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Where Your
r Taxes Go
How Uncle Sam Spends
Your Money in Conduct
ing Your Business
Author "Wuhlnrtra Cloee-Upe," "Dsnka and
Financial BrHemi," t. Contributor Political
and Eeonotnle Article! to Leading Periodical
and a Writer of Recognlied Aotherltf on the I
National Gxmroment'a Dulacai Method. I
Copnicbt, Weetern Ncwepeper Union
' Secretary Mellon of the treasury, In
a letter to Representative Fordney,
chairman of tho committee on ways
and means of the houBe of representa
tive, says: "Ordinary expenditures
Ifor the first three quarters of the fis
cal year, 1021, havo been 13,783,771,'
000.74, or at the rate of about $3,000,-.
000,000 for the year. . . According
to the latest estimates of the spending
departments. . . ordinary expend U
turcs during the fiscal year, 1022, In
eluding Interest on tho public debt,
I will bo over $4,000,000,000.
"Tho nation cannot continue to
spend at this shocking rate. As the
President said In his message, tho bur
den Is unbearable, and there are two
avenues of relief, 'One Is resistance
In appropriation and tho other Is the
utmost economy In administration.'"
' It. O. Lefllngwell, formerly an assis
tant secretary of tho treasury, whom
I haS-o quoted previously In these ar
ticles, and who Is still deeply and ac
dvoly Interested In securing retrench
ment In national expenditures, com
menting on this utterance of Sccretnry
Mellon, says: "Why should thero bo
retrenchment In public expenditure?
Why does tho secretory of tho treas
ury speak of current nnd estimated ex
penditures as shocking? What Is tho
evil that we are discussing and what
Is Its effect?
"Government expenditures must be
met from taxes. To tho extent thnt
they are met promptly from taxes and
from honest taxes directly laid upon
I the Incomes of tho people, and In pro-
portion to those Incomes, exaggeration
of the evil of government expenditure
,, H Is nvoldcd. Government expenditure
( takes the money of all tho pooplo for
tho supposed benefit of a portion of
tho people, honestly or dishonestly,
equally or unequally, nvowedly by di
rect taxation, or surreptitiously by tho
Indirect taxation which results from
Inflation of currency nnd credit and
of the public debt.
: , "Government expenditure takes tho
fruits of tho earth and the labor of
tho people nnd diverts them from the
productlvo nnd reproductive enter
prises of men, from tho nnturnl enjoy
ment of tho men, who by their pru
dence, foresight and effort, created the
wealth and mndo It nvnllable, to the
i sometimes benevolent nnd sometimes
- ' belligerent, but almost always cconom-
I Icnlly wasteful, purposes of govern
"Government exploits all of us for
tho benefit, or supposed benefit, of
some -of us. Yielding to the vague
aspirations of men for n better world
or a better distribution of the good
things of this earth, government Im
poses upon all of us ever-Increasing
burdens In the effort to benefit vocif
erous nnd organized minorities.
"Koch of the executive departments
Is concerned to Improve Its service
and to discover new and useful fields
of service. The entire organization
of tho army, of the navy, of each of
tho departments, Independent olllces
nnd agencies of tho government, Is tie
" ' voted to an Important task. Its par
ticular function seems" of vital use
fulness, even necessity. Experts In
ench aro nllveto Its defects nnd to
tho opportunities for usefulness which
have not been availed of.
-. "The secretary, or other head of
1 tho department, drawn from private
life, perhaps wholly Ignorant at the
outset of the naturo nnd extent of Its
problems, promptly becomes the advo
cate of the policies and demands of
his permunent assistants and burenu
chiefs. If ho does not become such
advocate, he mny break down tho
mornle of his organization nnd possibly
lose the contldlHico of his personnel.
11 "Behind It all Is tho pressuro of or-
i gnnlzed Interests In tho constituencies,
which nre the beneflclnrles of specific
expenditures, operating upon polltl
! ji. clans, executive departments, senators
i ' 0,id congressmen. Tho strident volco
I ,j of greed Is heard In the market place
)' nnd In legislative halls; tho volco of
1 "jp the people Is barely audible.
t Wk "Tho fact that each project Is con-
)! sldercd separately, without reference,
IB cither la executive departments or
M congress, to w ii and means of limine-
i Mjl lnjr it, prevents concentration of popu-
i '"Jl Inr opinion on thu awful totnl. All
1 iH ngreo that theio must bo economy, but
i iSt ns each item ! presented ull seeming-
iHf iy ngreo that Mmt Is not the proper
JB Held for economj- Thero must bo ocon-
K omy, hut there must bo a merchant
' jH marine. hate i r tho cost. Thero must
WM be economy, but iho government must
9B pay high wages m railroad employees
" jB andfumlalitruj' jortutlonon the roll?
" "ie. V m& &rmanv begins SpETesaS? sTSSIjHar
English-irish ufrSjJel -,- 1 fiLa-T'e '' Jy
csot rui poo Knocarw sen oo Bi 4 tWL foaBsS fS?!$ ivVRpiNGPlHS TME
h5 v Wa111111!! TAFT cms A htw R0DE' fgms, JjJ
7 lf S,VI t T j-jy, BABE?ulHAstll,,
11 'I - . . gr" TtXip? us, v-.-4s5-Scrr
A sad death occured on Wednes
day evening when Mrs. Josephine
Grlckson passed away at her residen
ce In this city. Mrs. Erlckson suffer
ed a paralytic stroke Wednesday
morning and never regained consci
ousness. She was tho wife of Mr.
Chas. J. Erlckson and ho with four
children survlvo her. Thoy aro Mrs.
Julia Mc Donald, Mrs. Agnes White,
Mr. Albion Erlckson and Miss Viola
Erlckson. Two sisters also survlvo
her, they aro Mrs. W. O. Hansen of
Cornish and Mrs. Win. Anderson of
Lowlston. Mrs. Erlckson was 55
years of ago last August and lias been
a resident of Logan for forty-ono
Tho funeral services will bo hold
Sunday at 2 o'clock In tho ninth ward
meeting Iioubo. Tho remains may bo
vlowcd at tho family residence 45 W.
5th N. betweon the hours of 10; and
11:30 on Sunday morning.
Funeral services will bo held to
morrow Sundny In tho Third Ward
meeting houso over tho remains of
Leona Mario Sorenson tho littlo nino
year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
E. H. Soronson. Tho littlo girl pas
sed away early Thursday morning
from tho effocta of pnoumonla. She
had been 111 but four days and tho
sympathy of tho community goes out
to tho heart broken parents.
roathT nC less" tliifil cost. There must
be economy, but tho World war sol
diers must hnvo their bonus. There
must bo economy, but Civil war pen
sions must bo Increased. Thero must
ho economy, but we must prepnro for
war, regardless of expense."
You know .this is true. Tho new
budget law will help very much this
condition but unless you nre Interest
ed, continuously, actively, openly In
I terested, yoor money will not be saved.
Iletliictlon In tax valuations propos
ed. County Commissioners pro
pose n voluntary reduction in snlar
ics. I ton d building nnd other mat
ters of Interest discussed.
Tho Cacho County Tnx commltteo
hold an Important meeting at tho
Court Houso Thursday, and from tho
way tho work of tho farm Ilureau Is
sinking In on tho farmers It looks ns
though tho Farmers of Cacho Valloy
will not only domonstrnto to tho peo
ple of tho stato that they know
what they want but that" thoy also
know how io get It.
President Dergeson reported that
tho general sontlmont oxprcsscd at
tho meotlng hold at Salt Lak'o City
last week was that land values were
too high through tho stato. A mot
Ion was made, seconded, nnd carried,
that It bo tho sonso of this meeting
that this commltteo support tho Cou
nty Commissioners and Assessor In a
reduction In tho tax valuation of farm
land from 20 per cent to 25 per cent
for tho year 1022.
County Commissioner Henry Thou
rer, reportc,i thnt tho County Com
missioners aro going to submit to a
cut In salary and that tho plan Is to
mako a reduction In salnrlos, whoro
necessary, of tho othor offlcors nntf
clorks of tho county.
Tho question of teachers' salary
was brought up and Trosldont Hogan
of tho Cacho County School Board pro
mlsed to present tho facts on that
quostlon at a futuro mooting.
Tho question of cement road build
Ing for tho coming season was dis
cussed at length and It was decided
Iby a vote that It bo tho sonso.of this
mooting that in 18 foot, In width,
cement road bo built from Smlthflolj
Tho Republican extends the hand
of fellowship to ono of our latest and
newest cltlzzens, Hon. Wlllnrd S.
Hanson of Logan, lato of Fielding,
Box Elder County. Senator Hansen
has purchased a residence hero and
can bo found at homo at 13D West
Contor Streot.
Ho Is Until to our schools linvlnc
flvn.fllllllrnn nt flln Tl " C nml Iwn
iiYe'miMieii ill iiiu J). 1. u. uuu two
nt the U. A. C. Ilo Is a director at
the U. A. C. as well as being on the
Board of Directors of the First Nat
ional Bank.
Somehow we have always figured (
that Senator Hanson should live In I
Logan. lie Is Just the kind of do,
tnrmlned progrosslvo cltlzon that wo
need, and now thnt we havo got him
and liis good family lets keep him,
show him that wo apprcclato him,
nnd cast our hook for moro of his
typo. Ho Is tho kind that makes for
real citizenship.
mm n . ii
Messrs Shamhnrt and Chrlstonsen
wero shown tho cstem In which they
aro held and tho appreciation of tliolr
falrand courteous treatment of tho
omployeos of tho big Department
Storo when thoy woro each prcsontod
with nn elornnt diamond scarf pin
from tho omplocoB.
to Cross Ronds.
Moetlng adjourned to meet at Lo
gan January 7th at 10:00 A. M.
Tho tax commlttoo of tho Cache
Countv Farm Bureau, or Commlttoo
of ton, consists of tho following Farm
Bureau members:
E. Boigeson: O. A. Hogan; Win.
Homer; H. A Thouror; Olof Cron
qulst; J. B. Whlto; II. C. Barker; C.
O. Wood- Z. W. Hendricks; Herschol
Chas. O; Wood,
Secretary Comroltto of Ten.
Tho Cache County Farm Bureau
held its annual meetilng at tho Court
House yesterday.
Meeting called to order by Pros. E.
Dergeson who read call of meeting.
Order of business: First, tho elec
Hon of chairman of meeting, William
John J. llcndiy named as Secre
tary of meotlng.
Nominations for President Mr.
Hatch of Cornish nominated Ephriam
Dergeson. Seconded by Mr. Peterson
of Logan. Voto unanimous.
J. J. Hendry nominated Harry C.
Parkor of Wcllsvlllo as Vice Presi
dent. William Homer was nominated as
Vlco President Seconded by Olof
Mr. Thos. Matklns of Hydo Park
seconded nomination of Mr. Parkor.
Mr. Homor respectfully resigned.
Mr. Parker elected b unanimous
Mr. MntkltiB nomlnnted Robert Jvlc
Quarrio as secretary and treasurer.
Seconded by L. P. Peterson.
Oluf Cronqulst moved rules bo sus
pended and Mr. McQuarrlo bo voted
In by ixcclamatlon. Motion carried
and voto unanimous.
Olof Cronqulst nomlnnted as a
Jos. J. Molklo nomlnnted by Olof
Cronqulst ns a director.
Moved and seconded nomination
placed and proceed to ballot.
Moved nnd secondo,) chair appoint
three tollers. Tellers nppolnted
Frank Wood, Jos. J. Molklc, and Olof
Result of voto James J. Molklc 0
Olof Cronqulst 8.
Mr. Cronqulst elected.
Frank Wood nominated as a dir
ector at large. Nominations closed
and Mr. Wood elected by acclamation
The convention then took a recess
until 2 p. m. when It reassembled
and listened to reporls of tho chair
men of tho various departments In
the burenu. Tho reports rovcolod tho
fact that tho committees havo boon
busy throughout tho year and much
has been accomplished for tho farmers.
Tho policy to be adopted In the
mntter of beet contracts for tho cont-
I Ing season was considered and up-
I on motion of Samuel Telford of Rich
mond tho convention went on lecord
for a "sliding scale" contract.
Tho tax question wns then discus
sed. Vlco-Presldent Parkor report
ed tho action of tho recent tax gath
ering nt Salt Lnko Clty nKo tho meet
lng of tho commltto with our local
county commissioners nnd drow a
great big round of applause when ho
declared that It would lx tho wllcy of
tho bureau to stand for on Income
HerBChel Billion, n member of tho
tnx committee, throw soino sldo
lights on tho leccnt discussion of the
tnx matter at the Capltal.sald that
predictions were already being circu
lated that tho farmers know what
thev wanted but did not know how
to get, and predicted thnt If all tho
counties would organlzo and get to-1
gether llko the fanners of. Cacho. that ,
those who predicted failuro would be
treated to a dose of disappointment
Senator Willara Hansen, formerly
of Garland but now of Logan spoke
of his recent trip East on the rate
question and said tho tlmo was now
nenr at hand when tho benefits of
this trip would bo realized. Ho ad
monished tho farmors to organlzo
and stand together.
John T. Cane III said the clouds
wore, clearing and thnt 1022 would
bo n fnr hotter year than 1021. Ho
wns gla,i 1021 wns about gono nnd
looked much moro hopotul for much
hotter tlmos oarly in 1922. He spoke
of tho poslslon Cacho occupies In tho
Dnlrytng Industry and said our fame
was nation wldo as a County wnero
our cows wero free from tubureiilosls
Ho Impressed upon the farmers the
noesHlf of guarding this distinc
tion, and thereby keeping our present
i pood record.
! Dr. Evans of tho U. A. C irave an
' Interesting talk on tho alms and ob-
Jocts of tho bureau, and hope unltv
of purpose would guldo tho farmers
In their work.
Dr. L. P. Peterson spoko of tho
vast amount of money thnt wns tnk
on out of tho country each year
Youngstown, O.. Dec. 30, Notlco SliPi
of n "breath Inspector" to bo appoint- Slvlll
ed for tho pollco force, Inserted in SMM
tho pollco roll call nero as a Joko, jj&SH
was hailed as a good Idea by Mayor- ffl&fk
elect Georges L. Oles, who said today ftglja
than ho would put It Into forco when Ifll
ho assumes office Jan. 1. HB
Tho notlco said that tho breath H
tnspecor woulj sniff at nil pollco- jH
men every fow hours and that scents H
of cloves wlntcrgroen or poppormlnt
would puta black mark on tho ro- H
cord of tho of rending officer.. H
Seventh Ward.
Talk Elder Josoph Hansen, "Now H
Year Resolutions" H
Solo Mr. Walker
Piano Duct "Military Polonalso" M
(by Chapln) Mrs. J. C. Broberg and M
Miss Esther Peterson. H
Malo Quartetc Frank Konnard
Eighth Ward. H
Quatetto Brown Bros. jH
Talk Sunt. Orson Ryan. nLH
Vocal Solo Mrs. W. W. Owen. M
Reading Mrs. Wlncholl. JM
Pinno Solo Miss Margaret Bright. H
Eleventh Ward.
New Years Program H
GlrU chorus ''Bright New Year" H
and Ono Moro Year has Gono. H
Reading Miss Eva BJorkman. H
Vocal Solo Mr. Trulman. H
Story Miss Vol la Sattcrthwalto. M
Qunrtoto Lqrnn England and Co. H
Now Year Rcsolulnns for M. I. A. H
Officers Pros. Mrs. Llndsy. H
Plnnn Solo Miss Victoria Hansen. H
New Year Resolutions for M. I. A. H
Members Frank ChrlstlnBon. K
Music Swlnynrd Bros. H
Vocal Solo Mrs. Sarah B. Andcr- H
River Heights H
Retold Story Miss Ircno Peterson. H
Talk Eldor Noah Larson. H
College Wnrd. H
Talk Elder Louis S. Cardon. H
Trio Vesta Olscn nnd Co. H
Pinno Solo Wlnnlu Olscn. H
Providence 1st Ward. H
Talk Elder Henry Thouor. 'M
Qunrtoto Ezra Campbell and Co. M
Reading H
Solo Miss Mario Frank. H
First Wnrd. H
Instrumental Trio Gilbert Thor- M
po nnd Co. JM
Rending Miss Elvn Cowley. M
Vocal Duet Inez Thnln nnd Frank tt
Baugli Jr. M
Talk Elder E. R. Owen. M
Second Ward. B
Talk Eider Moses Thatcher.
Vocal Duel Mamy and Ruly Mlt- M
Reading Miss Tirzah Dalns. H
Piano Solo Miss Jessie Carter. IH
Sixth Ward. WM.
Prelude Miss Hazel Spenco. RSm
Music Prof Henry Otto. wwl
Qunrtoto Rolla Johnson and Co. Rs
Vocal Solo Miss Kathloen MUton. Mm
Talk Pros. Joseph R. Shophard. $&w
10th Ward. WoL
Address Prof. N. A. Potcrson. Wmk
Vocal Trio Weaver Bros. SS
Talk Bro. Jensen. Bjj
Cornet solo Bro. Bnlloy. Mjg
Vocal Wurstcn Sisters. pBM
Ninth Wnrd. ffifc
Instrumental music Alta and mm
Erma Allen. K2B
Reading Jennlo E. Hanson. M
Ladles Trio. Vnf
Address Jos. E. Cordon. Bi
- mi !9flS7l
3ubsprlbe for tho Bipubllcan W
though tho stock Jobbing that annua- TOl
I ny Infests, us and wanted tho bureau W&&
I to appoint a commltteo to pass upon MKj
all such sccurltlos. Iffil
Tho nowly elected officials, tho K
Sccrotory Included, all pledgor tholr M
faith to tho work of tho bureau, nnd HI
ono of tho best attended and most In- flR9
torcstlng sessions adjourned road? D
to go to work In oarnest for tho nc- HI
compllshmont ot tho prograro. out- VA

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