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Announcement: j
The business of the late H. S. I
Hatch will be carried on by J.
Eastman and L. Boyd Hatch
We would be pleased to
confer with you about
Long aid,Short Time FARM LOANS f
I REAL ESTATE and BONDS of All Kinds I
Telephone 980 14-15 Commercial Blk. I
Wallace Reid in
You're Fired
Wedneseay and
Harry didn't have to do any work
except to count his millions but the
papa-ln-aw he Bought? "demanded '
. . that io bold a Job for thirty days
without being tired and to keep it a
secret Trom the girl.
. For 29 dayB and 23 1-2 hour ho
Jiad slaved enduring the snubs of the
girl who didn't understand and-living
in mortal fear of the words:
"You're fired 1"
Now he had Just a halt hour to
g nnd the girl's father was Just
yearning to see him fall. Harry did
' not have any beans around to spill,
and so he spilled the soup.
And all over tho girl's new gown.
Of course papa-In-law .that seemed
only a lost chanco. ne was demand
ing Harry's Job. I
But don't forget the polpcrs. Oil,'
yos, narry had foiled tho crooks and !
K,all of that, and the old man was'
J, knlghty glad to be an "In-law." !
y Xjfo, you won't laugh you'll
Ho wanted that girl. He had all
,lho money thaF he needed .but that
: 1
girls' dad said he has to work thirty
days without being fired. He got
a Job as a typist and beat the You're
Fired to It. Then he was a xylo
phone player and resigned Just be
fore tho fateful words could be spok
en. Then he became a halberdier
come and see what that Is and
you'll admit that he waB a bird at
halberdlcrlng. Even dad had to ad
mit that, and you'll applaud the vie
'tory a little, if you're not too weak
from laughter.
He didn't need a Job . any more
than an Ksqulmaux needs an electric
fant-untll the girl's dad told, him
that ho had to get one and not be
fired. Every minute he was hearing
tho sentence You'ro Fired, but he
beat 'em to it regular hero stuff
foiled the vllllans grabbed the pol
pers nnd got the girl. But wo have
not mentioned the best part of It. We
don't expect you to hear much of
tho music this week you'll all be
laughing so hard. '
I He couldn't typewrite; he couldn't
get away with It as a xylophone play
er but he had to hold a Job without
being fired. Then ho had a chanco
to be a halberdier. Ever been one?
Well, Harry was a perfect one; ho
foiled the villains, grabbed the pol
pcrs, won tho girl and all to tho
tuno of your laughter. If laughing
hurts you miss this one.
Senator Smoot's
Comments On The
President's Message
Commenting on that portlou of
President Wilsons' latest message to
Congress that deals with the tariff,
Senator Smoot said there was already
a law on the statute book fulfilling
tho very purpose Uie President had
In mind. Tiien Senator said Til part:
"The President finds that In some
directions there is need for attention
to the tariff, and says that among
tho industries to which special con
sideration should be given Is that of
the manufacture of dye stuffs and
rclntcd chemicals.
"Now, CongrcKS has passed, the
President has signed, and there Is
now on these statute books, a law
for tills very purpose. I can't under
stand In the circumstances, what (ho
President wants done."
Senator Smoot also commented on
the President's commendation of
early attention to tho Tariff with
purpose to establish anti-dumping
legislation. "This sounds odd," said
Senator Smoot, "In view of ,tho fact
that when the Underwood Tariff leg
islation was in the Senate It contain
ed nn anti-dumping provisslou, and
his own party's committee on fin
ance cut It out nnd was sustained by
the Senate."
Then Senator Smoot turned to
the Presidents observations that
"least of all should wo depart from
the policy adopted in tho Tariff Act
of. 1913, of permitting the free en-
Itry of raw materials needed to sup
plement and enrich our own abund
ant supplies.
"As a matter of fact," said Sen
ator' Smoot, "the President's own
Tariff legislation first Inaugurated
the policy of imposing duties on
many raw materials coming Into this
country and needed by our Indus
tries." New York Dally News Itec
ord, G-23-19. ,
We believe that Senator Smoot has
shown the absurdity of tho Presi
dent's claims nnd tho unsoundness of
his position on tho subject of piece
meal revision. Wo do not for a mo
ment doubt that the dye and chemi
cal schedule needs revision. Tho
Kltchln amendment to the Tariff Act
always was an absurdity, as wo have
heretofore had occasion to point out.
It ought to bo mended, but so had
the rjest of tho 'Tariff Act. It is nil
wrong, so why try to correct only
one part of It. Dyestuffs, ns Senntor
Smoot rightly indicates, havo pro
tection under th0 existing law. It
is not adequate protection, but there
are some Indusries which hnve no
protection whatever, nnd they havo
claims as well ns the few that are
singled out by tlio President for spe
cial favor.
Uet lis be consistent. If protection
Is a sound policy In one case It Is In
another if one Industry needs fos
tcrlng, so does another. If dye
stuffs are to be given protection,
then Protection should be extended
to the industries which use dye-stuffr
otherwise It Is not a square ilept. If
one clans of business Is to have any
favor shown It. then why not n),
clusses which stnud In need of tin
Jt.iino kind of favor?
Wo speak of tho Tariff as n "fav
or" but It -Tit more than that. It
Is n necessity. It Is a necesnl'y.
not only to tho Industries which a-o
I directly affected, but also to relat
ed Industries. Further, it Is n nece
slty to llio wholo nation, ns the Pres
ident so clearly points out In Ills mes
sngu, own though ho does not have
tho broad cvlew, or the frankness,
to acknowledge Its universal npflllca
tlon. We should produce everything
within our borders which mny be
necessary In timo of pence as wH ns
In time of war. That Is tho true pre
paredness. No one with ordinary In
telllgence can fall to see thnt wo can
not compete on nn equal footing wl'li
nations In which tho wngo scale Is
materially lower than our own. No
one wltli ordinary Intelligence ci.n
fall to see that when a nation hnr .a
huge supply of any commodity, wi'h
only n limited market, nnd is, bo
sides, In great need of ready cash,
that such nation can and will flood
our markets with Its surplus mer
chandise nt even lower than the cost
of prodctlou. Their necessities drive
them. No one tVlth ordinary Intelli
gence can fall to Understand that
such a flooding of the market, al
though It may prove a temporary
benefit to the purchasers, will prove
In the long run,tiydamnge to every
one concerned, excepting only the
foroigncr-fritb domestic manufactur
er will bo ruined If his resources be
limited and if tho Influx continues
long enough. Tho employes of the
domestic manufacturer will be
thrown out of employment nnd eith
er become objects of charity or clso
will drive others from their JobB or
else lower the prito of wages ,lf the
matter be extensive. Finally, the
consumer will eventually suffer, for
the foiolgn manufacturer or produc
er will ralso his prices as soon :ii lie
has destroyed all competition.
No, let us not discriminate. The
dyo stuff and chemical industries
need protection and should and will
have It, but let nil share nnd share
alike. Let us have a consistent tnr
Iff act, an honest one nnd let ur
show no partiality. We must havo
Price of Auto Tires
News equally as welcome nnd
startling to America's C.000,000 mo
torists us the iccent reduction In
tire prices Ib tho announcement Just
made by the II, F. otlodrlch Rubber
Company, of a new adjustment basis
for their fnbiic and cord tires". The
company's new adjustment figures
are; 0,01)0 miles for safety trend
J I res and S.OOO miles Tor cord tires.
This Is u rcmurkuble increase over
the old figures of 3,000 miles on
fubrlc and 5,000 miles on cords.
The announcement of Increased
mileage adjustment on Goodrich
tires silenced all skeptics who feared
that the recent price reduction meiint
a cheapening of iho quality of the
the. On tho contrary, it lias Just
tho opposite meaning, say prominent
local tire dealers, that Is, tho motor
ist will be assured, with piopor euro
of tli us. greater mileage than ovor
before nt a lower cost.
Steady nnd progressiva advance
ment in tho construction of Good
rich tires nnd unimpeachable testi
mony advanced from rugged servlcu
on tho company's Tire test car fleets,
supplemented by unsolicited reports
from uboih throughout the United
States, convinced olllcials of tho com
pany thnt their product Is delivering
mileage far in excess of ' tho old
3, GOO nnd MOO mile adjustment ba
sis. Confident that the performance
records recolvedi dally meant univer
sal nnd not occaslnnl fulfillment tho
company, decided to announco tho
new ndjustmont figures ' .thorcby
sharing with ttie consumer the bene
fits of Increased tiro service '
OesntOAn Note.
Kph Trlttlpo, prominent livery stub
list, has got ii new pair of glnsses,
ok he expectSi to attend .the "Follies"
up, to Indlnnupolls tonight. Kph had
quite a (line, deciding whether to get
eyo gliisHes or nose glnsses. "Bean
town Bugle" Correspondence lu In
dlnnopolls Star.
Real Moral Courage.
When you me so devoted to doing
wlmt is right llint ynu press straight
on id Unit and dWrcgnrd what men
are Miylug tiliout you, there Is the tri
umph of nmrnl courage. Phillips
When you have stiffness nnd sore
nets of tho muscles, aching Joints,
nnd find It difficult to mavo without j
pain try innssnfclnK the affected pints ,
with Chamberlain's Liniment. It
will relieve the pain and make rest '
nnd sleep possible. Adr
protection, but "let tho tall go with
the hide." American Economist.
.. .. :
reat Czecho-Sloyak Band on Western Tour
aroslav Cimera Presents His Splendid Musical Organization Here atChautauqua
e llfOi M Jf Chautauqua will ho a mcmbrablo one this yenr because It means the coming of Jorsolav Cimera and Ids Czechoslovak Baud In two great concerts. i
uera. oneof.tbe greatest band leaders of the day, Is a native of Pllsen, Bohemia, home of the liberty loving Czechs-dlbvaks. He brines to Cu.utnuoua nn unusual organisation of mu.
an added httractlonMadame Helen CaferelyTonrano wlU appear as soloist at the venlng concert Madame Caferelll U a soprano Mho has achieved unuunl prominence. 1,
5 IftACC Mflf-'K, 8 HLH
r G H
,Mr The City of l , HH
PI Goodrich ff- mm
L Akron, Ohio J. iH
f .Tfaff Goodrich fv H
More Mileage ; H
Message I IH
j Goodrich is making i jH
the burliest, sturdi- jH
( est, most lasting H
t tires i he .rubber in- H
I dustry has ever ' jH
j ucen; and Goodrich ? H
j knows it. - H
I In every test or rcxuT- ,1 M
roughing to which tires I M
can be put, Goodrich U M
Tires have unfolded art i jH
endurance, an ability
to take punishment, H
which has run into , H
phenomenal mileage. H
Confident in this knowl- ? H
edge and belief, Good- H
rich desires, that all H
tire users share in the H
confidence pf Goodrich, H
and the big mileage H
Goodrich Tires assure. H
Therefore, Goodrich an- ' l H
nounces to present and ' H
future owners of its H
, pneumatic tires an H
adjustment basis of "lLLl
6.000 miles for SAFE- H
8,000 miles for . t
CORDS, instead of H
the 3,500 and, 5,000 M
miles respectively, ' ,' M
heretofore in force. H
Remember that a Good- M
rich adjustment is a j M
fair one. Goodrich M
knows the mileage Is
in its tires, and more; H
nnd to make you realize H
you lose money in be- H
ing without Goodrich M
Tires, the new Good- '
rich adjustment is pro- H
claimed btouv4C.i.t. ,H
Buy Goodrich Tires M
from a Dealer LH
i Fabrics 6,000 miles I H
A Cords . 8,000 miles lit- 1
I u::c RUN"
I- afBSbJm 1
Mv ; x - ifc&m M
iA u l --;. i'.i L '
rmmm ft
-..-' -i :' t ' ; Vfh-m H
p:' ' i j : "rik 3f:; rj :
w JiMmm ' m
m '$' '' tMmlJffl ' M
Ally for Mother. H
Little Klsle (nfter being .punished) B
I thluk papa Is dreadful. .Wui.hiL-.jiajMaLjtiiAttoaaSM

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