, cut up tho hay, and a
I " rulpo lino extends from tho syrup tank
ll t0 thl8 m,n' whlcU W,n 8pr,nk,e the
tjf, chopped hay with syrup, making a
M' nlco fattonlng meal. They aro era
ploying a number of men and teams
, hauling gravel making roadways be-
, twecn tho longer, which certainly
I ls?a credit to tho company, an wo
I wish them success.
fc ;Cornhi Is froe f rom ' slcknoss ai
it i present, almost all having had the
' tt. fin.
' ' Ephralm Dorgeon, President of the
Farm Bureau In Cache county Is
- thrashing today.
Wk Tomorrow at one p. m. funeral
flf Mrvlces will bo held In the Logan
,11 cometery over tho remains ot Fran
m Zl. Pearson.
The cancelation by tho military
authorities of tho Commercial club's
annual show on Saturday evening at
tho Nlbloy Hall for the 145th has not
changed the determination of the
commltteo or the performers to en
tertain tho soldier boys. On Wed
nesday evening a special perform
ance will be given for all soldier boys
in uniform. This will not be exclu
sive as tho public will be admitted.
All soldier boya in Logan who havo
returned, all 'dlschargd soldier boys
ot the 145th at that time aro wel
come an'd are expected to be present
at the show. Capaln Abbot has been
askod to extend this Invitation to
the soldiers as they aro discharged.
Despite the many othor things in
the city on Saturday to detract from
tho special matlneo of the club's an
nual show, tho matlloe was well at
tended and from the expressions of
thoso present it was thoroughly en
Joyed. Tho show Is. very clever and
overyono who can attend should do so
Tho advance sale has been extra good
and it is expected that the perform
ance tonight at tho Lyric will be well
attended. ,
Tickets for the performance at tho
Nlbley hall on Wednesday evening
are on sale at the Men's Shop,
at the Brlgham Young College.
PROVIDENCE, Jan. 20. Tho flu
situation here Is improving. No now
cass havo broken out lately and many
hav been released during the last four
days. Our cltizons are very careful
in preventing the spread of tho dis
ease. Among others Mr. Edgar Tib
bits and family are all out again.
Our Bchools aro progressing nicely
with thlr correspondence work. Mr.
A. E. Allen and fls faculty of teach
ers a'ro to bo congratulated for the
splendid outline of work they have
sent out and for their Interest In the
children's work.
Mr. Thomas Jonos who had his leg
broken some time ago, by a horse
falling on htm Is around again.
Mrs. H, B. Campbell and son havo
rcovered from th Influenza and are
around again.
Th farmers aro rather- uneasy ov
er the delayed arrival of tho snaw.
In many places our water works
have frozen up, duo to the long per
iod of cold weather we havo had.
Many ot our citizens havo been
omplqyed In storing Ice for noxt sum
mer's use.
All of our patriotic citizens wont
to Logan Saturday to witness tho ar
rival of tho 145th F. A. Two of our
boys, Sergt. David Theurer and Sorgt
Oliver Zollinger wero among thoso
who returned. Tho other tow who
loft with the 145th wero dutaincd In
Franco. Theso woro Llout. Wado
Pickett and Sorgt. Austin Frank.
Mr.. Alfred Kunz.'hls mother and
three sisters aro horo vlcltlng rela
tives and friends. Mr. Kunz movod,
his family from hore to Long valley
ahout two years ago.
Mr. Oscar Fullmer and his uncle
Dean Fullmor and wife ore hero vis
iting friends after having burled Mr.
Fullmor'a loving father.
Mr, Lyman Thorpe who. has been
teaching school at Tromonton came
Uomo to Bpond the week with bis
parents, but ho found his mother and
sister down with tho flu so ho was
' 1 . . !.'
Authorities havo predicted a re
currence of tho dread influenza epi
demic. But the nation this tlmo
is not going to be caught unawares.
The American Red Corss is making
certain this fact.
This week the Red Cross resumed
tho nation wide nurse suivey which
they wero compelled to abandon last
fall because ot the sudden sweep ot
the Influenza epidemic. Every Red
Cross organisation (n New Mexico,
Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, com
prising the Mountain division, has
beon Instructed to take up this highly
Important task a tho point where It
was halted.
Tho nurse survey was undertaken
by the Red Cross at tho lnstancoof
the government. Tho Red Cross gave
Its solemn promlso that It would com
plete the assignment; and It was up
on this promlso that, the government
delegated tho work to tho country's
Red Cross organlzalons.
. Every woman coming within tho
scope of tho survey Is oxpected to
fill out a questionnaire. This will
necessitate a house to house canvass
on the part ot the Red Cross. Whllo
tho government expects every wom
an to completely fill out the blank
presented It Is to be understood bv
all that such acion places hbr under
no obllgalon. She is not' 'drafted"
and need havo "no tear that she Is
signing over her time or services.
The survey is for tho solo purposo, at
this tlmo, of determining Jhe nation's
nurso resources.
The womon to bo enrolled Include
graduate nurses, registered and un
registered; womon now receiving
training In hospital training schools;
women who have had at least six
months training preparatory to be
coming graduate nurses; practical
nurses and women who havo had cor
respondence school training or who
havo graduated from Institutions giv
ing trained attendants' courses; mid
wives and women who havo taken
I tho Red Cross courses In nursing.
One ot tho biggest financial deals
of tho season transpired the othor
day whon former Mayor John II. An
derson and Sorgo F. Balllf purchased
control ot tho First National Bank
of this city. fron. Thomas Smart
ntid Mr. Soron Hansen, tho capital
ists that havo controlled this big
financial institution for many years,
havo sold to tho abovo goutlomen. It
Is Btutod that tho price paid was in
tho neighborhood of $275 per sharo,
a good round figure. With this deal
lout of the wuythe large holdings of
'our esteemed friends, Messrs Smart
and Hansen, In this city, passes to
other hands.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilorald Steod, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Cailos and Mrs.
Rulon Steed of Farmlngton, Utah,
camo up Saturday to welcome home
Mr. Rulon Steed who was a minber
of tho 145th boys, and Incidentally
o visit relatives and fi lends In Logan.
unablo to go home. v
Wo do not object to the U. I. 0.
Railroad company running their
night freight cars through our town
but wo prefer round to square
wheels. .
j . ;
j , j. i . i i
It eloquent words, beautiful flow
ers and warm and sympathetic
friends can lighten the grief ot
thoso who mourn the death of Mrs.
JVesloy Howell, tho words, flowers
and genulno manifestations ot
friendship at the funeral Sunday will
not have been In vain. A moro whole
lorno tribute to tho life ot a beauti
ful young woman, a loving husband,
heart broken father and mother, our
honored and respected bishop ot the
church and the family ot Congress
man Howell possibly could not havo
boen paid.. Tho day was cold but tho
words, tho music, tho flowors, the
earnest feelings of friendship wero
warm and surrounded by her friends
those who knew her and loved her.
laid Olllo Jean, as alio is generally
known, to her final rest.
Professor Durham, Mrs. Durham,
Miss Rlgby and Mr. Wayiuan sang
"I Know My Heavenly Father
Knows" after which Bishop B. O.
Thatcher offered the opening pray
er. Elder A. O. Barber delivered tho
principal address. Ho had been u llfo
long friend of the family and OHIe
Jean was looked upon almost as ono
ot his family. Ho spoke feelingly ot
her llfo and character. He had learn
ed to love her for her beautiful spir
it and fairy like form but moro than
all for her unflinching loyalty to hei
friends and her people, and declared
that sho was as beautiful In her
mind and spirit, as she was In her
face and form. "She Is not lost, but
laid away whero sho wll bo watched
and cared for, close to Congressman
Howell, who loved her as his own,
where her spirit will grow on and
on In Jthat place that God has pro
pared for such as Olllo Jean."
President Serge T. Ballff spoke ol
tho close relations existing between
the grief stricken family and his own
of tho lovo'nnd devotion ho and his
family had for tho deceased, aud
bore a strong testimony to her worth
and character.
Bishop Merkloy of tho First wad
made the closing address paying the
finest tribute a bishop could pay to
a faithful member ot this ward.
"Oh My Father," sung by Messrs
McMurrlu, Potorson, Olson and
Famsworlh, was the closing musical
number and tho dedication and heno
diction was then ottered by Presid
ing Bishop Charles W. Nlbloy.
Olllo Jean Nlbley Howell was the
laughter.'of Mr. and Mu. Chailes W.
Nlblty Jr., and grand, daughter of
3p. t W.Nlbley. She was born In Lo
;an July 1G, 189D. Sho was raised
o young womanhood In Logan, com
pleting tho district schools here and
later wont with hor father nud moth
er to Oregon where she entered high
school. The ramlly moved back to
Lotan and Olllo Jean thun entered
the B. Y. C. Sho later attendod tho
RICHMOND, Jen. 20. Funeral
services were held Sunday, January
12 over tho remains of Mrs. L. E.
Larson who died January 8 at hor
homo here. Musical solectlons woro
furnished by Viola Webb and Mont
real Wright who sang "Oh My Fath
er." "Bright, Beautiful Homo," and
"Face to Face." The spenkors were
Lchi Olscn ot River Heights, A. S.
Schow, F. H. Morrill and J. L Mc
Carrey All spoko ot tho sterling
worth of tho departed. Parley Not
ion offered the opening prayer and
B. Y. Benson dismissed. Mrs. Lar
son was G3 years ol and had ilvoc
in Richmond fourteen years.
T. G. Robinson from Iaho Is a
Richmond visitor.
Mrs. Maud Rulnoy and son Rich
ard, who havo been on tho sick list
have recovered.
Roy Robinson, wlfo and two chll
Jrcn havo boon visiting In Swnn Lako
for tho past two weeks.
Miss Ada Day has been confined tn
her room for tho last two weeks suf
fering from an nbscoss.
Roy Webb has returned to his
homo In Marysvllle, Idaho. I
August S. Schow haB been a Salt
Luke visitor for the past week:
Sam Harris Is building an up to
lato blacksmith shop In tho south
part of town.
Our public schools and high school
have begun. Both teachers and pu
pils aro working hard.
Oron Merrill, wlfo and baby have
moved to Preston. Mr. Merrill will
practice his profession there.
Tho following Boldler boys have
received honorablo releases and re
turned homo: Russell Merlrll, Al
bort Andorson, Leo Bateman, Wll
ford Murray and Adraln Atkins.
Tho stork visited tho home ot Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Tripp last week.
Guy Morrison from Southern Utah
Is hero visiting relatives and friends.
Funeral services were held Sun
Jay at tho Richmond cometery ovor
tho remains ot Mrs, Martah Mills.
Consoling remarks woro mado by
Bishop J. C. Larscn and Lovl Allen
of Cove. Prof. C. I. Stoddard sang
Oh My Father" Mrs. Mills was
the mothor of Mrs. Hyrum Balr and
has made her homo with Mr. and
Mrs. Balr for somo time. Sho Is
85 yenrs of age.
John L. Kendrick who works on
tho Calne farm had tho mlsfoituno
last week of tcarln gtho coid ot his
leg whllo he was Jumping off a horse.
Ho will most likely bo laid up for a
month or six wooks
U. A C and whllo at both local schools
alio was very popular In tho younger
aoclal circles, taking part In tho ac
ivltlca of collcgo life
On July 10, 1917, she marrlod Mr.
Wesley G. Howell, son ot tho late
Josoph Ilowoll and since that time
has mado hor homo In Logan. Dentil
enmo to this young girl last Thursday.
Betides her husband, father
uiothci, sovoral brothcis and sla
ters, sho la smvlved by a host of
.(lends whw wero alwnys Interested
In her wolfuio and o.vor ready to
pattlrlpate with her In the pleasure
of young womanhood.
Mi Peter Nelson and daughter
Vein Franco hns returned from Chi
nigo. III. Mis. Nel.on went to Chi
cago on account of tho BOilout, Illness
of her daughto.r who was laboring as
a missionary there. Mrs. Fiance was
unable to complete her mission duo
to ill health.
Colonel C. E. Looso ot Provo has ll
boen a guest at tho Hotol Eccles for H
tho past fow days having Journoyed jH
to Logan to witness tho demonaor-
tlons Incident to tho demobilization
of tho 145th. Tho Colonel has a son H
In tho rcglmont which naturally H
makes jH
In conversation with tho Colonel H
ho says Provo haa had the same ox- H
perlonco as Logan with the Influenza H
and thinks the masks If properly H
worn and sterilized, are a. great pro H
vontatlve. Provo and Utah county H
havo used them to advautnge. H
Incident to tho death ot Colonel
Roosovolt he declatcd that Utah had
lost hor best friend, that Is among
those of national prominence. '
"Roosevelt was one of thoso wonder) ftH
that lived ahead of his time; ono ot H
thoso phenomonons that tho world ftf
produces ovory fifty or ono hundred H
years. Ono of those figures that Is H
berated and ridicule at times, but ftf
whon ho goes men and womon of all H
parties pay him his Just duos, and H
doclnro that ho was right. Such a man ftH
was Colonel KooeeveU, r "'1 although H
ho Is gono he has left I record, H
which will mean much for tho Am- ftH
orlcan people." Tho Colonel left
yesterday for his home. Mrs. Looso H
and the family will remain ovor un-
til tho demobilization Is over.
WASHINGTON, D. C Stirred by H
tho rocont discovery that there Is In H
oxlstonco no law creating tho city ot H
Washington, Senator Myers of Mon- ftH
tana has introduced a resolution pro- H
vldlng tho United States legally with B
a capital. Thore Is a law creating tho H
District of Columbia. M
VTho bill lutrouced by Senator My H
ors provides that the territory now H
Included within thedlstrlct shall be H
hereafter known as tho city ot Wash H
ingtou, tho capital an permanent seat H
jf government of tho United States, H
tho existing laws for tho government H
of ho Dlutilct ot Columbia to bo con- H
tinued In force. RM
"Thoso who aro authority In law H
claim that there Is no city ot Wash- w
Ington," Senator Myers said in pre- gS
sontlng his resolution, 'that Is has no pj
oxlstenco whatevor, that tho suppos- ff
od city of WBhlngton Is wholly n KFf
myth. jG&f
"From tlmo lmmeuioilul, or at JgW
least from tho time of tho location vIsji
of the permanent aeat ot government Jra
ot tho United Statos In Dtstilut ot m
Columbia, ail oxecutlvo documents, flK'
all proclamations aud messages ot "J6f
the piesldent hnvo had appended to Hjj
them 'Done at Iho CHy of Wasihig- Wj
ion on a certain ilnto- Until a few Mn
months age, when feomo one In o(8- lgf
clnl llfo who claims f bo authority H
on the bubjoct Informed President Uv
Wilson that there was no city of Kg
Washington. I understand the prau fjm
tlce prevailod. Since then tho prefl- JM
Ident has, beon nppondlng to Ills otll- - H
clal documents tho words 'Doo lu
tho Dlctrlct ot Columbia,' on a cor- fl
tain date."

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