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.-T0L-I: CEDAR CITY, UTAH, JANUARY ' 31, 1891. NO 10 -HH
Tie Mystery of Tnrley's Point
Beln ,Pow Romantlo Ohnptom
v.. From .tho Llfo or a Country
I " " lornt s. jruarcrje,
jf ' ' ICtprkU, im, r fn x jv. x(f, x--
, ., . f'fr Ctmny.
-; ''., '' ' - . ' "THA CAN SEVEN 3E."
-'Simmons ond Strong found thoDittcrncss
of personal defeat somewhat sweetened by
thB knowlpdgo tbnt, their enemy had gouo
down with thein. Moroso, gloomy nnd ill-
,' natured, each went moping about Iho
atreots, cursing his own ill-luck, nnd won-
it doring what blight had cotno over their
5 "WJl town that it could not be saved from Inov-
"" Jtableruln. Allen Oray had como nt last to
.realize that Turley's Point was doomed, unrt
All hla endeavors to save it were worso than
, useless.
" I will give It up," ho said to himself, as
lie sat at his dealt one day. " It Is no use to
. try-to do any thin for these foolish people
,, i ' while thoy are so blindly jealous and cn-
' i nous of each other. If a stranger comes
y f . ' ' lere" to purchase property or engage In
, ,;'-, -Wnslness he Is discouraged. I will soil out
, .'. thepaper and go to other field where I
hall hare mom tavorablo surroundings."
"' But property In Turley's Point was not a
- ready sale, and ho could Had no ono bold
enough to venture to tu!co the editorial helm
Of the WuUrn Ittpviillc.
During tho summer just passed Allen
coatinually'hopediamld tho heat of political
conflict and a falling business to entirely
. forget all about tho stono houso on tho'hilL
But as the woeks rolled on ho found tho
Image of ono of tho Inmates of that mysteri
ous building becoming dully moro fixed In
Ms mind and mora and more a part of him
s self. Try as ho would it- was imposslb)o to
effaco that imuge from his memory.
He had talcen frequent strolls to lho stono
. house, but not a soul was to bo seen.- It
. seemed as utterly' desorted as If on anJsl-
... and which hs4 boon uninhabited foe ages.
The fountains Jwero dried up, and weed
. itdfcL,- were fwfajfln the garden .-,,,,.
Wyl&SBfa'"irrfMl (fooe, tkldnghatbtlgtftingji
IfSfPSH" "wltherliHf aaystery with thoml' said Allen,1
I J: , a lew days 'after .too election, .having ro-
urted from troll to pio. top, of tho hill,
i , "I will forgot her, I' will leavo tho neigh-
' ' borhood, and. In otbor fields, amid different
scenes and people, begin llfo anew."
As autumn advanced ho, mado vigorous
efforts to dispose of the paper, but without
j avail. Bummer accrued to linger in tho
lop of winter, and those days pi rjpciihiR
,- '' ' fruit ahd golden harvest woro continued
( longer than usual.
i Onotvenlng when the moon shone bright-
t ly from a cloudless sky, and .tho landscape
I- , aeomed moro lovoly than by day, AUou do-
If",, elded to take ono moro stroll. Ills lU'.iny
afflictions had taught him to lorn xolitudo.
Illss LfeAttry H6pklns, In her efforts to eapt-
1 ' BBS WJlXDBIUD ikjwk to tub old desertse
I i noiD.
ure the ypung editor, was growing des
perate, frequently driving liur victim to th?
j solitude of tho forests where, freo from.hei
sickening nonsenso, ho could communo with
nature at his own swout will.
In no plttco was bo more seruro from In
trusion than on tho quiet hill-top whoro the
1 ' old mansion, liko some vast castlo, was sot
!i . up as a guard for tho village. Allen went
A straight up tho hill to tho front gato, in-
it tending to sit dqwn on tho stono tsteps and
.' j l enjoy a few moments' rofloctlon froo from
' ! ' the cares and annoyances of tho world.
But when .ho reached tho gato and
1 glanced through the Iron bars, ho was
1 astonished at the transformation. The
! moon was bathing tho sccuo In a Hood ol
' mellow light. All signs of ncgloct wore re
moved, and flowers woro blooming and
, fountains so long dry and silent hod found
i their volcos again and woro laughingly gush
ing out 'the brightest sparkling wator. Tho
air seemed full of life and gladnoss.
From an open window came tho strains of
a piano. Allen was entranced at the French
air that floated on tho evening broczo from
tho window of tho houso. Even as ho list
' ned enraptured tho muslo ceased, tho
dooi opened, aud a slight form, with a light
shawl thrown over nor shouldors, came
down the whlte-pcbbled walk to tho gate,"
AUea Instinctively shrunk back so as not to
Crouched In tho shadow of the wall ho
waa unln thrilled at sl-rht of that anirelic
i i
Doing wno nuu seeuieu u uouuino a pun ci
himself. Ilertha opened tho gate, and,
drawing tho silk shawl nbout her shouldors,
passed down tho old turnpiko humming a
plaintive air. Her head was uncovered, and,
her wealth of golden hair hunglooscly about
her shoulders, was mado tho sport of tho
"Where Is she going!" ho asked himself.
Slowly ho rose, following nor. IIo could not
glvo any reason for his course, savo that ho
was Impelled by somo inward Impulse.
Had be conquered his hcartl Certainly
not, for now that ho was near her again
thoso same strange wild emotions which
bad so completely taken possession of him
beforo wcro all revived with ten-fold powor.
Still humming tho plalntlvo French air,
sho wandered down tho old long-deserted
road, until sho camo to tho path which led
to tho spring. Following, Allen soon saw
her scaled upon tho old rustic scat Behind
a largo square stone, which nges ago had
tumbled down from tho bluff above, ho
stood and gazed at tho lovely creature who
seemed to bo a domesticated drynd, that
had stolen away for a fow moments to her
natlvo haunts.
This was an opportunity not to bo neglect
ed, something seemed to whisper In his
oar, and ho felt at tho sama time a wild,
almost Irresistible, desire to rush from his
concealment, cast himself ut her feet, nnd
vow that he would never riso until his lovo
was returned. Uo watted long enough to
get full control over his feelings, when he
went boldly forward to her side.
She rose with a little exclamation of sur
prise, and said:
" Mr. Gray, are you hero! I had almost
lost hopo of over seeing you again."
" Did you wish to see rael" he asked.
" I did. I wish to thank you for your
noble act for so kindly obeying my re
quest." " Say nothing nbout It. It was a simple
sorvico I rendered you, and ono which
should bn fnrntton "
Yet ono I will never lorgei, air. ry.
I would bo ungrateful indeed woro I to for
get that, at my requost and for mo, you
riskod your llfo,"
" Ilavo yon any objections to mo silting
horo atyoursidol" ;ald Allen.
" Nono whatever. Thero is no othor seat,
and you must havo become weary climbing
tho hill."
" How Is tho llttlo boy I" ho nskod, sitting
nlmsolf ut her oldo.
t Uo Is wolL"
" Doe he lllio to stay tliorol" , " .
"Ho can ho happy nowhoraclso,V .
Forscvoral moments Alton sat thinking'
. that ho waaf ully nyiald for ult he hadf en-'
durod-on that jourtcy. ,
A ,Uaa I purjucdahp nt last aski&Tlfafefi
YfrVMta. lr,-j-trw jro ntt'fejHgraffll
"I 1 tl)oui;litJ was, and yet there was nt
'direct proof cf it."
" Every precaution was taken to prevent
pursuit, and every precaution taken In case
you wcro pursued : but, thanks to Providence,
our precautious in Hut direction wore un
nocesjdry." "How did ho learn of my return'"
" I do not know, Mr. Allen but let us not
talk any inuro of that. Grateful hearts
will over ho.d you in sacred remembranco
for your nebio soif-suordlang actions. I
can not thank yuutpqugli. I wish I could
repay tho debt of gr,uttudo I uwo to you."
" I would rather you would not mention
" I will not, then. You want to go away
from Turloy's Point I"
"How did you leurn that!"
"I judgo i.o from your editorials, and I
havo seen your press and material adver
tised for sale iu othor p.ipors."
"You havo rightly gucs6cd my motWo,"
said Allen, auuiy. "Tu. .wy u Point has been
a disapjioinlmcnt to inu und tho business a
sad failure"
With a sigh sho answered
"Turloy s Point has bcon a great disap
pointment to moro than yourself. It has
beeu tho rock on which my bark of hopog
went down."
'What do you mcanl" Allen asked, gazing
wondorlngly into tho sweet, beautiful face.
"You, who havo scareo bocji in the vlllago,
how bas.it wrecked your hopcsl"
"By Tur'i' Point I Include the houso on
the hill, und thero Bomo of tho darkest days
of my llfo huvo been spent. I have formed
no acquaintances hero caveyours, and from
tho first time 1 met you I felt that you were
a brother. A real brother could not have
boon kinder than ou havo boon, and foi
your noblo conduct I ahull never ceaso to be
For a fow moments Allen's emotions go
tho better of him. At last, regaining in
part his self-control, ha determined to dare
all and know the worst, and In a voice ol
forced calmness said:
"I wish I could bo moro than a brother to
"Nn. no. do not mpntlon that." she stL
ncr loco very paio, jee ne was not uAtuou.
"I did not como hero expecting to meet
you," she wont on, "but slnco by chance
wo hayo met, I am glad of It. Vour faith
In mysolf haa convinced mo that vou ure
supqripr lo others. But, while I udraire you,
I can noyor bo moro than a friend, a very
dear friend! a sister If you will, but nothing
"Oh, Bertha Bcrthat in Heaven's name
don't dr)vo uio mad I" ho groaned, In tho bit
terest ugony, " Don't you know that I lovo
"I havo foared it," she answered.
"Pcarcd It!"
. " Yos, feared It from tho very first"
"Why need you fear honest lovol Oh,
Bertha, Bertha, do not drive me uway in
utter despair. I havo tried to forget you;
but I con not If you do not lovo mo now,
give mo some hopo, Bay that you will love
me In tho future and become my wife."
" Oh,Ucavcn,that can never be I" she wept
violently, wringing her hands.
"It can; it shall bo," criod the frenzied
Allen, selling one fair plump hand and rais
ing it to bis lips.
"You know not what you say, I am at
nttiiwrrU."1 . .. .
llo dropped mo nanj una staggoreu as n
he had received a blow.
ciurTnit xix.
"Now you dcsplso mo, don't you!" said
tho palo beautiful woman, In a volco so sad
that It fell likq a funeral wail upon his car.
" No, no, I can't say l hat I " Allen groaned.
" How could I havo been so deceived! "
" Do you forgivo mo I "
"Yes, yes, for Heaven knows it has not
been your fault!"
"I will over In n sister to you, Mr. Gray,
and as you s ivcd tho llfo of my llttlo brother
nttho rUk of your own, I shall ever hold
you in grateful remembranco." Uko one
stupefied, Allen stood icunlng against a treo,
gazing nt her n:ul half bollovlng that it was
all a dro.iHi. At last ho said:
"Whoisyourhusbatid! That dark whis
kered man"
Sho nodded her head in answer. Bho was
weeping softly.
"Crait llxivcnf Ite her toubatult" He
was moro than twlco ns old as sho. nnd
thoro was nothing congenial In thoir
Sho roso to go, but, putting out mo hnnd,
ho gently touched her arm, and in a voice
of stony calmness said:
"No, no, madamo,do not go yet; It Is tlmo
that I should havo iin explanation. I have
been buffcttcd about by tho varying winds
of fortune, till I havo grown weary of it;
lot mo know tho wholo truth -all of this
mystery, and If I havo any honor In my
soul, J will keep your secret"
She was weeping softly.
"Doyoublamoiuol" she asked again.
"No; you havo perhaps hover given mo
any cnuso to bellcvo you wcro single, save
when you called yourself Bertha Collins.
I supposed that yo'j woro MIrs Collins.
"My English nnmo is Collins, tho French
U Colllour, or Do Collieur. My llfo has
bcon such a sad ono that I do not know as
it would Interest you. Howovor, as you have
befriended me, if you Insist on knowing all,
you shall."
Allen was seemingly as calm now as If
ho had been in his ofllco transacting somo
ordinary business. Hla faco might havo
shown somo faint signs of tho ngonythat
was torturing his soul, but could not havo
conveyed any thing llko an adequate repre
sentation of tho sufferings ho-was endur
ing. Ho calmly bado her sit down, and rc-took
bis place at Her side. V
"Mrs. Collins, regard mo osyonrbrother,"
M with an effort said ' as u brother very
;ar uway ond whom you will perhaps never
sco again, but ono who will never blot-your
i Imago from.hla ;tncmory,, ,-This has, Indeed,1
bca a;9il;.wmubcf"but5- Jt.ls nlmost ever,,
Tho curtain will soon descend, between my
self and hopo forever, but boforo It falls on
lho final act I want tho hoy to this sail
drama. That mysiort'i tduno House on tho
hill has been a puzdo 10 Turley's Point for
yoars. What Is In it! Is it a prison-house
for people, a homo for tha Insune, or a place
wherein tho ficnlls iHfoiublo for incanta
tions und uulawlul rlUwl"
" It (a ull," shouusworcd, her faco deathly
' Tell-mc all nbout It"
" I will," said lho pretty crcaturo, with a
deep-drawn sigh. " Colonel Collins, as ho
is known among hh few English acquaint
ances, Inherited tho stono houso on lho hill
from his father, who built it a groat many
years ago. When first orected it was in
tended to bo tbo homo of the old monsieur,
but his wifo would not llvo In It My motbor
was a French woman nnd my father an En
glishman. Thero uero but threo children In
our family, n brother seven yenrs older than
myself and tho llttlo bay whom you remem-
ber taking to Mile. Camllln In Froucntown.
Threo years ago my father was allvo, and
wo wcro a happy, prosperous family. Colo
nel Collins, who had been living alternately '
In Franco and America, n sort of an ad- i
venturous life, came to our houso In Day
ton, O., whoro father was utthe tlmo known
as ono of tho wealthiest, merchants In the
Jlty. I felt a pocullar distrust of tho man
from tho flist moment I saw him, but fathor '
and mother, on the contrary, Beomcd fasci
nated with him.
"My mother, llko myself, fait aa Instinct
ive rcpugnanca toward her countryman.
He so Ingratiated himself Into tho good
Braces of my father that somehow I nevar
knew-In a fow weeks ho had comploto con
trol ovor his busluoas affairs. My poor
brother, falling Into tho snnrcs sot for him,
was led to tho gaming table, which brought
about, among othor sins, forgeries that in a
fow months ruined our family. I can not
jntor Into tho full dotails and horror of the
fow months that followed.
"To add to them, no sooner had Colonel
Collins gained comploto control over the
destinies of every member of our family,
than mo futlier and only protector, died.
WWTTsMTIfillflWtttfSMWgir'fWrtTttwwssK -ririi wiriMiii
Boloro his death coionct coiimsropoSa'
matrimony to me, nnd, knowing that we
could not llvo happily togothor, I rofusod
his offer.
" With mother nnd my little affllctod
brothor 1 loft our homo In Dayton, and
como West to my aunt Mllo Camlllo, In
Frenchtown. Wo were very proud, and ro
solved to keep our degrading misfortunes
tooursolves. My older brother remained
behind, hoping to save somotlng for us out
of tho wreck of ouronco bandsomo fortuno,
though mother find I bad In our own names
property, tho Income of which would bo
ample for o.ir wants. Wo little dreamed
that In coming to Frenchtown wo woro near
Ing tho rendozvoa of tho man whom wc
dreaded abovo nil others. Aunt Lucllo was
glad lo recelvb us, nnd offered u a hdmo
with herso.f as loug as wo would nrcoptit
I Intended teaching music, or socuring a
position as a governess, nnd wo thought wo
xmld onco more bobnppy. My littlo deaf
rower usvej cfme ' mnrusho was
with my aunt, who aotcu on mm.
"Ono night therd camo a knock at the
door, and my brother, wlld-cycd and hag
gard, was admitted. Ho hnd only tlmo U
explain that ho was charged with forging a
check on Colonel Collins nnd was now fly
ing from tho vengonnco of tho law, when
tho door opened and Colonol Collins him
self entered. Tortured by fears and har
rassod by a man who was scareo less than
a domon, rav poor brothor was seized with
convulsions, and for days his lifo was
despaired of. Colono) Collins Informed me
that unless I becamo his wifo my brother,
regardless if condition, should bo dragged
to prison. This would 1:111 both him and mj
mother, and frightened, horrified and un
conscious of .tho awful step I was taking
without consulting any ono, I consented
I dared not appeal to an officer to protect
mo from this man for, behoving ray brothor
to bo a criminal, officers of tho law wore
men most to bo dreaded.
"I have but a faint recollection otmy
marriage just as If It was a frightful
dream. When I camo to realize that I was
his almost noul ud body I resolved thu
I would mako Llm .3 good a wifo as I could
without loving ilm, aud dotcrmlnod to pro
tect my faLuhy, Ho had us secretly
convoyed to tbo stono houso on the hill.
There vre havo lived, he holding as a con
slant mennco over tno tho destruction of mj
mother nnd Insane brother, who aro Inmates
of that house. YAilIo I do not lovo my hus
band, and was, forced Into marrlngo with
him, yet as God la my witnoss I have made
him .as good, a wifo as ho would lefme, and
I shall Uvo nnd dlo loyal to my marriage.
vows. Ho wanted mother and I to asslga
over to hlzntho property tyrt linU la run-.-names
"o "oYTOWTOPPIfBcdiZco
that yfp foared ho would do my little dumb
brother somo humi, orsond him a way whore
wo should novor soo 1dm ncaln. It was thon
that I, for that child's sako, dared mako tho
ylslttoyouand enlist your sympathies In
him, as you remember. You may think It
unwomanly, immodest, but if you could re
alizo what was at stalco you would overlook
tho imprudence of tho act At my aunt's tbo
llttlo boy was among loving friends, whllo
at tho old stono houso on tho hill ho was not
only miserable but In constant danger of
being taken uway from us,whcre wo should
novor seo him again."
"Mrs. Collins, your conduct on that occa
sion Is qulto praiseworthy, Instead of merit
ing censure," assured Alien, "but why do
you livo with such a monster! The law will !
give you a divorce"
"I am a Cuthulic," sho answered, "and
neither does my religion or my conscience
npprovo of divorces. No, sir, my llttlo
brother is safo from his persecutions, my
lnsano brothor can not llvo long and mother
ond I will enduro rough usago andlmpnson
ment until death shall rolcaso us from bon
dage Sho will not leavo mo, for sho thinks
my bunion would bo doubled If sho was not
hero to share It I promised, altboughundor
duress, to llvo with him until death do us
part, and I will keep that promlso."
Alien's head was bowed upon his hand.
At last, witii a troubled sigh, ho asked!
"What is bis motivo for this strange con
duct. Is ho an outlaw, as has been
"No, sir: ho Is astrango man, law-abiding
in tho common acceptation of tho term, but
self-willed, cunning and unscrupulous In tbo
accomplishment of his designs. In his cold,
selfish way bo loves me, but bis is a lovo to
blight rather than bless. His extravaganoo
has frcquontly pocunlarlycaibarrassod him,
and it Is at such times that bo docs not
scruplo at nny menus to try to fohx from
mother and I our property." - I
"What aro thoso strango sights and
sounds socn and heard at tho stono houso
on tho hill!"
"No doubt tho reports of thorn havo boon
greatly magnified by persons bclloving tho
place haunted. Tho lights nro mado by a I
peculiar magio lantern with which my in- j
sano brother somo times amusos himself.
His shrloks nnd laughter, which has driven
so many horror-stricken away, art but tho
ravings of a mad-man. You know all, Mr.
Gray," sho said, rising. "It Is not pro;cr
that I remain longor. Itcgrets that wo bad
not mot sooner aro useless it is usoless
for us to think of each othor at nil. Allow
mo to thank you for daring what you did.
My husband was very angry at you for
thwarting him, aud ho would havo killed you
at that tlmo If ho could."
'Did ho abuso you for it!"
"Not more than ho has on other occa
sions." "Was ho Jealous."
"Oh no, ho know that my motivo was
only to thwart htm, and savo my unfortunate
llttlo brother Claude, Now, farewell) I go
back to my moth rand duty I Cod approves
this sacrifice. I am sorry that I am forced
to complain of my husband, and this story
told for tho first tlmo shall never bo re
peated. I shall remember you in my pray
v but but wo must never seo each
otnorngaii72?aow,i!u'v'vvv'vvvv izaiiiiiiifl
Sho sobbed bitterly. Allan took her rsHHHIH
hand, rovorently touched It to Ids lips, and, fLaLaH
unablo to utter a word, whoclcd about ami rLHHIIfl
loft tho scene. ! aaaaal
- ' ? LBB
Allen Oray found tho remainder of his f H
llfo at Turloy's Point trichoma. Ha kept -'alllllllfl
tho secret of lho old houso ou tho hill to LH
himself. As ho hnd no hopes, of Improving
his business at lho Point, and h lountl st ( H
daily growing more liuploasaut, he dots. , H
mined to tnnka u il.uugo; although La etV lalsaiiiiiifl
fored his p.ois a. id ina enal voir ctunij, tte JH
ono could bo Tumid to ta'.o ti'm V. '.jaBsallllllllfl
Drivci to dul-oralUm lu xi Ut bo. HH
thought him u y Vo udgh) H
bo abto to diupajo .!u ;(vaa. H
Thoso politicians and statesman, Htnsi, fM
Simmons and Strong, lrarntognatkrsr beta 'VLHIIIIIIIIIIIIH
defeat, continued to war upon each sUita. 'LaLaLafl
They had sufficient money to yuroW ass) 'Lbbbbbbbbbbb!
newspaper, and, as Tonty Barnss ksfsn to ,H
evince a desire to enter tha toursutkatja t 'H
field, ho determined to make sata aaaeat ' iH
tho poot 1 4
"Toney, can't you get Mr. Strong to uv H
tho HVjffhi lit public nnd put you la u X .
ltor!" Allen asked the poot ono day, aa a H
camo Into tho ofUco with a f rush'roll Of tub "
"I don't know; I will see him asout It, LbbbbH
aid Toncy,h! faco becoming Joyfully bright ' TH
It was un easy matter to sot Miss Uoyklaa ' H
after Tom Simmons, and when Tom Uama4 i H
that thero was danger of Strong pufchasv kaaaaaaaaaa!
ing tho papor nnd using .It as a later to f H
crush him, ho mado hasio,' to. rajsa' taa )i H
money and buy the concern hlnisaU. H
Thus released, Allen Oray, unmovea ay !H
tho sighs, tears und delicate laslnaaUes sbbbbbbbbI
of Miss Hopkins, quitted tho dull little Via '' bbbbbbbbI
sourl town, and lu ChU-an sougkt aew t) ''
fields of labor, with llttlo i ipo, bowover, of j
driving from his mind tha sad tnmifg H
Of tho past tf JJLbbbbbI
Uo secured a position as reports aa oas H
of the great city duliles, aud for a fear hla zasBBBBBBsl
llfo ran on with but llttjo to disturWto ''bbbbbbbbI
dolly routlno. Oao oveuing ha had just' Iisbbbbbbbbb!
come Into tho main offlco. when tha 'editor. wIbbbbbbbbbI
in-chlof sent him totlm scono of a railrss4 ' " if bbbbbbbbbbb!
disaster, which a telegram had announced bbibbbbbbbbI
but a moment before! his arrival. Tha wreck) Srfasaaaaaaal
was only a'fow miles from tho'city, an4 -, .'t IIbbbbbbbbbI
speelal car look himself and several oik ' IbbbbbbbbbI
nowspapcr men with htm. v ( i mM
Darknoss had already envtloped ok) ' ' -'IjH
landscape, concoallng much ot tho ghaatb ' ".sLbbbbbbI
horror, whon the soonc was reached. Ik. '. '.al
was a broken bndgo and there were skat , H
terod coaches and mingled passcngart IsT' ' "'.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
tthe heap. The TOrter tet to wOrVzVai .t(fiaLaLaH
" tho'6und.cf itMmmmZmiM
Cf ruins. .sbbbbbhsbibbbbbmsbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Cray drapgedHH
ctoken car, a slight rirflHBaH
goldon trcTsTsWHRsHH
to blm, and holding tho lnsansiblelH L GKM
ton lantern bo gusped: ' sHH H
"My Cod, it Is Bertha!" OentlyTMrFH
hor upon tho greons ward ahd called a us W' H
goon to ber sldo. S'- LbbbbbbbbbbbbI
The gray-hnlrod man ofrfclcnco bent eve 1 'H
her, placed his car to her chest, and .ssta 'f.H
her heart still beat Kcstoratlvas ward asV MH
ministered, and sho began to revive. 'AlW t sbbbbbbbbbb1
turned away and noted several Ufolssa UJ' VUH
forms lying at tbo side of tho track. Among" ' 1L '
them was tho dark-whlskercd Frenchman, , ( "bbbbbb!
tho husband and evil goulus oj BclrtUa. m H
"--is5--4iii-'-' ' V LbbbbI
Even death thoro was a look of AooLHbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
satisfaction upon 'his haughty faco. nH ' PbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
Calmly Allen went about tbo tvrsok, aclH ' VLbbbbbbbbbbI
hurriedly writing up tho affair, tookn.tolH ' M
reporter on a rival paper and saldi J - LbbI
"Luko, I am in great distress to-algklL ,bbbb!
and I wish to ask a favor of you. Touim ' ' , IbbbI
think I am asking too rauoh, bat WW yeft'. JIbbbI
eome to learn all, yc u will not blame rae A ST bH
"WhatUU, Allen!" Luka ashed, aa aasaaav ML
mot fit iLB
"Tako my rsport, and at tha Brat stales IsC &IH
telogrnph It to my papsr," U - jH
Thoy bad now corns near otuMiffc to A H MIbbbbI
lantern for Luka to see hla cctspaaWi w '3sbbbb!
face. 3 Vl
"Why, Allen, what Is the matter w't fu JEH
you!" ho asked; "you lookaa If you bad, fijt JH
seen a ghost" WiB' sfl
"I found a friend horo" ?71E 'sfl
"Dcndl" !V
"Not dead yot, but sho Is badly Injured. vm H
Go to tho ofilco and explain all to tho edltosh ;'3b cfl
In-chief." m
"I wilL" &k,' M
With tbo first car Allen went back to U nfi , 'M
city. On tho seat at his side, hor head rest- i XM sfl
Ing on his shoulder, was a pale, beautiful ' 4at
young woman, hor long golden hair stream- 4Hfel 1H
ing In rippling waves down hor baok. Bha iMK bb!
was undor tho iufluonco of narcotics anA 'V; M
groaning with palu. ' -fU
"Does tbo young leddy go to a 'osplUll &S 1
asked tho coachman, as Allen lifted his still & ' H
unconscious burden Into a carriage, ffi '" ' U

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