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175,000 EXTRA VOTES lOlt KV- JhJt " . , jfT .. "ffa 'M' 'fl'.A. S. ' " "1 SSI
I City Election 7o-
I day. Be Sure and
I Go To The Polls
HT The election Is on today and nil
n citizens should exercise the right of
HJP franchise and go to the polls and vote
R The Non-Partisans represented by
K v William M. Howell, Wm. Evans and
n JoDn !- Bankhead aro asking for cl-
i action on their own merits as well as
1 on the merits of six years of success
V ful non-partisan administration. No
Hj no will question but what each la.
, well qualified for the position ho
m, aeeks, and all are first class citizens
M; and sucessful business men. Mr,
jit nankliead la an expert accountant,
t Jf especially well qualified for
WKUjT -his Place In a technical way.
B The opposition, under the name of
Hj Citizen's, havo urged the election of
Hj U. G. Thatchor, Qoorgo Dunbar and
H Kay Olson, three first class citizens
HJ nd very flno gentlemen, who aie
H asking support on their own merits
Hj And on tho short comings of the Nou-
H Partisan candidates.
H The evidence Is all In and is now
H before the jury and It Is up to the
Hf jury, tho people, to decide. In nnswor
H to the attacks that have been made,
Hj the administration has come forward
Hj with two statements, one on the elec
Hj trie light and telephone matter, and
Hj tho tfthcr on tho finances of tho city,
HP each so plain that ho who runs may
HJ read. It is conceded that tho past
HJ six years have been fruitful years of
H accomplishment in the matter of pub
Hi He improvements, and from tho re
HI port submitted as to where the mon
Hj ey has gone, and from tho fact that
H tho improvements themselves are In
HI evldonce, tho people ban decide as to
H -whether they prefor tho lmprovemnts
Hi or tho tnonoy.
HI Llko all other campaigns for the
HI past fow years that old electric light
HJ bugaboo has figured in the prellmln-
H. arles, In fact this time It Is the all I
f LUC-
8? A small army of soldlor students
j J almost rivaling in slzo that of the
, A ' student soldiers of a' year ago, will
JP' soon bo In training upon tho cam
gp r pus of tho Utah Agricultural college,
O " This army will not appear In khaki
2 ' nor with equipment of war but rath-
f- er in ovoralls, with oil can In hand,
tf learning the arts of peaco. Flvo
1 W"
', Jti. hundred former soldiers, recelvlnlg
W their education at tho hands of tho
r- Fedoral Hoard for Vocational Educn-
lion, aro to be sont to the college to
, receive special training. Already
J twenty seven of these men havo reclv-
L ed assignment and two hundred more
JT arc expected in the near future. Be-
jfMrf- foro the end of tho year, th full quo-
ri ta of flvo hundred will be In attend
ance, H Those men are p&rt of tho 40,000
HI former soldiers who have already
H made application for training. Twolvo
H thousand of theso men aro now wait-
Kj Ing assignment.
H The soldier students now In at-
Im toudnnce at tho U. A. C. aro taking
tholr training In the schools of agri
culture, agricultural engineering,
Bt mochanlc arts and commerce. Thero
Hj. aamos aro: Wilson H. AH red, Ray L.
K Alston, Vernal Lewis Larave, Wm,
M. Coffey, Laurence, M. Crook, Fran-
H" Clf Cor. David Earl Daley, Erastut
absorbing Issue. The administration
has been charged with a violation of
pledges, and tho opposition claim as
one of tho Impelling reasons for their
entry Into tho campaign is tho fail
ure or tha "Nan-Partisans to redeem
their pledges." And now right hero
wo want to sny, before it Is too late!
that wo will wagor tho price of a car
of coal for charity that If the socalled
Citizens aro elected they will havo to
work moro than over tlmo to come
as near fulfilling their pledgos as
havo tho N6n-Partisans whom thoy
aro endeavoring to discredit.
It Is childish to claim that a now
plant should have been built, or tho
old one rebuilt while tho war was
on. Any citizen knows that the
steel and copper could not have
been secured, that the bonds
could not have been negotiated, and
that tho prices of material were pro
hibitive. Such citizens as A. A. Law,
A. II. Thompson, M. S. Ecclos, Wm
EdwardB, Alma Sonno, A. G. Lund
strom, W. M Howell, Weston Ver
non, liny B. West, Lorenzo Hansen,
W. It. Sloan, A. H. Chambers, C. M
Harris, H. C. Maughan and .others
know what.tho administration (Hdlo,
on4iyi'5f alUjipprovod It. And they,
further'know that as a result of such
action, which they approved, that. Lo
gan City In tho matter of electric
light Is in an enviable position today.
Politics should not enter Into tho
ole&tlon. If Mr. Howell Is elected
M. Evans and Mr. Bankhead should
also be elected, Hkewlso if Mr.
Thatchor is oloctod his colleagues
should be elected also. Politically
we aro Republicans. In politics, but
this tlmo wo find ourselves support
ing one Republican and two demo
crats. In our opinion the Non-Part
lsaus have dono well and therefore
should be Indorsed.
Washington, Nov. 3. Hober J.
Grant, president or tho L. D. S.
church, called at tho White Houso
Saturday nftornoon to pay his re
spects to President Wilson. Ho was
met by morot nan hCJ'Btoday
mot by Secretary Tumulty and thoy
talked for moro than half an hour.
, Saturday evening President Orant
was guest of honor at nn Informal
banquet at' tho homo of Sonator Heed
Smoot, whoro ho Is a houso guest
during his stay In Washington." Be
sides President Qrant nnd his host,
guests at tho banquet Included Sen
ators Borah, Cummins, Dillingham,
Harding, King, Thomas, Watson and
Townscnd, former George Sutherland
of Utah and Georgo J. Cannon.
Sunday night Prosldont Grant pro
sided at services hold nt Wardman
Park Inn.
Laurenco Jorgenson Manager of
tho Patsonlan Is In the county visit
ing with rrlends.
Jordan Blshl, Josoph E. Dranoy, Sil
as T. Eggen. Lynwood Fish, Murl II.
aibson, Hyrum Flddlng Jones, Titus
Jones, Lyman L. Jorgonsen, Martin
L. McAlllBtor, Arestes K. McGraw, Er
ic 8. Ward, Raymond L. Olson. Wit
ford K. Perry, Josoph Poarce, Arth
ur Slack, Harry Glen Stewart, Melvln
Taylor, Rufus II, Walker, Ardrny
&''' ,U?-wW!: '
-e M
v HHHHHRJh 3k7flflFHF
I H'?ft i !T-uKl'
j IS V' ''BBfl'lt'flnt r'Kl '
t . j
Mrs. Seymour F. J. Cox, wife of a Texas oil magnate with her son
Seymour Jr., nt the Hotel Vanderbllt. New York, nttei their arrival from
Houston, Texas, by airplane. Mrs. Cox brought her son eastj to enter him
In a school near New oYrlc City. Both aro experienced filers,
RICHMOND, Nov. 3. Wednesday
morning nt 7a. in. Mr. Alfred Augus
tus Thomas pu&sed away after hav
ing suffered several months follow
ing an attack of the flu. Ho leaves
a wlfo and six children to mourn his
loss, also a host or friends who will
miss his willing servlco In public
work as well as his loynl friendship.
Tho parents of Mr. Thomas nnd also
tho greater number or his brothers
and sisters reside In Salt Lnko City,
his formor home.
Funeral services were held in tne
tabernacle Friday at 2 p. m., Bishop
Parley Noyson presiding. The speak
ers wore GeorKO Budd of Salt Lako
City a borthor-In-luw of tho deceubed,
who spoke of his companionship and
boyhood rrlendshlp with Mr. Thorn
, ns. Ho said ho held him In high es
teem for his lovablu and ambitious
nature. .Bishop Lewis McCnriey
spoke of Mr. Thomas as a good citi
zen, a porfect gentleman, a man who
has lived a lHo worthy to meet his
Maker faco to faco. W. L. Skhlinoio
Bishop Nelson and President Almc
Merrill bore strong testimonies of the
splendid character of tho departed, I
He said thoy had alwayH found him
tho snnio nnd always ready and wil
ling to help thoso In need or help
one In any good cause. Then n social
part oft ho program waa rendered by
the Stoddard brothers and Mrs, Thos.
Edwards and Miss Evangeline Thom
as of Salt Lako City and Mrs. Oliver
Thomas of Logan. Tho opening
prayer was offered by J. W. Funk
and the closing prayer by Win. An
derson. Mr. Thomas was born In July,
1876, In Carmarthenshire, South
Wales, and came with his parents to
Utah when but an Inrant of three
years. He was a sett made man,
having, through his ambitions, and
Industrious nature, acqulrod an edu
cation. Ho specialized In the drug
business and was nn cfltclent drug
gist, In which capacity ho was asso
ciated ror Bomo years with the
Johnson Pratt and Nelson Judson
Drug companies or Salt Lako City,
and for slxtoou years was ongaged at
that business hero In Richmond. Ho
camo here seventeen years ngo nnd
has been ona of tho most essential
and useful members or our commun
ity. His unsoirish nature uml over
ready willingness 'to servo others are
O'.wlltie.i that, havo won for him tho
Emory B. Randolph, ono of Amort
ca'q loading tenor singers was hoard
In Xogan ror tho first tlmo last Fri
day aftornoon In a concort nt tho Ly-ricrtheatre-.
Mr. Randolph possesses
a clear aad musical tenor volco nnd
his excollent Blnglng of somo twenty
numbers brought forth much well
merited npplause. Ho Is a careful
and conscientious singer nnd in tho
encore "I Hear You Calling Mo," his
full, rich tenor volco came out as
clear as a bell, and tho porfect calm
and case with which ho sang demon
strated tho powor and ability ho
Although this was Mr. Randolph's
first concert In Logan ho Is well
known to local owners of tho Edison
.Diamond jjisc phonograph, through
tho perfect records ho has recorded
for that company. His records nro
known and being used In every part
of tho world where tho Edison Ih
found, and many homes In Logan
havo for years onjoyed his singing,
thanks to tho records ho has so
cnrcfully recorded.
A rull stock or Mr. Randolph's
records nro carried in stock by the
local Edison dealers, the Harris Mu
sic Co,, who will bo pleased to play
tliPin at any tlmo nnd extends to tho
peoplo of Chnchn County nn Invitation
to visit their storo and hear their
favorito Randolph records.
With sincere eratltuda wo wish id
express our appreciation, to nil thoso
who havo In any way assisted during
tho trying ordeal of tho Blvkness.
death and burial of husband and
fathor, Alfred A. Thomas.
lovo and respect or nil wso know him
and at his death the whole commun
ity mourns. As positions .of trust It
may bo mentioned that ho served ns
councilmnn, as president of tho In
dustrlnl club, manager of the opera
house, president ot tho druggists as
sociation. Ho also had experience In
the missionary field for three years
In Germany.
His parents are Mr. and Mrs. D. P.
Thomas and his brothors and sisters
nro Mrs. Chas. T. S. Parsons, Mrs.
J E PIxtou, Miss Ofadys Thomas and
W J. Thoma of Salt Lako City, M.
D. Thomas of Logan and Mayor E.
G, Thomas of San Antonio Toxas
Getting the Beets. m
The Good Work 9
Is Still Going On I
Cache County has tho most effec
tive beet army that hits ever been or
ganized "In her history. Dally from
1G0 to 200 men from tho Agricul
tural College, tho Brlgham Young
College, the city schools and tho
business nnd Industrial houses of
Logan, wend their way to tho beet
farms and go right after tho tubors
In earnest. The good work Is going
on and there. Is to bo no let up until
tho campaign Is "over tho top."
In this movemont tho Commercial
club or this city has pcrronned a
marvelous work. John Wilson nt tho
hoad or tho movement has organized
his rorces with uklll, and Seth Blair
tins dally had a string or outomobllos
at 7 o'clock every morning to deliver
tho workers nt their destination
IN N. J.
Newark, N. J., "Nov. 1. The Li
quor Dealers Protective asaoclatlpn
today voted to nsk brewers to discon
tinue 'the manufacture of "ncar
beor" declaring It "an outrago to ask
docont' peoplo to drink It.'
Tho city's 900 liquor dealers iiIbo
voted to closo their places ut mid
alylit tonight and keep them closed
until war tlmu prohibition Is lifted.
Wo desire most sincerely to thank
our many rrlends who tendered aid
or assistance during tho Illness und
following tho death of our boloved
wife and mother; also to Uiobo who
officiated, spoko at or nttended tho
funeral services, and tliOHo who sent
flowers. May they nil find friend
ns kind in the hour of affliction.
John Miller and Family.
, Now York, Nov. 2. Piohlbltlon
, Is largely raiponsiblu for tlio "alarm-
ing incieaso" of radicalism In tho
United Stntes according to a state
ment tonight liy the Association Op
posed to National Piohlbltlon. This
chargo, It wiib asserted Is founded nn
nn "Investlcatlon of conditloim in !
nn mvuBUKuuoii oi coiuiuioiiH in el
even western stntes."
Claiming that union men ns a rulo
first pass resolutions domnndlng tho
return ot beer and light wines and
then turn to radical organizations,
tho statement asserts "all I. W. W.
leadors are earnest advocutes or pro
hibition." Tho Investigation, It was claimed,
also discloses that tho number or
drug addicts Is vastly Increased un
der prohibition.
Tho Mutual Aid of tho American
Steam Laundry consisting of tho co
worker and honorary members gave
a Hallowe'en party and banquot
which was cooked and served nt tholr
pl.xce of business, that was fittingly
decorated for tho occasion. There
wore some real characters represent
ed who furnished real enjoyment.
Tho spread was out of tho ordinary
and was onjoyed by ovorybody Plates
wore laid for sixty. J
whom tho Inter-Uibnu could not Uo H
used. The boys have worked well HH
and the people have given hearty and H
ready response Tho flno army of M
men fiom tho Agricultural Coltego H
and the Brigham Young College havo H
mado up the major portion of tho H
musclo that Is today saving Cachn H
County. M
And right here wo nro just think- H
Ing of the follow that says tho Com- HHJ
merclal club Irt ot no good to Logan M
and Cacho County. That follow H
don't know tho Civil war Is over. Bfl
Ho Is a back number complete in ona HHJ
volunio" nnd should be taken by tho H
army or boot diggers, as soon ns tho Hj
campaign Is over, to the, depot nnd B
Bupplled with a tlckot that has no H
leturn on It.
Washington, Nov. 2. Moro than Ha
300 vacancies remain In tho list of H
candidates ror admission to Wjcst H
Point ror tho term beginning Juno. BBj
1920, tho war departmont,unnounced HI
.Members of congress who havo un- Bfl
used designations at thlor disposal, - BJ
havo boon requested to act at once H
in order that tho list may bo complot- H
ed In tlmo to mnko preparations for H
tho entrance examinations. H
According to departmental ofllclala H
tho situation Is unprecedented. Here- H
tuforo tho candidate list has been H
riled several months before tho exam H
lnatlon data. "" H
Cadets nro paid $780 a year, a
ration allownnco that brings tho In- , vAj
como to $1208. from tho date or ad M
At nn entUKlastlc mooting at H
o'clock Thursday morning nt tho U.
A l una hundred and fifty men stu- M
dents volunteered (u spend front ton MB
lnys to two weeks in tho beet fields KB
or Cache valley. Tlila number, add- Pj
ed to over sixty nlteady out, will M&
bring tho totul or students to welt W$
over tho two hundred mark. Whoro Wffi
ncceHRnrv Mma.i ni,i,i,,..i,. ...ii, . i&9r
necessary these studeuts will bo Kffifi4
equipped by tho sugar conipanlos, the Kwl
Commercial Boosters club, Logan flT
City and Cacho County cooporatlng, Snf
Tho U. A. C. faculty Is behind tlio fL":
movemont and hns agreed to arrange jf
tho school work during thin period WM
so that the minimum of loss will bo H
experienced by tho men In tho fields. ;fl
It Is ostlmated that 12G.0OO tous IjjHI
of beets, worth In tho giouml iWF
$1,250,000 nro yet to bo dug In Xt,
Cache Valloy. Tho situation is moro ;ffiCT
critical arouud Logan alul tho south MU
whore elghteon inches or snow has jH
fallen, than In tho north ond where ,H
u much lighter fall was experienced. g
Tho Mutual organizations conduct' 11
a Misfit Party In tho Second ward JBb
November i, Evorybody welcome. "IBB
Prices 35c and 15c, 9

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