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Iron County news. (Cedar City, Utah) 1890-189?, March 14, 1891, Image 4

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R" Iron "Count? News
H 8tbHptfou Prloa
B 12, 60 Fcr Year In AiWqnco ,
Hf &-
Hts The Wabch Tjc'rm Poihob
l,i i .
Hf During a three dnyJ session, tbo
Hr following business wan , Ucansnctod
K p by tha Co. Court All 'tne members
H ot the court and cfhor'oflicials of the
Hl cort were present,
L J II, Henderson) treasurer, showed
l- --.tho condition of the treasuring for
H, tiTtf-year cndiug Dec 31, 1800.
H1:, Koport approved.
K Assessor A Collector Heyborne,'
H . & arked for reply on taxes assessed
HL nghiusl Joe. Seelev'a Sheep herd,
jt whole amont being $75. apportioned
M 1 . us follows: County, 122,50. Kolief
LpW ;' f"' granted and uecesaury entries made.
W ' The clerk -was instructed to make
H' demand en 'Piute Co. on transitory
H - herd uccl, for 1890,, as followe; to
H f wit: Iron ,Co portion of assessment
LBf auuinst Stoker Bros. 20, and
LHi-- .. William H. Ike, 910; Mil mako
Hf demand in 'Washington Co. fsr our
H portion of l'into Bheop' assessed at
Hlv S0, and also same county, for half
H,7 the amount assessed against horde
' l of cattleand Sheep, less the A1 & O'b
V, commission! Vord'cV Middlcton.
Lfl'tt t il Kanarra Co-op, Andrew" Corry'
Hjl v, . ord Miller, Jas. Jackson, J. W.
LBIa ' ,V "Berry estate.
LLA if d" , Bearer county was telegraphed to
m ' '' W asking if thoy wonld assist in
H establishing a pounding lino bo-
B l tween the counties, the answer was
B ..... ..tbatthocourt there was n.ot in sess-
SKLr- ,7 ion, but Woulq report at any early
pH'V idate.
K. L 'The A. A 0. was allowed f 3 per
BtT74iyj?i'ipight honrs each in procur-
H ' inglnd compiling etatistics' his
H. deputies $3 per day.
H Quarterly report of Jnstise
Hv Henderson, of Vurownn, was appro-
LHj, ved. There have been only one cuse
f tried, during tho quarter,
Hj Appointments were made as
H follows: H, L. Adams, snperviwjr sf
B ktrects, of Parotrim , ' and James
H Btaply for Xansrra, Vm IJtTurds
H,1 for Paragoonah .
LHR l A case entitled, Tho People vs
1 John R. Ghaffin, and bllforafitf
LHIl v the same wps reported jand'reforred'
Hb to attorney' Jas. 8. Adams until
EU---rrwrr-' "kr '
Henry Leigh raised some import
m j taut points regarding the school
LBr 4 law.
' ; 1
pHV . . B'upt. D. 8. 0 months service
'- G0,8Q
H ; Ledfeer & warrlnnt for aunt. '1, 80
H" J. Chatterley, conducting teachers
f -"-Inst. 6.00
H Kadie Meeker-Beery for teachors
H Inst. 3.00
M " School Examiners, 10. 00
E-if ' Cireasurer, reoieving Adish.
4 Co, funds-, etc, per quarter. 12.50
;'J . J, J, Adams and Wru Ford wore
pppr jut " appointed a comuiitee to rcciev and
pHv',.V'i act ' upbn 'propositions lrom tho
H "W XJ(dlir il' Conucil; as td the build
LLH Ts i"g of the City Uall, here, and giv
H $jrt ing Iron county a joint1 owenorship
pLL'(M' 'theirin, or said agreement to bo
HT anunlled and the monoy advanced
LLLb v" ' ,n county op tne buildig, to bo
LLFlr. ' refunded the county by the corpor
H K ntion,
D H&? - TheinancialBtutemontfor 1890
ppH W ' wasaduited, and ordered printed in
H V. 'the.IRUN CO . NKW8.
H Some twenty-two claims wovo
Hk nrttitMed and approved oggrgating
B yr.nll, 411,G2.
LppppWl We are indebted to our worthy
ppppHRp Clerk', Win Davenport, Esq, for the
pppLVSPv above report.
pppppB K M .
ppp-''f:' ' FOR THE 1'EAR ENDINO
pppflS; DkcmmskbSI a. u. J8G0
pppppM'?!jFv '
f ,' 'bkceipts
pBppppr ij .(
ppppPMaKlWr' Cdnnca in faver of the county December
ppH2r--31.. 1B8Q.
K J' -"lie tutu ot ) 3119. 27
piH SV- Vtom couny't8x l i800 17ca 77
PPPL,' L'ceue account 85; 00
yH Flotiln Juitkr-'sourt 63,70
PHy 11 Vwieedsoii sale of estruys 33.00
Bff 1. Territoinl Hounty l'uytr.ents to
pppVr, 'I TionCouuty 190. 04.25
H 11 rrum'JcriitorlaJ AppraprlUlncisonioada
(r (' ' and bridges 1000. 00
lppj '.t f0"1 fi'1' of unused windows County
H fit I'roferty 8. 00
pppB. -ft J Vrom Utrfield County on Transitory bent
f . v,' vAcct, - 20. S3
iiiiiBH ''' l-H"18 le ol lots in Farngoonah 42. 00
BB(L -'. t itJiil" I C535.2
Hp0 " 7 '
To the Probate Judjpj Daniel Tage G8. CO
., County Olerk.s lory 175. 00
Troeccutlng Atty' salary 200. 00
County Trc8iire's salary BO. 0
,, Attcetor Collector's compensation
1889 1800
"In part only for 1889 300 0
To Sheriff's sendees Including boinl of
brisonem and poeo expencen 100 85
To'Buprlntonuants of scltoolt of Iron
County 32. 00
To survey or and help etabll.hln
bonadry lines of Iron County 181.70
Jntor's in Court JJoum 12. 00
To rod enperrisor J am8 Corlett 20. 00
if James Iteblneon 30. 08
nuKb L Adnu S4. 10
poor persons far maintenance 50, 47
,. Becloctmans fees A mlloage Wm
.oti 00. 80
T 1 if "
John l'nrry 87. 00
To Beclectman's fees A mlleago
lohn H. Burton 75. 00
To flfh nnd game Commelonor John
W, Brown 43, 50
To relumling estray proceeds 2 60
..Insanity eipenco commlting Mary
J. Adams 33 95
To Dectlte eerticcs Kobsrt L. Clark 20. 80
crimnal cost bill 137. 33
roads & bridges expenditure 833. 70
books, paper, and telegraphing 72. 45
,, light and fuel 5. 00
repnl s on canyon road 350, K)
,, record vault construction 524. 21
quorcntine cxpences 170 10
,. County Recorder's services indiixlns
records is. 00
,, Relief of tuxes to R. TV. Hoyborne
. , . 1f- 80
,-, Rchool Teachers exarrlners 17. 00
,, Bounty paymonta for 1890 191. 00
Total Disbursements. $ 4118.81
Balance in favor of the couty $2117,09
TtltoryorUtahl '
County of Ironj M
I am Wm Davonport County Clerk of
said Iron County do hereby cort if 7 tho
foregoltitrtoliea fail correct statement
of tho financial report of Iron County for
tho lineal year ending Dermb'-r 31 1890
as audited and approved March 4, A, D.
1801 by the the County Court or said
Iron County.
Witness by hnnd and the County seal
of Iron County Utah this 4 th day of
March A. D. 1891
Wm Davenport
County Glerkpf Iron County Utah
Territory drift WOOD.
A rxATtL worth 83.000 was recently
founJ In the rcatonlca river noar Ar
gyle. Wis.
Edward McDovals, f Allentown,
rv. thinks hn owui tbo smal)(it dog.
His flvo'monliba old and weighs four
' A wit. who was asked what be would
rather be during tbo three stage of Ufo,
replied! "Till thirty, a protty woman:
till fifly.,a successful General: tho rest
of my life, a priest"
Somb men novorlose their presence of
mind. A Milwaukee mn threw bis
rantkeMn.law out of a window In tho
Iftb story of a burn lag building and
'eirrjtda feather bod dowastalrs in his
,AJVrAXjiKii has Invented a chicken
'happier, consisting of a spring attached
to a hen's leg, wblcb. whoa the hen aV
tempts to scratch, will mnva ber on
ward, and will. In fact, walk ber right
out of tbo garden.
A man dllrjbo ling bills around Chica
go baa an ednraled pup to do tho work
for him Tho man carried tbo bills
and folded them aa h walked. Every
tmo he ramp to a bouss ho would glvo
onn to tlm dog. who would Jump over
the fence and gravoly deposit It on the
A roitNTTir pnbllshor who Is dissatis
fied with thn circulation rating ot "ox
ceedlpg W0" given his papor In a nows
paper directory, writes a scathing letter
to tho publishers of thn latter, which
concludes as follows: "If wo had tho
power wo would compel you to run off
our edition on a hand press."
An Ingenious photographer possoMos
a camera which be boasts cost blm but
91.90. S. cents of which wont for a
broken-down opora-glass. from which ho
got his Ion. Ills outfit of working
tools oomprlsod saws for 25 conts. ham
mers for IS, auger stocks for 23, bits for
10 and jack-planes for Si.
A loo cut tor foundabotttocontalnlng
SI. 000 In gold dust near Sly Vark, El
Dorado County, Cal. IIo was sawing a
treo down when bo struok something.
lie could not imagine what tho saw
could bo striking In the ralddlo of a
tree three feet thick. Aft r tho treo
was down and an examination mado a
bottln containing 91.000 In gold dust
was found In theconterof tho troo. It
was probably put in thero many years
ago by Borao old mine.
The (ar-reaching lnfluonco of a wink
was well illustrated at a Conneautvlllo
(Pa.) fair the othor day when two
strangors appeared on the scene and,
with a sly wink, quietly called the
attention of the agriculturists to a largo
number of bottles In a basket labelled
'cold tea." The wlrik did thn business,
and tbo "cold tea" was soon bought up
at "fanry prices. It proved to bo cold
tea In fact, and nothing more, but when
the discovery was made tbo young tnon
had "tipped each other the wink" and
A hat got caught by tke leg In a storo
and squealed loudly for mercy, says a
Maine oxuha'ngo. The proprietor of tho
store watched the rat. wblc continued
tho squeal Finally another rst cr-pt
cautiously out and walked up, to his
tinfortunato companion, and evidently
took the situation in, for tbpy seemed to
talk with each other, and arrived at the
conclusion that the captured rat's
rbr.nres were desperate, for tho second
one began to gnaw the unfortunate
rat's leg off. allowing It to escape, wblch
it did. jumping away on three legs, tho
other leg remaining In the trap. H
almost aeo.med as" If thoy had deliber
ated oyer tbo ciso, and bad reached tke
only possible means cf eacSpe. "
It Brought Good Fortuno to Two
Lonely Hearts.
"I daro say It's a groat curiosity,"
said Mrs. Mlnden, carelessly; "but I
novor did fancy tboso quaint old odds
and ends ot croatlon, and I didn't bar
gain to havo my houso turned into a
storage-place for Undo Zadoc's old
rattlo-traps. Sol ordered it oont to tho
socond-hand doalor'a establishment this
morning. IIo allowed mo flvo dollars
for itl And, roally," addod tho lady,
with a laugh, "I think 1 should have
boon tomptod, If hotter torms could not
havo beon mado, to njiy tho dealer fivo
dollars for romovlng it from tho prom
ises." , Mr. Minder looked np from behind
tbo closely-prlntod columns ot tbo daily
"And If your Uncle Zndoo inqulros
aflor it?" said ho. "Bocause it will
bardly do to offend tho old gontleman."
"Oh I wo'll toll him It all foil to
ploces," said Mrs. Mlndon, calmly.
"Ten to ono bo'll nevor tblnk of It
And Mrs Mlnden replaced tho old
tcakwood cablnot with a modern chif
fonier, inlaid with china tiles, and gilt
torlng with brass ornaments, and con
gratulated horsolf on gottlng rid of
(Jnclo Zadoc Johnson's "old trash."
"Ob, mamma," crlod Beatrice field,
coming In ono day from carrying homo
a roll of embroidered satin to tbo shop
for which sho workod, "I saw such a
lottly old Indian cablnot in Lock wood's
second-hand storo as I passod byl It
was marked 'Fit toon dollars.' Mnmma,
it would brlghton up our dim littlo par
lor llko a bit of the Orlontt"
Mrs. Fl old's Durable littlo parlor,
whoro it bocamo tbo dollght of Bee's
"I could fancy all sorts of dolightful
mystorlos out of tbo 'Arabian Nights,'
when I sit bora and look at its carvod
cornora and odd, twisted doors," said
she. "I'm suro tboro's a sccrot draver
in It somonhere, although I novcr
bava boon able to find It It shall bo
our household idol, mamma, and I'm
quite, qulto suro that It will bring us
good luck."
"I foar that nothing will over do
that," said poor little Mrs. Field, sigh
ing. And, although tbo remark aoundod
oxtrome, yot there bad been a concat
enation of olrcumstancos in Mr s Field's
Ufo to justify it. Whon Boatrlce was
yot an Infant, her husband, a aoa cap
tain, sailing between the ports ot Bom
bay and Now Vork, by way of tho I.cn
don docks, was lost at sea. The guar
dian of ber little fortuno proved un
worthy of tho trust, and decamped,
leaving hor penniless; and slnte then
oxistoncobad bepn ono 'of rjSntinunl
struggle, until licalrlco, growing up,
bad developed an Uriunual lastolfor tho
fino artistic ttccdloworu which was just
thou coming lnU fashion, and bad vlr
iually takon tho support 0 tbo family
Into ber own bands.
And In bor dollght at this now acquis
ition. Bratrlco told its history to old
Captain Burton, a sick lodger on tho
boor above, to whom shosomotlmcs car
riod Iced cofToe, white grapes, littlo
odds and ends of luxury.
"For ho Is so poor," roasonod goner
oub littlo Boo. "And he has nofriondsl"'
Ono day, honovor, when Boo trlppod
lightly up with a plato of cream puffa
which sho horsolf, had manufactured,
sho saw a brown-skinned, wrinkled
littlo old man sitting at Captain Bur
ton's bodsldo,
"Eh?" said bo. "Ahl So you aro tho
littlo guardian angel, aro you?"
"I am Boatrlco Field," said our horo
Jne, coloring up. "And I did not know
that Captain Burton had company, or"
"Oul I'm not company," chucklod the
littlo brown man.. "I'm only Zadot
Johnson. I'm Bon Burton's second
sousln, and I'vo boon looking for him
thoso six months.' Now, by tho merest
ihanooln tho world, I'vo found hlro.
Vnd 1 hayo to thank you. Miss Beatrloe,
or all tbo dlsmtorosted kindness you
tavo shown him."
Th Conductor Did Mot Uniloritanil, Hat
II. Will Next lime.
.It ia a oustom on somo streot rail,
ways to glvo annual p.i&sos, which aro
numbered, says thoSoattlo I'rosa. Tboso
passos aro not nooossarlly Rhown oaoh
tlmo a man rldos on tho earn of that
lino, but oaoh ono bears a number, and
when asked for bis faro tho holder of
;tbo pass calls tho numbor ot his pass.
Not long alnco tho boldor ot pass No.
13 on Dtio of tho Seattle linos got on a
car, accompantod by two ladlos, for
whom ho must, ot course, pay faro. It
happened that tho conductor was a now
man and not acquainted with tho pass
Tho conductor on, tored tb.ocar in quest
of fares and tho first man hoapproaqhod
was tho holder of tho pass.
Tho gontleman handod him oio dol
lar to tako tho ladlos' furo fiom, at tho
saiho tlmo romarklng distinctly
Tho conductor took tho dollar and
then began ringing tho boll of tbo reg
ister. "Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding," wont tb.6 boll.
"Horo, horo," broke In tbo passongor,
"what in thundor aro you trying to do?"
"Didn't you say that you wonted to
pay for thlrtoon?"
"No, you doublo-brcostod lunkhead! I
hold pass No. 13 and want to pay for two
"OUI" exclaimed tbo conductor mild
ly, "why didn't you say so boforo?"
Thon tho bell-puller gave tho passon
por back his change and. Inwardly de
termined to got oven on tho first small
boy that attomptcd to steal a ride.
I.. 1 . w
Jones Bros & L eigh
, DEALERS m , ft
Wall Paper.
.Carpets, E
ffeit ..-"" -'-'' " $m "; :i
A&0M ' " Awl1!
,- 3ieale,. la '&'''$
. 'WAGONS. FARM lsyiPLE.MENT3 ' ", 4
uuU 1 lilAf I Inlif 9
At T Ms Qffies oe Sbert lotice. . -, "
j . ,
2 fek ynti&Mf&SS, Cxl( t.,
CO 3 iimmmn j , ' . ...-,,
L I" J 6-h P m -r
--JOB PRINTING- -yh: .

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