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I Boost For LoKan City and iL 1,0111 M 011111 M I B FS ' Fo1' Reli News Rce W
Cache County A ilC IUMCtlLI 1L-U Oil lUIIIClii The Republican H
BENSON, Decombof 3. "How are
. Iho Benson rarnior8 gottlng along
irlth tholr boots?" is a question
tf asked tho writer very often when ho
Jr finds time to go to Lopii. In an
My swer to this question wo must say
) that they aro doing all they can to
secure their beet crop. Early and
I t Into, In Btorm, snow and mud they
kavo worked with all their might and
;. kavo had other discouraging condl-
: tfons Buch as frost, which lod tho
B J sagar factory officials to rofuse to
II ' havo tho beets piled, and, car ser
I Tlce has boon Inadoquato td tho dc-
, rnand of tho farmor, thus causing
Wl- . aiany hours of delay In unloading,
ir ylch, altogether, has mado somo
lparmors feel that thoy woro unfor-
P tunato In ever having hoard of su-
ear bcots. However, by dctcrmlna
.. Hon and porsovcranco, tho crop will
I aH bo harvested and la duo tlmo do
I llverod to tho sugar factory. Whllo
thofQ. aro many hundred tons of
f; bests yet In tho fields, piled and
I covered, thoro la Httlo danger of
3 folluro to dollver them to tho factory;
I- i fact for sovoral days past tho
'farmers have actod upon tho pcr-
mission to haul In tholr beota to tho
. : various weighing stations) It has'
even been deemod advisable to work
' on Sunday so that tho crop, may bo"
' secured especially as mon are hired
V- kom other places to load and are
-ijsQdotis to. get through and reurs
Bgt growers have about conclud
ed that thoy or the "havers of
wtod" and tho "drawers t water."
There wero several family gather
! tags In tho ward on Thanksgiving
' day which was a sourco,of pleasure
1 I ( spas to bo remembored. Judging;
1 from tho society columns of the
Journal and tho Logan Republican,
ho pooplo of Logan havo had a good
time during tho tall months. At
titiacs wo country people aro load to
' almost envy thorn. It affords plcas-
wo to read of tho enjoyablo times
f mWmtovy aro now having Instead of the
't' " (Sfctrosalng Intluonza epldomlc of a
! " took. ago. How many aro ablo to
, if JMlly appreciate tho changed condl-
.1 WonsT
lm ' Tho health of tho people of Bon-
I son Is goncrally good. Howovor, It
IB as recently found necessary that
Gorman Parsons, a nlno yoar old
H eon of, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Parsons
B should undergo an oporatlon for ap-
;H jpondlcltla. Ho Is at tho Utah Idaho
B kospltal gottlng along nicely.
'B r' W J' Fuult wont to on0 of
.B Hio southorn countlos and bought
'B 1200 hoad of shcop which he Is teed-J
B tag pi his beet tops and tips and tho
B leaves from tho sugar factory, Mr.
'H I'rank Wood also has several hun
B drcd head of sheep which he bought
;B Is, tho samo tlrae, that he is foodlng
jB tin tho same way.
IB xi r. Leo Pock recently bought a
jB wwii of ear 9dJ cattle In IK,i
JBy"' uch ntorPrIsln "n8a -r
wHnmbllo benefit.
As o many of onr boys and girls
i mx attsadlnff school 1 Logan It
i ( jyrorks a hardship on our publlo
: sjathsrlng, but we look to them for
j Volp In the fatflTe.
I Mr? and Mrs. Lemuel Steele camo
It down from their homo in Eugono,
Orogon, last Saturday evening and
' ro vlslUng at tho homo of tholr
K son mul daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A,
flt J. Reoso, whoro thoy oxpoct to spend
K sovoral weeks. They aro looking and
m fcollng flna considering Uiolr ago.
,mm Thoy woro among tho first sottlcrs
'MM ol BouHon,
The Utah Idaho hospital has Just
added a new piece of equipment that
Is tho most complete and tho very
best that can bo purchased In Us
class. This splendid Improvement la
a mammoth Intcrupterless X-Ray
Transformer, with a combination X
Ray tablo complcto for tho examina
tion of patients lu horizontal, verti
cal or angular positions and arrang
ed for viewing patients in any posi
tion. I Tho machine is tho original X-Ray
Transformer designed by Mr. H.
Clydo. Smook, and there aro moro of
this model in uso in tho largo hos
pitals in the east than thcro aro of
any other typo. It Is second to nono,
most completely and perfectly In
stalled, with automatic electric
switches and timers.
' In connection with this Important
lmpovomcnt thcro has been installed
a now and complete developing room
jwlth all tho most modern and up to
dato accessories, together with filing
cabinets for tho safo keeping of neg
atives, so that they can bo preserved
for years and yearo In tho future.
Dr, Pongally of tho Denver oSR"i
of tho Victor Electric corporation In
stalled ho transformer, and hns boon
very busy la demonstrating tho ma
chine to tho satisfaction of many of
the patrons of tho hospital.
Tho community l to bo congrat
ulated on tho efficiency of this great
Institution, With the addition of
'this 'latest ieco'ot'eaulp'menrthU
boBBlUl'U- second to"onrl-Ur
Salt Lake; Dpc. . "Snatchors
.were added to the long list of crim
inals for which th" police are seek
ing, when two mon attempted to rob
Mrs. A. D. Cramer and her slstor" of
tholr Jowels at Seventh South and
First West streets at about :80
o'clock lost night. Tho two women
fosght the thieves oft and escaped
without losing any of their valuabloa.
Mrs. Cramer and her sister had
Just left a street car and were om
their way to Tho former's homo at
68Z 3outh First West. They noticed
an automobile parked a few feet
north of tho corner, ut paid no at
tention to it. As thoy passed tha
raachino two men leaped from It and
attempted to snatch a dlamoti 1 rcocli
from Mrs. Cramer, and hor slislei's
. handbag.
Both women fought and the thlevift
woro routed. Tho affair wau rtpoKftd
to tho police. Detectives Btrtf86ag
er and C. A. Williams Uvrta'.lgatltic.
No trace of the snatchorL or their au
tomobile was found.
7 '
"Washington, Def. 3. The Ameri
can poato" conferei ce delegation will
leave Paris Decern or 9, according to
prcssnt plans. Aribassador Wallace
being entrusted yith the task of
closing u any nfaln remaining un
settled. The Wotocol formally But
ting tho treaty of Versailles Into f
fot was to liaTo been signed by the
represontatlvcirot the powers that
havo ratified it, Including Germany,
by that tlmo, i was said at tho state
department. Evjon It It la not, how
ovor, It was lndcalod that Ambassu
dor Wnllaco would bo tho modlum
througirwhich thy Washington gov
ernment woiM SxWosa Its 'vlows on
futuro questions requiring Joint con
Hlderr.tlon by tho allied and associat
ed powora.
BRUSSELS, Dec. 1. Tho third
conferenco of national association for
tho lcaguo of natlont mot hero to
day, eighteen countries being repre
sented. Baron Dcecahmps, Belgian mem
ber of Tho Haguo court of arbitra
tion, who acted as chairman, express
ed the hopo In his opening address
that "notwithstanding tho confused
situation In tho United Stnteo, that
nation which rendered tmmenso cer
vices to "clvlllxatlon during the
courso of tho war would holp to con
solidate the Idea of tho lcaguo."
Paul Hymens, Belgian foreign min
ister, nlso alluded to tho "Bltuatloiis
In tho United States and hoped for a
"quick and happy solution."
Cugllollno Ferrero, Italian Jelo
gato said In a pessimistic speech that
Italy's troubles were due to vacclla
tlon and dllntory tactics by tho peace
"Tlmo la pressing," ho said, ' two
thirds of Europe Is ablaze or tlus-u-tcnlng'to
take fire." '
Loon Bourgeois, of France, regie.
tod the, nbsenco of American repre
sentatives and said ho confldt-utly
hoped Boon to see America's adhesion
to tho league. Ho said h'kno per
fect unity of thought exists notwf-ca
the allies and America.
On motion of M. Bourgeois, a mts
sago was sent, to the Ame"i:aa league
-to Enforco "Peace expres-Ushc eau
ferenco's recognition ot the "reasons
BreventlngAmerlcaas from attending
and Its appreciation of bo-ir tins-
saift efforts4 for the jeaJUatloa ef a
great international task. Kt.tr tend
ing cordial greetings the we.s 4e
elared there wae a warn wish t. see
Americans as soon as posilVe take
the first rank among the delegates.
'i I
Chicago, Dec '. n.e Pan Motor
company of St. Clou'. Minn., has
been subject to tho attacks of Its,
ennmles ever since It was organised
S 0. Pandolfo, presll'.' and organ
izer testified today when ! rebumod
tcstlmdny In his own tit'hnir In the
trlaj of thirteen corporation t.fflclals
accsed of nbuso of tho nmi!3 in
sjock sedlllng operi.Ims.
j "I'nfrlendly eyes were turned to
ward us," ho said, -an.! we were
linmpored fn many ways by the activ
ities of our enemies.
Ho also told tho Jury that a trans
action of May. 1918, whereby ho aa
to. recelvo 100,000 shares of Pan
stock for half the soiling prUo was
entered Into to protect the company
in cas'o its license to sell to:k, was
taken away In any state.
'I kmow that I could dlipose tit
the stock peraonaUy lthe llwnse t
the company were saneel'. '. " he
said, "and did this to protect tle com
pany interests."
Madrid, Deo. z. Admiral Aagel
Miranda, formsr minister ef uiarlu-.
wUl pcosauly kead the new eablie.
which 1b forming.
Sonator Burgos, minister of tho In
terior, said that Mlniator of Wur
Cavoro. whoso resignation yoslcrt'my
seems to havo prcclpltnlnd t'w "
tlromont of tho cabinet, ha' wl.h
drawn becauso his consclcnco I.ii'baio
him to do certain thlugs, and tils col
leagues conaldorcd they miwt nc. la
oympathy with him.
SALT LAKE, Dec. 3. Uuttii- m
tho Salt Lako market Is retailing at
1 75 to 80 cents a pound, tho lilgiu-.st
prlco over reached In tho rl'.y, uul
higher by 20 por ccut that . .:y ,
tlmo In war dayB. Last week llio
wholuSSlo prlco In Chtcago teicliod
70 cents a podnd, tho hlghett 'Vr
known in that market o- creamciy
extras. In war times the CMcaRO
prlco never was above 07 V4 cents.
"Scarcity of rpn'no and high pric
es for feed keep prices up In Utah,''
said Walter Ri. Bpydon, state food
' and dairy commissioner. "I have not
yet gqt tho flguros on production th;a
year, but tho ylold In tho stato this
year will not be so heavy as last, and
this la another reason why tho pr!co
will remain Tilgher,
"In 1918 Utah produced practical
ly 3,500,000 pounds of butter, V
300,000 pounds 'of cheese nnd 40,
000,000 pounds of coudonced milk.
Thcso figures will bo reduced thin
year na a result of tho weeding out
of poorer stock In dairy herds and
I tho scarcity of feed.
"Exportation bfWutter from tho
United tSates this Wear 'ai&rejtad
620,000 pounds or mllk,jHvtB
of chceso totaled 10,000-jftds
of milk, and those of conHlk
aggregated 2'550v',000,0gi9B
'In tho Utt$l Statoa-the-pW-iIUo,lo.allk1.
shwn by iMUmo
I pra,deprtwentoogrlcultufe, m
ounteVto. 87,906,000.0'0l pounds thls
I year. TJftthlS total 44V4 per cent us
'isetVM .fresh mllk'tor food purposes,
J6 per cent Is made Into batter and
414 er pent per cent into cheese,
while canned or condensed milk
takes 4 per cent. Four per eent
Is made Into Ice cream;' the same per
rent Is uncd In feeding live stock oa
farms and 2A er cent Is lost U
shrinkage and waste The dairy In
dustry is wonderful industry," con
cluded Mr. Boyden.
Washington, Dec. J. President
Wilson's appointment today of Rep
resentative Joshua Willis Alexander
of Gallatin, Mo., to he secretary of
commerce, was a complcto surprlso
uven to tho congressman himself. He
had not been mentioned among thoso
who woro being considered for tho
'office, and Mr. Alexander hlmsolf In
tho authority for the statement that
ho halTiio Intimation that tho Presi
dent had him In mind Tor the por
tion. Mr. Alexander Is now serving his
seventh Morm as a member of Con-
greet. He was chairman of tho mer
chant marine and flshormon commit
tee for the eight years preceding
! laiil March. He has always been
i staunch supporter of President Wit
J sou's administration and is known to
bo held In high esteem by the President
New Orleans, Dec. 2. Ttiw nails
la tho Sahara of prohibiten was '
tlo moro tlmn u mlrnce. It wji Iw
yestorday: It faded from slpht today
with tho Issuance of an .io' ly
Jti'lgo Orub!) ot tho lm"iirt Sttts
circuit court or nppcaii snyli'R tho
Interlocutory Injunction 'vued iy
tho Unltort States district conn pend
ing an appeal.
Washington, Dec. 2. With much
Impatlenco tho stato department
r.wnltcd word from Moxlco City of tho
lelcaso of Consular Agent Jonklns
from tho penitentiary nt Puoblo In
response to thla government's second
sharp nolo to Oarrnnza.
Tal sTnto Uopartmont tonight had
not been advised of tho noto's deliv
ery, but offlclals said It probably was
presented during the day and that
they expected promptj action by tho
Carranza administration In acceding
to tho- "request" of the United
Tho note was forwarded early Sun
day nnd a delayed dispatch from tho
Mexican capital said tho Mexican for
eign oinco announced late last night
that It had not been received. Er
rors In cablo transmission were said
to have delayed Its presentation.
A new sldollght on tho general
Mexican kidnapping situation wau
given today In a report of tho acpturo
of Norman Rowe, a British subject,
by rebels at Zacatccas, who hold him
for ransom, but who quickly rolcnscd
him at tho instance of the Carranzi
administration without payment of
TERS San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 2. Prea-I
Jdcnf'CarrhnML of Mexico 'called a
socrcVecfision of (henhouse of minis
ter afh'i's official residence last Sun
Cay, It was reported tonight in a pri
vate tjesutge from Mexico city te a
prosi!ncut iiexltn to discuss tho
international situation between the
L'sltod Jtm and Mexico.
After the conference President Car
ranta, if was said, decided to send
! telegrams to tho governors of all
'states notifying them to meet him In
conference for tho dlsccsslon of
methods to restore peace In tho ro
publle. Opposing factions have announced
a protest against what they claim was
an Illegal session of tho ministers, It
was declared.
Close friends of tho president, it
was said, pointed out to him the
gravo ncccsBlty for restoring order at
homo saying that solving tho Interna
tional situation depended on taking
Immediate stcpa to set tho Mexican
houso-in order first.
Paris, Dec. 2. Tho first death duo
to' electrocution in handling nn X
Ray npparatus occurred at tho Am
erican hospital at Noulliy yesterdny.
Dr. Jaugeas, In chargo of the X-ray
I work, was preparing to treat a pa
tient when tho Coolldge apparatus
used for transmitting tho aryu aud
denly burst Into a terrlfflc "fuslllailo"
of sparks, tho shock of which killed
the (TocTor Instantly.
Sallna, Kan., Vec 2. Nit in the
history of tho grain bulooi In Kan
aaa havo thoro been so many dltflcul
tieii iifgottlng" grain lo ojarket as
this y ur, in i ti'I i :-s ! ' extern Kau
gas groin men.
Willi about 75 pe- ow of te
wheat threshed fnd - m Wd'Uiii;
for It. grain men find tf lnr)tsilblo to
ma" dcllvori's '" ' t tho car
ah 'i , '
DOUGLAS, Wyo., Dec. 3. Wi!- ipal
Ham Carlisle, train bandit, again, m H
a prisoner, under guard In tho Doug- ibsbbbbbI
Iiih hotspltal whero he is suriering B
from n butlol hole in hhi iigiu luu. B
Ho wan shot down by Sheriff A. A. M
Roach or Wheatland yesterday of- ., B
ternoon, utter ho had beon .urronnl- isisssssi
ed lu tho cabin of Frauk WlilisMe, Ebbbbbbbbi
olghteen miles southwost of horo. bbbbbbbI
Carllslo'B trail through a Heavy 'IsbbbbbbI
snow In tho Laramlo poik country 'IbsbbbbbI
wub followed from early Sunday bsbbbbbs
morning by two posses of twenty H
mon. Tho train bandit escape 1 f row IH
tho posso early yestorday, Jumping H
rrolu a .window of tho WMov Brady's bbbbbbbI
ranch iffllno as tho posso mombors oar bbbbb!
tcrcd.' jlfo was captured ii. li'.i- I bbbbbbI
o'clock yesterday afternoon. H
Curllslo seized a plBtol uii She. iff H
Roach entered tho Williams hone," ' bbbbbbI
but before tho bandit con'.i fire las H
sheriff had eont a bullet IhrauU the M
bandit's right lung, list aid tuat- M
mom wub given tho oiitli'aud lie , H
was carried down tho mountain H
strapped to u pack horso and j rough' B
to 'Douglas In nn autoni':ilo. 9B
It was Carllslo'B frankucs i Ai- VbbbbbbI
mlttlug blH Identity that caused hid .11
undoing. Saturday night Bhesif H
oltach received word that Carlisle ibbbbbI
wub In tho Laramlo poak count-y. U ''bbbB
uotltled John C. Oaylo, chlot epVil posasi
ugent of the Union Paclfloot Omv- f.psB
ha, vlio was lu Cheyonno, aaav m- - ,.9bbbbs1
..r--' ! Ji' 7BBBb1
poc6 was svnt Saturday night Cim ssB
oheytnne by NpocJal train. 'sapapl
In Ue Meantime Sheriff B
had organizvd another puM sett 'B
took, a train to Dwyor. Thei ilM 'B
posso obtained teams and drove tbxs B
u bitter blizzard to tho ranch of Repj bbbbbI
lulcher, at -the head of Y'nh ereea 'bbbbbI
m the south side of Laramie peak. '
Tito snow was so deep it was las- LH
possible to go further with teams a not -
tho puuue proCuudod SoAday mornlssT bbbbbI
uu 'iiui'ouuuck lu ma toy of the peak. L
Tho remalndor of tho pursuit vmm pH
mado on foot, the horses being u H
ablo to plow througu Uio hugo drifts.
Tho posso learned that Carlislo ha4 iWU
eaten Thauksglvlug dinner at tlw :H
ranch of William illll. From almost M
every rancher the pernio obtained ft.'- 'H
ther iufunuutiou. iiu had dluucr at 'M
inu huiiie ut ouo lancnur uuo day, aa- H
otlier tho next. Monday morning be i
was at Jim Shaw's ranch ou Horse- ' iH
i.in.u uriuii. Ho iiaa niuuor and uup- 'B
per ut Frank Day's near Esterbrook IIbbbb!
park, and, .was tiucud to that plaea lafl
yesterday luorulng. It waa then 'M
lcamcd tiiut ho hud loft this mora- '
ing from tho homo of Frank Newell
for the La llonto country and' the Jj9
'poaso lost Ills trail. ' Ks
Salt Lake,' Dec. 3, John T. Boyle Tut?
I who war. arrested recently by Wnt M
,11. DnveniJOrt, eccret service ngOn), IRS
for telling "home-made" whisky un- JBb
dcr counterfeit seals, became Involve W&
ed further With tho federal laws yeo- 'tBsI
terday when It was dlacovorod that aBj
ho hud in his possession counterfeit "r
1 i.i.i;' for opium. In a room ocoiv- 'Wi
pied' by Boyle was found a sulL case 'WEb
coutaiulug oven caua of opium, says '' wa
fivonport. ' . t ' II
t ' w
DoyJo waa glvon a ' nrollmlnary . SI
"" ml
hearing yesterdny boforo U, S, Com-, ,j iji
missluner ITonry Van Polt. Hia ball ffl
vis jilmted at $t,000whlch ha could
t'- iii'nlfih. j 'i I
' M
JoBoih Allon of Covo was tu tho ' B
.'v To '-'lay nn business. JH

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