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Tnnlac Vogotabjo Pills aro sold on
a poBltlvo guarantee to glvo perfect
satisfaction. Try thorn tonight and
you will bo delighted to find tho ro
sultB you havo obtained,
Scandanavlan danco Saturday
night, Dec. 31 at the Fourth Ward
Hall for tho benefit of tho Scandana
vlan choir. Music by Prof. Otto.
Admission GOo a couple every body
Invited. adv
Mr. Louis Falk was presented with
a handsome ring yesterday by tho
business men of this city In a.pproca
lon of tho renown Ills nthletlc career
had brought to tho city. Tho ring Is
of gold with a raised football on tho
top. Around tho sldo of tho football
Is ciiBimeilt'AM It. M. O. Q. B. 1010-20-21
meaning that Falk was All
Rocky Mountain conferonco quarter
back during theso three years. In
side tho ring la ongrnvoj his nnmo
and tho year 1021 with tho lino
"From tho Logan DuslnoBS Men."
Loulo rocelvod It with, his customary
BiiTllo and said ho would bo proud t6
wear It.
g'anlac Is appetizing, Invigorating
, and strengthening. Try It and bo con
viced. Sold by tho City Drug Co,
Mr. J. M. Mlcklc or Smlthflcld
spent yesteday In this city. Ho camo
to' attend the Farm Bureau meeting
and transact other business.
When It comes to Shoo Values wo
havo no competition as our prices are
far bolow tho purchasing figures.
Rasmussen Bazaar. adv
In tho matter of tho garnishments
placed on tho money duo tho farm
ers who signed notes for stock In tho
Pioneer Sugar Company from tho
Amalgamated Sugar Co. In tho City
court on Thursday attorneys for tho
National Bank of tho Republic and
Mr. Geo. Knox ngroed to tho relin
quishment of soventy.
If you onco glvo Tanlac an honest
trial, jou will add your volco to tho
thousands of others who aro praising
H Sold by tho City Drug Co, ndv
Articles of Incorporation havo boon
s filed by tho Logan Cleaning and Tall
orlng Compony with n capltol stock
of $G,000 fully paid up and non. as
sessable. Tho president Is Geo. W.
Squires, Vlco president Albert M.
Squires, with other Incorporators as
followB, Leo M. Squires, Lettlo B.
Squlrcs Jessie W. Squires and Irma
Squires." Tho Republican extends
hearty congratulations to this rising
concern. Mr. Coo. Squires Is among
tho best boosters of Logan and his
business success Is mado up of effi
ciency and scrvlco.
Amendments to tho article of In
corporation of tho Co-op Drug Com
pany havo been filed at county court
- houso whero by tho name Is changed
from Co-operatlvo Drug Company to
A. It. Mclntyro Drugs Incorporated.
Tho buslnos3 Is to be conducted by
three dlectors, who will also act as
President, Vlco President and Secre
tary. A. A. MclntKo Is named as
President and J. II. Knauss as Secre
tary. Tho eight hundrod forty-sovtn
shares of stock outstanding nro fully
paid up and tho Incorporation Is for
fifty years. . '
Don't be misled by high quotations
j on Furs. Wo pay highest prices for
hides and furs. Logan Illdo and
! Junk Co. adv tf
Mr. Rns Rasmussen of tho popu
lar Rasmussen Bazar spent yestorday
in Salt Lako City on bulness.
Three and four room modern ap
artments for rent wfth garago and
basement. Corner 6th E. and Boule
vard. Call 36BW. adv-1-3
f WE"JrrHi- - j&yJS&
Mother Spoiled It All.
' While I was still In school, I attend
cd an evening party at the homo
of one of my girl friends, writes ft
correspondent of the Chicago Journal.
' t When It was time to go, thoro were
two fcllowu who wanted to tako me
home. I was very much flattered and
accepted them both. One of the boys
appealed to me strongly and I lm-
- aglncd myself deeply In love with him.
But, as It was getting late, and my
folks wero worrying about me. my
mother bet out to meet me. When she
" ' saw. mo with a fellow on ench arm
tho was scandalized and started to
scold, while tSo boys, very much
frightened, ran away.
Bear Dream Not Alarming.
To dream you boo a bear signifies
yon have- a rich enemy, but no( cun
ning. To bo attacked by Jo ,beor de
notes persecution, which you will over I
throw wbsn It1 seems most hopeless I
Have wo longed for tho' days of tho
dewy, filled oyos,
Tho lbvo-llght of purity, as falr as
tho skies
Unbroken by cloudlet tho pure rip
pling stream,
A laughllngly created by golden sun
beam? Yes we have longed for thoso days
onco again,
As happy wo wandered o'ro grassland
and fen,
Tho moon-ljght to glisten through
wnvelots of hair,
Tho old lovers' lano as known every
where. When by sorrow bereft of all wo hold
Look o'ro to that day night never
known thcro;
Knowing only too well by experience
That day Is never In child-hood at
tained. And then as tho clouds over scorn' to
remain, ' .
Lot's look to tho sun if that peaco
wo'd attain. -
AfCVp look Jp&tho days bo full ;pf
Our sweethearts tho purity oxlstent
In mind.
Lot the mind, let us mind It is
found thcro within,
Tho sweetheart of youth, beckoning
hand we would win,
nvormoro with tho angols In gar
ments subllmo
""ho whitening purity to bo yours and
bo mlno.
Star n Big Hit in Comedy, "Alarm
Clock Andy."
His favorlto motto was "ho who
hesitates is lost." Yet even in his
speech ho failed to heed its warning
tor ho stuttered bo that you could
hardly understand him. "Ho" Is
Charles Ray In his latest Thomas H.
Ince picture, "Alarm Clock Andy,"
which will be tho attraction at tho
Oak Theatre today.
Ab Andy Gray, salesman for a mo
tor truck firm, tho yuothful star It
too bashful o get within gunBhot of
a prospect. Ho soon discovers that
ono of tho reasons why ho Isn't "get
ting by" Is because Blinker, tho so
called "star salesman" of his outfit,
whom ho has ploked as a shining ox
amplo for himself, is really a bluffer.
So Andy gets busy on his own ac
count nnd, aided by a pretty girl,
puts over a big deal that makes tho
future look all, rosy for hlra.
Utah Idaho Land nnd Water Com
pany. A Corporation. Principal place
of business, Logan, Utah.
Notice Is hereby given that at a
meeting of the directors, held on tho
30th day of December, 1921 an as
sessment of $10.00 per sha'ro. was
levied upon all tho subscribed capital
stock of tho corporation, any part of
which has not been pnld In full, pay
ablo to) Horschel Bullen Jr. Secrotary
and Treasurer on tho 2nd day of
February. 1922, at tho offlco of tho
corporation, Commercial Bloclt, Lo
gan, Utah. Any subscribed stock,
upon which this assessment tnay re
mnln unpaid on tho 2nd day of Feb
ruary, 1922 will bo delinquent, and
such subscribed stock, both that for
which certificates havo been Issued,
and that for which certificates have
not been Issued, will bo ndvortlsod
for salo at public auction, and unless
payment is mado before, will bo sold
on tho 21st day of February, 1922,
to pay the delinquent assessment to
gether with tho cost of advertising
and expenso of salo.
HorBchol Bullen, Jr.
Secretary, Commercial Block, Lo
gan, Utah, 2-2
She Meant Well.
To say the fitting thing In acknowl
edgment of a favor Is something of a
tax on tho conversational powers of
most pcoplo ; when tho recipient Is un
familiar with tho concnt!onal phrases
used or gets contused in using them,
comical situations occur, as in this In
stanco reported in Harper's Magazine.
Two slstera oj a deceased cook called
to acknowledge tho flowers sent
by the family. "Wo came to thank
you for those benutlful flowers that
jou sent for sister," said the cldor
woman; and then, with a little stut
ter, sho added, "and wo hope soon to
be ablo to return tha favor." From
tho Outlook.
Thle "Earth" Lamely Water.
A trldo more than seven-tenths of
tha surface of tho globe Is covered
by the waters of tho oceans. Tho to
tal area covered by tho latter exceeds
tho total area of tho lands of the
world by S3.000.000 square miles.
Reckoned In terms of quantity, tho
oceans contain 824 cubic miles of
fluid, or 14 times the bulk of all tha
land in the yot& aboycjoea level,
Thoso few versos nro dedicated In
loving respect to that band of noblo
women "who aro keeping green tho
memories and ideals of another gen
eration. Tho Cacho County Daught
ers of tho Utah Pioneers.
Tho day is warm
And the sunlight fliiors across my
chair ,
I am trying to finish somo letters
Needing mj personal enro
But I find my pen suspended
1 cant think what I want to say
And I push my papers from mo
I can't work this holiday.
I look from my offlco window
Abovo tho city Btreet
And through tho smolco of tho chim
neys I SCO n vision swoct.
Again I hear My mother's volco
Tolling thnt dear old tnlo
Tho Story "of tho Pioneers?.
Along tho Long Long Trail.
I forgot tho cares of 'business
And my ojos grow dim with tears
Not in sorrow but in ncmory
Of those 'far departed years.
I havo hoard tho past 1 dead
How untrue, why It can bo
Brought before us every day ,
In tho dreams of momory;
A Mil Vn llvn hn nil! rinva nior ,
Aim e live me 0111 "uyB uiti 1
Picking up tho broken strands
Robbed of bitterness and sharpness
By times all healing hand;
And I glvo this hourtto memory
Tons asldo my bills of salo
And I'll hear ngaln my mother
Tell once moro tho long, long trail.
0 again I seo tho pastures
Where as a boy I roamed
And the whlto waBhcd adobo cottogo
My own dear childhoods home.
I con bco tho currant buBhes
And tho willows and tho awing
And my mother there a rocking t
And sewing na sho sings. -s
O tho Bweotncss and tho glory .0
That again comes back to mo 1
If thoso golden happy hours
Gathered round my mothers kneo;
When tho twilight shadows deepened
And tho' moon camo up so palo
Gathered there with up turned faces
Listened to tho Long, Long trail.
Sho told us of her child hood
And our thoughts wero in a whirl
That our own grown up mother
Had been a little girl; ' '
Sho told ws of hor happiness
When there camo a baby boy
And nil tho little things of llfo
In that town In IlllnolB,
Sho told of that fair far city
In tho curve of a river deep
Of storos'and churches nnd houses
Df gardens of flower sweet,
Its mnrts of trade so buBy
Its streets bo straight and true,
And with in Its midst n temple
Crowned tho city of Nnuvoo.
Then camo tho days of tcrrow
When mob rulo had Its reign
linl tho saints wero driven from their
Never to sco them again,
rhoy crept away to tho river banks
With others of their kind
But in tho hurry of leaving
Mothers doll was loft behind,
Only a little token
But tho lovo of her childish heart
How many hearts were broken
'And lives wero torn apart.
But with their magnlflctnt leader
'And faith that would never fail
They began tho first lapso of the,
Along tho long, long trail.
Then camo tho call to arms!
What heavtbrako and anguish then
Tho government demanded a
Battalion of flvo hundred men;
Did thoy turn asldo from that duty
No though It Bectncd so hard
They gavo alleglanco to their country
And put their faith in tho Lord.
'And tho .women stood bosldo thorn
Valient mothers of tho raco
'And thoy sent their men to war
With a smllo upon their faco.
Sick and weary and hungry
They faltered hut did not fall,
And flvo hundred men marched away
Down tho long long troll.
And when sorrow overtakes them
TIs tho Banio tho wholo llfo long
Down tho coward sits, a falluro
But tho pioneer goes on.
Thus they gathered wagons, oxen
n a pralrlo schoner train
And with only God to guldo them
Started on across tho plains.
But their faith gave thorn fresh cour-
Helped thom fight their battles
And thoy act tholr faces west ward
On tho long road from Nauvoo.
And it their hearts wero heavy I
.4 -r --
Thej' could hoar tho old west hall
Tho land of milk and honey
Boyond tho long, long trail.
And whon tho evening shadows
Drew across tho sotting sun
And tho head teamster halted
And tho long days march was dono
CI080 beside tho running water
They would pitch tho camp for night
In the clrclo of tho wagons
Shown tho campflres cheery light
'TIs tho satno tho wholo .world over
When over hearts aro young
And romanco steals along tho raya
Of llfo fair rising sun,
When youth is youth nnd stars abovo
Then all tho worlds for salo
And many a youth plighted his true
Going down tho long, long trail.
Can't you sec with mo In fancy
That great trackless desert land
And tho llttlo lino of wagons coming
Across the sand?
Can't you feol tho awe and wonder
Of tho thunder against tho sky
As they drow asldo and waited whllo
Tho buffalo herd went by
God gavo them strength to bear thelr
,ot . " V , V-
Ho mado thom strong and bravo.
But .many a bitter tear Was Bhcd
Besldo a now rando grave; -j
But' this' my friends" Wns'a pilgrim-
As puro ns tho quest of"tho holy
Anj tho flres'of faith wero kept a-
Along tho long, long trail.
One by ono tho miles slipped past
Day by day thoy plodded on
Building bridges, fording rivers
From day break to set of sun
Stalwart men and clear eyed women
Hearts aflamo with God own flro
Carried on their dally burdens, I
To tho land of hearts desire.
How they suffered how they strug-
. gled
But their spirits did not fall
And they camo at last rejoicing
To tho end of tho long, long trail.
Hear Is a splendid city
Whero they saw only a doaolato ,
Hero Is a world of luxury
Whero they tolled in' sorrow and
Hero stretch tho fertll fields
Blossoming fair as a rose
Laced by tho sparkling streams '
Fed with eternal snows. (
In tho midst of the rocky mountains
Thoy bullded this cmplro fair 1
A placo of clean bright cities,
With wide straight thoroughfares
All this thoy left as a heritage
To them wo say All Hall
Ood bless tho pioneers today,
Who camo tho long, long trail.
(Loulso Wenschell)
Birds Mentioned In Bible.
Twenty-ono birds aro mentioned In
tho Blblo: The bittern, cormorant,
crane, cuckoo, dove, cnglo, hawk, '
heron, kite, owl, partridge, pelican, j
pigeon, qunll, raven, sparrow, swnl- J
low, Bwan, stork, turtle and vulture.
f ""T
A Real Holiday Special
Strictly Fresh Butter, per lb 40c
Whipping Cream, per qt 55c
Coffee Cream, per pt 35c
Swiss Cheese, per lb - 40c
Pimiento Cheese, per ib 40c 1
Strictly Fresh Eggs, per dozen .40c
We Have New or Old Full Cream Cheese.
Sunshine Jane Peanut Butter per lb. .. 20c
Wc Will Sell Three Milk Books with 12
Tickets in Each Book and Each Ticket is
Worth One Quart of Pasteurized Dairy
Shop Milk, for $2.50
The DAIRY Shop .
33 West 1st North
Logan, Utah. Phone 384 J.
Tom Mix, his trusty "bIx" hla
lariat and his famous horse will be
tho featuro attraction at tho Lyric
I Theatre today, in "Hands Off" which
report says Is ono of the breeziest
action pictures that this William Fox
western star has appeared In. It 1s
a story of Texas from a novel by Wll
Ham McLeod Ralno and was direct
ed by Georgo E. Marshall.
From tho tlmo Mix tosses his hat
into thQ plcturo while watching a
duel between two tarantulas on tho
Texas sands until tho final fadcout,
tho plcturo Is packed with speedy
drama ,
Mix takes tho part of a roving cow
puncher who drops into tho fighting
frontier town of Tascosa in tlmo to
become mixed up In a number of stir
ring adventures including a gang
fight, a bank robbery, an attempted
lynching, a murder and a stampedo
worses quite enough to keep
oven him busy.
Paulino Cudley, though only six
teen years old, Is Mix's leading wo
man, and hns n very charming part
In Ramona a ranchman's daughter.
Healthy Calllno.
Of eight English clergymen whoso
deaths wero recorded in ono week a
short tlmo ngo, the ages aggregated
600 years, the oldest being nlncty-two
und tho youngest flfty-seveu, writes
i correspondent. This high average
of Just under seventy-four years la
cither an uncommon record or attests
tho longevity of tho "cloth."
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Ita criminal to take a chance on
ny substitute for "Bayer Tablets or
Aspirin." Unlasa you bco tho name
"Bayer" on package or on tablets you
aro not sotting gonulno Aspirin pro
ecrlbed by physicians for twenty-one
years "and proved safe by millions.
Tako Aspirin only as told in tho- i
Bayer package for Colds, Headache, 0
Journlgla, Rheumatism, Earache,
Toothache, Lumbago and for
Fain. Handy tin boxes of twelve
ablets cost few cents. Druggists also
ell larger packages. Aspirin is the
trado mark of Bayer Manufacture or
lonnacetlcacideater of Sallcyllcacld.
Trees Loaded With Fruit
Trees loaded with fruit are bent
down; tho clouds when charged with
fresh rain hang down near tho earth;
even bo good men ore not uplifted
through prosperity. Such Is tho nat
ural character of tho liberal. Bnar
trllmrl. - i
In keeping with the Holiday Season, we
take this means of thanking our many
. friends and customers for their patronage
during the past year, and wish to assure you
that our best efforts' -will be put forth -to
give you the same quality and service, during ' .
the coming year. .. .,
We wish you all a very Prosperous
New Year. ' " .
Bell Set vice Station
I Gas, Oil and Accesssories, also Electrical
I Appliance Repairing, Goodyear Tires I

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