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rf If0n0tmtn ffetorl.--
VOL.! 7'V CEDAR CIT7; UTAH, JANUARY 17, 1891. NO. 8 H
L on,
The MIerj of Tnrley's Point
3 ' Bala a Few Xlomantlo Chaptora
if . rrom.tho X,lfo of a Country
. Editor.
, , AWrmoT "WiLnBUnownfnij),""nitji
" ' (jluiuic" "IUskih or Btoroan,"
aid Orua Stobiss.
CttfMH, um, h on x x ruf f jtm-
"., too poor
Allen waa Informed by signs that he was
to remain at Mile. Comtllo'a houso for a few
hour, lie supposed until ha and his home
bad hod time td rest. A negro boy took
' the horse round tho house to tho stablo, and
, tlo hostess, In pollto French, which was
I k Oreek to him, inrltcd tho tired traveler Into
t tho house. The Rood lady, evidently somo
m) msJdon relative of tho Jlttlo dumb boy, was
mf in ecstocios at tho arrival of tho child, but
WjP not more dolightod than the little follow
1 himself. Ills laughter, clapping his hands
IF' and dumb show Indicated excessive pleas-
?' ure.
I h Allen's arrival seemed to havo been ex-
ixf pectod by illlo. Camlllo and her sorvants.
,r Itsccmod tohrai that sho was standing In
v tho door waiting for them. Tho mademol-
sella was nplousant-looking old lady, with
large dark oyoj and soft, Iron-gray hair.
a Bho did not poasoss a slnglo foaluro that in-
' dicatcd m distinct famhy rcscmbtunco to
P. either Bertha or tho child. Yet thoso tears
'. nd thoso amotions of joy at sight of Uo
j$J little dumb Buy was proof positive that he
jf - s was very dear to hor.
,, "Ho Is in good liands and will be well
r, cared tor," thought tho editor, his heart ro-
! ' lievcd by an approving consuienro.
' Uo was usborod Into tho house by a mu-
, latto boy, and conducted to tho end of along
. corridor, wboro tho negro pointed to a room
Jgs . indicating: that ho was to occupy It
f "Can you spook Englishl" the tired
I traveler askod.
I The mulatto shook his head, and then,
bowing Allcu a bath, mndo him understand
I by slgusthat dinner would bo ready for
him as soon as ho was ready for It. The
tired editor found n good bath quite rc-
x ' freshing, and when ho had dressed, don-
ii taRthowrappurandsllppors which wore
tflp l brought him, ho fuit almost himself acsln.
Wip4t- ' .Thoe&Htto tbentsspductod him to the din
m-f . tng-roota Id IhO btMomeut nt tho rear of the
ff,j house. Two colorod waltors, who spoko
I nothing but French, brought him nu cx-
I ccllcnt repast, to which ho d d umplo justice
I When ho had satlsllcd hi uppetite
" tho samo mulatto boy conducted him to a
HE m tf bed-room, whero ho was madu to undent taud
M that ho was to sloop and rest himself for
M awtllo. Ito now ccmcmbcrrd tho sen id
m I lottor which tho old womuu liad friven him
M ' to bring to tho mdemoisalo, und talcing It
H ? from his pockol sent It to her by the negro
'.M i' Uarlng uo otnor cares on hLimnd for tho
'Tl f present, Alloa threw hUnso'.f ujxjn t o bed,
J ' and in flvo minutoj was sound uslocp. The
jCS exhaustion, mental worry nn I exel ement,
"X E through which ho had passed in tho last
)P few hours would havo uvorcoino any per-
ic son of ordinary strength und powora of on-
After tod sweet Is sleep, and no sleep 30
I deep and refreshing 03 tho sleep of ox-
M haustion. Tho shadows langthonod, and
W tho sun was Just dipping behind tho WosU
Jl era horizon when ho was awakonod by tho
jH mulatto boy.
a Hignaling Allen to riso, ho handed him a
sealed note, which contained Instructions
k tor his snfo return. Tho noto was written
in English, In a plain, neat, ludy-lllto hand,
H and Allen auspocted that tho directions had
H been written by iiortha hcrsolf and in-
B closed with tho noto which ho had brought
B Hadomoisollo who now sont it to him. At
F dark ho was to start on bis return, and he
K) would reach a certain village ten miles from
Turloy'a Point, whero ha vus to remain
B closely concealed all day. At or near sun-
oB down ho waa to again sot out frr Turloys
'sVK Point, reaching it aftor night. Tho horse
iVM , ho was to roturu and tlo to tho samo tree at
g which ho had found him.
WW "Umph, humph," sold Allon, gazing at
tho writing and wondaring it Hurtha had
.1 penned thoso lines. "I suppose this affair
' Is to terminate as mysterious ua it bosun."
Tho mulatto Informed him by signs that
.. his suppor was ready, and by tho time ho
, had finished it his horso would bo waiting
for him. Alien roso and wnnt to supper.
L f He finished his meal in silenco, and then
ff by the same pantomimlo motions, tho boy
p informed him that his horso was ready. It
waa almost dark when ho found himself
coco more at tho sldo of that coal-black
horse that had borno him so nobly on bis
long Journoy to Prenchtown. A day's rest
, and excellent caro had removed all Indica
tions of ovil effects of his hard travel.
Neither tho child nor madcmoiscllo had
ii been soon by Allen since morning, and no
- messigo was glvon him to return. Ho
, L vamlted in tho saddle, and tho mulatto point-
Kg edt) a road loading off througn a grovoof
ft I trees. ThU road went directly north from
. I tho rfllage, and by following it he would, ho
it I knew, come into the main road a milo or
M I two away from Frenchtown.
I "They seem to fear that I am bolng
f, I watched," snid Allen to himself, "and I
$ I suppose that tho sooner I got away from
" hero tho bettor."
i I Ho gave his horse the roln, and the anl-
s 8 B"d cantered away at a brisk pace.
f 'M It was uqulot night. Tho bum of insects
1 ,9 and chirp ot crickets along tho wooded
K road made pleasant musio for tho lonely
' traveler. Though he bad been considerably
restad. ids muscles, unaccustomed to the
nam strain o recently pui upon mem, were
bruijed ami ioro. Had not his horso been
an'Casy.golug unlmal ho could not have
stood tho journey, Holng nlouo and unin
cumbered tho return was much moro com
fortablo than bis rldo of tho night before.
Tho farmers wero returning to their
homes after their hard day's toil. The
weary hordes, now freed from tho clanking
chains, crunched their corn and cats at their
stalls. As Allen cantorcd along tho dusty
road ho envied tho farmer, sitting on tho
door-step to cool his heated feot. tho night
of sweet reposo that was boforo him.
Tho country wui tuicklv sottled, and for
tho first hour or two of his night rldo ho
heard tho low murmur of 0Ic0s in and
about tho farm-houses. At 0110 thoucary
plow-man sat on tho front porch smoltl,j
his ovcnlng plpo; at another u pair of lovers
wero cooing upon UioLnvn;ut a third two
or thrco nol.y children wero playing prison
houso, their shouts nnd laughter making the
weary truvolor itlail.
But nnou tho hum of voices nnd neenrn of
life died away, As night still mero closely
en wrapt tho earth In her sablo mantle a
quiet reposo fell over tho scene and all be
camo silenco. Tho farmer had cooled his
feot and was sleeping sweotly; tho plow
man had smoked his plpo and retired; the
lovers had separated with a parting kiss,
and tho merry childish voices wero hushed
In slumber.
Only occasionally was ho aroused from
his gloomy reveries by a restless dog run
ning out luto tho rood to bark at tho passing
stranger. Then ho plunged Into a great
forest-covered valley, and tho hoot of owls
and screams of night birds grated upon his
nerves, cuusinc: him to shudder.
navuig umy a lorty-muu nuu uvwre aim,
and not wishing to enter tho town before
daylight, Allen allowed his horso to jog
long quite leisurely, whllo his mind dwelt
upon tho straago events of tho last few
weeks, terminating in this most extra
ordinary journey, Uow was he to account
for his strango absence, and would ho be
able to keep this visit a secret from tho tall,
"die, tou Doo I"
dark strancrl Somehow ho felt that that
tall, dark mau, giving his liamo as X. Y. Z.,
was Ids enemy, and if hohadbcen pursued bo
wss ono o( tho pursuers.
All nlht, over lonc.-iomo roads, through
dark forests nnd alon-i silent lanes tho
young editor continued hW journey. When
morning dawned ho was In sl?lit nf tho vll
lsgo where ho was directed to stay.
Ilo went to a small hotel, whcio ho gave
his horso into tho euro of tho landlord, I
ordering the horto f bj groomed and fed
and that breakfast bj prepared for hlmiclf.
Ilo slept most ot tho forenoon, bat at two I
o'clock roso, and after a hearty dinner 1
called for his horse. I
"Which way nro you goln'l" tho landlord I
asked. 1
" Back home up the river," ho answorod.
" Did ye como from up tho river!"
"Yes, sir."
"Boon out tradlVI"
" No, sir. I went to n town below hern on
somo business, aud 1 an now on my way
Olad to cscapo so inqulstlivo o man as the
landlord was lhblo to prove, Allen paid his
bill and mounting his horso galloped away
In tho direction of Turloy's Tolnt.
If ho went straight ahead ho would reach
thePolnt long boforo night, which ho did
not wish to do; so, coming to a thick forest,
ho rodo somo dlstanco into It, and thcro
waited until tho sun had gono down and tho
shades of twilight bad begun to deepen,
when ho again resumed his journey.
Allen was almost worn out with his long
rldo at such unseasonable hoars, and was
very glad when ho found himself onco mora
in tho vicinity of Turlcy's Tolnt, It was
still carly.and not wishing to bo seen by any
one, ho rodo around tho vlllaso,ontorlng tho
old deserted turnplko somo dlstanco above
it Hero It was so dark that ho could scarco
seo an object thrco paces before him, but
bo managed to find tho path, and took tho
horso to tho vory spot whero ho hod found
him, and tied him to tho snmo treo.
Ilo felt a great burden lifted from his
breast. Uo seemed to bo just awaking
from a troubled dream. Crumped by his
long rido, his stiffened limbs Bocmcd hardly
ablo to carry him to tho village.
Danger was over; a fow moments more
and ho would bo In his bod resting from his
tollsomo journoy.
Allen reached tho turnplko, and had just
stepped out ot tho narrow path into it,
when a tall dark form sprang upon him.
Before ho could mako an effort to resist, ho
was seized by tho shouldors and hutlcd to
the earth. A hand clutched his throat nnd
s sharp bright blado gllttorod In tho star- ,
light abovo him, whllo avolc-o almost sti
filed with hato, hlncd in his ear.
"Die, you dog 1"
Wholly unprepared for th J a li n attack,
Allon Gray was quick to ihiuk uud equally
as quick to act. Ills movements had to bo
l Uchtntae-llkn rsnldjtv to sclzo the
wrist ot ino ueuv.uiiii uui.u ,v icr. sc:5 ;cs
murderous dagger, but onco ho hod tho
arm ho clung to it with nd Iron grasp.
Next, with his hand thit was free, ho seized
tho hand of tho would-be assassin, which
was clutching ut his throat until ho was al
most suffocated, nnd toro it loose. Tho
sssallant had cno khec on tho chest of tho
man ho bail hurled to tho earth, but not
knowing how strong ho really was, tho
young fellow actually sprang from under
Mm, and la a moment was on his knees.
Ilo clung with wonderful tenacity to tho
hand which still held the dagger, for ho
know that it was certain death to rolcaso
b hoM
ino struggio was silent and desperate, fcr
both wero strong, determined men. Whllo
Allen's opponent was taller nnd heavier
than himself, tho latter had nn udvnntago
Inactivity and skill in wrestling and box
lng. From their lraeos tho struggling men
rose to their fcoU.-
Tho digjor fell to tho ground and neither
could got It. The contest becamo ono of
endurance Tip men wero Ashling for llfo.
They strupglcd( turned nnd twutcd, and
fought with, maddened dcsporatlon until
Allen flnallyTrtruek his antagonist on tho
head. Tho blow staggered him, nnd another
brought him to hh knocs.
Following up this momentary advantage,
Alien struck throo or tour more blows and
foiled him to tho carta, knragod and furi
ous at the sudden attempt ou his lifo, the
young editor soiled tho digger which lay
on tho ground at his side, and, raising tho
gleaming blado to drtyalf totao heart ot
his assailant, ho cried : ,
"Now wo'H teo -which dog shall dlol"
A piercing shriek roso on tho air, and a
lander form clad in spotless wbtto flow to
ward them and seized tho uplifted arm,
"Oh, don't, don't in Heaven's name,
don't murder hint I" Cried tho beautiful
girl, st whose solicitation ho bad gono to
"Bertha-Bcrtba-you herol" gasped Al
len, starting back in surprise, not un
mingled with horror, whon he reflected
that ha was about to tako tho life ot a hu
man being,
" Oh, spare him, span lilra. In tho name
of tho Virgin let thuro bo no blood shcdl"
plead Bertha, wringing hor hands in agony.
Allan stood transfixed aud dumb with
amazement, whllo tho durk-whlskerid man,
lowborn her sppcarnuco was not such an
Inexplicable mystery, roso to his foot und
In a volco of suppressed thunder said:
"It is very kind ot jou to savo my life
aftor plotting so long to tako it,"
" Oh, Heaven I no vor -nover dreamed It
would como to this I" groaned tbo beautiful
Rlrl, still wringing hor hands In.agony.
The master' turned upon . hor much as a
servant, and In a tonj ot muffled thunder
" We've had enough of this go homo."
In his excitement and rago Allen could
distinguish a strong foreign accent in Ids
language, which on ordinary occasions was
not porcolrnble.
" Not While you threaten each othor," sho
answered, sobbing bitterly.
" Why did ynu follow me! Did I not tell
you to stay within ze houso! '
" I know" I know; bJt If I had not como
you would havo boeu killed,'" shunus tiered,
still sobbing,
V It makes but little" difference,'1 ho an
swered, with an oath. Turning upon. Allen
i.n eye which in tho 'darkness, blazed with
tho fire of an angry tiger, ho cald in a tono
which trembled In its caruestiicss; "It
would bo better If you lcavo this country
nnd nover como back. Youni; man, you bo
very foolish, very rash not to havo followed
tho advice of tho village, and lot tho mys
tery of Turloy's Point alone."
He wheeled about, taking the arm ot
Bertha, and was gono, leaving AUeu gaz
ing after them in-wondcr and amazement.
" Will wonders nevcr coaso!" ho asked
himself. " This strango mystery will drlvo
me to madness, and how am I to solvo It!"
He happened to think of the dagger which
had doubtless fallen from his band when
Bertha hail como so suddenly upon them,
and thought ho would tako It, as it might
prove a clew to this strango mystery,
lie stooped to pick it up, but it was no
wboro to bo found, It was gono. Whore,
how had it managed to slip away) Hither
tho tall stranger or Bertha hod tukon tho
knife, and bo was satisllcdit could not havo
been tho former. With all his soul on flro
with jealousy, and torn nnd racked by a
hundred conflicting emotions, ho started
down tbo bill toward tbo village
" Oh, Bertha, Ilcrtba, gone, loft mo with
out a word, after all It have dono aud suf
fered," ho' groaned, as ho hastened V the
But Allen had schooled himself to bear
his sufferings wlthout-a'word of complaint,
and noxt morning was In his uflloo as usual.
During his absence another issuo of the pa
per had been published and circulated. Uo
sat down at his desk rand glanced over his
mail. Thore wero a few unimportant let
ters, ono or two from old acquaintances,
congratulating him on the success of his
A smlio curlod the Up ot the editor as lie
thought how far from success this onturo
In tho nowspapor bujlncss hud oomo. To
all Inquiries nbout his absenco lie r.uswercd
.that he hod been suddenly called away on
business. Not a word of his strango ad
venture did he breathe to any ono, nnd
thoso who saw tho young man sit ting so
calm and buslncss-liko at his desk nover
dreamed that ho bad como so near losing
his llfo only tho night before ot tho hands
of tho mastor of tho stone houso nn Ino hill.
"Back again, are jour" o.ild Miss Hop
kins, with a smile on her uhrlrcU il face. " I
am so irlad you havo come, f jr I really think
I havo a gom of 11 poem this timo."
"Wliatls tho title!" Allun usked.
"Mvt't Yuuig JJnai.1," tho old maid
"Very touching ii 1W," ail 1 tho editor, '
with licciUi ) 11 .., ."urtally uncon
scious of win- ' !" JV'S.
"Oh, air, I hac shed toaru ovor it," said
its rncisnt maiden. Lntbuslaatlcalkr. "It
was lato in tho bvouing, nnu urcu 01 cuts
tolls of tho day I had retired to rest, and
ns I lay on my bed thinking what I could
do to adranco tho interests ot tho II etttrn
Jlepuille1 am always thinking of you"
sho parenthetically added, looking vory
tenderly at him "I was suddenly selzod
with a desire to wrlto. I bollcvc yes, sir, I
verily bclloro that a olco called on mo to
wrlto that poem. Tho volco of famo "
"I'lcnso road It, JIlss Hopkins." No ed
itor in his sober sons over asks an author
to read his or her productions, so tho reader
can imaglno how desporato was tho condi
tion of Allen Dray.
I " Now, Mr. Gray," said tho old ranld, with
I a fooblo attempt nt a blush which faded,
howovcr, to appear on her powdered check,
"do not say it is splendid unless you really
think so. You nro such a person to flatter,
especially young girls."
Allon was loo deeply, too painfully nn
noyed by tho complications in which ho
found himself to observe tho coquottlih
manner ot the poo toss, and with uo oit-er
"love's tocxo nnnut," sue xxswencn.
object than gratifying en ambitious writer,
ho abstractly said:
"You wrlto excellent poetry, Miss Hop
kins." "There, I know I'"
" But lot mo hear your poem."
Sho unrolled hor manuscript and pro
nr uiss Lccrnr iiupkixs.
" So young, so gallant, braro and fair,
Dark gray eyes and aul urn hair,
Sweetest treasure over knentn.
Oh, mr '?T"'' "nr (ijjiau-yMsssL
That tuu rliirrflTnrwWIWprBWP
I wouldonjncr, I shoul I say
On that happy, golJon day,
When Iheio cbaracd cyo3 flrst ssir
That one whoso w.ll shall bo my law.
" Oo thou, to the tone birds,
Speak to them ot lore.
near it irhlipcrod li the wlols
Or tho cooing ct tbo dove"
Allen, whoso mind had really not boon
on tho poem morn than half tho timo, hero
asked her to whom sho alluded.
"Oh, I won't toll," sho answorod, and
another blush mado a desperate effort to
struggio through tho rougoon hor chock.
"Now I don't bollevo I will road any moro
to you."
"Lcuvo it with mo."
'Oh, not for tho world."
"Don't you Intend to havo It published!"
ho askod, beginning to wonder why sho had
taken Up so much of his timo.
-No, no," sho answorod, holding tho proo
ous manuscript rloso to hm heart. For a
moment ho gazed at her In astonishment,
and then, boforo be was aware of what he
was doing, remarked: '
'You are a vory remarkable girl."
Evidently putting a wrong construction
upon his words and manner, sho gasped 1
Although Allen had read tho history ot
that unfortunato gentleman. Mr. I'lckwlck,
yet so much was ho absorbed in tho 'mys
tery of Turloy's Point that ho had only
given a secondary thought to tho poem, and
atllllcss to tho conduct of tho authoress,
and wholly failed to discover tho matrimoni
al twinklo in her eye, and was not caring to
prolong tho Interview. Ho said: '
"Vory woll, Miss Hopkins, If you do not
wish mo to usoyour poem I will not InBlst."
"Ob, well, then, you may havo it, but I
wouldn't .give It to another person on
earth," said Miss Hopkins, handing him tho
dollcato littlo roll of manuscript.
"Are ycu partial to publishers!"
"Oh, hush I ' and this timo tho blush man
aged to wash its way through. It is diffi
cult to toll how far sho would havo gono,
(for Miss Uopklns was arriving at an ago
that makes u woman anxious to marry,
desperate), had thoy not been Interrupted
by a stranger.
It waa a man, holding up tho front of his
flapping bread brim hat with ono hand,
whllo tho other hold a hors.o-wblp of tho
Uaehnale kind.
" Whar's tho cdltur!" ho roared, in a 7olce
of thunder.
"Oh, dcarl" screamed Miss Lcethy Hop
kins, In a paroxysm of fear, springing up
from tho cbalr where sho had been sitting
and getting ready to faint I
"Whar's tho cdltur!" thostrangcr again
yelled, brluglng down ono foot with a stamp
that mado tho building ring. "Show mo
that ar cdltur, I say whar's tho cdltur!"
"Oh, don't don't plcaso don't,"
screamed Miss Hopkins, to whom a golden
opportunity now secmod to open, fiho
could Immortalizo herself nnd gain tho lovo
of this publisher at tho samo time. This
was tho Invlnciblo man with tho horsowhlp,
come to demand satlsfactUn of tho editor.
r r H
- U - .; r " '..L ' ' H
"1 ytxirrtcn s:s tsu cuicii." tll
Everybody has heard of " tho man with the iH
horsowhlp;" many editors havo formed his I JH
acquaintance, and It Is usoless to say that .- H
this individual is thought liy many to be an iH
indlspcnsablo chock to ctlltors. ,H
"Git out o' my way, gal whar's tho cd- S iH
Iturl" roared no of tbo horsuwblp, dancing tH
In his fury. H
" Oh, don't, don't, don'tl" screamed Miss
Hopkins, wringing hs; hands and falling vfl
upon her knees boforo tho oarajoj country- '-1
man. " Oh, spare bin; sparo hun this timo; 'H
tor my snko sparo him !" ' H
"I won't do It, I won't. Whar's tho cd- H
itur! I'm cr goin' tohosswhoophlm,Idon't
keer a funeral'" H
Allen, who had boon standing cool and H
apparently unconcerned over smco tho ar- H
rival of this stormy stranger, now spoko up H
for tbo first timo." H
" Wo will oxcuso you, Miss Hopkins," ho j H
said, as calmly as if somo ordinary matter .
was under discussion. "Loavo mo with this M
man; ho undoubtedly has somo business to ,' H
transact." t , H
"Yo bet 1 bov. It's Important, too, aa ' ,1
rm anxious to git ut it." Pv.H
"We will excuso you, Miss Ilopklns." K-' H
" Oh, I will faint f iH
" Got out in tho opoa clr nnd you wul iilJH
feel bolter." iM
" But, oh, dear, I am 00 nf rnld il
"No ono Intends u.ivu;.ij you excuse lH
me, but I must bo ul'.no for n k'.urt timo.',' 1 JH
He opened tho door ij bo spoko'acd . Miss JH
Hopkins, sobVing and sUiporlng,i left , the . HH
0JB00, 'l
.V.'ffe seated, sir," sail Allen 'tqhfl.Ja-.; , , JXB
i fsMjfir, iwhi (stood omowht "j jH
wantto So MKKM
' see b&!1jlH
for you to In sactiJIHHt sH
With 11 omclh!n'i'VoH iHH
an oaJi, iho rnun lhroy','jH 'tl
and Allen, with (.Qazln.HEH nrt H
" Now, sir, what do you wnnt tdVbe tbo H mI
editor for!" .B Kl
"I wont to wear out this hosawboop oa H 1 H
him," ronrod tho enragod husbandman, H IB
bringing tho whip with a savao whack B v'TB
down upon tho deik. "I am mad; I tell yo Bt , VH
I am mad, aud whon I git rllod I oat mount- jn H
" You are mlstakon , sir ; you cro not half n iH
so mad as j ou Uilnk," Allen coolly re- JH
marked. "Toll no why you aro mod!" A ll
"That ploco -that plcco in ycr paper, about i aBTBTI
mo that I misrepresented, slandered and' . 1 IbTbTH
lied on 8am Hcr.-ln 'bout tho ion; knlfo." ,y H
For tho first timo Allen now rccognizod tho, JT H
enraged man as Gcorgo Lecpcr, his former p TH
correspondent from Bllly'o Creole x H
"IN ell, Mr. I.eqKir," said All6n, foldinc v -ff-f-f-f-fJ
his arms very quietly, "thcro was a .mis- I VH
understanding between us 03 that mattcr, 4v, wH
you know you told mo it ivas nil n harmless I 7 H
joke, whllo Ham Jlorrla says it was a ma- 4tH
llclous slander." 1 1 '1 H
"riamlicdi;' " H
"Well, bo Is tbo man you want to soo f H
then. I published your representation of -$ H
tbo matter; nnd, nt his request, publishod ''l
bis, which was only just and right that tho VH
public may draw tholr own conclusions. H
Now, as to tbo editor for whom you aro JKt
looking, you met him on your former visit, 4H
and ho has not changed so much that you H
need fall to rocognlzo him. But I rcaUjMfH
tbo proper thing for you and faHI
Ucrrln to do Is to settle your dlsputotlH
yourselves dragging thoHPf
tho nelrspapors." 4 tJPbI
Having given this wholesomo odviofAyH TH
editor cuoly turned to his desk and lTH ' BTI
writing. For sovoral minutes pcor"H H
Lceper sat glowering nbout tho office UkcaWflH .
bafllcd tiger; then rising, ho sold: Tfafl'- BTfl
I " I wont my paper stopped." ' H VH
I ' Is your subscription paid I" Allen naked, KV
I taking up a largo book and opening it. , VH
" I paid half a dollar on it, an I pwa'r I H
won't pay a nuthcr cent I don't want yor, H
papor any more, nutber. j , H
" It's against all rules to stop s papor nn- ' 'H
til tho subscription is paid la tal" H
Allen went on writing as if tho violent , "aII
dancing imd cursing at his back did jwtdhJK I" j "TH
turb him. This subsided in a moment ana, ';' M
ho heard tbo rlogota silver dollar on tbo f; M
, desk at which ho was writing. too door ?) H
I slammed spitefully, and tho man ivilh tbo H
Turlcy's Point, left tho ofiko scratching his i H
hoad in perplexity and woudcring how hO ,B, ' M
was to got oven with Ids oUSmy, Btrong. H "IH
Uo was not so anxious to bo elected himself H H
us ho was to beat Ktrong. Ho had oritr got'' H f
ono block from the printing office when ho H , JH
saw his enemy culcrlng it H I H
There, now bo's goin' in there to lay m t bTJ
plans to bust mo up; I know It," said Sim- ,JW H
Allen had scarco got rid ot ono o'f the JH J , H
Turloy's Point politicians, and turned again H I jH
to his desk, when tho door of his sanctum V I H
opened and Mr. Wrong burst in. VB J ;
" I swar, things bov got to como to 0 to KlkrJ ( Brfl
'! J .H

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