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W!r I
p I
I conserve Your j
I EyeSight
( Immediate and careful attention should
M , . be given to the first indication of eye
H . trouble. You are fortunate if you have
H ' found it unnecessaiy to wear glasses,
H but indeed unfortunate if you have ne-
B glected to do so when it is really needful.
B By correctng a slight errror in your sight
m today you will save a multiple of trouble
H later on in life.
IOmco Over Utah Power And Light Co.
i -j
H Thu Inrunt child of Mr. nnd Mrs.
H J. I. Young died Tuesday night at
UU tliu Utah Idaho hoHpltal.
UU Mr. Andrew Tiolson, one or tho
UR popular illllvlllo farmers, was In
K Logan yesterday on business.
1 Plenty of money (o loan on city or
K farm property. H. A. Pcdersoo.
K AdT-tf
Sweet peas, 25 cents per bunch.
C Cache Valley Floral Co. Adv-tf
Wm' Ed Parsons of Smlthfleld,x:umo to
B , Logan yesterday afternoon to see the
m ball game between Logan and
Hr Smlthfleld.
I- Why not subscribe fur the Logan
Republican and National Republican
special offor Is being made of
tbreo fifty per year for both paver-
l Scott Ilaer. son or Mr. "And Mrs.
Hf Henry llaer, has returned .to his
! homo In Mlllvillo after spending the
last .eighteen months In thoU. S.
jl navy.
H FOU SALIC Modern five room
H ' bungalow and 240 acres oMnnd. P.
H O. Uux 76. Adv-8-lG
H Georgo Napper. shoe clerk at tho
Mor.e Lewis department store, has
M returned to his work again after a
UU ten days vacation which wins pent
U-XW with his relatives In Vrovldence.
H Nothing, Is so effective In lellnvtnK
Wm tousilltls, quinsy or diphtheria as
H 1 Chiropractic adjustments properly
Hj : given, 0, L. Chadwlck, D. C, Phone
Hf 80. AdV-S-16
I - '
H Wo ftarn that . funeral services
1 -were held In Preston yesterday over
UR the remains of John Larscn, who
WM was at one time a resident of this
LH! '
H Thiough August, twelve small
f Plants for $1. Cache Valley Floral
1 Co. Adv8-14
B 1,r- J-.W' Crawford has been np-
HJI pointed UK chairmain of the Flro-
H woiks display and Mr. Hmll Hansen
j ns chairmnn of tho nrrnngjng thn
H tables for tho soldiers colobrntlon'
B next, Wednesday. a lie tables for
B -tholuncheon will bo set on tho
M north liiwn of tho Tabomacle square.
7 4t44fJ)..t.$)J..(Jl
K -For Best Results see
Jm . Chiropractor ,
H ArimoBlk Phone 80 ,
10-11, 2-4, 6:30-7:30 ,
W Hours .
MM' , ..
pr j
mm '
Mr. Held Shamhnrt and Fred
Illatter havo returned from Wyoming
whoio thoy wont some ton days ago
on a fishing trip. They report tho
fishing very good In that section.
Funeral services were held yester
day over tb.6 lemnlns of tho Infant
child, Mauilho, the daughter of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Joseph G. Salisbury, who
died after a week's Illness of blood
poison nnd other complications.
, All the wards are "working hard
In their floats and tho rivalry Is
keen. Tho Ninth ward will futnlsh
the keenest kind of competition. The
other wards must must look out for
the Ninth.
A special rest room for all par
ents atad wives. If any, of those her
oes who gavo their lives for tholr
country will bo provided In tho Tab
ernacle by" the Relief Society.
Klla Johnson Itedford, died at her
residence on Third North Monday
afternoon. She was born April 20,
1887. Funeral services will be hold
at tho residence of her mother, Mrs.
Margaret Johnson today at 10 o'clock
The remains will be taken to Dew
eyvllle for interment.
Pansy nnd Mary Nell who are
walking from Florida to California,
passed through this city yesterday,
Thoy have been on tho road for the
Inst seven months and claim that tho
leason they nro taking this hike, la
to Impiovo the health of tho young
er, PaHsy.
Show them by giving tho Artificial
Flower Shop an order to hang a pa
triotic decoration on yawr store front,
decorate your autos. Be In line with
tho boys of honor on August 2).
Come and see us; letus talk It over,
at tho. Singer Sewing Machine) Co ,
next door to the Royal Oakery.
. (
Marriage licenses have been grant
ed to the following: Andrew Smith
of Logan nnd Mary Selan Reynolds
of WoIIkvIIIo; Edward Ilruco Carter
nnd Ida Lillian Doornbos, both of
San Frnnclsco; Nells S. Johnson of
Niter, Idaho nnd Nellie Ilandonnkkor
of Grace. Idaho; Fred L. Cooy, of
Curlew, Idaho, and Elvn Uobblna of
Stone, Idaho.
Hnliih Smith, local baseball pitch
er Is still bolng treated at tho Utah
Idaho hospital for a brokon nrm,
which ho sustained whllo engaged In
a game of baseball last Monday.
Office Phone
420 S. Main 637-J
The Crimson Annual staff of tho
Urlgham Young College has sent tho
glad Information to each or last
year's students that the .Annual will
be ready for distribution tomorrow
night. The occasion Is to be cele
brated by a danco free to all past
B. Y, students and to the, prospec
tive students of next year. Tho staff
Is determined that tho more or less
patient waiting is to bo repaid. They
mo- utilizing the long full moonlight
hours with hammer nnd srw, flowers,
bunting nnd othor paraphernalia for
tho beautlficntlon of the gymnnsium.
They nro making booths for tho easy
distribution or tho Annual nnd Inci
dentally ror tho salo of diluks and
eats (They're rich but don't feel
equal to the tnsk of free distribu
tion in dry. lt weather.) Never
befoio has an Annual stnrr worked
under such Insurmountable dllllcul
tles; they nro determined thnt never
before will an Annual bo more suc
cessful both In content and In the
tun of distribution. Tho Annual
danco Is called to commenco Friday
August 1C, at 0 p. m.
' - I
1 ,
FOR SALE One used Bulck
Roadster. Call 48. Adv-tr-C
See us ror anything In the line ot
Reu Estate. We havo plenty of good
beet, meadow nnd pasture lands for
sale, also plenty of money Uo loan
on Real Estate or FnrmFippefty.
We aro now located in 'our new
building at 27 West First North
STOCK CO. Adv8-i93
Near,Blackfoot, along sldo, of 'beet
dump; Plenty water. All good beet
land. Bargain It sold at once. Terms,
323 East First South street.
men) Four thousand needed, $92
month. Age 18 upward. Experience
unnecessary. For free particulars or
examinations, write Raymdnd Terry
(formor government examiner) 687
Continental Building, Washington.
TWO rROPERTIESn Prbvldonce
the Pasadena of Logan." Tempting
terms, large lots,' handsome homes,
$3,000 each.' Similar sites'. In this
City. R. T. Smith k Co. Adc-C
The United state Civil Serylce
Commission has announced an exam
ination for the County of' Cache,
Utah, to be held at Logan, bii Aug
ust 231919, to fill the position or
rural carrier at Lowlston and vacan
cies that may latter occur on rural
routes from other post offices in the
above mentioned county. The exam
ination will be open only to citizens
who aro actually domiciled In the
territory of n post olllco in the coun
ty and who meet tho other require
ments sot forth In Form No. 1977.
This form nnd application blanks may
b obtnlnod fiom tho odlcos mqntlon
ed nbovo or trom tho UnlteStntes
Civil Scrvlco Commission at ,Wnsli
Ington, D. C. Applications should'be
rorwarded to tho ComUslon at Wnsn
ingtonat tho earliest practicable
date, '
Ink Stains on Furniture.
To remove Ink stnlni from mnhog
nny, rosewood or black walnut furni
ture, put half, n dozer drop of spirits
of nltor in a fpoonfnl of water nnd
toiiPlt tho Ktnln with n feather wet
twllh (ho mltturc. As soon us tho stain
dlsnppcnrs, rub nitlia cloth dampened
jvitlrcold water.' T"
it"! '.
No one doubts that Jobbers and
retailers, restaurants and hotels took
ndvantage ot war conditions nd ex
panded profits.
i Prices doubled and an annual turn
over in the jobbing or retail trade
'was mado without a corresponding
'doubling the overhead.
I Increased freight rates add little
to cost of commodities but wero used
'to boost prices. An Increase In rail
'road freight rales Is generally accept-
Icd by dealers as an excuse for' in
creasing the price ot commodities
subject to the higher rates. Julius
Kruttschnltt ot the Southern Pacltlc
system points out that the popular lm
presslon that effect ot higher rates
to living costs Is grossly exaggerated.
Ho says: "No coin Is small enough
to represent any ot these Increases In
cost, but If "the dealer should add
ono copper cent'In each cast to 1910
prices to reimburse him for the in
creased cost If bis commodity due to
Increased freight rates he would
grossly overcharge the purchaser tn
every case.'
Ho would mako htm pay nearly
double, the proper amount In tho caso
of a pair or 3hoes and over sIxJ times
the proper amount In tho case ot a
pound or ham or bacon.
Tho statement makes an interest
ing contribution to tho education
which consumers are nowadays rc
cclvlng In tho matter or profiteer
ing. Certainly railroads and big
business Jiavo sins enough to answer
for but when the account Is finally
balanced tho plain every day Amort
can may discover that he Is the vic
tim less of oppreslon higher up than
ot extortion lower down and on his
own level.
And the same can be said in re
gard to rates ot all public utilities.
They havo had, to .meet greatly In
creased operating expenses for labor
and sirpply. ' The slight Increase In
tates which they have been granted
Is almost a negligible item 'in the
Increased cost ot living. They aro
our heaviest taxpayers and employ
ers ot labor and it is the helghth of
roily for regulating bodies to reruse
to grant rates sufficient to meet tho
present day cost or opcratfon.
mm m
Make this our conviction: "I am
not born for .one corner of the, earlh;
my country Is this world." Seneca.
King James Bible.
The most remarkable- event or the
reign of King James I, who was 'char
acterised by the Due du Sully as "The
wisest fool In Europe," wns tho ap
pointment of a commission to revise
tho English translation nf the Bible,
which wns completed In 1011. In 1004
this commission wns appointed by the
crown, nnd consisted of the most pro
found scholars of (hat period, who tn
seven years completed Uie so-called
King James version.
C'ewn and Pantaloon.
According to a little bock on eym
bollstn which Lady fllencnnner had
pilvattly printed for Ifer friends, lh
harlequinade Is or sacril origin:, The
ordeals through which the harlequin
(who Is tho Unknown) and coluinb
blne (tho Soul) pass are the tribal
tloni of the spirit In the histerlil
phase or existence. Tho clown repre
sents the world and the pantaloon the
body. Pssslbly, ninny clowns nnd pant
aloons nil oror tho country are una
ware of this: " '
John Tyler's Career.
On March 20, 17IH). John Tyler,
tenth president of the Uulted Ktntes,
wns born In Charles City county. Vir
ginia. Tyler was Inaugurated vlre
piesldcnt in 1841 nnd in thu April fol
lowing he wns Inaugurated lift preM.
dent to till tho place of William Henry
IlnrrlMiu, who had died, He served
president until 1815. After tho orgm
Ixntlon of thu Confederacy Tyler iih
elected n memliefibf (lie Confederate
cougrcKs. Ho diet ul Richmond, Jan
uary 1,8, 1802.
The Attrotoaer.
An astrologer, who wns fnmed foi
tils great learning and his knowledge
of tho stnra, went out for a wnlk. As
ho walked, all thu time looking up
at the sky, ho said to Minnolf: "Oh,
bow much wiser am I than most men.
All the secrets of tho stars aro known
In me. I read them us other men
rend books. . . ." Thus spcuklng.
he came to n well, but, being far too
busy praising his own cleverness to
notice It, he tripped rim) fell In head
long, and there he hud to stny until
his tervnut, hearing his cries, mine
ud pulled blm out, Aesop's Fables.
The agitators and professional
Reds will admit nothing good nnd say
nothing good for nn employer of la
bor or owner of Industry.
And yet tho majority of employers
and majority of employes aro trying
to do the right thing.
In the mining industry Robert O.
Gcmmell, general manager of the
Utah- Copper company In announcing
recent advance In wages authorized
by that company, stated the attitude
ot the majority ot employers when he
"The advance In wages made by
the Utah Coper company Is a recog
nition ot the continued high cost ot
living, the prlnciplo ot paying a living
wage and nn improved copper mar
ket, as well as an effort on the part
or the management to demonstrate
Its appreciation of the attltudo of
Its loyal employes at tho tlmo when
a reduction In wages was made last
February, which reduction was oc
casioned by the stagnation of the
copper market at that time. Since
then n considerable Improvement In
tho copper market Iiob occurred, but
tho advance In wnges now announced
Is based more on a belief In n hotter
market In future rather than upon
present conditions. Present condi
tions do not Justify tho Incrcast)
Mining camps from Arizona and
New Mexico to Montana have taken
tho same attitude in making recent
advances in wages.
But the I, W. W. ,and professional
Reds give no credit lo employers' for
honesty ot purpose. Their business
Is to stir up trouble.
Magpie Superstitions.
The magpie line n li of Mnrlen con
nected with his cnr-er. What I tan
going to iVIl you Heeiin like nonsense,
but It Is a straight fncl. The "mug"
of magpie was originally Mnrguerltr
or Margaret, slmirrlng 'down Into a
nickname, Just ns a tot of human
Margarets are affectionately called
"Miig- by their friends. Of the magpie
It Is said thnt to see one la a sign of
bad luck, two good lurk, three Heath,
four a vkWIpit ErcJumuo.
For Mending China.
Mix a tenspoonful ot alum and a
tablcspoonfuA of wnter nnd place In a
hot oven until It Is quite transparent
Wah the broken pieces in hot water
and, whlU warm, coat the broken
edRes thinly and quickly, as It sticks
Instantly. i'our china thu mended
will bear hot water and ordinary usage.
President Heber J. Grant, Apostlo
David O. McKay, Bishop C. W. Nibl
loy, Major B. H. Roberts, Chaplain
Calvin Smith, Governor Simon Bam
berger, General R. W. Young, Cap
tain E. G. Wooley, Mr. Jano A. Boyl9
of tho stnto War Camp Community
Service, Secretary of State Harden
Bonnlon will be some of the princi
pal invited guests for tho celebra- '
tlon. It Is possible that so mo of the
Invited guests will not be able, to
attend. All Invited guests and tho
general committee, which includes
the mayors of tho towns in the
county will be on tho reviewing f
stand to see the parade, ,
As to Democracy.
If democracy mean that nny mnn
may help. who run, thnt school nnd
utilvernlty will glvo every mnn and x .
woman the fulrest chance, the most I L
generous Inducement to help, to do the Trp
thing he can best do under the bet J&
conditions, then, yes; but If democracy 1
menus getting up n riot nnd bojcntt -
nmong the Ktupld mid lazy nnd llllt- I
ernte whenever anything Is doing, then 1
Isny no! H. G. WellK. f
Inconstancy Ever Unpopular.
Nothing tlint Is not n real crlmo
makes ft man nppenr so contemptible
and little In the eyes of tho
world ns Inconstancy, especially when
It regards religion or party. In either
of these cases, though n mnn perhapsv
docs hut his duty In chnnglng hls
side, ho not only mnaes himself hated Lf
by those ha left, but Is seldom r
heartily esteemed by those he cornea
ver to. Addison.
After the Fire.
When fire hns swept a bit of, wood
land the flowers that start the follow
ing season are often not the same as
Crew there before and frequently are
strange to the locality. Queer legends
have grown up to account for this fact,
but the explanation Is In reality very
simple. Down under the surface soil
these seeds have ben waiting no one
linows how long. They never bad a
.chance before fire gave It.
What She Was.
Dorothy was boasting to her young
er sister about where she had been
when she was a year old, Murgaret.
vnturally. anxious to know how this
voncornsd her, inquired : "Where wn
t then?" Dorothy's reply was cru&h
Ing. "When I was n year old, you
were nothing you were a piece of
Long-Felt Want
A species of enctus growing prollfl-
cally in Algeria hae been made by
French scientists to yield 14 per cent
f sugar and about 00 per cent alcohol.
are never printed in the newspapers
Do ypujenow where our best advertis- fr
ing is done? M
In the store. JL
This telling you'out things is all , J
right, maybe, but it isn't half as satisfac
tory as bringing you face to face .with
you? requirements.
-; -Showing you is our favorife'metnTdV. f
There is no talk thdt'ean be half as com
pelling as the goods themselves.
Here is the best furniture at its best.
Our confidence comes from a knowl
edge of what's what in furniture, and the
way our stock stands today, we can truth- I
fully say that we never asked anybody to S v
Iiew an assortment that was quite as I w
worthy. r , ' I
You are-invited. ; , I
Logan, Utah Preston, Idaho I

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