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hmM hm NmaHBR n
: A I The Spine is The Key to Your Health! I H
The X-Ray Proves It! H
s Results Prove It! WM
.v " .You .want results: Three years experience as a Chiropractor, and eight months X-Ray Technician in the U. S. Army, have 'fll
s- taught mie the quickest and most efficient ways of restoring health. u- i
It will cost you nothing to investigate. Influenza leaves after effects in a large percentage of cases. Investigate and 91
, - know whereof you speak. jlSjIB
- G. L. CHADWICK, Chiropractor P,ne so 1
. . -, JJ -,,, , ,i i. ---- -, JH
1 IB I II I ' M. W
IX 5? it KP4
?Ai&tH wmp v
firm Ma tmIEKwT'l m !
ti i Tit"" MiifrWinnffFliJilPirT '
' If$6HHeffiHHi !
J Fmf9Km'mTmmvWmmw I'
(h!"HBrTT2RMfc7jttttf,i (i
UxBHH 1 11
nilKHHHI I '
w v (All Photos Copyrighted, 1919,)
t l LOAN IN MIUjAHEHIA lot vdi jboB I.
' Photo shows the Gorman flag that Hew over the FarCjyi.of, the City'
of Meti when the- Allied troops occupied It. 'It has been brought to the (
United States by Commander Howard Hlnklo of the galvatlonArmy who
1 ' has turned 4t over to the Philadelphia Victory Loan Committee.
,!.(, . ! '
wi.- , ,
5 ' V EPFECTIVTLY . .,v ,
8 Car washing Is still an unpleasant
8L experience with some motorists. They
' dlsljke tho ubo of soaps .containing
alkali-and joUicr things that destroy
paint luster. Thoy object to tho
. great waste-of all soaps that do not
i,t dlsolvo freely, resulting In 7G per
cent remaining useless at tho bottom
of tho pall. Thoy are disinclined to
' use soparato compounds for washing
and polshlng. Least of all do they
" llko tbo'ldca of working laboriously
? with soaps that dp not act quickly.
There Is renljy no need for worry
I or trouble on this scoro. The new
"5JL liquid nuto wash, Knntmar, a guar-
4 untecd product of tho Woodtlto Lab
oratories, niakos caV washing simple,
easy and quite objectionable. Kant-
'mnr Is a liquid preparation In high-I
ly concentrated form. An astonlsh
I ' ' i
lngiy small quantity .Instantly distri
butes Itself evenly and thoroughly In
a bucket of ,wnter-rBomethlng no
- I
soap ever does, and It knocks, stains,
dirt nnd.greaso like magic. As tho
nnmo Implies, KantmtxrJs absolutely
harmless to the mout dollcato surfac
es, bo It the finest varnish or your
own hands. Its .utobvlates tho ne
cessity of applying any nddltional pol
Ishlng compound. Kant,mnr Is at ouco
the cheapest and most effective auto
wash availablo today npd tho Wood
tlto people, as well as the public, are
to bo congratulated on Its discovery.
Subscrlbo for the Logan Itopubll
, can If you want the local news.
L 8 s----3 sl
H Figure your
if Painting Costs with a Brush &
if ""
. ZS You can't figure the coit of painting by figuring what J!
II lhe PU1 cosit Per gallon. x"
J Hi What yon want to know is how much the paint coven,
Jr how weH it covers and how long it takes a man and j
ta mm brash to do the work, jgjj
I mm '
' g One way you figure Is with a pencil. The right way is g
j with a brush. Figure this way and yon will use
Lowe Brothers High Standard Liquid Paint. g
Si '
Tell us about your painting ieedg and we will give yon JJ j
J some eye-opening facts based on brush figures, j
l EEEtTOia & SON
I Richmocd and Logan
JC '
UENSON, May 12 Soveral wevks
liavo elapsed since ) ou have received
a HcnBon letter and no doubt your
readers nro getting anxious to hear
from this locality, therefore we om
braco our opportunity to furnish u
few Interesting items. Wo have been
too busy putting In our spring crops
to keep you Informed of what has
been transpiring, but now our crops
are planted we havo a few days of
comparative leisure.
Among the deslrablo events that
have happened since our last lotter
was the home coming of Mr. John
Monk from France, and he Is looking
and feeling fine and is glad to bo
home again with his relatives and
friends, who are equally pleased that
ho has returned.
Benson went over the top on their
subscription to the Victory loan, ns
usual, thus manifesting the patriot
ism of good American citizens.
Last evening President O. H.
Budge gave an Interesting Mothers
day discourse to a fairly good sized ,
audience In our meeting house.
, Tho Daugh brothers havo sold
their possessions in Benson to two
r '
.Cowlpy brothers and havo gono to
Burley, Idaho, where they purchased
a farm. Mr. John Berry has also
sold his pioperty here and moved to
Burley, or rather on a farm which
he purchased near Burley.
With the exception of Mrs. A, J.
Itecse who has been 111 for several
i ,
days, but Is now on th Improve, tho '
people of Benson aio In good health.
, Thutq have boon several put chases
of new nutoinobllcs In Benson lately,
among whom are Mr. Jess,o T. Uees
Emll Bcrger, Win. Beutlcr, Hcnold
neese, Victor and Frank Hecso and
'J. C. Jorgenson and Howell Reese, j
Mr. nnd Mis. M. J. Fnlslov wero
mado happy recently upon iccelvlng
the following letter from their son,
Allerey, France, April 13, 1910
My Dear Parents:
I I am going to school yet and am
enjoying good health. I hopo you
are all well. It has been some time
slnco I heard from you. I think tho
reason for that Is that I have a now
I address. You may write me a few
I lettera and send them to my new
I address. I shall bo hero until June
) and about tho first of Juno you may
I send to tho company again. I think
! I shall bo hero some time yet, as It
! Is understood the course lasts about
threo months, that Is, If my company
docs not go home. If It does I go
S with them and should my discharge
S come I go anyway. .
I Comlg from Germany to Franco we
S travoled over the same ground as we
i fought over. It buro mado ono re
' member of tho days and nights wo
i had spent there fighting tho Huns
Graves of fiomo of my comrades could
j bo boo, and many others we did not
seo llo burled In tho sacred valley
of Franco. Wore wo hotter than
i those who lost their lives there? Wo
I daro not think so. No! They wero
las good as wo and may bo some wero .
bettor. What does God vtant us to
do that bo has spared our lives? Is
I thero Bonio mission ahead that wo aro
t to perform? If there is let us hopo'
that wi nin do It. Theie is n great
buttle it to fight -thi' greatest bat
tle of nil mid that Is the battle of '
righteousness. I
Slnco 1 havo been In thu nrmy I
have Been much wickedness. I have
learned many valuable lessons during
niy time as a marine nnd I thank!
God for It because I think It wns his
will that I should do so. Had I gono
.to school all my life I could not he0
learned what I have In the last two
years with tho marines.
I have some Interesting things to
tell you when I get back aad I hopo
It will 'not be long until we see each
other again and enjoy the peace that
prevails In good old Benson.
May God bless you all, I ever re
main, your loving son,
21st Prov. Co. K., A. R. F.
Alerey, Franco
Several Benson people attended tho
services In tho Logan taberaclo yes
terday and very much enjoyed the
eloquent address of Senator W. It.
, King'. When the road Is In good con
dition the people of Benson with
their iminn are almost livlni; on Main
stroet, l.ognn, ns It takes only a few
minutes to mako thu trip.
Mr. A. Leo Kecso Is now spotting
a new Oldsmobllo roadster.
Mr. W. II. Homer Is recovering
from an operation for appendicitis,
which was performed at his Benson
homo by Urs. Parkinson nnd Morrill.
Ills condition1 was too precarious to
movo htm from his homo at tho time
he decided to allow tho operation. Wo
sincerely hopo for his speedy recov
ery. '
In addition to tho lecutre "Feeding
of tho Baby' to bo glvon by Dr. Mc
Goe at the Community Kitchen noxt
Thursday, a lecture will also bo giv
en by Prof. Fletcher on tho subject
"Art In tho Homo," at 3 p. in., to
wake it possible for tho ladles to
tako advantage of both lectures tho
eamo day. Please ' remembor that
Dr. McGce's- lecture will bo glvon
tho usual day and hour, Thursday, at
, 4 p. m. 6-1 S
' Subscribe for tho Logan Republi
can If you want the local news.
Crow Hni Earned Tanner! Hate. 'Hl
Mint t'otiimmil.v tin- cruw I" Imti'd hr lHI
tin- farmer tivoau ' I pulls up the ll
yinniir cum to get ttif vnft seed Iter- 'tH
ih'In at tlu root, nnd I'wr.vulioi'o 1ft l jJ
be lorn tin1 rniri'crmv In the newly ll
planted com Melds. Later on the dam '
ugi' thi'y do to tin corn crop ran lmrtl- H
ly In I'Mltmitcil, because they peck the IH
end of '.no young ears, allowing tho B
water to enter the xhm.k und rot the jH
Home-Mido Martyr.
John G. Rnyx, in n long letter of mis- iJ
cry, that nobody understands him In
this world. If you take up that role, H
John, then nobody run be expected to H
understand you. Don't try to make H
yourself out n martyr. Put your back H
Into life nnd enrry'n burden for an- H
other. You'll soon find then that you H
nro understood nnd appreciated. Ei- ' HJ
change iHH
, 11 I
Arab Comlireratlon. fl
Thrre Is n story told of an Arab B
who possessed n beautiful nnd vnluft- H
bin steed. His companions wero ready
to start their Journey nnd wanted to B
know why ho had not saddled his H
horse. "Becnuso I nm angry," was his H
reply. lHI
Spiak Up, Than. jH
Said tho facetious feller, "Yon'Te HH1
nil heard that old wheeze about hear-
ing Plko Hpcak; but did nny of you s
ever hear Jack and'the Beans Talk?" IH
A Wonderful I
Opportunity I
to supply present- wants and replenish M
your wardrobe at a reasonable price. H
A Great Variety of all the new and H
fashionable QRfSSES that can I
be hd on the market.
The most substantial SILK and UNDER- I
MUSLIN, that can be found anywhere in H
town -Hi
We have a beautiful line of SUMMER III
to select from if
You will find it a distinct economic ad- Bp
vantage to buy at the Mose Lewis Store. S
Come in! Investigate! Compare and be m
convinced. . v E
Opposite Tabernacle v

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