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RU y ffWQ 'niti UJUAJN KfSJUliLUJAiN - "ZZZ "'' J-uojx, u.i;
1 L I g' """""
'( jj5iS5vK a t-U e j j v
II rwlS I I m lis or Carca"
HI BiKEA., Mm;l$n Smoolhnen
I1 I'TrtJwTrffPr vtnt Internal
I Racine
1 1! fEpXTRA value has al-
H ! J-L ways been the prime
H.J t I feature of Racine Tire3.
H'f .' '''' . Save money. tToe the
isbbbbH S ' ia.
HI k Country Road Tires
II "Extra mileage" is the ver-
Hr , , diet or every user. Join the
H'jl ' army of Country Road en-
H;I - ' thusiasts. Unmatched in serv-
H; ice and, fcrue mileage worth.
I . Logan, Utah '
H;'i! M i ' orYcwOjrPfotectIoa,BeC',
1 .. , I tain Every Racine Tire You
J , , ,v ' Buy Bear "The -Name ' '
' J ill i j r . MAbout Ulnda.l .
II LA.f'- '..V"0- ,B,"Plfti Ijelon; tp the
'X "., mainland ncnr vli(cli thoy are located,
. "Gundntope' Wl6r(fes tq! Mexico, that U'
Hcf ! I ,,(iho ono oft the coast' wf Mexico. An-
if J droH. ,() .(li(j ynlfetl U;' lnrorltn.
$ I did belong to Germany, mid the peace
j j ''t'onferenco' will settle" lift ridrolnlptrn-.
71'' itlon. FIJI 'ii'IqtiRN m il-1'K'iihili The
hi ' Mnrnhnll and Caroline Islands also be
I r - longed to aenminy. Marchi Inland
H I ' belongs to Jnpiiii. Fanning Island be
ff r ', longs to tinglnml.
l.sU '
sV f '" wHmik LOOK FOR I
If jJPjgfHMr TRAD& nark -iS
'' Tho Sayings of Shlnbone.
I':,j , "Ah done heard Hrudder Jones pray
K j i ' In las' night to be delivered frura his
U-, i 'upsettln' sins,'" remarked Shlnbone.
$- I W Ah reckon ho mus' hob referred
H - , tojloslnof 'toxlcntlou." Boston" Trun.
I'i ; '"" -'
b '', j ' '' Course Not.
I; f' Said the facetious .feller, "Coarse
ff- ; ' ;'' food Is not the ):lnd that In served In
lb' ' courses."
Si : ' f
Captive Yank Printed
Own "Barbed Wireles"
Kven the'dlacomrbrtu 1ikii ctuSt
hardships of a Gorman prison camp
faltod to dishearten the American
soWrer,andproot f)t this Is .thal,aT-:
though handicapped by tho fact that
he had no printing press tho lrre
picsslble Yank prisoner succeeded In
gelling .out nnd Volnlcking riewspap
oV?.t(?i tontatftiiffoti Wles'si"
Tn4wrtliva!a. declatod Boon af
tVr'(hireUrthe llrit edtfon of
tho labojfcUsbr Jieaoll printed sheet
and wlthjjtta JiMed Americans
making their way toward hornp tho
paper made no second appearance.
Ono Boldler preserved the original
copy, however, and qyerl rtof Its
Interetslng pages nro reproduced In
tho Juno number of tho New lied
Cross magalno, In which also Prank
Ward O'Malloy tells of the brief but
Joyous career of 'tho greatest nows
papcr In captivity.
"One has no doubt that In time
tho 'Darbcd, Wireless' would have
waxed more ambitions, perhaps even
to tho extent of adding a colored
supplement 'printed' In best, marmaW
ado," wrltos Mr. O'Malloy. "But one
November day when, things woro par
ticularly dull within tho enclosure, n
most mnryelnua message arrived In
camp a ferw minutes nfer the clock
had struck ono In tho afternoon. Tho
nrmlBtlco bad been Blgnedl And nt
equal Importance a paragraph of tl'o
document Insisted that all Allied
prlsonors were to bo liberated forth
with! Thoro woro cheers a fow;
but chiefly tho' great joy that surged
through tho1 hearts of the' caged
young eaglets of Itaslatt took tho
form of bearbugs, wild cavortlngs,
meaningless yelps, of song, a scram
bio to pack, up oho'b pitifully scant
belongings with a hurly burly of
haste that Indicated that ov.ory Am
orlcat mother'fl son In, camp, fully
expected to board, tho ,1:30, ferry for
New' Y6rk 'riioife,r98to.l.ome again."
, . , .- T7T- " , .
v -. . ,, ,1 -i . '
u. k oiyni;,8Kyi9K ecajjina.1
;., Vi vv, '- ,'' . ''
Comalsaioa apnouncDs twcximiaa-j
tloit Bsme4 i (a'bel .gfj W
further ' toforU'o.B.ajj;, oUlu; I
ed from tho lca.aQcrotarjr, Board
of Civil SorrCQ Examiners, at Ub'
Pott Offlcain.'thW.cVtr. , "" J'
Forest and (Fi!d, Cl9,rkft , ( ,
f 'lH . 0 V 'S
Queer Poai- office' 'Names.
Strange names have been, given to
post ofllci'M In tile United Stntes nc
cording to the list Ix-aied by the post
(olllce di'piirtmeit. Ill Missouri there
Is mi 'Aw; In West Virginia, Afllntty;
a llarefoot In (loorgii; a illgfoot In
Texns; In Idaho, n Hlowout; In Mis
Miurl, 'n nriiRpidorh'v n Chuckle In
North Carolina; u Dllllculty In Wyoin
lug; In Texns.- n town called Mud.
Most fruit Juices, through their
uelds, were found In .Japanese experl
inentH to destroy the Ixtclllits of ty
phoid nml other hnclerln; hut- sugars
ami slurchi'sj even In the strongest w
lutlmis. In tl no antiseptic effect. The
""strongest bactericide of tho vegelnbie
acids proved to be' tannic acid, which
was followed In order by citric, tar
taric and malic. Imitation "lemon
mien." prepared with various nclds, es
pecially with hydrochloric acid, had
considerable bactericidal uctlnn.
Optlmlstlo Thought.
After n K'nuon of sport the mind Is
prepared to resume Its studies with In
creased vigor.
I i ?d I Has Always Been our Motto
Hi Jewelry Repair Work
! Honest Goods At Honest Prices
I On-'
il - ' , C. M. Wendelboe, Jeweler
III k; jj !.. . I
'nnpr6fediT.TBnwuy oTS-teVman-ent
type ptaWJnH hiftoS Hiredf and
nas!ieni!cr-'sirtkm-fttcllltle'B j
spell, oPPOaMgllllrf
wl,lcj. ntendVto,U?ltf&t,
for a hea.lthyKrinaneatp:f(irf
growth:' ' '?$, .'' i '
'For If wo."rbti admit theThopq
lies in a more eVon 'distribution of
, ' " Sin
the population tover the acresilylng
within a city's photo of lnfluenco.
then wo are committed to tho tanK
or arranging facilities to permit that
ndJUBtmont to fake place In a nat
uial way.
"Improved highways that make
possible rapid motor transportation
3CS days out of every year will Just
as certainly permit and stimulate our
people to move out on tho surround
ing country acres ns a fast and free
flowing, stream will deliver at Its
niouth'tthe piece ofbarlc flung In nt
Its source."
, -' V4
Thoaeia-wriarxs, made by Mr. W.
D. Rutlmrlord, vice president of tho
B. jFr&bodrlcli Itubber company at
n recent conference ,are vital now,
first becauso In many cities housing
conditions aro not conducive to a
home making and homo loving folk,
and second now isi the time to set
about on. thoso works of public Im
provement that will permit men 'and
women to become homo owners mid
give them added cause to bo proud of
their city and land.
"Quite recently our Trado Exten
sion division,'" said Mr. Ilutherford,
"completed a survey of a largo coun
ty In one of our great oastern states
that has not a. single mile of rail
road, ack within its borders., Our
object, In inaklpg Buch surveys add
conducting such 'research is to.,!ijlp
provide a market thqt will extend
tho field-of usefulness of, products
made by tho workers of America that
are tndlspcnslbjlo,to the life and hap-!
p'lneW of, mankind; and to the
(rebgtbenlng. of our national lift'.
1'Thli .partlculuar county was UoJaC
ed.tliougb of, groat PToductlvo ,ppw
,er and was not harnoBsed, up to .the
liWncf) of the great, Industrial clten
of,,tbp ,east(nor nBsumlns its, part nif
i the burden In our march of pro
gress., , , , ,
"Such a county, typical of man
sections' of our country, offers unllia
lted possibilities to greater Useful
ness. Adequnto provision for Improv
ed roads and highways transporta
tion will provide u system of v'.ilna
facilitating anil stimulating comiiiuu-
lactlon .that can be llnkod up' with
main arteries, such areas as vital
parts of this great living organism
wo ,call home and country.-
"To meet such situations as (i'tso
and becnuso of tho evident solution
to bo found la tho lmprovemot of
our highways and! tho stimulation of
highways transportation, representa
tives of tho cities 'of this country as
sembled at St. Louis recently and
put themselves' squarely behind the
development of highways as being of
particular and prSsslngi Importance.
And at this meeting of the United
States Chautbor of Commerce a res
olution was adopted urging upon
congress that tho time bad now ar
rived to creato n federal highway
comlsmsion to lay out and build a
truly national system of highways,
and stimulate tbolr efficient utiliza
tion. And this action signifying tho
importance to our national Ufa that
may bo nttaclfed to tho now federal
highway commission merely reechoes
tho voices of hundreds of thousands
of citizens who bavo already express
ed themselves. As a result of this
general Insistence Sonator Charts T.
Townsend of Michigan Introduced bis
bill at tho last session providing for
a federal highway commission and
a National System of HlKhuays, The
feeling was unanimous that tho time
had comp for tho adoption of a pol
icy specifically providing for, the
building outright' by. (the,, national
,i " ' i-'' ''V' ' . -i
z-- , , t - - fr
UMTMte& the Gamble
. -kv- -Xiit or Buying --1
!jan know whether the clothes 1
you're looking at will give service. I
.iXTRAGOOp label is assurance i
of quality. I
XTRAGoop means just, what iisays. Better I .
.clothes in every way, style, fit, service. M
We are ready witH a fine assortment, new i
styles'jpleasing fabrics. You' Can't afford' ' j
to waste money on inferior clothes. 1 I
Let us sell; you an XTRAG00D and you will v
be sure of satisfaction. We guarantee them
Waist ' seam coats, a fine new style, will
jylpase you and the ,boy. Others with belts.
Logan's .Foremost Gfathiers"
i i. . i ')i'i
l I . !',,, , p t , , t , ,,, j
government of highway's of IhtorBt'ate,
lbporlanco Including those essential
to Ihe national de'fcnde, and' develop
ment 6f tlTe' publlb 'domalnl'" r.
' v: ,T-. !PoWe1l,l' mapdger vot 'tho'll.,'
D. i b86d'rch Itubber company at
San Francisco, 'has again urged -'In
this connection the Great oppprtun
lty' be fo:r o : ourf coUegos and ' iSnlVer
sltles. He makes this statement.
"Throughout the land In 'counties, as,
' well' as' in state ass'ombUo, our leg
rislators aro at a loss 'for scientific
Idata on 'which ths great vtevVlopment
of, motor jtransponatlon, .canjbe guid
ed to the ultlluatp gopd of all., , t,
'For, thls,,reaspn t becomes ,jn
creaslngly (important tlat the colleg
es of this, and pelghborlpg sfa(es
Bhiuld,, provide Instruction, pn high
way, location; construction and man
tenancc and onicveryi aipccj of, JtljK
ways transportation! , ..ThoJi-, efforts
made durlngr.tbo .war- by tho High
ways TraflsnorVicpmmit.teo) afrtho
Council of National Dotense should
I not stop but, phould bo Incorporated
as a definite part, of tho new federal
I - -MM. Ill I
ApolWat Chautauqua I
Famous Concert Company Headed by Arthur Wells
Come on Last Day
J?Ba fi . '&& lsrxy
BLBAaaViHB waaViVf'HflBaVK-vraBBv JeL ..aaBBBaB
"Apollo Day" has become an Ititaltutlon In the Clinutnuqua- world. Lucky
la -the circuit, Indeed, fortunate enough to have tho Apollo Concert Company
nipoug Its musical attractions. For twclvo yenre thpy huvo been registering
contluunuft successes, having In thnt tlmo visited every stuto In the Union,'
most of the provinces of Camilla, unU filled n scries of engngomentH for Undo
Sam In the Canal Zone. "Apollo Day" will bo tho closing duy of Chautauqua,
and one long to be remembered by all music lqvers. Their two programs
feature the Apollnphone, n specially constructed Instrument, embracing the
' qualities of' the xylophone and martmbaphono, saxophone quartets, trombone
vlolftibiinjo and .vocal tslo,, plunologues, readings and. enieDible, nurahersl
I, , f"i M,,,nr,r .'..., M . ., , , , ' -f
highway commission. And In add
tlon.-toj classes ior. Instruction In 01
colleges, there should bo , reacart v
groups at work. From jjuch , stuc
made both In the field. and In tl
laboratory wlllVcome, hotj pnly te ;
books, teachers and workers,, b .
gradually will bo evolved' tho pr
grpsslvcfsclenco of, transportation ai
communication' , ,, . i
(F'rom tHe'Amca Iowa Intelligence
HVhen a man comes to you i
doubled up with pain and declar .
ho will dlo In'-your' presence urrfti f
you'procuro him a drink of rTske '
send him to a doctor Or else gl
him a dorio of Chnmbor's Col
and Diarrhoea llemedy. There is
mistaken notion among' ti whole 1
of pcoplo that boose is tbo be
remedy for colic and stoiaai t'
actio. A ;
Apply few drops then lift soro, ,
touchy corns off with ,
ral nSI"
Doesn't hurt a bit I Drop a lilt
FrKzone on an aching corn, Instant
that corn slops hurting, then you b
it right out. Yen, magic I I
A tiny bottle of Froaono costs but j
few rents nt any drug store, but la tul 1
dent to remote every hard corn, i
corn, or corn between) the toes, and I
calluses, without' soreness or irrltalk ,
-"FreezoneHs'tbtt acnsatlbail dlscore j
oT 'Cincljaati Eenlut. . lb InwoaUeili
sSwaiaW..-. ; ,.. x . i

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