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Coop Drug Co.
7 North Main
vJjj y Stace Success "John
J ftareuson" Coming t
i; Vto Lfric Tht-
WUA tha.naat eathusija ea-das-amaeat
f the press and pablle' of
efcr ajtiea), Hew Tark's aewest, drr
title teasattoB "Joha Fergason"
rw (tad to the Lyric thaatra Fri
day. Movembeci 14,
"John Ferguson" Is a eharacter
ehtliaeatloa of the types of northern
Ireland. The story is a ilinple one,
yet threshing In iti action and situa
Uoom and not without humor. Ita
aaron principal difficult roles aro la
the hands of a cast which la laid to
be the most able one which has left
New Tork In many seasons.
Regarding tha play, its purpose
iwd Ita eant. the Seattle Dally Times
'Vie Sheatre Guild, Inc., prosents
Joha Fercuson,' a realistic play, by
St. 'Joha C. Brrine.
'This lsthe proeratu line scanned
hf taeandleoco that filled 'tha Metro
Boiitsai last night. It boasts not of
'the greatest drama of the decade
f (ha 'orielnal cast' nor of anipty
uaap nJchta in N'oo Tawk. It simply
'a reeJlstlo play.'
"Bat 'Johm Ferguson' Is more tha
a realistic play. It is a wonderful
ly fine play a, drama of literary im
port, arvoIusly well Iconstracted
and beautifully acted. Ona must
delro into the memory to recall its
superior in the output of the modern
theatre. Certainly not In years has
a Seattle aadlence witnessed a play
of more sustained and compelling in
terest. It la simple; it Is hsiaan; it
Is realist!. Ita character ar draws
with keen psychological laaicU.
"Mr. Mrvla tar a tha apatllght. aa
Ufa. Hera he says, Is tha states,
igalfid, fsaaoasproralstne soul af
faith; hara Is the personltlcatioa af
WeauUtnl Material Instinat; hara Is
the sonl of proud" woaaanheoa; hara
is the pitiful heart of tha physical
eoward and here primal instinct of
the brute. This is all revealed la a
homely tale of north of Ireland soan
try folk a panorama of the emo
tions moving with relentless grlmneua,
to a sweeping (Umax.
'Tho story of John Fergusoa aon-
cernu an OTsrdue mortgage, which
tho family hopes to meet with monoy
sent by a brother from America. The
brother forgets the mail date (tho
scene Is in the early '80s) and the
resultant delay brings tragedy into
the home of the Fergusons. A. mas
ter stroke is the touch glren the
story when the letter finally reaches
Its deatlnatloa.
"The Theatre Guild has not adver
tised 'aa all star cast,' yet a company
of finer capability and balance has
not been seem by Seattle audiences In
recent seasoas. Tha, players 'hara not
only been selected for their fitness to
type, bnt for fechatoefl equipment as
woitarrn hakim big hit
"August Duncan Is the John Fer
guson of tha east presenting tha play
i In Now York, but the simplicity, ro
, prcsslon nnd naturalness of Robert
Forsyth, who line the rolo hero, seem
wonderfully near perfection.
ln its way just as flue Is tho
mother of Alice Chopin, and a inag
nlflcant picture of tho daughter,
Hannah Ferguson, Is presented by
Angela McCahtll. The pitiful cow
ardice In the heart of Jimmy Ceasar
la one of the most impressive Inter,
pretatlona of the performance in .tho
'hands of Edward FaTor a character
stady of superb accomplishment.
Warner Richmond is the son -who
avenges his sister's wrong and Jos
eph AUenton is "Clatle," a. half wit
f beggar whose cunning suggestion
I speeds tho tragedy. Joseph AUenton
. Is the despicable Henry Wlthrow.
The excellence of theso sketches la on I
tho same plane as those bvfore men
tioned. "It 'John Ferguson' Is an example
ot tho dlssrlsalnatlng taste of tho
Qalld and ot tha artlstle measure of
its players, tha trade nark will eoaao
tomean much to tha theatre gets ot
How'a Tfeis?
TTe attar On HaKtt Deltole t.wr
far my ma of Catarrh that eaneel lr
-enred hy nun's Catarrh Metleine
HaH'e Cktarrk MeeUatae hH heut tXi
by catarrh rafrerer for the pt thirty
tv yean. ufl hu kiwvra m 1U1
Meet reliable reMe4y (r Catarrh. Rall'i
Catarrh Medlclae acts tbru the FUof on
the Mucous surface, exrwlllnr; the FU
soa from the SlMi i4 hwOJua th aus
ltd portions.
After you hT taken Hall's Catarrh
kltdlcln for a lrt tin you will see a
rrtat Impairment In your cenerat
health. SUrt taline Hall's CaUrrh Medi
cine at onre and ret rid ot ratarrli. BtaA
tor testimonials, free.
r. J CIIF.NRT CO.. Tolcoo, Ohio.
Sold by all UrucslsU. 7;c.
Temperature of Lsavcii.
tome recvut luvtrttipittwi of the
tacipei-ature of (cavus uiuU In tho
dssvrrs aud luuMUtaln of Artawaa a ad
Ln tha Biinta Lucia luotjutatus of Cat
; ltaoda harw rwaultwl In tU tliaoar
ety that Ums tJiuw a Tory sald
cUaajIe of Uuiporutwrr at Mumw, ThM
QBotxuitltui arc almost cojistaotVy go
lag B. Chauges itf fram 1 tn 8 do
gcaea entlgTadu wcr ebmflnrad la troia,
twenty to slaty tucoodft, aud If a
modatitaaly strong nlud Is blowing Che
chanx uay aiuuaat to C dgris la
thiiry second.
ay a Certain BUrvd Past.
Tha Mttle ll who Wiairea at a a
hrary far "33s Four Hacst Ui ti
Basalypsae" ha lata f aoutpaay la
hat sort af WiaUar. X UUer of Mrs.
Shsala's, reeouUy avid at aatla, tails
f har aalghhor's iuall aoialag with a
pf vast frein har udsR tor a loa of
"UlLk and Aairagua IeM." Bvttuo
THE 'CHEVROLET "Four - Ninety"
mjm. Touring Car is comfortable to ride in, and easy to
Wt t$L diivc. It has weight enough to keep to the road at all times. It has ample
fff' spring suspension. The seats are well upholstered, deep and roomy. And it
ifliSL is an easy car to handle in close traffic. 'a&-w.. s .,
Igy If you are interested in a profitable and pleasurable nvestment, come in
lij and inspect our line of Chevrolet models, then ride in one. You will be sur-
B' prised how enjoyable and smooth riding they really are, and their economy
1 of operation will also interest you.
U A Vetran Givil of the War
i I had occasion to take a trip with my C. S. AMUSSEN, Agt.
tS wife and grand-daughters and I mado the ' ' C
trip of 351 miles as shown by my Bpeedom-
& t in th ep" uo. ' eleven hours Chevrolet Motor Cars
f- and forty-nine minutes from Cincinnati
' 4,'r to Chicago. I aroragod 26 1-10 miles per .
i I" , eallon for the trip and drore the car tnc 40 S Maill St. - LOgail, Utall
!i entire distance myseir.
r.1 waiaapSBBBBBBBBBBBF Jt BBBBP -BlBBBBfcJSMgMfc m , -m. mi i mm mrmt SBeAjl JSBBMpfMjTjDTl,SBBAsMjajBSBaaeaaa"
B. P. O. E. PrtsWent Will
LtmeJ 5Tktj Drive for i
3U t War Ba.vkai Ceasasja M
Trans ry atUc CBrtUkiateu Aa she
start Oragas has t plaaal
aah t tha haata at rawialra
aba rroiattlra Ortsr X Blha. Tha
stata hedy of Xlha has tahta otb bmuh
at enisat at tha thrift aall wTtB am
palga as a talaataer patrtatlt sorrlaa
to le stale no 4 aatlaa.
Th( annaaaeemeat hs ot haan
BSAda y Marry 0. Alien. hrWI ea tie
Elki" stata rcasiaatioii, an . It
JmSisob, stata atraotar af tha fTra
avent tartaca argaaltatleB. It Is set.
matte that existing ar Horinsii Be-'
alatias asat nohusl ehUarea threugfceut
Orttn oaa ha oenataa an to parch
li.MMOt 1st War flaring ttamps be.
fora Jaaaacy t. whish wtH leuTa ap
pratihaatol; fcl,d,WI W be suhacrlVai
wawecat aftat bartenaad avsaak
taMaa, wh lea ft srofclp ad
,X.H to fee art, I
'Me, JJtoei stmt (ha ss(Uaaa fs
SC Br . MoVcMtf,
ttd sVji ivtjBBBirift eflba aNr
Aa jnnfttcM P I
. w.lvwt -irtjstfihe rte
fee W5 .sstfMJft' apt aht Am
t7a sBfSBSfai tluarf HiMilai. 4
Ut, afasswHt heM J h DM
MiraMs aL irtsl eVVtrf 1 uat pewi
sbx1 WB f J?" $
M aafcsirj aaKa i4sras jMsasva a
wstBg m?r aesM Its. AlUa.
1ha araar ti IKi has felt H a palri
late ta ft M tt4&fipU4eT tsn
try tha sarthraa U ku taSSBsSJs. Thaaa
vetii ! thaavl (exigtM Kite u.
sen: anua. slb4 thAMi tt av Vtt wA Bat
urtrthacad waar the eMa drat, tha
unry blaa ar aaltnipa at the a
nm, hara takaa prUa U niawUag the
reJsntlWUUu tt war thtftnia aaa fV
tUipatJi la all other prtaacbt sre.
. e2aE2GEr3
a.. - m
i .
A. tnilt pblksvyhai tayt sait:
"K'W ldfth da at b4 ttaa jfeer 4in
'Chls shllaay ata) kek af aeaMMaas '
that hrosjtt n 3k rruao Re-rofcC
fica. Battel fs aemOnf hW It to Wi
the feilar t&f Ch fX- the TeVnavt,
It omnaas cbbi ptftasUtt t paaaJHs3
tioeRs raWar Sum ka' taskw tmiatulm
t ttaaudsot V IttimsWaV pwntm.
Iha traMc U aa i&frt Aaal
BMmarx tAX tt bvefc ctf R. Tnny
iW htMBaVas fesVrteeoa t4a. hvt
BJl to ee Ibqa HhJUi b9mt fie.
asrsMS tMsea swt e . PWhsaJB
yaa, aarajr atarvad Fa Mfedtoj fissa MsV
tlpra yai eVapeatt a JM ta a tastf ar
107tt A hs MtM laBaffuwt) atltwrJtZ
jew aa V y W BMWl hf
a h, hat a suiM fe, lry Wr
job bant: ar atTet pswrhaas irnrk (ar
It t aanailnisa aalU ra Ibrar mt m
f tha httxw Rwtr-tf'nOi5--BWt
alasaoodt ma a b4 sortrWaft. lSta
U, peaple tfelOt VftM thfer vr(U U aMo
to btl their levels It thcar satanet af
ford fa hasp tsML Bt uii hCB A
fact that I deat htHra ttaa aasyan
tier sold a rtar, ar b, ar izMajrlVo
watch for a wdi as he ar sag rolti
tor It, fiuro U the fnrtfcof tvrt lAt
money Uvestad ln Jemflry earts an hi
I3itravasiB9 krlDss la ipo retarn.
Uoney sartd kt at waif knpt. hat H
coutlniwia t work for Iti ewaer. Tho
earntac vower of monajr nWoh U apett
is Klroa up for all ttcaa, It U 4o
stroyed. How to Oct Ahsad.
The road to success Is no rour.hor,
or hardor, or mare painful than the
road to failure, hut thoro Is n differ
ence; wo voluutarlly choouo to hear tho
Vftlna of succesu, while the pains of
failure are thrust upon us. The pains
of success are mental and physical as
are those of failure.
The hoy or girl who aaplres to suc
ceed In school pays a dally penalty ln
tho act of resisting the Impulses to en
Joy ploaBurcn of the moment; lu forc
ing the brain to oxcrclse when It is
crying to ((tilt; in doing dally montal
tasks which aro Just as tiring as any
physical lubor. Tho man who succeeds
pays his imnnlty, too. Ho must tare
when ho would llko to npend. He must
work when he would like to loaf. He
must be up and doing when he would
like to sleep. He must take kicks and
not kick back. Ho must assumo respon
sibilities when he dislikes to odd to hit
burdens. Ho must bo patient when bis
nature Is to be Impatient. He must
bring his appetite to reason when H
calls to bo unreasonable. All of us know
men who want to succeed, but we know
that they cannot bocause they will pay
the penalties ot failure; thoy ennnct
avoid them although they tblnlt they
can. They will pay nnd pay hard. Tbu
ponaltlcs of success aro suffered for tho
most part In early years. Tho pona!
ties of falluro aro reaped ln later win
when tha rowards of ouccess are bcln?
plucked. -Tho Fortuna Magazine.
I boy w. n. b, '',
In place of 300,009 persona who hcM
government sccuritloo provlous to tho
war thero are now at least twenty mil
lion. It this ccn be raised to 00,000,000
ln 1919, the better It will be for Un
people Buy W. 8. S. J.
i .
To the property owners In Side
walk Paving District No. 28.
Pursuant to an ordinance of the
City of Logan, Utah, public notice la
haroby (iron of the completion of the
list of'pfopcrty in front of and along
which a public improvement consist
ing of cement concrete sidewalk pave
asent has been completed In Sidewalk
Tavlng District No. 26, and tho tax
levied and assessed against such pro
party for the payment ot tho cost
f such improvement, and that a cer
tified copy of the plat and assess
ment rolt Is now In the oOlco ot tho
City Recorder.
The undersigned will sit as a
Hoard of Equalisation and Ilevlew
for tho purpose of" hearing any por
son or persons feollng aggrieved by
the reason of lerylnt such taxes or
assessments and to make corrections
ot any tax deemed annual or in
tuit for fire consecutive days, begin
ning tha 18th day af November, A.
D. II 1, at tha City CamwlMloaer'a
hassbera In Local. TJtah, fras 4 to
I o'eloek p. at. an eauh day hejlaaing
with said Hth day of Krrombor, A.
D. lilt, and for not lass lbs faur
consecutive days thereafter and an
tll all parsons feeling aggrieved have
beea heard.
ary ordaf of tha City ConiMlsnlon
era. ( ROT BULLEN,
Hoard of Equalisation
' and Review.
"Ahoat three years ago whaa I was
suffering from a scvoro 'old en ny
lungs and coughed most tt t';e time
night and day, I tried a rottle ot
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy nnd
was surprised at the promptness with
which It gave mo rollef," wrl'.r Mrs.
James Drown, Clark Mills, N. T.
Many another has been surprised and
pleased with tho prompt r-Haf ui
'fora'cd by this remedy. Adv
SCRIBERS Subscriber ta tha Repoblleaa who
reeatve their papers hy aarrlar or
thxoagh tha saalls will cob far a favor
oa tha management If they will fllo
vrrlttaa coraplaiat of aay tailor of
tha paper ta reaeh these ptwmptly
aad regularly.
m a
, Matter of Adaptability.
i Adaptability works toward content
nientj to lit oureelvrs willingly find
I cheerfully Into the changed conditions
that exist toddy In counties homes
throughout this hnmd land menim the
lifting of iijother heavy burden from
thu heads of the hoimelioldx. Mim
things lu our uny of living which e
would lmvo unco culled essentials we
now regard iik uki-Icss, tnxlng our tlnii
and resources. Ahd yet wo enn live
fully, plensmilly, even inoro stuoothlj
than In other days. lixclmnge.
Ants as Excavators.
Kveryone has ohserod tree tlmt
he been hollowed nut by nuts, Hnd
It Is appurent that their biting powers
aro equal to working In the bunlest
wood. In tunneling, ants are expert.
and authentic cases nrc known of their
tunneling under ditches and stream.
Indeed, a South American mil Is said
to hnvo oxrnvnted n tunnel under tho
i bed of tho I'lirnhybii river nt a place
whero It Is as broad ns tho Thames
at London bridge.
' The Telltale Thumb.
It Is n well-known fact among nerve
specialists that by an exotiilnntlon of
the thumb they cap tell If the patient
Is affected, or likely to be affected, by
iuirnls!s or not, aa the thumb will In
dicate this u long time before iberq
is any Irene of the disease In any oth
er part of tho system.
Rcucon Enough.
My twin lienhews uero paid two
cents a ilny for waking me at 7 rnch
vtieU day morning. Ono Sunday they
u..i!.eneil mo nt 7. I protested and
they wild: "Wo knew you wanted to
Mrep, but v.o need tho money."
Chicago Ttlbunt.
Had the Right Idea.
j As Junnltii and Clmrlcs were eating
. brenkfnat one morning thoy both
1 nskod nt the eauio moment for the
I becond helping. Hiving taught
I Chnrlon that his hIMcx must 1" v.nlted
on tlrst, Ji9 .sab "Well, ladC4 .Irst
1 mid mans ncxt.'t
Consult The County CIcik H
Or The Respective Sign- 9H
ere For Further Informa- !
Probate And GHavdiRnskifi S
Notice H
la tho lfattor of tho HiUte af hbbbbbI
Ilasel Cranney. Deeeaaed. Wtk
Crodltors will present elalats wahh jyiBm
vouchors to tho undersigned at hyc fB
residence In Igan City, Cache son. flSJ
ty, Utah, on or beforo the 20th djr go"?
of December, 1811. liktlv
Date ot first publteation, Octahar lilt''
ISth, 1919. UK
Admlolstratrhr. bbbbV
Avtornay. Adr-llsX H
a a H
Ko-noa to cxihihtow JM
la the Uatur t tha Htwa tt H
Uagaas Jaaaaa Bscaas M
eradltara win praaaat aJMsas Weak H
vahrs to th smdaralgnvd at Hh H
plae ot bastaaeo aa T7t Ttttat M
North atraat, Igaa, tUeha ati. H
Utah, aa ar hafera HaaBkr MM,
mi H
Dt af first pahlloattaa OatuVnr H
1111 H
aaatr H
Alorney Adv-11-3 H
koticw fix) cnaurvoss H
In th Uatter of the Estate of M
James lautt, Deceasod. H
Creditors will present elalms with H
vouchers to tha andarslgnod at kla M
office, Vlrst Natioaal Dank bldg,. lis- M
can, Utah, oa or before the 25th ear M
ot Kebraary, 1920. H
Date of first publication, Octe'tar H
U. C. HARRlft, H
Adralnishrataf. H
Attaraays Adv-11-JS-W H
m a ' bbbbbbb
cr ma smut ootjrx r juMfiN
ciTT, 0oNrr r 9tnmo. Lm
Logaa Idahe 0& ft s aMpaay, a IbbbbbbbI
CorporatioB, PWntlft. M
J. B. Casey, dalag bnaisiass andar KLbbbI
tho firm aame af J. B. Casey tc ftom" ILbbbbbI
pany, Defendant. jH
The Stata of Utah to Hie Said Do- sbbbbb!
fondant: Isbbbbbb!
You are hereby summoned to ap- Lbbbbbbb
pear within tea (10) days after ser- IjibbbbI
vlco of this summons upon you, If Isbbbbbb!
served within the county ln which l
this nctlon is brought; othorwlso H
within twenty (20) days after this
scrvlco and defend tho above entitled H
action; lu caso of your falluro to do ILbbbbbI
so, tha plaintiff Jn this action will 'KLbbbbi
apply to the court tor tho rollof do- IbbbbbbI
mandod In tho complaint, of which a LpIbbbb!
copy la hereto annexed and horowlth ILbbbbbI
sorved upon you, and will take Judg- !1sbbbI
incut agalnBt you, for tho sum ot vSbbbbbi
Nlnety-tlvo nnd S 5-100 Dollars isBBBeBBa!
(t9S.9G), with lutercst at tho rate ot H
8 per cant per annum since tho 15th Bfl
day of June, A. D. 1917, together HH
with plaintiffs costs and disburse- bbbbbbb
ments herein. This action la brought bHH
for tho purpose ot lecoverlng tho sum IBa5
of $95.06, the purchase price ot cer- IbbbbbW
tnln oil, gasollno and accessaries. lH1
Dated this 8th day ot October, A. ipHI
d. 1919. yRt
Plalntlff's Attorney. !pH s
P. O. Address, Arlmo Block, Logan, pH
Utah AdV-11-18 Bl
1W'(Cr. .Tilt: lltAlIO.ID IIIIANK, A jtfBBBa
f-S C-ll I'lkm-trrlllunonaTlniinlVW WiBBBBll
&tQ?&Z J''" la l('l "J fold I l.eulllsS.Vy !bWb"
1Vl " iJ . ollitr. llnt.rjMr V iin'iIjVA.y
I fa l'Wlh Af"'iii.Jiirtin-Ens lKrrVa
t Hg llIAUO.Sn IIHINK rilXH,lorS f!!vi
" Ibtt
Outclassed. JllKr-
Yifp "Thut Mrs. Hrown must bo tKBu
mi nwfut gossip. I never can tell her fPssg
nnylhjng but what she's board It bo- IvKsJBf
forcT" Blighty (Loudon). iHEgffi

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