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ggBC1 im"wgf"M'!iiyu'','M',yii" ' " '"Hissssl
ssK H
I I Many New Specials in Seasonable Fabrics I
I I American Prints, 18c and 20c Values 1 12 xzc
I I Ginghams, 35c Values, at per yard , 25c ;J
I I Percales, 35c Values, at per yard .? 23c 1
I Percales, 40c Values, at per yard L 30c I
? Wool Batiste, $1.25 Values in Light Colors 1 85c
Dress Silks, $1.25 to $1.35 Values at per yard 89c
Dress Silks, $1.50 to $1.75 Values at per yard $1.10-
Silk Shirting, $1.65 to $2.50 Values, at per yard $1.10
Dress Silks, 75c to $1.00 Values, at per yard .. 40cN
' Dress Silks, $1.10 to $1.45 Values at per yard .2 1 8j)c
I Silk Gloves White, Black and Blue, Values $1.75 at $1.25
Jr - Children's Handkerchiefs, 3 in box, 13c; two boxes for 25c
Opposite Tabernacle
. " l
The public is beginning to roallxo
the valuo of. salmon propagation.
x Tho demand for. salmon for food
purposes is world wide.
From tho streams of the Pacific
coast states and Alaska and tho wa
ters of tho Pacific is taken tho built
of this wonderful food supply.
As tho state has found it necessary
to protcet its wild game- and encour
age propagation for tho benoflt of
0 tho public, it now finds itself fac
ing tho proposition of salmon pro
pagation on a largo scale in order to
t increase this source of rood supply
for all tho people Propagation by
lndlvduals is out of tho question for
I when tho salmon aro turned into
B Uio streams they aro free to ovcrj
B. body.
I Fish hatcheries must be onlargcd
H' and now ones built in ordor to hatch
' tho millions of young salmon necd
E ed to meet the world demand.
Tho salmon supply of tho Puget
Sound region has been sadly depleted '
'. by tho demand for this food fish and
as tho salmon industry of Washing
ton alone is worth about seventeen
million dollars a year, a financial
as well as a food and labor problem
is involved.
DoTcopmont of this industry by
tho state propagation of fish in pub
lic waters is an absolute necessity if
this food supply Is to bo maintained.
-sMi-s -
' v .
J By knowing tho cauno, a disease
jr .. may often bo avoided. This is rar
sf" ticularly truo of headache. Tho most
common causo of headacho is a disor
dered stomach or constipation, which
may bo conec'od by taking a few
doses of Chaiuberlaln'a Tablets. Try
it. Many others l.uvo obtained per
manent relief ty taklnc theso tab
, lots, Thoy aro easy to taly and mild
and gentle In effect. Adv-C-1
( - '" J i '- 1
II - 7 i .o w t M tun x. V '
The public has a tremendous stake
in public servlco utility companies.
' Tho Impairment of -their functions or
tholr bankruptcy would work more
havoc In this country than a flnan
.cliyl panic. Every human precaution
has been taken against a monetary
tfanlc while no practical thought has
I been given to tho servlco companies.
Without thorn communities could
not do business, business and rcsl
donco proporty would not rent and
tho Industrial and social and com
mercial life of this country could not
bo continued.
Tho body politic Is more Interested
.and concerned because it desires tho
permanence of tho ncw'wa'go scales.
Labor knows that those scales can
not be maintained unless tho corpora
tions are given rates that will per
mit them to bo paid. Labor in all
Industry 1b concerned because It
knows, that ruin must follow tho
practice of Imposing charges upon
thoso companies that canuot bo met
with tho existing income generally.
Tho rato must be sufficient to pre
serve tho physical equipment of tho
great work that must bo performed
In this country In getting rid of the
debrla of tho war.
Clearing more than $1600 from 11
acrcB of sugar beets is tho record of
.Twin Falls, Idaho, farmers last sea
son Olt is a mark at which' grow
ers may shoot for some timo to
co mo.
This crop was a trlflo less than 20
tons to tho acre, but gross returns
wore $2,520. CO. This Includes
$2,183.50 for his beets, $295 repie
sentlng valuo received from pulp In
feeding his stock, and $45 for pastur
ing from nlno of the 11 acres.
After paying himself and hla hors
es $400, oeed and hired labor
$173.33, water tax $33, county tax,
$352, this farmer found that his ex
penses totaled '$99i.33. This left
hiy & clear profit of $1,538.17.
H the J OB' 1
Grease on Leather.
Itub the stain lightly with ether nnd
then If there uro any murks left sponge
away with a weak solution of oxalic
acid. If you uro nfrnld to trust your
own ability to remove tho stnln tal.u
tho grip to n leather sore where bugs
aro sold.
- i
ticwarc or uountericiu.
Some are Talcum Powder.
it Jin
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin."
Quick Relief with Safety!
For Headache Colds
Neuralgia Grippe
Earache Influenzal Colds
Toothache Neuritis
Achy Gums Lame Back
Lumbago Joint-Pains
Rheumatism Pain! Pain!
Adults Take one or two
tablets anytime, with water. If
necessary, repeat dose three
times a day, after meals.
Since the original Introduction of
"Payer Tablet of Aspirin" millions
upon millions of theso genuine tab
lets have been pretcribed by physi
cians and taken by tho people each
year, with perfect safety.
"Bayer XjV
on genuine Pe Rj W
Tablets. JV7 packages.
Aiplrln li i the tr.le mark of Drr Mimifjc.
lure ot Monvictucacfdcitcr at Sillcrliucid
Ask for and Insist Upon
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin."
American Owned, Entirely, "
so wmt'iiStillteHik & $
tt AS1UNOTON, Mny fi It Is
luniorcd about Waalungton that a
committee, composed of some of the
most influeutlnl memuen of tlu
Democratic National Committee-, is
bclnj. foimcd for tho purpose of tak
ing up with the Picsldent when ho
returns the matter of getting rid of
Mr llntlc-son. it li iccognlzcJ b)
them that If the party goes Into the
1920 election with IJurleson In tho
Cabliu i it will lnbor under n im-mcmliMi-,
luuullcap. Already tome or
the le tiling DemocrntB of New Eng
land h.ie cabled Wilson to dispense
with Hut Icon whom they clmrgo
With Iv nip tcspouslblo for tho locent
tcleplu.m- strlko In that section. Tho
icslgnution of tho Civil Seivlco rum
nilssioiu'is that occurred a few weeks
.ago Is siud lo have bren duo to their
.icfu8.il to Lo parties to what was
termed the "political trickery" of
'Mr. llurleson In making appoint
ments of postmasters. It Is even
whispered that ut least one membor
of the cabinet will support tho fight
.against tho postmaster general. .
I Dut supposo that Mr. Wilson re
fuses to heed tho advice of tho com
mittee that Is to wait upon him, and
stands by tho men who has dono so
much to build up tho political
strength of tho President. Judging
from Wilson's past record ho docs
not take kindly to having his course
of action mapped out for him. If he
insists in retaining Mr. Burleson as
jono of his oOlclal family, then tho
( Democratic party Is doomed to a ser
ies ot Internal dissensions that will
(rack still furthor that distracted po
litical organization, and make oven
moro decisive the defeat that is In
store for It at th0 polla next year.
On tho other hand, if tho Presi
dent is won over to tho vlow ot his
natlbnal committee nnd politely hlnta
to Mr. Burleson that he should step
do-Vu from his present hlgh-posltlon,
tho only way ho can force a compli
ance with his wishes Is to nomlnnto
another man to bo postmaster gener
al, who, If confirmed by tho Senate
would Btep Into- Burleson's place. It
Mr. Wllsou declines to take that rad
ical action, then tho only hop'o of
tho country for relief from nlmost
two years more of the Burleson rul
of their means of communication Is
,ln Impeachment by a HcpubllcniT con
gress. If investigation by tho proper
commlttco of tho House should es
tablish proof of Mr. Burleson's mnta
adminlstratlon thero Is no doubt but
what tho members would liavo tho
couingo (o vote for nn Impeachment,
and tho senators for a conviction ana
romoval from olllco.
Altogether the outlook is not
bright from the Brulefcon icwpoint. I
Tho chances for tho country being i
relieved fiom tho Incubus of his con-(
jo1 over some of Its most vital af
. fairs beforo tho normal expiration of
his term of olflce nro good, whether
by resignation nt tho suggestion of
the President or by Impeachment
proceedings by Congress.
A man In good phytic:.! condition
Is almost certain to enjoy life, whllo
the blllouB nnd dyspeptic aro de
spondent, do not enjoy ihelr meals,
and feel miserable a gcod share of
' time. This ill i: ., .-."arty
alv, y- usnocceenry. A few doses of
Chambcrlnln'i Tablets to tono up the
stomach, lmpiW tho digestion and
regulate tho bowclji is all that Is
needed. Try it. Adv-C-l
Catarrhal Deafness Cminot Be Cured
i Ijidl implications, as the) ciwiot lauch
til. illii'SMi portion ol tliu ir There Is
"n 'y n wy. to euro tatarYhul iaimim,
anij triat la by a coiucltutlonal remedy.
Catarrhal Deafness Is iuusiJ by nn la
tlamea condition of lh- i lutoun llnlne ot
tho LuMachlan Tubo lun this ti.bo It
tlJamcU you have o r ng souniTtr lm-
?i''."i ' i?'V,nR .nn'. ' " " '"'rely1
cina d, Ucatncss Is tl suit Unless thi
Inaammatlon can bs fuuerd and this tubs
Ifin0."10. " JO"11' condition, hearlnr
will be d-stroyed forever. Many cases of
jn Inflamed condition of the mucous sur
f!i ti Ji'u '" "ealclns acts thru
the blood on the mucous surfaces of the
Ws will (Its On Hundred Dollar for
"r of Catarrhal Deaf nesa thai cannot
Tho current Issue of Ford's Week
ly contains n eu'ogy of tho Nonpat
tlsnn lenguo by tho two Nonpaitlsnn
league congressmen from North Da
kota. Tho Introduction of tho artlolo
tays: . .
"A genulno economic domocincy, .
bringing IndUHttlnl freedom to lliu I
hand and brain winkers In the elllonl
as well as the tlllois of the noil caino
In North Dakota when the male leg
Islatute passed thu lndtitiinl Con.
mlSBlon act the patent bill or tin
Nonp.trtlsnit lenRitu pioKrmn It 1
a most compiotioiiKlvc plan, tho
most tmpurlnnt fentuies of which
provide for tho establishment ami
operation of a slate-owned terminal
elevator, flour mill, packing plant
and a bank of Notth Dakota "
Juat what Is tho meaning of econ
omic democracy or Industrial Tree
Lcnliie and Trotrky nu supposed
to hno some such n piogntm piotty
well established in Itussln and If wo
can bclle'e teports fiom that coun
try tho cost or living has gone up
to a point that both hand and brain
workers In the cities ns well as tho
tillers of tho soil ato hard pressed
to fill their stomachs, oven after cer
tain sections of tho country aro cited
as having gonu so fnr ns to havo com
mon ownership of womo under
state regulation and support, togeth
er with their children. That scorns
to bo economic democracy can led to,
tho ultimate. Industrial ficcdom In
that country Is also fully dovc.lopcd
at thoy simply take over accumulat
ed wealth In such manner as best
suits the ambitions ot tho leaders.
Vho people ot North Dakota havo
apparently turned themselves over
to political dictation, exploration and
control". Tho Btato has etorod Into
competition with its taxpayers In
different lines ot business. Thoso
cltizonB must now pay taxes to sup
port tho 'Btato program to put thorn
out of business. Tho Nonpaitlsan
league stato owned plnnts will pay
ho taxes.-
Thls In a now biand of democracy
and freedom for America and savors
n little strongly of the KtiBslau tu
tlcle to net well with u declple of
old timo American fieedom nnd inl-'
tlailvb for tho Individual.
SHEVISM The biggest factor In the uiiBlniiis
outlook at any glveu i..oiuont id tho
subtllu fttulor called confident)).
When business men havo courage,
all tho pioduclng elements got out to
produco to their capacity, which
keeps everybody busy earning mon
ey. City and county banks were never
working in such close touch with
tho farmers nnd wage camera nor
bo closely identified with community
Tho keystone of confidence Is that
there Is now In existence , tried out
out In tho' furnace of war, tho groat
federal rcservo banking system. I
Before this organization was cro
atcd the United States suffered from
business deprecHloiiB about every do
cade or u little ulleuer. !
The bank laws were bo rigid that
a perfectly sound nnd solvent busi
ness could bo wieekod merely by a
lack of ieady money.
This weakness In tho financial
structure hua now been roi.'.oved by
legislation that makes posslblo tho
massing of reserves to piotect every
solvent buslnefii.
Thus tho pilnclplo cause for tho
old periodical punlcs has boon re
moved. Tho country still faces the peril
of Bolshevism. But tho school-educated
American innsHoa will not bo
fooled by tho follies that have do
uded poor blinded Russia.
So with prudent and courageous
enterprise, with Justlco to all elo
mbnta of Ih'e working' community,-all
cloudo should '.evaporate- In the clear
swBBhlBo ot AmerjUh oytbipisa.
TTrcs I
Wy their H
tmd9re black
nd their sides
are red H
Color Mta no fieur i M
in making the treads) I H
of Diamonds. For M
tiro tread must resist
tho mauling of rough H
and stony roads the
grind of macadam and
I brick. - H
When the toughost, M
most gristly rubber M
that could possibly be W H
mnde for Diamond N H
Treads wns mnde, It M
BJust naturally CAME B H
BLACK! Black it H
will be always unless M
N n f-uBher rubber is p ' liiBI
d discovered. assH
But tho Gidcs of 1
Diamonds ore made ' 1
red purposely be-
'1 cniir.e Diamond Re'd 'Jt 'sas.1
4 Rubber admirably re- 'l H
sists side wear, and " H
2 those red sides mal:o i M
Diamonds distinctive- J ; H
" ly beautiful. I H
1 ,ssH
J Watch those red- V lH
: wclkd Diamonds 3 'H
B" they're rolling up ' H
5,000 to 8,000 mites I lM
for our customers as PE
J oft.. as any other Br M
tires, and they COST ff H
P YOU LESS than moat R H
n other tires. K jH
L Logan Tire K H
, C &. Repair I H
1 1 Company I H
ittplratloii W'y DtnftC , Sjfi
Lnrgcit Order of Merit , JW
The largest order of merit In .o- . 'H
world la tho Trench Legion of Honor, jS
S h& " UW er 600.000 met.

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