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The Logan Republican. [volume] (Logan, Utah) 1902-1924, October 30, 1919, Image 3

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-am, - . . .-3 .. - JJ , i - . J , . - . . . jjMtJMil t I J t lij H
Li r i M u emM jtJ - J1 i r i r-l r v- p4
u ) Dil I j H Ks T Ai i Dl i
rI i H &! k II H W l ) -7 rv I
' inS3om JJnd 2nd Aoj fiilliPlfyft Crrtt.l III! '
' I (Vat" Woiy. practical "" igfW' ' Jl ' ' 'llllll ' III i I i5lwllEfflffiBMKi '"'ixbuio'c'Ih1'"
. Vrcpl'thc" !ila"o'in tucft .rt5nflji',-sV ,Ul4yiyfffflf&iSi('i
M ptrf condition. (&$$$$'. WtVX- ' StBW5- 3rfji.
iSwli1 DUT t flush UP t0 Prince Albert to produfce more smoke
rtir !!' " FZi 1 happiness than you ever before collected 1 P. A.'s built to
ly fit your smokeappetite like kids fit your hands 1 It has the
Jfes- -'sts'st jimdandiest flavor and coolness and fragrance you ever ran
mM la tUMaiilMilj Just what a whale of joy Prince Albert really is you want
J(iB to nc out tie double-quickest thing you do next. And. put
M '-WKF htSti f ' down how you could smoke P. A. for hours without
I IB Mil tongue bite or parching. Our exclusive patented process
T wL 1 ; Ms. Realize what it would mean to get set with a joy'us jimmy
lflklvaP'flr P'Pe or e PaPers every once and a while. And, puff to
I URNPsfSwH eat me cards 1 Wirioud a comeback! Why, P. A. is so
I fflsuwi 1 good you feel like youd just have to eat that fragrant smoke!
t 4JbelMMilHMK R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.
The Challenge
I Washington, Oct. 2C. DIscus. lug
, tho possibility of President vWisnii
tunning for n thiid term mul clitu
lending him to do 30, tho Ilepublhin
. Publicity nsfsoclntlou, thiough ,1s
I ptcisdont, Hon. Jonathan Bouiru Jr
iputincs tho lesson hla (Uifc.il wuu'l
teach, nB follows:
"There Is 100111 for conjectuie as
to whether Pies. Wilson will seek
1 n tlihd term In tho Whlto House. It
Is gossiped that the lecepllon h a-
perlonced In his western tour h'tu di-
1 Mpatcd that notion and that tie nm
,0011 make public announcement of
his Intention not to esniy a th.id
lei 111, with physical disability glv.ni
as an excuse. Should the piesident
decline to riin again he will cm' re
the political drubbing v, hicli an out
rnged nation is reserving for him "ind
which will Include some tollliiK Jicks
from tho Solid South. Ho vvilfefcotipo
in some degiee tho loss'oC prestige in
Europe which an overwhelming de
feat would entail. ( Thcrefoie his tr
1 1 1 t'inble unomloe aio hoping be
.vi' j tint In detcrininatlon to I e n
third ter 1, een if a third p.ir'y,
candidate. They want to see 'ilm
walloped flat In a campaign wh -li
will not be demoi allied by n dlv:"C'i
Republican patty, noi count--1 ly
borne such specious pla as 'he !i pt
us out of war. It would excite lher
rislbles to see him get it good and
"So ceitaln is the defeat of Wood
, row Wilson, if lie can bo bei: -l to
run again, that thero nr uianv v I10
believe It would ho a wholesomo iy-amplc-to
tho ist of tho world an.t 'o
this countiy to see him mako an lior
"tiy of it Tor ono tiling. Ills Wi.sU
would establish tho sacrrdness i- tin
piocedont of but two terms as tl.li'f
maKlstiate, and Ml Wilson Htiet-rt at
l 3
THE" CHEVROLET "Four - Ninety" j
I Touring Car is comfortable to ride" in," and easy to !
r" drive. It has weight enough to keep lo the road at all limes. It has ample j
k spring suspension. The seats are well upholstered, deep and roomy. And it j
N 1 is an easy car to handle in close traffic. j
V If you are interested in a profitable and pleasurable investment, come in
and inspect our line of Chevrolet models then ride in one. You will be sur-
W prised how enjoyable and smooth riding they really are, and their economy
h of operation will also interest you.- -
I "CHEVROLET"- -' .;
I A Vetran Civil of IIib War Writes ""'
I had occasion .0 take a trip with my Q "S. AMUSSEN, Agt.
wire and grand-daughters and I mado tho ' '
f trip of 351 mlloa as shown by my Hpemlom- .
I ctcr in tho elapsed tlmo of eleven' hours ' ClieVTOlet MOtOr Cai'S
and forty-nlno' inlnuto from Cincinnati
to Chicago, I averaged 25 1-10 nili! per , - . ....
gallon for tho trip and drovo tho c.ii" tnr' 40 0 Main St. - LOgail, Utall
. entire dlstnnco mysplf. '
" "! iiiiii. ii.4 tj. ,Hjmmm mh M.1W ,. t, Ijl-fc ,, . .- 4 .. '
Aspiriii JsGenume
For Colds, Headache, Pain,
Neuralgia, Toothache,
Lumbago, Rheumatism
i v 1
"Uajer Tubloit of Aplrln" to be
genuine mum be marked with the
safety "Haypi t'rosB." Always buy
nit unbroken p-ickugo of "llayor Tab
lots of Aspirin ' which contains pro
per dlrccUonn.
Handy tfn boson of iwolve tablets
roit but a. few unu. DruBKlitR nlsn
sell largor "Uajer ' paebsgea. Aplrln
la thet ratio v nrk of Dayor Manufac
ture Of Mpno.icctlcacldostor of Ballcy-ltcncliU
precedent. It would sot tho sea. 1 f
nntional dlsappioval on ono-iimn gov
ernment, and Mr Wilson Is the or,li
exponent of one innn governmen It
woulil mean a salutory icpudiatu 11
of socialistic doctiines and Mr. Vii
son lias preached socialistic doctiln'n
It would recoid a staunch suppo.' of
nationalism, and Mr. Wilson Is an
" Internationalist. It would show our
unequivocal Americanism and Mr.
Wilson lias not been unoiiuluica'iy
Amoilcan. It would reestablish g iv
einmont by law, and Mr. Wilson sup
ports government by men. It wonlli
remove tho states fioni federal luii'i-i
fcrence In elections, and Mr. Wllaoit
dellghtB In sucli Intel ference It
would leatllrm our TaiUi in piotec-
tlon to Aineilcun Industries, and Ml
Wilson is a freo trador. It would ro-
storo tho civil service to a higher
plane, and Mr, Wison is it spoil 1 lan.
"Hut ovei and above all, It would
tonu explicit notice on the rest of
the woild that no ono man holds tho
United States, its man power. Its sub-
stanco and Hb destinies in the liollow
of his hand tobajtor. to, pawn, lo
trado nnd to gauiblo Willi; Willi
which to police the world; with
which to bull-dozo weak nations Into
submit hlon ,1a tlio domandB of stronc
nation whether single 01 IncQiiibin-
atlon It would nguln Inform tho
woild, which hooded not the lasaon
I of NoMinbor last, that ours is a
I thie ply goTorninent, a political
trlnln ipRtalatlve, executive and in-;
dlcliil, i','h with Its Jurisdiction npi -rtflrniu
delimited by the fedeiul con
stliuiion and thai It is not the back1
yard dm iain of a solitary dictator,
clrcumv illatcd by such divinity an
doth betlgo a hlng.' Ami as the
woild nppoars to have ignored that
fact It mlKlil bo n good thine t
Woodmw Wilson inn at'nlu in order
that Hit- world inlBht bo once more
luipi eased with it. Any other Dem
on at who might nvbglHlJotulnshrid
ocint who may lie put up will be
knocked down and 1 oiled out iioi
yeni, but the 11101 al or his defeat
might bo lost to tho ichI ef the
To w'in a pilzo
Tho caflcst way.
Is clipping coupons
Day by day.
To win a roitl,
Tlio surest way,
Gn got snbscilptlona
Kvgry ilny.
ax .fiii;i;.iiiii; suicpiiisi:
"About three years ago wltoi I wot
surfuring from n sovoro cold en tny
lungs nnd coughed most if t'iu tlmo
night and day. I triod a luMlo of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
was amplified at tho promptness with
which It gave me relief," writes Mrs.
James Uiown, Clark MUls, N. V
Many anotJiar has heen surprised and
pleased with the pronipt r-llef af
forded byliia remedy, Adv
4 v
1 U Ct 1 .NOHCliS
Coiwill The County Clerk
Or The Kcspccfhc Sign
ers For Further Informa
tion, i
Probate And Guardianship
In tho Matter of tho Kstato of
Jhatles A. ltccso, Deceased. I
Creditors will present clnlms with '
'ouchers to tho undersigned at her
.Mnco of rcsldonco at 43 North 1st
West street, Logan, Utah, on or be
fore tho 30th day of January, 1920.
Date of tlrtt 'publication Soptom
'bor 27. 1910.
Administratrix of tho Estato of
Charlog A. lloose, Dacoasd.
THATCIinit & I10W15N.
Attorneys .or ristnto Adr-10-87
XOT1013 to cnituiTons
I III tho Mntter of tlio Estato of
Ihiplieiula II. King Cordon, Deceased.
I Crcdttois will present clnlma with
place of business at Logan. Utah, on
or beforo tho 28th day of Novembor,
vouchorB to tho undorslnned at Ins
Date of first publication September
27, 1919.
Administrator of tlio Estato of
Kupheniln II. Ing Caidnn,
Attorneys for Estate Adv-10-27
:.o , ice to cmcniToits
ix the DisTiiurr court ok the
III tho Matter or the Estato of
Joseph J. Illthcll, Deceased.
Ciedltois will piesent claims with
IMiuchors to tho undorslgncd at her
'placo of rosldonco at Logan, Utah,
on. or befoio tho 10th dny of Decent
bcr, 1919.
I . Dato of first piibllcntloii October
17, 1910.
I Administratrix of Said Estate.
A. A. LAW,
I Attorney for said uatato.
xotick to citiairions
In the Mattel or tho Estate of
George W. I.nub, Decoaaed.
I Crediton, will preu.nt olniins with
vouchers to the undersigned at tho
ofllcrt of Walters ft Harris, Logan.
.Utah, on or before, tbo 2nd day of
December, 1019,
1 Du'a of first publication October 2,
Attorneys. Adv-11'2
Estate of James M. Anderson, De
ceased, t
Ciedltois will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned ndmln
IMiator at his residence nt Lewistnn,
Utah, or at tho olllco of Walters &
Hauls, Altrnoyi, I'hst National
Dank building, Logan, L'tnli, on or
before tho I'Jth day nf December.
Dato of first publication October
11. 1919.
juiirv ,-i Arsut;i(Hi;.. ;
Attorneys. Adv-U-11
In the Matter of the Estato of
Hazel Ciannoy, Deceased.
Creditors will prosont claims with
voucliois to tlio undersigned nt hut
resldense In Logan Oily, Cache cotiu
ty, Utah, on or before tho 20th tin
t'i p . ioi 1 tabor H
Ml, I H
AdmiolaUali.x. si
Attorneys A'U-ll-SQ
- -.. 1 -., . '' sbbbbmI
f Mrs
In tho Matter of tho Estato of "i tsSnl
Magnus Jensen Deceased. ' !
Creditors will present claims with '' WMt
011chc1s lo tho undersign .d at his " ai
placo of buBlncas on Writ Klttt '
Noith Blreel, Logau, Cacho coiinly, ' lSv
Utah, on or beforo December SsOlfi, BK
10,9 laxl'!
Dale of first publication ,)ctulor RSBa
ISth, 1919 . E-Ei
Atornoys Adr-U-JUt. Si
iii-i-.Ii. ,s.rp a mi , - mm
NGTTTK TO ritlcrtlTOllS - H
In the Matter of the R.itl6 ot H
Jamoa Uatt, Deceased. M
Creditors will present claim trttu. M
'vouchers to the undoralgutd at tils) Hi
1 m , .... Bi
ouico, j' irst national uanit uiug,. To- ihh
gnu, Utah, on or before the 25th dny M
of Kobruary, 1920. M
Datoorriist publication, Oolo'i'jr M
AdmlulBliator. M
Attorneys Adv-ll-22-19 , L
Tho beginning of almost ovory Kit- M
loua disorder is constipation, l'. you ' LLm
want to enjoy good lioalth keep your M
bowels regular. Tills Is boat ncont- LLM
pllshcd by proper diet, nnd exercise, M
but soniotiincs a mnillclno Is neolol- M
nnd when that la tho caso you wilt M
find Chambei Iain's Tablets nro ox- M
colleut. Thoy aro mild and gen (la M
in their action, easy mid pleasa'U to H
take. Give thorn a lilal. Thoy onl7 M
cost a iiuaiter. Adr M
My choice wheal farm In Iho H
be:u t of tho nine Cieck valley, con- H
slating of eleven hundieil twenty nc- H
i'ob (1120) holcctcd wheat land, DIg. H
acrgago Is not planted to fall wheat H
and Is In flno condition, 100 nctc H
now being plowed its fallow for next H
yunr, 00 acres alfalfa, comploto line H
mncliluery nnd equipment for opeiut- H
Ing tho farm, full at blaoksnilth H
tools, good well with pump and oh H
6ne, eotuont cistern and 60 0 sal. ca- Lbbbbb!
ment water IiourIi, 10 head liorsoa H
with harness, 10 cows, 10 hoga, now H
rivo 100m houa,,new f 3,500 barn, H
grtrugo, gi unary nnd other out lmllit H
Will soil by gutting n modernlp H
pnymont down nnd easy terma (oin H
half cfup each year) (or tho balance. - H
Will tiiko good elty piopoily In ex- H
chnngu on first payment. I 'or price' H
nnd terms wilto or call on nie at H
llrlghnm City, Utah. H
Adv-11-9 Drlghaui City, Utah. H
11 n 1 mi BaHafl
Adrerllse In the Republican. lt H
reaches the people. H
I -.. Hal
Little votes j oil jnthor, ' H
Like llttlo grains of sand, VLW
Add to those ou now have, .' ffS?
And lielp to beat the band. ' ' ' IS
w. 1111: nii.oM iskm. v drSfi
V-?. Imdlnl Al?HurlrurUlfrA P9A
1 fJ'ljiSi I'llUlu lit J nl UoM r..l.!lkVr bbH
I W-v WV ! '. i ' nh ll" HI'' n. Y SfPl
1 1.) W.VJ I Ln tin fittr llurofijr v E9&J
of mU A.uiv'ii- inw-Trim
I I t- .V IM MlfllNt, I'UK It lll IJ4 r , tti 9HRf
.' .- i-Mimt.r.i.AUluiiilia Sajmi
i0 All Unreal. JK
ui.jiu In 11 iimiiH ow'O henyt We
1 1 ' . " hK (t1i iniiitn, nil that &m
mm niH 'I'i'i ita (S)l ; ' that his Erfl
i.ob' t.f- 1 ' 't 'tia like u merely HP4
'iimii'ti' 11 ii.i atiitlon. lluwthoma, Kfl
fWi 5 tiamwm m sw !k
Do You Want a Ford Touring Ca." . jjgg.
Tbo Logon llenubllciin is giving nm? mm
tW0 Into ludflel Pojd Touring Cur pg
nlMutely FIU3B,' Enter your om H
In tlio campaign and so In ami '.vii, nK
ono. , HS

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