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B ,t4Hmi&fflliri$tintFwnr ptrfict condition,
m mKBEmmBEff DUT a PJPe m your ace that's filled cheerily brimful of Prince
LH ffSHBSSfft l Albert, if you're on the trail of smoke peace I For, P. A. will
HI liiHilfiflK sinff yu a sonS of tobacco joy that will make you wish -your
H KycsrTSri life job was to see how much of the national joy smoke you
B ffiWWWAHHffv could get away with every twenty-four hours 1
M IjjJjJIIlHJMfjll, You can "carry on" with Prince Albert through thick and thin.
LH HLKdUM You'll be after laying down a smoke barrage that'll make the
'KiflDiB toys think of the old front line in France!
m iBfiflwX P. A. never tires your taste because it has the quality I And,
1 HsWiHwlS le Jt 'P into vour think-tank that P. A. is made by our exclu-
LH HmSv dvB patented process that cuts out; bite and parch assurance
m jHAbRbB that vo can W smoke-recbrd-highspots seven days out of
H WMWHWHl every week without any comeback but real smoke joy i
H llilHMillBiP 'RrJ. Reynolds Tobacce- Company. Wrato ."Salem, N. C
M The Inauranco phase of Chairman
H Hurler's merchant marina plan does
m not Impress marine underwriters as
M having been worked out by anyono
M familiar with actual earnings of
M companies engaged In underwriting
H hull insurance.
, Ono underwriter says while Idea
' v pt ljavlng tho buyer of snips Insure'
B his equity In them Is ound enough,
M ,Mt, Hurley 1 not spcpific. This un-
8 dcrwrlter does not ngrco that the
H government, can. carry this, insurance'
M At 1 per cent less than market rate
m and accumulate a roscrvo to build
M up a, fund ,for developing trado
H routes, etc, Tho government would
m not have to pay taxes and expense In
M conducting hull insuranco is proba-
B bly less than to any other class ot
m , marino risks but thcro would bo losu-
H ,ca as busslno statistics show, Noth-
B lug has been mndo In hull Insuranco
H at tho market rate In tho last ov-
1 eral years.
H Ship operators of reputation say
Hj practical men In ship building and
M t- operation, should bo selected to shape
H tho policy ot tho future. Tho bust-
H ncss needs no charity welfare ox-
- ports, but It docs need some one
M who will work out a policy that will
H havefor Its fundamental basis tho
H law ot Bupply and demand. Thcro
H' must bo competition among compan-
H les If wo are to have a merchant mar-
H.. lno in more than name only.
Tho demand for an Increase ot
about tweniy per cent by tho opera
tives of tho Portland trolley Lines
seems to tho outsider an untimely
Tho Portland trolloy lines have
narrowly escaped golnu into n receiv
ership even on a six-cent faro and
aro skating on thin leb at present.
Tho demand ot tho operatives of
fectlvo April 1st Is for increase from
their prcfiorit scficdulo ot wages, now
46, 48 and SOrcents an hour.
Tranklln J. Grlllltli, president ot
tho company, announced after re
cblpt of tho demands that no rurtner
rlso In wages at this time could bo
Tho present schedule was placed
in offoct by tho federal war labor
board last October and under tho
agreement then signed tho wage ques
tion could bo reopened by cither
party at six months Interval.
Tho first six months expired April
1. Intorurban line's ot tho company
aro not affected by tho demands.
Women SlioiiM Take
rpccial care to keep free, from headache, back
ache, constipation, weakness and depression.
For these recurring ailments and other condi
tions peculiar to women, Beecham's Pills are a
tested and effectual remedy. They act gently
and promptly on the stomach, liver and bowels,
and exert a tonic, strengthening effect on the
bodily functions. These famous pills ace purely 8
vegetable, contain no. habit-forming drug, and I
produce no disagreeable after-effects. Women
the world over, find needed help and strength in
Beeepanfs Pills
H "Larsttt SdU of Any iWcfes fa tht World I
sH ,PtS6MIF,?eU1VluWomMi.AwlthEeyBo. I
M . JWJfr niluut tb world, la Bow, 10c, Mo. I
H . . .-" l- " ? rt. 1
The International Labor Defense
council will sond out ballots to all
labor unions to take another strlko
voto for Mooney,
The International Dcfenco council
has raised hundreds ot thousands of'
dollars from organized labor to' Ilb-
orato Mooney 'ot al.
After Mooney and his associated
bomb throwers havo exhausted all
their rights In the courts under our
laws labor Is still to be mado tljr;
Twenty thousand labor ulqns aro
to bo asked to voto on tho question
ot n gcnoral strlko tor Mooney on
July 4th.
Thrco strikes aro to bo called it
tho labor union mcinbors favor thi
program to Uborato Mooney, July 4,
Labor Day and Kovombcr 1st.
Uut loyal American labor will ro
turns a negative voto on this propo
sition and will uphold Amorlcan
converts of law and order.
Tho day of tho gcnoral strlko is
cndcd--oyon tho proposed strlko
based on tho cry No Deer, No Work,
started In eastern cities.
It may well bo asked,, what has
labor gained by theratcned strikes
for tho McNamaras ot Los Angoles,
the Mooney anarchist gang ot San
Francisco or tho revolution leaders
at Seattle. ,
For Sick Headache, Sour Stomaoh,
BluaolshLlver and Bowefo
Take Cascareta tonight
furred Tonguo, Bad Taste, Indiges
tion, Sallow Skin and Miserable Head
aches omo from a torpid liver and
clogged bowels, whloh causo your sf ra
ck to becomo filled with undigested
food, whloh sours and foments v.'ko gar
bage in a awlll barrel, lhat's Uk 'flrst
lop to untold mlscry-Indlgcstlon, tal
cases, bad breath, yellow skin, mental
fears, everything that is horrlUa and
nauseating. A Oascarct to-night will
gho your constiputed bowels a thorougb
ok-anslns and straighten you out L)
morning. They work whllo you sleep
a 10-ccnt box from your druggist wll'
keep you feeling fxal for mouths.
.. Real Pioneer.
Ono of thoQlrst whlto men nntf In
nil probability tho first British subject
to mnko his nbodo in territory com
prised within the boundaries of tho
province of Jfew Brunswick, Canada,
was John Gyles, who was carried from
the southern British colonics to the
wilderness of the valley of tho St
John rjverjyr maraudlnj bands of In
ING Tho Nonpartisan League now In
full control fo tho nffnlrs and fi
nances of North Dakota has gone a
long way toward establishing a so
colallstlc form of government In that
jNoi th Dakota now has full author
ity to enter Into competition with
private entorpriso In tho state nnd by
offlclal powor and prestigo will drive
it to tho wall, State owned under
takings naturally will pay no taxes,
honco tho general taxpaors must
mako up the loflclt together with ad
ditional expenso entailed by state op
eration. North Dakota's banking scheme, In
tho opinion uftho Chicago Dally
NowsIs tho "most dubious and start-
. ling feature" of tho league program.
Tho bill provides that all state,
county, township, municipal, school
and other public funds as well ns tho
funds of penal, Industrial and edu
cational Institutions shall bo with
drawn from tho national, state and
private banks, and placed with tho
commonwealth bank. This means
tho withdrawal of moro than $50,
000,900 from tho present banks, thus
crippling private Institutions.
Whethor the political bank man
agement Is likely (o bo sound and
conservative is a serious question.
Partlan and factional politics in tho
handling of tho banks funds and de
posits will undoubtedly creep In.
And In the meantime tho dealings
ot customers with the commonwealth
bankwlll undoubtedly be open to
public Inspection the same as other
state business thus doing away with
tho confidential relation existing be
tween private banks and their pat
rons. '
The personal relation between a
bapker and his customers will be
lacking in ,tho state bank and tho hu
mano element will enter about as
such as when ono buyB a money or
der from a postal clerk.
Automobiles thieves would be foil
ed If the suggestion of H. W. Hyscr,
Grand Rapids, "Michigan, is enacted
. . . 'S'- -
Into law, according to the D. F.
Goodrich Rugger company.
Hero Is. his plan: Authorize the sec
rotary of state to issuo exclusive per
mits to owners of atuomoblleo to use
certain numbers, names or dovlces to
brand certain parts of their cars and
the brands to be placed in certain
designated spots.
Require these marks to be cut,
stamped or stained Into tho material
'of the part In such a manner that
Ithoy would not be removed or obliter
ated without dofacing or mutllaUng
tho parts. Make it a crime to drive
a car with such markings defaced.
Mako tho permit from tho secre
tary of state evidence ot ownerships
when issued and transferable with .
the car by being duly acknowledged N
before a notary, theso acknowledge
ments to bo "written on the permit,
thus forming a chain of title like an
This plan was suggested to Mr. Hy-
sor by the Goodrich company's advlco
to all motorists to cheat tho tiro thief
by branding the inBide of a tire cas
lng. His plan seems feasiblo and
should be considered by automobile
clubs and other agencies acUvo la
protection of car owners oEainst bur
glary. ti
Make this our conviction: "I am
(not born for one corner of the earth;
(my country Is this world." Seneca.
I -Just a Little Under I
.':v the Price" " .:-
I These are times when you'd better look with sus- tL "
picion on goods that are priced lower than good lim ' I
1 quality permits. There's no trick, about malting &'3 I
clothes; good.fabrics cost a certain amount. If you "toV I
pay a little under the price you're pretty likely to get ' J fjk I
something under quality -ft aj 1
You can't afford it; especially in clothes buying l iJigV I
because clothes have a value beyond just a covering ' KMJl'ff J 1
for the body; they're part of your business force. fetfh WWr I
Better be sure of qualityHart, Schaffner Sm v)i I
& Marx clothes; all wool, guaranteed. vBEy-' 1 ll'J I
The home of Hart Schaffner & Marx, Clothes. H U W
Ml' ffl
1 - '. (t rt i iij) J fiUt ft rtowsurt.) - u . . n. Hi-.. .- 1
, " -'

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