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Two Splendid Programs on the Sixth
Day by These Talented
It Is entirely probnblr Hint ynu hv
never seen Jtis.t such a thoroughly en
joyable program as the HegnleM ar
bringing to you on the alxth day ot
Chautauqua. Ilree-iy, snappy, blih.
blng wltlL laughter, "they have one of
the most iurpns?lngly unique enter i
talnments of the platftorm.
Hoy Joseph Itcgnler Is an Imperson
ator of nnusual ability. An an Irish
Janitor, the stately old southern colo-
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im '---Ii BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV
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aaaaaa aaaaaaV' saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
rVaffHIV7 "" " Uul
net or the gesticulating Italian fruit
vender every detnll Is so perfect thai
he seems to lose hlsiuwu lilentlty cohi
pletcly. And with -sucli rnpldlty doert
he work that you liixve u vague ItiH
presslon thnt there nre severnl clfnrric
tcrs on tha stage at one time.
Mrs. Slcrlo Wolfo Hegnler Is n
charming muMclan and sweetens nn
brightens every progrnin with her do
Jul lightful songs aud planologues.
Forecast of the Future.
It will be' n great diiy whim wire
less telephony Is so perfected Hint n
, man can have, n recejver In his lint
and be managed by his wlfo all the
time. Chicago News.
Flowers and the Voice.
I Flowers are nld to haw n remark
able effect on the voice. Sims Ileeves
never cared to smell a rose; he snld
the perfume of n bouquet of flowers
made bjg throat '"off singing for n
week." Another famous opera singer;
declares that. the odor fronY a bunch
of violets makes hi voice' quite husky.
i I 1 . . i i
' -- "
The Scuddiug Yachter
Midsummer styles In summer re
sort posters, which uin so strongly
this year (as for that matter they
have run every year since tho nrt
ot lithography was discovered)) to
bluey seas ripped wide open with
scudding yacht , prompts the though
ful to Inquire whether a regard for
the verities should not pa had by
advertising persons. Yachts within
our experience, do not scud; obvious
ly built for conveyance from one
point to another, they ate content to
pass away their existence ' at the
graceful but Inutile business of rid
ing, with undulant rhythm, nt Us
buoy. Nothing that we can conceit e
of Is more lyrically beautiful than a
snug, blue harbor spotted over with
craft ot all sizes, and odd In design
and color ,tht brown shadows of
their spars being boino by length
ening ripples tp the very bank at
your feet, liut here tho function of
tho yacht, seems to end. It Is biought
out with great gusto In early spring
and, what with being constantly un
der reparative processes of painting
and sail patching, never toaves Its
moorings until late September and
Wlllkns had such a static crnft.
For three long seasons I hnvo cher
ished and even nourished, his friend
ship under the promise, repeated
each May nnd rotracted on Into late
autumn, 'of carrying mo off for n
cruise under cool skies. Sundays
without number I have arrived nt
the small harbor, resplendant In
yachting togs and with ' bugs well
tilled with books nnd things such as
one's) friends ndvlso a's fitting for
voyages ot pleasure, only to find
Wllklns, tho old fraud, overhauling
something. One day ho will greet
you wlth grlmp hands and face from
taking apart (another Sunday wltl
bo required in putting it 'together
again) the auxiliary 'gas ' engine
I - i i v
whirh ho cnrrlos .and yet another
Sunday it is form stopping a nasty
leak that ho has found In the stern
of the ship.
Hut quite WllklnB' favorlto omcr
genlcal task carries him to tho top
mots point ot the mast where he will
spend hours of a Sunday doing
strange things with ropes ,a needle
and thread or pincers or other tools.
At such times I draw my chair up
to a point on tho deck convenient
for first aid measures but ho baa nev
er been known 'to fall. Let tho boat
roll on Its feet as much as' It will,
and Wllklns clings to the 'stick nnd
goes on nonchalcntly with whatever
It is he is engaged upon.
Theie hnvo been times when ' 1
questioned tho sincerity of Wllklns
and felt nil his pother to be a make
shift excuse for standing me off. On
more than one occasion 1 have stolen
upon tho harbor fully assured that
no Sunbeams would bo tit Its accus
tomed mooring.' Hut If I did so it
was only to find Wllklns doing things
at his favorite station in the top rig-
ping, giving resolute orders to Jun-
lor or nine year Jimmy on tho deck
My observations nag "been amply
verified by others' experience. Not
only have I never seen a"yacht ac
tually under way, but likewise I
have never questioned who has. The
craft seems to function solely ns an
outlet for tho tlnketlng propensity.
Kb business Is not to go, but merely
to seem to go. It Is n beautiful pic
ture ns It loafs in the quiet blue ot
tho hnibor but we repent, It Is not
quite accurate to paint It in the net
of scudding across a bill bontd, n
thing thnt has never been known ac
tually to scud.T, C. O'Donnell in
Cartoon's Magazine.
'The Baby Seal. ' '
yh,cn Keitls-im; born lhy are snow
white, which makes thorn Invisible on
the lee 'on which lhtv He. Their eyes
an no'jes.ure blnck, mid wjien Hie lit
tle ones nre suddenly nUirmed they1
close Hielr'pye"', bury their noses nnd
lleiqulte tillU. I . I
- ., Buy Tires of Known Quality
The steady usefulness of your car depends on good tires. '
Economy depends on good tires.
,i , United States Tires are good tires. That's why we handle '
k ,, them. Take no chances with unknown quality. Buy United
1 States Tires,
H for their proved dependability,
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J United States Tires
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I Lun da hi iron Works
I So Main Stret JLogan3 Utah
When She Goes
To The Country
As nn all round flivver tho wife's
trip to tho country rates a full hun
dred pet cent. I speak now fiom
tho point ot view of pleasures which
It affords to the husband who Is left
behind. It Is a classy fade away; It
Is the tag end ot nothing at all; It
degenerates into what you see these
starry nights when you go out to
look for the tall ot Hulley'a comet
supplement; It is the Inst hull ot a
whiff, which Is what you can hear
two minutes after the passing ot a
whizz bang; It Is the dud of hus
bandly oppoitunltles tor bachuloils
tlc compensations; It Is a good time
gone wrong.
No ono has ever figured out why
wives no to the country, but they all
do. Mis. Trel.iwney Jones of Now
York, spends "Her vacation In l'hlln
delphla nnd sho bus gone to the
countiy. Mis. Alfoxden Smith of
I'hlledulphin spends la' is in I'lttauiirg
nnd has gone to Uie country; Mis.
Andrew Ilrown of tlie latter place,
goes to I'unxatawuey for a fortnight
nnd has gone to tho country; Mrs.
Ted Green of 1'unxcto., takes tho
chlldicn for a trip to her father's
farm and has gone to the Country.
The only explanation that I can see
is that after twelve months with
friend husband, any place seems
quiet and Just full of sylvan glnilcs
nnd things to the wife. And besldPB
the phrase sounds pntrlclun nnd
bcems like a million dolhus when
she springs it on the folks nt the
bridge tablo.
The husband uses the tmm because.
' i i. J ' ' ' - - ,
it cnrilcs an Illusory suggestion or
safety. He candato up, Jqefantt Tvoun
for every nlgHt next week- down at
Orogou's wlUi a feeling ot perfect
security, because even it word sud
denly got to the -wlfo of his loose
way of living .tho old Juan would
have 'to go down; to the pasture 'lot
nnd fetch up Mag and Hill and by
the time he had them) harnessed to'
tho double seated buggy the Jap robe
would turn'up.mlsslng; it would take,
an hour to f)nd that and by tho. time
they ,wcro all Ip and ready to start
pff, IJttle Margery's cat that grand
ma had given her would make a
dash, for liberty; thq guase( would
lead down tp the, spring under) the ,
hill, where Margery would get all J
mixed up In the mire and require
a changing of shoes and tockles In
volving an untying ot the funk, and
a repacking and lolnclng to tho
hind end of the buggy. Ily tho time
they got to town the .eleven ocloqk
train would have left and they
would havo to wait for the next train
which .leaves nt midnight. They
would go back homo nm try tho
next day, but tho next day tho old
man would bo culled away to attend
n caucus, nn tho chances would ho
very much against tho wlfo over get
ting hack homo at all.
That Is The way the husband al
ways flguics It Out; to him tho coun
try Is a vast hinterland of tho city.
In which people get lost and like
novor to got back, giving him ninplo
encouragement to plan a complete
campaign of orgnnlstlc endeavor with
out discovery.
Hut alas and alack, and vlco voisa.
Things are not what wo see 'em to
be. That tound of plensuio roiucJiow
goes flat. (Slogan's goes good tho
first night, with Joo and Tom In fine
fcttlo; they laugh at every story tho
semi-bachelor tells Including tho ono
about tho plumber nnd tho Italian,
which they have heard ot every sen
son's promluru at Orogali's'for tho
past nine years; tho cards tun right
In tho little game ot "stud" In tho
back room nnd ho goes home In
chcorful spirits. Hut (he next night
Joe has to stay at homt- with the
baby while his wlfo goes to sec the
"Tangled Web" In flvo icols nt the
Orpliuum;, that leavos only Tom to
to celebrate and even ho hns to leave
at ten tp meet hla cousin who Is
coming In on tho Iutoitsato Limited.
Out of sorts thd orstwhllo husband
goes .homo aud.playsgarao of. solli
tali eanthVt?'l!eBdown "ttf BlccpSff
Take Care ot
Utah Industries
At tho leccnt meeting ot the Utah
l'rcss association, the members were
guests of tho Utah Manufacturers as
soclatlon at a luncheon nt tho Com
mciclal club. During tho course ot
the luncheon prominent persons
made brief talks on the topic ot
Home Industry. Ono of tho speakcis
John 11. Harper, publisher ot the He
tall Merchant at Salt Lake rolatod a'
lltttn story Illustrating tho valuo ot
cooperation that made a very pro
found Impression upon those present.
The stoiy tells ot an old Scotch farm
er who pilded himself upon a held
of ory flno cows. A friend Plaiting
Uie faun one day commented upon
the very fine nppeuinnce of the ani
mals nnd complimented the fanner
"A very flno herd ot cows you
havo," said the friend, "and I can
see that you tuke good care of them."
"It pays to do It," replied (ho can
ny Scot, "Yon see I lake good caro
ot the cows and the cows tuke good
care of me."
The application or this pilnclplu
to tho Homo Industry Idea has been
uiged upon the people of Utah from
the! ory enillest dayH of this com
munity. Tim pioneers saw tho value
of trading with o.icli other and the
very lcmnrkahlu growth Utah has
mndo nnd the prospoilty ot her peo
ple have been brought about hugely
Uirough tho application of this prin
ciple. Tho leaders ot the people
f i om tho earliest days have urged
the Idea thnt If thu people ot Utah
take care of the Industries, tho In
dustries will tnko good care of the
pcoplo. '
, HI Ultimate nd.
The children wore dlscusxlng n fni
moils Mildter, when' four-yenr-hld
Kenny nsed: "Wha ls,he, Anywuy?"
"Well." replied wise first-grade Har
old; "hcVh1 wonderful brave ,inuu now,
after nwhllq he'll, he rtatue.'l
Louisa Flteh Tells Absorbing fetory1 at
i r Chautauqua, r
, r
Mhis It. Louise Pitch Is one of the
'lecturers Who 'wfll helprto 'uiak'e 'ths,
morning hour of the. Chautauqua one.'
I of tho most interesting of theentlre
week. Miss FUcli, who' in a sister of
' thn lute writer,-' Oeorgo Klti'h, was sent
; to ,France jis ofllplnl reprpentutlvo of
the Y. W. O. A. She spent six months
t studying "the effort of the war upon the
i, nniimi ' -.
women of Franco nnd hns returned
with one of tho most fnm Uniting nnd
enlightening stories of the Munition
that hits yet been brought to America.
Ml.i.s Filch made a complete Inspection
of the factories, iienmipuriled by nn
expert French factory Innpector, who
Siilned for her admission to mnny
placet) which would olberwlso have
been closed.
an uuinnde bed, the sheets pulled
up from the font, and rtdges like a
relief map ot the Allegheny moun
tains making things 'tincoiufortablo
for him. Tho next night tho head
hookkecpor takes him out to his sub
urban homo to dinner, where ho Is
scrcved wltlflfomiT made lettuce (at
least they call It that) that ho slips
Into his vest pockets whon the folks
aren't looking, dropping It out ot
tho car window on the way homo.
Thus does tho libertarian orgy Uiln
away mnie and more until he hopes
that Margery's cnt- doos 'not' gut'nway
andHhnt tho old man will find tho
lap" roie without any," trouble. Car-to6u,sMagaxlirgr,k-'
' ""
MKJ "bbbI
I Plus Mileage I
Adjustment I
Diamonds I
1 Because I I
3 K$ !lJ Them 1 M
3 Fabrics I
j , 6,000 Miles t I
1 . 3,000 Miles , .
I'Q'HOW th'e '
' O striking1 fig- ll
urea of; our new . I
adjustment miter l
age-fkbrics' 6,000 ' ' A I
miles cords 8,000'
.c -fo'any old-time' I
Diamond user. 1 , 1
And he'll tell you '
Diamond' adjust- 'I
meht mileage rep- jl
resents only the ?
I minimum of what II
1 Diamonds actual- '
1 ly do with fair arid jl
a square driving. B II
I Adjustment mile- I il
I age back of Dia- c (I
8 mond Tires al- jl
I ways stands for H l
I greater mileage i I
1 ahead of them. 3 .1
J NOTE. The new jl
I adjustment ap- Q II
I plies to all Dia- 1 I
I mond Tires in use S jl
1 or in dealer's H il
I hands.
j Logan Tire
&!Repair j I
Company . f
I Logan, Utah j
Tires I
New Word. 'W
Ono of our exchanges tells about M
man' who' "unthoughtcdly" left li! ,1
pockcthook, containing ?ri, on n couii'.i "'' p?
Ip n rollwny stntlpn. A'iinnjljiyijid ImWi
to tho UugllHh Innguagu Winiiuiln 'JjBsl
that unthoushteUIy:.ui''uhthlaISfirei l
St. Lul HepubUcT" "" Jfl

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