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m AU EjuWt i n
Bj A doctor by forro ft doctor lm-
Hj uromptii; . Iio admits ho In not a
Hj -"-Tawconnry doctor;" who commends
Hi odlrnled cheese ah a remedy for
H! unocilny; diagnoses dumbness tiy
K aftaUns (ho puliio; rlalniH health to bo
Ht .tmuiclhlng to 1 dreaded, and fools
Hi Obiiiiaclf mrtiro In his practice bccaURO
Hf - iho dlscictlon (if tho dead "A Doc
K tor lu Splto of lllniHoU" makes tru-
Hj Jdk n medicinal play. As piesontod
H hy tho V. A. C. l'cilwlg club In Col-
Hi mc -chapel Friday afternoon It
Hi NprvadB n puro cultulo of bacillus
Hl .Jocund! thinughout tho appreclntlvo
H tsllcnci) and canned certain humor to
H( .tflun rom tho "concavity of tho
Hi jdiaDhraRin" and trickle upwards
H' tnlong tho scnsltlvo nldo slats of tho
H' Jiiimnn trunk, The doctor Is reputed
Hi -In have raised the dead. Af tor boo
B, inc tho play you will agroq as tg hit
H' tfjxtwors to ralso tho living dead.
HHJ Tho cast Is m ado up of tho host
HHJ' ;?aucnt tho college has produced;
HHJ: truly without n poor In college drn-
HHj; rmaUc history. Thoro are ten of thorn I
BBJ xud In this raro play of Inlmltablo
HHJ .foolery, thoy1 can niako moro fun for ,
HHjl you than ten fools of tho court.
BBJ' Elray Christiansen In tho tltlo part
HHj it-veals In n protean manner tho mib-
HHj tlo "whimsies" of Hgnarolle.
HHJ Man Kdwards In Mnrlltio, '.vlfe of
H J he doctor, fulfills thtf expectation of
H Jier admirers. Leora Thatohor glvos
H' hii animated and delightful Intel pro-
B inllon of Jnejusllno, tho nurse; whllo
B i Irlrq Card on tin tho much loved
Ba dumb daughter, la charming enough
Hka to niako tho enthusiastic nggrosslpn
HBa or Ucr ardent lover, played so well
ft "hy Stanley l'rcncptl. seem extremely
HBm' consistent.
Tho versatility of Nancy Finch an-,
ka, Klennora Aitiusscn Is exhibited' to a
hb rttcoty In tho character parts ot Per-
rln, tho peasant boy, and M. Itobortu
Hftl. neighbor of Hgntiarello respectively.
bT' Chinese Love Hore.
KB China Is otn- . the ItiHt of tho n&
HbI -tlons of tho world . ndopi nnd enjoy
hb Iho motorcar. Indeed, tho cosserva-
V Uva Clilno.se shiltik front anything that
Heoins to cast any nsperslons upon
H horses, for equities lutvo played n hi?
-J part In tradition, history nnd tho Itfi
-j ol that mysterious land la the far East.
. Karl Uoblnson made his frlouds
rnthtiBo In tho como-back ho staged,
In portraying the part of Geronto,
father of Luclndo. Coulson AVrlgbt,
as Valero, servant to Oeronto and W.
I, Youltcr as I,uoas, husband ot tho
coquettish nurac, make consistent
contributions to a diamatlc team, tho
rival of which has never boon
brought together on college hill.
Tho play Is of such niorlt that tho
ablo dlrcctoi. Miss Sara Huntsman,
has -decided to glvo tho townspeople
on oppoitunltp to mc'Vcdnesday ev
ening In the Lyric Jliealre.
On November 4th In tho Ninth
ward hnll parentsand friends aro In
vited to rail to see tho work wo have
planned to do.
Wo will road, act and sing for you.
The Chlldron of Uenson School.
Uogular work at school building
up to 3 p. m.
Program at Ninth ward hall at 3
p. in.
Song of Songs, School.
I Violin Solo, Laura Ilankhoad.
, Health exorcises, Dear Mothor,
: First grade.
I Songs. "Lady Dug" and "Woo
Llttlo Man, Second Orado.
Itevlsod Nursory Hhymos, Third A
Song "Indian Lullaby," Second nnd
Third grades. '
Dramatization, Tho Wild Swans,
Fourth Orado..
Songs, Tho Count! y Hoy, boys
Fifth Orado. TwIllKht Son, girls
Fifth grndo.
The Ainorlonji Creed, Hill Lewis,
Fifth grndo.
Qunitett, Sixth grndo girls,
i i
Untold history story, Ada Stonrod,
Slxth grndo. M v
I Seng, "Tho Farmer Hoy," Sixth
Compteto Recovery.
An Dldomdu young man may ho
mid to hnvo completely recovered
from bin recent lllnes.1. no snya ht
hns forgotten Iww hit purse looked.
Kansas City Star.
. m. . I
Pioneer "Wha'leback.1
On the Tlth of Junr. ISOt, th first,
"wlmlcbacfc" left for a oynge across
tho Atlantic. Tho ship win tho
Charlas W. Wetn-ove. She sallsd from
Duluth for Liverpool with a enrgo of
I . . The Famous I
I -I Artists - I
m I I
H of Buropu nnd Amortca aro tnnklng recoids for Pitho,
jH becous thoy know that only on Patho rooorda aro thoy i
H r auro that ovory Blinding nnd every oxprosslon of tho U
H Mleotlolns us they lnlorprol thmn, are tatthtulty r pro- i
H ; ducod You ten fioir the boot songa and opar.v mias,
H J the Twpular nmrflnianiiofaymphonloB on Puuio records
1 up up with Broadway. Patho has tho Inlosl hilt
'Iral and bast: the ns'w sonss that Uroaclwny Is ylilstt-
ln;'tlio pooulaf out-steWlnxz. nnd fox trot, r Tho ?
boat orchoilrotlon ot tbo now boobs, and thu molt . j
unusual jioveUUM ar lways founvJf on Patho i words j
Ami rWWUbr 'Ovwy PaJUe record Ist:arante '& lo j
play 1,000 tlmos.
' Everfosi & Sosis j
- LOG VN, UTAH f "
BLLfciMfcw . t,....,. . . .. J
(Continued from Pago Ono)
YOU nuto havo that auto.
If you hnvo not already received a
supply of thoso printed letters to
mall out to your friends, let ua know
and n supply will bo sent you at
Bright Eyes Is making a strong
race. 'j
Likewise Miss. Polka Dot.
Look out fbr thoso out of (own
candidates. OUT FOIl DBAIl ac
cording to reports.
Golden Locks Is going ahead with
a whiz and n whirl.
Hundicds ot people all over tho
terrltoiy in which nio uopuoucan
circulated are watching tho rnco for
autos and other prizes with grent In
terest. 200,000 KTUA VOTES for a cllub
of 20 brought In TONIOHT.
For TODAY will bo yesterday to
morrow. DISTRICT NO. 1
This district includes
all the city of . Logan,
within the corporation
limits. At least ten priz
es will be awarded in
" this district including a
$623 Ford Touring Car,
and all non prize win-
,J ners will be paid 20 per
cent cash commission
according to the rules oC
J' the campaign.
$, ., 4 .. $ j 'j. . .$ ?. ? i? &
Franklin Loroy Monson . 132,050
Mrs. Jlabel Wilson 210.0G0
Uthol May Allen 212,77a
Mabol Yonk 08,075
Kurt Jonklns ..4 206,175
Conrad Qulnnoy - 136,100
SInrgnrot Affleck 201,100
Charles Urock 28,800
Wm. Ilrynn Edwards . 33,150
Wnllnco Scholos 200,075
Dean Crockott 21,050
Esther Neuborger 42,250
Adrian Lo Bnron 41,075
Edwin Dudgo - 190.1G0
Flo Edlofsen S.050
ConcU Jensen 21,075
Mrs. Albert Hobbs , 5,000
Eva Casto 129,000
Hlllyard Johnson - 41,125
Albert Cooper 11,275
Elwood Thompjton G.000
Qcorgo Illnlr 63,700
This district includes
all territory in which
i The Logan Republican
I circulates, outside of the
City of Logan. At least
ten "prizes will be award-"
ed in this district includ-
ing a $G23 Ford Touring
Car and all non-prize
. winners will be paid 20 "
per cent cash commis
sion according to the
rules of the campaign.
May Nollson. Lowlston . 188,100
John Smith, Providence .. 153.02G
Julia Alirons, Mendon 181,025
Marie Jensen, Petorsboro . .. 208,850
Desmond Thorpe. Provldonco 2.1,150
Mrs. A. Wilson, Wollavlllo lQ7,2r
Klolsc Morrill, Hlohmond . 180176'
Mrs. Anna Wnll,, Itlchmond 101,050
Flora Doutler, King S7.275
Anno Godfrey, Clnrkston 5,000
Florence MnlmbojK. OUrkstou 4CT10
Elolso Thomas, Itlchmond .. 96,175
Mrs. Ida Rogers. Lowlston 54,250
Knto Rose, Ilyrum 6.000
Florence Iteoa, Donaon . 197,100
Mrs. C Soronson. Mondon 9,100
Mrs Isabollo Do Witt. Ilyrum 1 14,425
ft m
Donr Paronla, You aro Invited to
bo present nt tho Ninth wnrd ball
I Tuesday, Novorabor 4, nt 3 p. m. A
short program will bo rondorqU by
the chlldron of the Uenson school
f sftorNwhicli n Parents Teachers nsso-
Qlntlon will be orgaulsed. Tho Bon
I ton School Faculty.
j nnliy Thought
Iimoen l ..iiiui. sd rsndor In
4 power r,,c I'O'ii i '! ycamt'-t. -Mnd-.
ame de 5 1
Goltmfeia II
Ie Grafonola 1 1
V-f-ji, , ij . O, " ffi H
Tone is a Test for the I
S juusy nut tur in& jLy& m m
I" The Perfect Columbia Tone-arm, it BnitiiTi i'BI I
Reproducer, Needle Arm and Dia- ijf "" -i I
phragm are designed and adjusted fcr---..., - lBBHl ffi
to accurately reproduce every deli- D -"''fEEr "JiJEIl ffl I
g better than ..words we can put in feu i m Vt-ii"! PHhS "ai
S Before you decide upon a phono- I I I ,1 rllHB! ffi
graph you should certainly hear V j1 1 p I I :PSj
the Graf onola. Test it's tone by ! I ' j ( tt!ml ffi I
d ear. Play any record on any Gra- j 1 I j,j j ; fsM I
rf2 - f onola whenever you wish and .as I j gUJX4-a 1 jjl ! I
yj ofteifas you like. " F:::lJPiS Efi I
ffi 'jr;- , ci 2 y;I m S 1
I i f ' ''' ! VI 1 S I
ffi $25.00 TO $500.00 -' g2 'I
' Thatcher Music Co& " I I
S (Quality Dgalera) fP I
39 South Main :-: Logan, Utah. I
II. 11. Dnllard of Los Angelos, now
proaldent of tho National Electric
Light association, nays:
"Wo hnvo gone through a voiy
strenuous war period nnd had many
claims to moot' but talcing a broad
vlow of things It la plnln that our
lountry ns a wholo la in gocd sbnpo
right now. Tho hanking powor of
tho U. S. H far grosr now thau
over In history; factories nro opornt
lng nt cIobo to capacity In all Hues;
foreign countries arc making u tre
mendous demand upon us for sup
plies aud as soon ns tho public util
ity problem la fairly met ns it must
bo tho country will bo In shapo to
go nhcad nt oven greater speed. Our
savings per capita wor?113 In 1918
as agnlnat $89 In 1911, and in addi
tion to this our war savings weio $9
per capita.
"That Is Just about oqunl to ay!
' . " 1
orago Increaso In living oxpensee duo.'
to high prlcwj, and with a contlrtu-!
anco of the spirit of thrift nnd sav
ing, prices will gradually conio down
ns wo reduw inf,-'.o3,.ln our monoy, t
whlho Is largely theufo of lwijli '
prlcon. Wo should conttnuo! In-thrift
- t
and economy, avoiding extravagnnco
nnd wnsto nnd lu (his- connection'
should reniombev that thrift inoludos
tho continuance ot production and
useful expoadlture.'
Use for Wnte LtnJe.
Every "Btntp In the union ha some j
.part ot tho swamp and wet Innda thnt
for tho ntlre country have nn agsre
gato area of 102,800,000 ncrej-lnrgcr
than Iowa, Illinois and Indlnnn com
bined and thrfo-fourths ns large oa
Franco. The agricultural value of
these lands varies consldcrobly, but
specialists ot tho United iihitpa de
partment of ngrlriilliiro believe that
largo areas, If properly drained arid
cleared by public or private co-opfra
tlon could be transformed Into, pro
ducttvo farms.
Right Definition. cf a Classic.
A classic Is properly n book which
maintains Itself b Alrtnu, ot.Uwt,liap'
ny conlfMCence of nmtier nnd btlc
tllnt lunate nnd wpiMt sjmimlliy be
' tween tho thought that glvt$3 life nnd
(he 'form thnt votiwnta to every mood
nnd of giiice mid dignity, which etui b
simple '.vitboiu being ulgnr. elevnted
w'lfhoilt beliig dlfclHiU, and which Is
sonicthlne iifltlu-r nuciviit nor mudiin
always uew undHiiri.iHdilo ei isrottliu
old. Lowell.
Apples for sale. Cache Valley
Floral Co, Adv-tf-C '
FOR SALE Top buggy, and e'.iglo 1
harness. Cache Valley FJoral. j
''; AdT-n-i-a 1
FOH MODEUN-HOMES and other ' H
good homes, nil Prices; for small m?
acroago, with or without homos, closw
In; for farms. Irrigated or othors, In '
. ...Li ,.. .
vacuo or oiaownerq in uiuu vv m
Idaho; for unfurnished rooms; for ,;
money loans; for lnsuranco. See It.
T. Smith & Co., 4e N. Malri Adv-0 9J.
. Dally ThouoM. " -fm
Ive nlk in- n fev, do wrong to 3j
:.uui .- -huU'i-i' re. '
The Loganw- "T M
" vr . ! . . .... "-.,!
ma $2,500 wiofm snARiNa and
This ballot uiusl'e votod bof ore Saturday, November -S, io 19
i , Najuo.qf CamJIdata - , - "'
Town :'.. .. District No
This readers Free Vote Coupon will count for tho number ot
votos pilnted above whon properly tilled out and sent In to the
Campaign Mnuagor of the Lflgan Republican before tho oxplratlon
CAN DE SENT JN DT A CANDIDATE and they wilt all count tor
Uie aboro numbec rf tfotes In The ItopUelrcan's Auo Canipalu.
iX. ' ' ' " ' ' r M , l .,.,-

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