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, So live that when tho cot- Cfjff f js. JK 3l( T fck. ,&&, t J 1t A yLV,A, XSw ll ,& rt, , Tlin HOAD TO PRO!. HH
lector comes around )ou ( U J 1T (fi ftfW Ii3m Tffl 1918 W& "fi l& iTC 1M I IB Iff ifv lH MM' PEMTY. Rnlso your sor- BH
can say: 'Tell rae how (M I T ,5oBl I IB I aT 9 11 5 ill I I 1 Q II 111 H I T S 11 v,co lo tho maximum and BH
much It la and I'll giro WkL.S '3'WW' ( OJ IL W J&W tkJ W SW W' WW W ii' A W" (&W 11-11' then do not collect nny moro .KSSF
you1 a check." V2"3" r J---y 7j"l I Jl vr v ? v TV th(m J0U cnrn Bj
v Where Your
Taxes Go
How Uncle Sam Spends
Your Money in Conduct
ing Your Business
Author "WuMutaa CJm-Ui.m "Bull uul
tlnudtl 8rtmj," U. Conttbotor rolltlcl
4 EeoaomJt ArtUlM la LMdln( FtrMlemla
tnd Writtr ef lUmolud Authority oa tb
tUUaul GortraiBtat'l Bwlaw UathodJ
Copjrlcbt. WTnttra Ntwipatt Ualoo
' 'Just now a belated effort Is under
way to find out some of the facta
I about government business' and gov-
' eminent employment.' The Bureau of
H the Budget has been organized and
Is In operation under the direction of
Charles O. Dawes.
Both houses of congress are work
ing on the problem of reclassification
of government positions and salaries.
The Veterans' bureau has been or
' ganlzed and has taken over Uie bureau
of war risk Insurance, that part of
the public health service which had
to do with veterans, and all of tho
work of tho federal board for voca
tional education except that part
which had to do with tho trcatmeut of
persons Injured In the Industries.
f There Is also tho Inquiry being mode
I by the Joint committee on tho re
organization of the administrative
branch of the government of tho two
houso of congress, of which I have
spoken. Walter F. Brown of Ohio Is
chairman of this committee, represent
ing President Harding. The members
of tho committee are, on the part of
tho senate, Senators Sraoot of Utah,
Ilarrlson of Mississippi and Wads
worth of New York. The members on
the part of tho house nro Repre
sentatives Reavls' of Nebraska, Temple
of Pennsylvania and Mooro of Virginia.
Tho Job of this Joint committee Is
to "make a survey of tho ndmlnlstra-
o services of the government for the
iurposo of securing all pertinent facts
rcgardtng their powers and duties,
k) their distribution among the several
T executive departments, and tho over
lapping and duplication of authority.?
' In reporting the resolution from the
Judiciary committee to the h( the
members ,wcro told :
It Is a matter of common knowledge
that million of dollars are waited by
the government by the almost endless
duplication ot activities. There has been
no fundamental change In the adminis
trative activities since the organisation
was devised by Alexander .Hamilton, and
the remit Is that activities entirely out
of harmony with the functions of depart
ments have grown with the passing years
until the government of the United States
has become not only the biggest business
In the world, but the world's worst man
aged business.
The purpose of the resolution Is to
ascertain so far as possible the extent
ot the overlapping and, duplication ot ac
tivities, with the view that numerous
commissions and bureaus may be elimi
nated and a great: saving effected In the
governmental expenditures. The commit
tee feels that no more 'constructive legis
lation Is possible under existing condi
tions than the legislation proposed by
the resolution. With the present condi
tion ot the nation's finances and the bur
deni tho people suffer because of exces
slvo taxation, any legislative measure
looking to real economy should commend
Itself to the sympathetic attention of the
house, and ws feel that the passage of
this resolution and the work ot the com
mittee which will be done under Its au
thority will result In the saving of mil
lions annually.
It can bo predicted with considerable
assurance that nothing will come of
this proposed voyage of discovery un
less1 we, the shareholders In the cntcr
' prise, malntnln an nctlve, lively, sus
tained Interest In It. One thing Is al
ways true, ot the. house pf repre
sentatives it is representative. ?f
I wo brcatlie Warmly upon It, It glows.
If wo nre Indifferent It becomes cold.
This isn't tho first time that a plan
lina been sqt in -motion to find out
something about) how.tho government's
business Is conducted.
The parllest Inquiry Into tho ad
ministrative methods of tho executive
departments was mndo by tho Cockrell
commission In 1887. "Six yenrs later,
In 1803, a Joint commission, Of which
Representative Dockery was chairman,
was appointed to examine the status
of tho laws organizing tho depart
ments. President Roosevelt In 1005
k named an Interdepartmental committee,
of which 0. n. Keep, assistant secre
' Cv tary of the trensury, was chairman, to
, fc, consider department methods. Presl
' dent Taft In turn, In 1010, named a
' A commission on economy and efficiency
i ' of which Frederick Cleveland was
I l chairman.
Broadly and generally speaking,
t ." nothing came of theso enterprises.
You and I commonly nnd vaguely
ii llhown as the public were not In-
, tcrcsted, and neither una congress.
. That ended It.
4 But Just now, nt'thlfj moment, we
p' havo tho best chance wo ever had to
'4 -' find out oboiit our common business
1 '4 and how to Imprnvo It and lessen Its
S cost to us. Tho burden of supporting
II It is heavier than ever before.
You will perhaps notlco all through
. ' those' nrtjcles that tho Information
' ft supplied -ine nfjout-tuo general facta
W of government employment and govern-
OSPt business, arc In ImnS: of
At this season of the year when
people's finer sensibilities nro
brought to expression In a universal
spirit of giving, it Is natural that wc
are concerned with the happiness of
our loved ones. Especially aro our
thoughts focused on our children. It
gladdens our hearts to bring Joy to
them. Wo nro rejuvenated in seeing
them rejoice. Without stint do we
ahotwer upon them tho gifts of our
wealth and blessing of our hearts.
In sharp contrast to our bounte
ous supplies of the necessities and
the good things of life is the condi
tion of famine, disease and suffering
which stalks tho people ot the Near
East. Even today there are more
than ono hundred thousand little
children in tho Near East Relief Or
phanages who cry, not for toys, but
for bread. They want only enough to
allay tho stinging pangs of hunger
nnd cold. They are tho orphan chil
dren of the oldest Christian nation
In tho world, famished and shlv
erlng through no fault of their own,
but victims of War's grim ravages.
Wo face the solemn fact that thoy
will die by the thousands this win
ter If American relief Is withdrawn.
Tho glamor of the war has gone.
Real love, clear vision nnd true sac
rifice nro asked of us now as never
before. It is only this that will res
cue the Near East from obliteration.
Upon a previous occasion I havo
called upon tho peoplo of Utah to
help. Being fully awaro ot tho ready
response, the sympathy and tender
pity which my former appeal mot,
and having been edoply moved per
sonally by the descriptions ot un
parrefled suffering of thoso Httlo
one3 overseas, I ask again that those
of ua who1 can glvo either food or
money do so. Let ua increaso our
contributions In a true spirit of Yule
tldo, Sincerely yours,
(Signed) CHAS. R. MABEY
a '
Wednesday evening tho High Sch
""' catortalnod with a banquot which
was held in tho High School auditor
ium. Afterwards a student body
dance was given in tho Clarkston
Amusement Hall, all given In honor
of tho Weston Basket Ball team.
Thursday, Mr. Preston Maughan
and Clayton Nlolson gave a dancing
party In honor of their school gra
des, tho decorations wero made ot
Xmas which were arranged beautiful
Miss Sarah Clark, who has been at
tending the U. A. C. ot Logan Is
home spending tho Christmas Holi
days with her parenes, Mr. and Mrs.
J. P. Clark.
Mr. Wallace Stewart and Win. Ol
sen left Thursday to spend tho re
mainder ot the winter nt San Diego
Mr. J. A. Thorson left Friday morn (
lng for his "homo in Sandy to spend
tho holidays.
Mr. Leo NIbIi Is spending the week
end nt Logan.
Sat. evening Miss Fauntllla God
frey entertained in honor of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Morris Godfrey of Salt Lake
a dainyt luncheon wasi served to
twelvo guests.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Moris Godfrey
wero dinner guests at Mr. nnd Mrs.
Androw Clark on Sunday.
The average Ford owner will say
It Is tho most simple car manufac
tureduntil ho brings it home from
a garage that Iibb Just overhauled it.
Tho limitation of armament conven
tlon might havo won a placo in his
tory if they had nlao mndo ,l a ,lml" 1
tatlon ot tlmo in agreeing. '
eslhuntes 411.O iipproxliufitlous This 1
Is ono of tho defects of government
organization. It Is so large and so
formless, nnd Its parts so unreloted,
that exact and precise Information
about tho whole Is virtuolly unob
It is of the greatest urgency nnd
need that the people shall know
about their government, but they will
find It difficult to leam until the grv
emment knows alwut Itself.
RICHMOND, Dec. 24 Funeral
services over the remains of Mrs
Carolina Olsen were held Friday nt
the Richmond ward tabernacle, Coun
cllor William Anderson presided.
Choir sang 'When First tho Glor
loous Light of Truth." Invocation
was offered by Alma Merrill. Sing
ing, 'Sister Thou Wns't Mild and
liovely" The speakers were Elder
Hach ot Oxford, Ellas Larson of Lo
gan, W. L. Skldmore and William
Anderson. A solo, 'I Havo Read of a
Beautiful City" was rendered by Han
nah ChrUtensen. Closing Song.
'Farewell All Earthly Honors." Bono
diction -was pronounced by L. Edgar
Merrill. Each of tho speakers spoko
ot the Btorllng qualities ot ho do
ceased and of her constant aim to
be actlvo and useful throughout her
life, ot tho hardships sho had endur
ed for her religious freedom. Sho
lived and died a faithful Latter Day
Miss Mabel Eskelson Is spending
tho week at Salt Lake.
Mrs. Lodlcry Olsten Is visiting
friends and relatives In Salt Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Anthon ChrlstonBcn
wero Logan visitors Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels RaBmusscn ot
Franklin have moved hero for fu
ture residence.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Carlson are
tho parents of a now baby girl. Mrs.
CarlBon is suffering from nn attack
ot pnoumonla fever.
A number of tho telephono lines
wero put out of commission on ac
count of tho recent heavy storms.
Tho Bon Huir club entertained
their husbands Wednesday night at!
a basket lunch at the home of Mr.j
and Mrs. Reno B. Woolly. A prize
was .given for ho prattlost basket
which was won by Mrs Ulyses Lewis.
Sixteen guests enjoyed tho affair.
Mayor . L. Funk returned Tues
day with sovonteen puro bred hol
steln cows. Mr. Funk believes that
only tho best is good enough. This
rulo especially applies to his cattlo.
Mrs. Katlo Spackman returned
home Saturday from Sugar Clt), Ida.
where sho has been visiting for sev
eral weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. John Olsen nnj fam
ily ot Oxford spent a fow days of
last weok hero with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hendricks are
receiving congratulations on tho safo
arrival of a now baby girl.
Miss Gladys Walters returned
homo Saturday from n thrco weoks
visit in Salt Lake.
Dr. and Mrs." H. A. Adamson wero
Ogden visitors Thursday.
Mr. Ernest Tripp, who has been
in th0 United States Navy for the
past six years is nero to bjjuhu mu
Christmas holidays with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Yv. R. Tripp.
Funeral services over the remains
of Mrs. Annlo E. K. Funk wero held
Wednesday at tho South Ward Chap
el. Bishop J. L. McCarry presiding.
Services began by choir singing,
'Through Doeponlng Trails". Invoca
tion was offered by Councilor II. M.
Egan, Choir sang 'I Need Theo Ev
ery Hour." Tho first speaker was
W. L. Skldmore, Ho said ho had
known her for many yoars that sho
had always possessed a good, kind
spirit, her family had been raised
good, honorable, men and women.
Whllo tho occasion was a solomn ono
hero, In tho Eternal world H was
ono of glorious meeting with hor bo
lovcd husband who had prececded
her many years ago. Ho bollovcd her
work on earth had bocn well done
l- A. Bald sooko of his early nc-
qualntanco with tho decoasod, hav
ing bcon closely connected with tho
family In tho dally labors In Hfo.
Bishop P. N. Nelson said ho almost
folt unworthy to speak nt tho ser
vices of such a noblo woman, ho ro
membered hor slnco ho was a very
small boy, sho had been a very close
friend ot his fathers' family. Ho said
this good woman had emigrated to
this country for her Talth in tho
goBpol, if wo kcop tho command
ments of God wo will bo found wor
thy of an exaltation In his colcstl
al kingdom as ho felt euro Mrs.
Funk had gained through hor right
eous living. Bishop Nelson closed
his remarks by asking for Gods bles
sings upon all that wo may appre
ciate Gods teachings. 'Oh My Father'
was sung by Hannah Ohrlstenson,
Lucy Hendricks, II. S. Webb and W.
A. Pitcher. O. A. Hogan Bald ho
felt honored to have tho prlvolego
to apeak on this occasion, ima mo
ther had Imd a hard battk through
Hfo, having been loft a widow whon
her children were small she had
withstood tho trials and had ralsod
them to bo men and women pt noblo
characers.'Ho-'Bald ho-could hoarlly
endorso tho remarks of tho previous
speakers, It wo would be faithful to
tho covennnts of tho Lord, all will
bo well. S. W. Hendricks said ho
had lived a neighbor ot Mrs. Funk
for soveral years and what over tho
circumstances she was novcr known
to complain. H. S. Webb sang,'
Sometime We'll Understand." Bi
shop J. L. McCarry spoko of hor
qulot, unassuming nature and said
sho was never known to speak 111 ot
anyono, her policy In llfo was lovo
thy nolghbor as thy self. Tho clos
ing hymn was 'Sister Thou Was't
Mild ad Lovely." Benediction was
pronounced by T. II. Merrill.
Mrs. Annlo Funk was born March
1st, 1842 in Denmark. Sho was the
widow of the lato Christopher Futok.
Sho was ono of tho early ploneora
of Richmond. Sho was tho mother
of eight children, tho following sur
vive, hor: E. L. and J. W. Funk ot
1 TTmim ITnviBrtn of
Richmond, Mrs. Iiyrum Monson 01
Ogden and Mrs. Nowton Woodruff ot
Idaho Falls.
(Items of Inst weok)
Funeral services over the remains
of Mrs. Carolina Wcstcrburg wero
held Wednesday at the South Ward
1. 1 11 .. IB LliL-U
.Tilings That Santa Brought j
NEWTON, .Dec 24, Tho funeral
Tor Mrs. Magna Benson, wlfo of Mar
cus J. Benson, was held at 10 oclocl.
on Thursdav Bishop M. C. Rlgby
presided. Tho following persons
spoko of tho llfo and character ol
tlhs good wlfo and mother: Elder
James A. Hansen, President C. M.
Chrlstenscn of Logau, President J
E. Griffin, Elder Nephl Chrlstonsen
and Bishop M. C. Rlgby. MuBlcal se
lections wero furnished by Mrs. M.
L. George Clarko and Joseph Jones.
W. It. Ballard offered tho opening
prayer and Joseph Tuddonham pro
nonnctNl tho benediction. At tho cem
etery Niels Jacobsen dedicated tin
Mrs. Benson was born In Denmark
52 years ago an dcamo to Utah when
sho was fifteen vcara of ago. Sho Is
survived by her husband, M. J. Ben
son, n son Rovden BonBon, three
daughters, Mrs. Hazel Rlgby, Mrs.
Norma Chrlstonsen nnd Miss Mil
dred Benson, also a brother, John
Larson and threo shters.
A lively gamo of basket ball was
plavcd hero on Friday evening be
tween our local bo s and tMo crack
team from Weston, score 12 to 30 In
favor of tho local team. An cnJoynblo
dnnco followed.
chapel. Slshop J. L. McCarry pre
siding. Opening song, 'I Kunw That
My Redeemer Lives." Invocation was
offored by Pros. O W. Llntlqulst.
Singing, 'Sister Thou Wero Mild and
Lovely." Tho speakers wero L. E.
Johanson. Tree. J. W. Funk Elder
Peterson of Preston, who had bocn
n very close friend of tho family for
thlrty-flvo years. Lohl Olson, a ne
phew of tho deceased, nnd BIbIiop J.
L. McCarry. Special musical num
bers wero 'Oh My Father," by Brig
Monson In tho Swedish language,
nri"d''Somo8weet 'Day, Byo and Bye,"
by Alma V. Morrill. Each speaker em
phaslsed tho fact that Mrs. Woster
borg had been a good, faithful Lat
ter Day Saint, Ho also spoko ot tho
quiet, unassuming nature of ho fam
ily, Being lovod and respected by
all who know them. Tho closing
song 'I Need Theo Every Hour,"
was rendered by tho choir. Benedic
tion vvns pronounced by Slvcn Nol
son. Tho floral offerings wore many
nnd very beautiful.
Mrs. Carolina Westerborg was
born at WIngboker, Sweden Jan. 28,
1845. Sho with hor family camo to
America In 1877, locating at Mink
Crook, Idaho, where she resided un
til fourteen years ago when tho
camo to Richmond. Her husband E.
E. Wcstorborg died seven years ago,
slnco that tlmo she has lived with
her daughter, Mrs. Robert Lawn.
Sho Is survived by one daughter,
Mrs. Larsen, and thrco Bons, Alfred
E Chns. A. and August P. Wester
borg, also sixteen grandchildren.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shrives nro
rejoicing over the sate arrival of a
now baby girl. Mrs Shrives Is at the
homo of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Egan.
Mrs. Llnnlo Balr was tendered a
surprlso party nt her homo Friday
aftoroon. Lunch was served to ton
A first class entertainment will bo
given Friday night, Dec. 23, at tho
Opera houso by tho Primary organi
zations of tho two Richmond wards.
Tho officers, teachers and children
havo .been working diligently for
Bomo tlmo In order to present this
entertalnmont to tho public in a
first class mannor. Tho officers and
teachers should bo encouraged in
their good work by your presence
Jut that night. Tho general public
with their financial aid will bo much
ly appreciated. Santa Claus has ac
cepted tho Invitation to bo In atend
anco Admission wilt bo fifteen and
twenty fivo cents.
Tho Higglns Dramatic Co., pre
sented to tho public Friday night,
'The Girl o tho Eaglo Ranch."
Miss Mario Housely, daughter of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Bon Housely and Jam
es Layton of Downey, wero married
Wednesday at tho Logan Templo A
wedding supper was served In the
evening at tho homo of tho brldo's
parents. Covers wero laid for twenty-four.
Mr. and Mrs. Lajton will
mnko their homo at Downoy.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Harris enter
tained nt a family dinner Sunday
Covers wero laid for olghteen.
The beet Sugar Industry Is so Im- ffiW
portnnt to ilto liberty and tho pur- PII
suit of happiness" In theso western feMB
states that It must bo saved. HuPfl
In Utah and Idaho alono about UuiiH
four million bags of sugar aro pro- liLLa
duced with each annual harvest, rLLB
which brings about $18,000,000 at
present prices. This sugar Is manu- H
factured from beets that aro grown iH
on about 160,000 acres of land. j
Tho wheat and alfalfa end of our lfl
agricultural llfo is ot cxtremo lm- H
portanco also, but to produce that fl
much wealth In wheat would requilro feLH
tho successful cultivation of ono mil- HH
lion acres, and to produco that much H
woalth in alfalfa It would requlro
tho cultivation ot two million acres, H
both estimated at present prices. H
With theso figures in tho minds PpfH
of tho peoplo it Is evident that tho
Beet Sugar Industry Is not only H
worth saving, but that tho Beet Su-
gar Industry must bo saved. It Is tho
duty of both manufacturer and pro- HH
duccr to got togother on n basis tH
wheio both can weather tho passing jH
storm without getting 'soaked." Tho H
Industry must not bo saved for ono, fH
neither for tho other, for tho put- B
ting of ono out of business will tnko BH
tho other with It. There must bo n PH
reasonable, Bafo and sano working ffH
out of tho problem. Tho clouds nro BPH
apparently clearing and tlmo tho fH
great lovener will mnko tho adjust- PH
ment that will bo for tho benefit ot H
Cndet officers of tho R. O. T. C. M
at tho Utah Agricultural Collego M
havo Just received notlco that their H
petition for a chapter ot tho Scab- fH
bard and Blado, a National Cadet KV
Military Society, has been granted H
and proceedings will commence at M
onco to Install tho chnpter. BH
Membership In tho Scaobard and M
Illado Society Is limited to officers IH
of tho R. O. T. C. exclusively, Uu- H
til ho last meeting of tho national H
officers, which was huld nt Lansing, H
Michigan only twenty four chapters PH
had been granted, thoso of tho West BH
lncludlnlg University ot Washington, IH
Stnto Collego of Washington Oregon IH
Agricultural Collego, Kansas Stato BH
Agriculural Collego, ond Iowa Stato H
Colleco. Tho other chapters wero lo- LfifJIJI
lUlll'gU. lilt; UUIVl v..-1'wn -j. - ggH
catcd at Eastern or Southern Instl- fM
Major A. . Sullivan, commander of H
he Cadet Battalllon nt tho College, H
terms tho advent of this National PH
socloty ad nn epoch waking factor In JH
the military history of the IiiBtltu- H
tlon, and believes Its intlucnco will jH
tend to nrouso moro interest in tho MB
advanced R. O. T. C. work. p3
Through tho efforts ot tho follow- BPu
lng nine cadet officers was grantod: jjaB
Clifford Stevenson, Cndet Major; Ea?,
Flojd Larsen, Captain 'A' Company; kK
Gordon Croft, Captain 'B' Company; Wflt
William Bowman, 1st Lieutenant, A 2w
Company; Rulon Smith, 1st Llou- M
tenant A Company; L. S. Morris, 2nd Wm
"'cutenRnt "B Company; John Ornnf, 9
1st Lieutenant, Winter Detachment; MM
Roland Smith, 3rd Lieutenant 'B" WJ
Company; and Robert BJorkman 2nd WW
Lleutennnt, Adjutant. Qjgg
Othet members will bo initiated IK
after representatives from tho Wash 9ft
ington or Oregon chapters officially Mjg
Install tho chaptor at tho collego. fjffl
Officers arested a man tho other 9jBj
day who was burying something thoy Kg
thought might lead to tho dlscovory K
of a cilmo. Thoy found ho was bury-
lng tho box of cigars his wlfo had H
given him for Christmas and all tho
man said was: 'I know ono of us 1
would havo to bo burled. I was try- W
lng to nrrango It so It wouldn't bo
mo. H
Thcro aro 3975 teachors in tho H
schools ot Utah as against 3875 a M
year ago. B

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