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Ilow Not to Tnlco Oold
Somo persona nro subject to fro-
xuent colds, wbllo others seldom, It
jver, havo a cold. You will find that
io latter tako good caro of thorn-
elves. They tako a shower or cold
pon&o bath every day In a warm
oom, avoid over heated rooms, sleep
with a window opon or partly open,
frvold excesses, over eating, becoming
)vcr heated and then chilled an'd
jgettlng the feet wet. Then, when
hey feel the first lndlctlcra of a cold
hoy tako Chamberlain's Cough Item-
edy without dolay and It Is soon over
Paramount Candy Company a
Corporation. Principle Place or
Business Logan City, Cache
County, Utah.
Thero aro dellqucnt upon tho fol
lowing described stock on account of
essessment levied on tho 12th day of
November 1921, the several amounts
set opposite tho names of thu respec
tive stockholders as follows:
Nnmo No. Certificate No. Shares Amt.
Bingham S. L. 1 200 S200.00
Bingham S. L. 2 200 $200. 0Q
Bingham S. Ii. 3 200 $200.00
Bingham S. L. -1 200 $200.00
Bingham S. Ii. 5 177 $177.00
Pdterson O. E. 0 100 $100.00
Peterson O. D. 7 100 $100.00
Peterson O. E. 8 100 $100.00
Peterson O. E. 0 148 $148.00
Peterson Selma H. 10 GG $ G6.00
Poulter M. C. 14 100 $100.00
Poulter M. C. 15 100 $100.00
Thaln W. E. 10 37 $ 37.00
Smith Mrs. J. E. 17 20 $ 20.00
Preston P. E. 19 50 $ 50.00
Bingham S. L. 20 91 $ 91.00
Cox Jean 12 200 $200.00
Cox Jean 13 200 $200.00
Cox Jean 21 24 $ 24.00
Cox Jean 28 76 $ 76.00
Walters J. C. 22 50 $ 50.00
Poulter, Mrs. Mary J. 23 20 $ 20.00
Farrol A. U 24 1 1-00
Bobbins David 26 1 ? 1-00
Peterson O. E. 26 22 $ 22.00
Borrows Ben 27 50 $ 50.00
Goo. li. Farrell Corporation Certifi
cate No. 29 No. of shares, 1,000 Am
ount $1,000.00.
Mohr Mablo 30 12 $ 12.00
Mohr Mable 31 13 $ 13.00
And in accordance with law and
an order of the Board of Directors
raado on tho 12 day of November
J1921 so many shares of each parcel
of such stock as may be necessary
will be sold at tho office of tho
Paramount Candy Company In said
Logan City, Cache- County, Utah, on
tho' 10th day of Junuary 1922, at the
hour of 12 noon to pay dellquent
ansessments thereon together with
tho costs of advertising and the ex
penses of sale.
P. 1J. Peterson,
Secretary, office at Paramount
Candy Company's place of business
Logan, Utah.
A Timely Suggestion
...Tills Is tho season of tho year when
he prudent and careful housewife
eplonlshes her supply of Chamber
aln's Cough Remedy. It Is nlmost
.ertaln to be needed before tho wlnt
r Is over and results aro much more
iromt and satisfactory when It 1"
"t at hand and given as soon as
ho first indication of a cold appears
md before It has become seteltdd In
jiving It to chldron at It contains
jo opium or other harmrull drug.
-- ,
Tho new remedy for colds, soro
throat, Pleurisy, Croup and Kidney
Aches. For sale at Rlter Bros Drug
.Co., and Prescription Drug Co. at
Logan. adv
Good Health
If you would enjoy good health
-pp your bowels regular. No one
can reasonably hopo to feel well,
when constipated. When needed,
alto Chamberlains Tablets. They
tro mild and gentle.
Catarrh is a local disease, greatly
influenced by constitutional con
MEDICINE is a Tonic and Blood
Purifier. By cleansing tho blood and
building up tho System, HALL'S
normal conditions and allows Na
turo to do ita work.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
P. J. Chenoy.& Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
Chamberlain's Tnblots Ilnvo Done
Iler a World of Good.
"Chamberlaln'B Tablots have done
no a world of good," writes Mrs. Ella
L. Button, Klrkvillo, N. Y. "I havo
recommended them to a number of
my friends and all who havo used
thom pralso them highly." When
troubled with Indigestion or con
stipation, glvo thom a trial and ro-a-hllio
for yourself what an excellent
Troubles of Bush Boy. i
At least one major lenpio
h.ill rluli lino n card Index
system, In which all tho major
ami minor leafjuo players are
listed fur reference. One of tho
question on the card, which aro
answered by tlio players, Is
"lints" anil another "Throws."
The men are supposed to note
down If they nro Wt-lmmlpd hit
ters and right-handed throwers.
One minor leaguer unswered
the two like this:
lints Ty Cobb 2d.
Throws Out, In, spltlmll, fast
ball, drop.
Still another like this:
Position Pitcher.
lints 30.
Throws 110 yard.
t) k
Ladylike Compared to What II
Was Before Civil War.
In These Days of Humanitarian!
It Would Be Considered Cruel
to Hit Player With Ball
While Running Bases.
from the Spalding collection oi
baseball literature now being cata
logued at the New York Public Li
brary It nppenrs that the game today
Is almost ladylike compared to what
It was" before the Civil wnr. In these
piping times oj hutnanltarianlsiu It
would be considered a cruel and un
usual punishment, not to mention
atrocious assault and battery, to hurl
the ball at a player between basos
with such aim as to hit htm.
Up to 1845, however, that maneu
ver was an Important part of tho
game, and If an Inning ended with no
bones broken it was more by bad aim
than by tender solicitude.
The severe "accidents" of the bud
ding national game had become a
scandal before the organization In
New York of the Knickerbocker club,
which first put baseball upon a more
or less polite footing.
The delights of the game are thus
portrayed by Beadle's Dime Basebnll
Player, a quaint perodlcal of which
many successive editions form an im
portant feature of the Spalding col
lection :
"This invigorating oxerclso and
manly pastime may now bo Justly
termed the American game of ball,
for, though of English origin, It has
been so modified and Improved of late
years In this country as almost to
deprive it of any of its original fea
tures beyond the mere groundwork of
the game. As we propose briefly to
note the progress of baseball from its
origin, we deem It appropriate to In
troduce the rules for plnylng tho Eng
lish game of Bounders from which
baseball Is derived.
"Bounders Is played with a ball
and bats, or sticks something of the
form of a policeman's truncheon. A
hole Is first made, about a foot across
and half a foot deep. Four other
stations are marked with pegs stuck
Into the ground, topped with n piece
of paper so as to be readily seen."
Washington's Star Speed Merchant Is
Far From Being Classed as
Back Number.
Walter Johnson Is fnr from belnff
through as n grent pitcher. Ills several
reversals of form Inst sonsou caused
the rumor to go the rounds thnt John
son's arm was In bad shape. Walter
has always been n big favorite with
Walter J?hfion.
the fans, which explains the great In
terest that has been taken In his case.
If you will take tho word of American
lengue players and umpires, Johnson
Is far from being n back number. Ill
ness and injury slowed him up on sev
eral occasions last season. Ilowever,
Johnson finished the campaign in good
health and never looked better as a
pitcher. It is a certainty that ho will
be good for thrta or four years more
I Shakeup of Pirates.
A violent shnkeup of thi
l'lrntoa Is planned and when
j next season rolls around familiar
. face will be mllnj. The de
j bncle of 1JVJI Is the enue. After
I lending the National lontruornee
the greater pnrt of the season,
the team faltered In the stretch
nnd the Cilnnts romped home
w Inner.
The first rlnc 11 -lit In America wn
between Jacob Iljer nnd Tom Ileasley
In 1810.
Barnstorming In baseball often
leads to brain storming nnd neither
gets anywhere.
Exhibition bnsehnll gnnics played
by Texas leaguer In Mexico proved
n (lnnnclnl frost.
Charley Gmhnm's plans aje to re
build the S'.in Ernnclsco team gen
erally for next jenr.
Gloucester fslicrmen already plan
to build n new schooner for the Inter
national races next xenr.
John XIcOrnvMs said to bo nngllne
for a pnrt ownership In the San An
tonio, Texn. lenguo club.
One of tho lntct rumors floating
about l thnt Barney Preyfun I after
Heinle Grnh for tho l'lrntos
Basebnll I threatened with another
severe blow. There Is n shnrtneo of
n.000,000 bushel In the peanut crop
Humor hn It that floorge XI. Colmn
former Brondwny producer, will bu
the Brooklyn National League Bum
ball club.
The golfer who complain thn
some one Is driving Into him mlelr
tjlvo himself the once over nnd sp
If he Is slowlnc up the procession
The Boston Hod So havo drnfte
Thomas J. ("Zip") Sloan of Tltt
burgh, pitcher last season for tin
Hartford club of the Eastern leninio
The appointment of Clarence Wnna
maker, conch of the Pnrtmnuth,
hn.ekey tenm Inst year, n the Yale
varsity coach for tho season 1 re
ported. The Omaha Wcforn leame club
seeking n tlrst bnsemnn to succeed
Jack I.ellvelt, Is reported to have de
rlded on Junk Wnlters, who wn with
the Moose Jaw loam of the Western
t'anada league.
- . JL.
Has Always Been our Motto
' I
Jewelry Repair Work
Honest Goods At Honest Prices j
C .M. Wendelboe, Jewelry
"Smiling Jnck" I.elholt, champion
(.ataman of the Wetorn league and
former manager of tho Omaha club
has signed a contract to imtnnge the
Tulsn Oilers In 1022.
The Chicago White Sov of the Amer
ican lengue nnd the New York Giant
of the N'ntlonnl lengue nre plannlnc
n erle of spilng exhibition games
while on their way north fm; south
ern trnlnlni; camps next year.
This "Earth" Largely Wster.
A trlflo more than seven ti nth of
tho surface of tlto globe U roared
by the wnters of tho oceans. The to
tal nren covered by tho Intter exceeds
the totnl area of tho hinds of tho
world by KI.OOO.OOO squnro miles.
Beckoned In terms of quantity, tho
ocenns contain 82-1 cubic miles of
fluid, or 14 times the bulk of all tho
lands In the world above sea level.
Your Batteries I
i . 8
j It you put your Car away
I for the winter you'd better
I" bring your Batteries in for 1
storage 1
The cost is very small I
Broby Service Station
To the people of Logan
and Cache Valley
U Announcing Our Great
which starts Today, Deo. 31st g
"Watcfi Tuesday's Papea?
The home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes 1

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