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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, January 09, 1903, Image 2

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H Iron County Record
H CMAS..tndjai.T.WaKIN(ON.Puktlthr(.
H Tho Irrigation companies about Lohl-
B liavo agreed to arbltrato their die-
H putos.
B Utah's 'wool clip for tho season will
M probably reach a total of 1G,000,000
H pounds.
B Klght now coal mines have been
fl opened up during tho P'tst jenr, six in
B Emory county and two in Carbon
BKV connty.
B Tho total output of the mines of
JB Utah for tho year 1902 is estimated at
BH $20,985,337. Tho output for 1901 was
H $17,580,457.
B The Btato University dobatlng team
has tnado arrangements for a contest
H with tho dobatlng team of the Ublver-
BBv i city of Idaho.
B During the past year 1,883 men were
employed In tho various mines of tho
H nlntc, as compared with 1,724 for 1901,
BBb an Increase of 109.
BBl Andrew Nlelson had both legs
BBf v broken, and James Graham had ono
fl log broken as a result of an accident
BBi In a Sunnyoldo mine.
H Royal Reld, of Mantt, Ig laid up with
B a broken leg, ns a result of being
B thrown from a horse, which clipped
BBl whllo turning a corner.
Miss Delia Mclntlro was struck by
H a train at I'rico and slightly Injured.
m Sho was standing too close (J tho
BBl track, and was struck by the engine.
BBl There Is now over a foot of snow
H on tho lovol In Rabbit valloy in Wayno
BBl county, moro than hna been on tho
B Ground at one tlmo for several years
BBl past.
fl Postmaster Clovo reports that tho
B business of tho Provo postoffico for tho
H last quarter figures up to $2,75G.G3, a
H gain of $204.57 over tho corresponding
B -Quarter of lust year.
M A proposition Is now on foot to cs-
H tabllsh an electric light plant to sup-
H ply Richfield. Tho pnrtles are figuring
H on about a $10,000 plant, to bo opcr-
BbV ated by steam power.
During tho past year Utah mining
B properties havo paid dividends to tho
H amount of $5,025,500. During 1901
H tho sum of $4,440,900 was distributed
B among tho stockholders.
BBl Tho smelters of Utah arc- capable
"fL-, of handljng 4,50,0 tons of oro per day,
B nnd it is believed beforo tho closo of
B' tho year Utah smelters will bo treat-
R ing 7,000 tons of oro dally.
H Whllo William Droadhcad, or Mantl,
B was driving down tho street tho team
BBl xan away, coming in contact with n
1 "treo, which ono of tho horses Struck,
B causing Instant death to tho animal.
B An explosion of coal gas at tho Salt
B Lako county Jail last week did slight
fl damago to tho building, and as a re-
B suit of tho explosion ono of tho prls-
B oners is nursing a badly burned face.
B Tho cltzcns of Ephralm eolobrated
H old folks' day on tho 30th, nbout 150
B guests being present. Ivan J. Olson,
B aged 93, was presented with a cano,
B for being tho oldest pioneer in tho dls-
H trlct
m , A trnlnload of pcoplo from Provo,
B Springvlllo and Salt Lako, spent Now
B Tear's day in tho vicinity of Nophl on
B a rabbit hunt, and woro royally enter-
M tnlncd' In tho ovonlng by tho cltzcns
BBb of Nophl.
B A forco of eight men is at work
M ,elnklng in on tho vein of tho South
B Tont Oil company's property at Eph-
B ralm. They will faco down tho ledge,
H and, If tho shale justifies it, thoy will
BBB nrnrf nn nil retort.
H Tho total valuation of tho school
B property In tho stato at tho end of
H tho school year, Junu 30, was $3,221,
Hi '159.G4. Last year tho estimated vnlua-
B 'tlon was $3,005,605.02, showing an In-
H crcaso of $155,554.02 for 1902.
M According to tho figures of Stato
B Mlno Inspector Gomor Thomas, tho
BBl coal production of the Sterling Coal &
BBV iCoko company, located six miles south
H of Mantl, Is 7,901 tons this year, as
BlB compared with 1,885 tons last year.
Hfl Mrs. Potcr Peterson, of Ephrnlra,
B While sowing on a machine, accldon-
H tally ran tho machlno nccdlo through
BBtj hor finger. It was found necessary to
YE tako tho machlno apart so as to ox-
H tract tho needle from tho lady's finger.
ftVfl Tho past year was a most prosper-
VAS oub ono for tho Salt Lako Jobbing
jH trade. Tho volumo of business was' a
B llttlo moro than $4,000,000 grcator tlmn
Uyfl in 1901, aggregating $31,700,000, as
Hfl against $27,235,000 for tho preceding
H yewr.
H At tho closo of tho school year thero
H woro 927 graduations in tho common
H and high schools, as against 813 for
H 1901, "an Increase of 114. Tho gradua-
H tlons fiom tho common schools wcro
H 2,051 for 1902, and 1,710 for 1901, a
H gain of 341.
H Tho production of coal in Utah tho
H past year aggregated 1,041,430 tons,
H " jw against 1,152,224 tons for 1901, an
H increuso of 489,212 tons. Tho valuo of
M tho product for this year, based upon
H $1.50 per. ton at tho mines, tho aver-
H age cost of production, is $2,402,154.
Brings About Reconciliation With
Brother and Deals Death Blow to
According to nows received In Tan
gier, Morocco, from Fez, tho ndrolt
movo of tho sultan in bringing his
brother, Mulal Mohammed, to tho cap
ital, has attained tho desired object of
doprlvlng tho pretender of his pres
tige, nnd tho lotter has retired, dis
credited, to Laza.
Ho hns been desortod by a number
of the' local tribes, who dlBporaod to
make suro of their booty.
Buhammara, tho pretender, having
claimed tho Intention of enthroning
Mulal Mohammed, his rebellion has no
longor any reason to contlnuo, ns the
sultan has publicly reconciled himself
with his brothor, and Mulal Mo
hammed has in ado a solemn entry Into
Foz, acclalmod by tho populace Tho
sultan has anonunccd tho appointment
of Mulal Mohammed as govornor of
tho province of Fez, thus disproving
tho rumors that Mulnl Mohammod as
pired to the throno. When this had
been done, according to tho official au
thority for these statomonts, tho tribes
around Fez sworo fidelity to tho sul
tan and denounced lluhammara ns nu
impostor, whom thoy would provont
from coming to Fez.
All Immediate danger has disap
peared. Tho routes from Fez to tho
coast aro open. It Is said tho sultan
Is now preparing a largo expedition,
with tho Intention of crushing tho re-bollton.
A Financial Panic in Caracas.
There was a financial panic at Ca
racas Saturday afternoon. A largo
number of small traders and private
depositors wont together to tho office
of tho Bank of Venezuela fcr tho pur
poso of exchanging tho bank's notes
for Bllvor. Tho bank refused to ox
chango moro than $2 worth of notes
.for any ono person, and at 4 o'clock
closed tho doors. Tho panic continued.
Bills Issued by tho bank aro now soil
ing for 80 por cent of their fato valuo.
Tho leading firms of Caracas, notwith
standing tho present situation, havo
not presented notes for redemption,
ns they aro all Interested In support
ing tho bank.
Witch Killers Sentenced.
United States Marshal Shoup haa
arrived In Senttlo from Juneau with
thrco Hoonnh Alaska Indians, son
tonccd each to four years' Imprison
ment In tho United States penlton
Hlary on McNeil's Island for cnUBlng
tho death of Indian Isaac, whom thoy
clnlmed to bo a witch. They kepi
Isaac tied to a trco for eight days, th(
exposure and hunger resulting In his
Robbers After Valuable Gems.
In a dispatch from Dolhl, tho corre
spondent of tho London Dally Mall
says: "A body of Pathans mado a bold
attempt In broad daylight Friday to
attack tho guard and rob tho Jowol
room of tho Arts exhibition, where
gems valued at $1,250,000 wero in
kooplng. Members of tho pollco forco
and tho Jowclcrs present, after a
scufllo, succeeded In foiling the at
tempt. Entrance to tho Jewel room
has been mado much moro difficult."
Firecracker Exploded In His Mouth.
William Pcttus, tho 5-year-old son of
Oeorgo Pettus, of Bryantsvlllo, Ky.,
found n cannon firecracker, Btuck It in
his mouth and lighted tho fuoo. Tho
oxploslon split tho boy's mouth from
car to car, and drovo tho butt Into his
throat. Romarkablo as It may socxn,
his tongue was not Injured. Tho phy
sicians say ho will recover.
Train Went Over Embankment. t
A passenger train on tho Southern
railway, bound from Atlanta to Bir
mingham, left tho rails Sunday night
near Wcoms station. Tho baggago and
mall cars rolled down an embankment
and wero demolished. Although tho
train was filled with passengors. En
gineer Whlto was tho only persju
killed. Ills mangled body was found
under tho locomotive. Twonty-sovon
passengors wcro slightly Injured. A
relief train brought tho Injured to Bir
mingham. Tho passenger coaches re
mained on tho tics.
How Babe Got Into Furnace.
Tho mystery of tho child which
was burned in tho furnaco of the
Brown hotel, Denver, on tho night of
Doc. IG, has been solved by a volun
tary stntoment of Dr. W. S. Holmqulst,
who placed tho body in tho furnaco.
Tho body was that of a still-born child,
tho paronts of which had requested
him to save them tho oxponso of a
funeral. Chief of Pollco Armstrong
said tho doctor would not bo arrested,
and William C. Hughes, tho flrotnan
at tho Brown, whow na arrested, will
not be prosocutcd.
Indiana Ghoul Arrested,
Hamilton West, aged G5 years, a
farmer living south of Noblesvllle,
Ind., has been arrested on tho chargo
of stealing tho bod'os of Ralph Breck
en and Walter Manshlp from tho
Beaver comotory, nlno miles southeast
of Noblesvlllo. The warrants wero
sworn out by relatives of tho dead
mon, on tho strength of information
received from Rufus Cantroll, tho In
dlnnapolls ghoul, who Is reported to
havo said that ho helped West to take
tho bodlea. West was placed undr
heavy bond.
The Settling Was Gradual, and thr
People In the Affected 8ectlon
Escaped Injury, Although There
Were Several Narrow
Escapes. "v
Abandoned workings in tho Eddy
Creek colliery of tho Delawaro & Hud
son company, beneath thn very heart
of thctown of Oltphanl, Pa., caved In
Friday afternoon nnd engulfed four
frame buildings, covering an aggre
tnto ground spaco of t,G00 feet.
Tho settling wns gradual, and pco
plo In tho affected vicinity escaped. A
Rang of men and boys who wcro. at
work In tho mlno boyond tho fall off
countered a flooded "dip" or dopres
klon In tho vein while making their
way out, and had to swim from one
rlso to tho other. '-
Tho settling began at 3 o'clock and
continued thirty mlnues. In the In
tervening hour, O'Brien's three-stosy-hotel,
Mrs. Anna Evans' doublo dwoll
lng, Mrs. Juno Acorly's doublo store
building and Evans' one-story barber
shop wcro ground to debris In tho
yawning pit, with tho uppermost part
of tho mound forty feet bolow tho sur
face The vein that caved In Is' 115
feet below tho surface. Tho property
loss Is estimated at $30,000.
Work on the Salt Lake-Denver Short
Line Commences at Last.
A Salt Lako Trlbuno special from
Denver says: Tho first shovelful of
earth on tho Donver, Northwestern &
Pacific railway was Uirned this morn
ing by a construction gang of graders
at a point eight miles from Marshall
and opposlto South Boulder Crook can
yon. Thero was no ceremony, but at 7:16
o'clock 200 mon, the gang of contract
ors, Orman & Crook, havo on the field,
wore working.
Govornor Orman received tho mes,
sago from Marshall that work had
started and said: "As rapidly as pos
sible wo will havo 3,000 or 4,000 men
at work, and thero will bo no delays.
Wo havo Btarted In tho usual way In
grading, and tho rock work will como
as wo enter tho canyon."
Tho work oxtendlng boyond Arvada,
and which will form part of the en
trance Intp Denver of the Donvor,
Northwestern & Pacific, Is that of tho
-Donver & Northwostorn, tho $C,000.0Cf
corporation which Is tho nucleus of
tho Inter-urban system of tho tramway.
Drunkards Are Now Blacklisted In
Tho first notable case under tho now
Hcouslng net, which went Into effect
on tho 1st, enmo up In a London pollco
court Friday, when Sir Charles Allen
Lawson, tho Anglo-Indian newspaper
editor and writer, nppiled for a sum
mons against Lady Lawson, whom ho
described as an habitual drunkard. Tho
summons was granted. Tho now act
onnblcs olthor husband or wlfo to so
curo a separation In tho caso of habit
ual drunkenness, and allows tho pollco
to arrest an Inebriate anywhere oxcept
In a prlvnto house, whether disorderly
or not. Aftor" conviction tho drunkards
aro blacklisted for threo years. If
they attempt to obtain drink during
that tlmo thoy aro liable to a fine,
whllo tho publican supplying them Is
fined $50 for tho first offonso and $100
for tho jecond offonso. Imprisonment
Is provided for drunkenness of a per
son In chargo of a child under 7 years
of age.
Dodged the Sharks.
A boat's crow from tho United
States cruiser Don Juan do Austria
mado tho first successful attack on
tho mlno field In tho maneuvers near
Sublg bay. Tho boat capsized as It
was approaching tho mines, and part
of the crow, with Ensign Babcock,
swam a mllo, although tho water was
infested with sharks, towing counter
mine buoys, which were successfully
placed. Tho searchlights on tho war
ships did not discover tho operation.
Ensign Babcock n 1 his men wero
congratulated on their courage.
National Bank Notes.
Tho monthly circulation statomont
issued by tho comptroller of tho cur
rency shows at tho closo of tho calen
dar year tho total circulation of na
tional bank notes was $384,929,784, an
lncreaso for the year of $24,040,058,
and an Increase for tho month of $75,
270; tho circulation based on United
Statos bonds amounted to $312,127,844,
an lncreaso for tho yenr of $17,118,538,
nnd an Increase for tho month of 1,
027,435. Tho circulation secured by
lawful money amounts to $42,801,04.
Body Was Cremated.
W. C. HuebeB, employed as fireman
at tho Brown Pntaco hotel, Donver,
haa been arrested as a result of his
confession that on Dccembor IG ho
pormlttcd two unknown mon to placo
tho body of an Infant in ono of tho
furnaces In tho boiler room, whoro It
was consumed. Ho says they woro
carrying a box, which thoy said con
tained a baby, which thoy asked per
mission to burn lti tho furnaco. Be
lieving thoy wero Joking, ho oponcd
the noor for them. Later he discovered
that a baby's body had actually boon
contained In tho box.
Attempted to Cut a Woman's Hand Off
In Order to Secure Her Diamonds.
Honry Goodman, 19 years old, has
been nrrestcd In Now York City,
charged with being tho person who at
tempted to cut off a young woman's
hand to obtain tho diamonds displayed
on her flngors. Tho attack was mado
In tho fall vlow of scores of merry
makers, Including tho woman's escort.
Miss May Matthows and Miss May
Lowls started out with their escorts
for nn automobllo ride, nnd later went
to n supper. At 11 o'clock, when tho
start was made for homo, something
went wrong with the machine, nnd the
two men got down to oxamlno It MIsa
,owIs held a handbag, which contained
i small amount of money. On tho
Ingers of Mies Matthews' left hand
jllttcrcd diamonds worth, It Is said,
fully $1,500.
Suddonly from tho crowd spiang a
young man, who hold In ono hand n
knlfo with a long and exceedingly k03n
blade. From Miss Lewis ho grabbed
tho bag sho was carrying, and then,
solzlng Miss Matthews by tho fingers,
ho drew his knlfo across her knuckles,
cutting a deep gash. Tho young wom
an shrieked with fright and pain, and
hor assailant, who, waiting to make
another effort to sever her hand, bran
dished his knife In the face of those
who sprang to tho rescue, nnd dashed
west along" Houston street. After a
long chaso ho was captured, but did
,not surrender until bcaton Into sub
jection by n policeman.
Pacific Cable Has at Last Been Con
nected With Our Possession.
Tho patlenco of tho watchers of
the Postal Telegraph company was re
warded at 11:01 o'clock on tho night
of tho 1st, when the instrument at the
San Francisco end of tho Pacific cablo
Indicated that connections with Hono
lulu had at last been made, and that a
messago was coming through.
Tho first words that tho ticker de
noted on tho tnpo wero "You aro re
versed," meaning that tho Honolulu
operator was getting tho San Fran
cisco signals backwards. Tho local
difficulty was quickly adjusted by a
readjustment of tho batteries here, and
then camo the first formal communi
cation from Undo Sam's now posses
sions across tho Pacific cable.
Epidemic of Cholera In the Philippines.
When R, G. Case, a stationery
Scaler in ho city of Manila, loft that
city for Scnttle, tho averago number
of deaths from cholera was thirty a
day. Cholera Is raging In tho Philip
pines In a moro aggravated form than
at any other time slnco American oc
cupation occurred. Mr. Case says of
tho opldomlc:
"Thero has not bcon such an epi
demic of tho disease In tho Islands, tho
natives say. In many years. In 1887
thoy had their worst siege, and then,
thoy tell you, when the death rate
reached ten a day thoy wore fearful.
However, for a week or ten days It did
reach forty a day In Manila, and what
It was in tho other parts of tho Island
thoy are unable to say."
Pretender's Army Near Fez.
A dispatch to the London Times
from "Tangier says a courier from Fez
has arrlvod thore, bringing a lettor
dated Decembor 25, saying that the
pretendor was then four hours from
Fez. All available troops had left tho
capital to defend the approaches to
tho city. Tho Christians In Fez wero
all reported to be safe.
Cuban Editor Slain.
Congressman Corona, editor of the
Cuban Libre, shot nnd Instantly killed
Scnor Insula, editor of tho Republlca,
at Santiago do Cuba on New Year's
day. Both men wore prominent poli
ticians and leaders of rival parties,
Sonor Corona was drinking In a cafq
when Scnor Insula and a party of
friends entered tho place and began a
polltcal discussion. Personalities and
Insults followed, and quickly started a
fight with canes, during which Sonor
Corona drew a revolver and shot Sonor -Insula
three times.
Lockjaw Caused by Burns Received
From Firing Toy Pistole.
Four boys, thrco white and ono col
ored, hnvo died In Norfolk, Va., slnco
Chrlstmua of lockjav, caused by
burns received In tho firing of toy pis
tols charged with blank cartridges, usd
now George W. Wright, a messongor
boy who wounded hlmsolt accidentally
on Christmas morning, has bcon at
tacked by tho disease, and Is roported
to bo In a dying condition, Municipal
legislation Is proposed to prohibit tho
Bale of such weapons In tho future.
Tragedy of the New Year.
Mrs. Mario Danonhauor shot and killed
herself at her home In Philadelphia on
tho morning of tho 1st, aftor attempt
Inr 'o kill her husband, According to
bis statoment, ho and his wito bad
Ibotn colobratlng tho ndvent of tho now
jycar, and when about to retlro early
on that day, tho woman seized a ro
yojvor which was kept In the room and
fired at her husband, tho bullet strik
ing him In tho hand. Sho then shot
herself. Danonhnuar was arrest6d,
pending an Investigation.
Police Compelled to Guard Him Closely
In Order to Prevent the People
From Doing Him Bodily Harm.
Considerable excitement -.prevails at
Savanna La Mar, on the southwestern
coast of tho Island of Jamaica, caused
by tho shooting thero of tho Jamaican
negro second mate of tho American
brig Sunlight by tho first offlcer of that
vesso', H. G. Gardner of Mnlno. Ac
cording to tho details which havo
reached Kingston, trouble nroso on
board the Sunlight over tho color ques
tion, nnd tho crew loft her nnd refused
to roturn on board. During tho dis
turbance. It appears, Gardner fired at
tho second mnto and probably fatally
wounded him. A strong forco of pollco
was sent on board tho brig to arrest
Gardner, and It was with difficulty
that he was overpowered and taken to
Jail. Tho pollco wcro compelled to
guard tho bul.dlng In order to provent
native mobs from attacking It. The
Sunlight was loading log wood for
Is Willing to Submit to Arbitration
Difficulty With Powers.
The answer of President Castro to
tho proposals of tho allies to submit
to tho arbitration of Tho Hague tri
bunal tho Venezuelan difficulties haa
reached Washington through Minister
Bowcn. Tho answer amounts to n
general acccptanco of tho principles of
tho proposition, President Castro be
ing willing to submit his caso to tho
arbitration of fair and Impartial au
thorities. Tho details c' tho answer will not bo
published In ndvanco of Its recoptlon
by tho European allies, and In fact it
may bo withhold entirely from publi
cation on tho ground thnt It really be
longs to thoso powers.
As a Venezuelan Rebel Sees It.
General Mntos, tho head of tho rev
olutionary movement against President
Castro, referring to Venezuelan diffi
culties with tho allied powers, said:
"Tho pending question has two ob
jects ono Is tho recovery of certain
sums of money owed by Venezuela and
tho other la that of claims for Injuries
received by foreign residents In tho
republic. I see no exceeding gravity
In either of these two matters, be
causo every legitimate debt must bo
paid, and because tho laws of the re
public and Its treaties with foreign na
tions, and In special cases Interna
tional law, dctermtno in every In
stance tho proceedings under tho cir
cumstances to bo followed by civilized
nations who deslro to uphold their
honor and mnke their country respect
ed among tho nations."
Curious Charge Brought Against Coal
Operators by Former Employes.
Suits hnvo been brought by twenty
two residents of New York City, who
claim that during tho coal strike they
wero decoyed to tho mines In Pennsyl
vania by agents of tho Erlo railroad
and of tho Pennsylvania Coal com
pany. Damages for $50,000 each,
amounting to $1,100,000 In all, are sued
for, and tho attorney for tho plalntlfTa
consulted with nn attorney today nbout
bringing tho matter beforo tho grand
jury to bo sworn In next Monday.
Tho plaintiffs claim that under pre
tense of doing work for tho railroad
nnd coal companies, they wore de
coyed to Hobokon, whero they wero
locked In n car and carried, against
tholr will, to tho coal regions of Penn
sylvania and compelled to act as
"strlko brcakors," under throats of be
ing "turned over to tho fury of tho
miners." Tho men say thoy finally
succeeded In making their way back
to tho city, but declare that, on their
way homo, they had narrow escapes
from being mobbed.
Richards of Wyoming 8ecures the
Tho secretary of tho lntorlor' an
nounces thct ex-Governor William A.
Richards of Wyoming has been select
ed to succeed Commmlsslonor Dinger
Hermann aj the head of tho goneral
land offlco, and that Mr. John II.
Flraplo of Carrollton, O,, will succeod
Govornor Richards as nsnlstant com
missioner of tho land offlco. Tho ap
pointment will tako effect February 1,
It is understood. Tho commissions
havo not been made out as yet becauso
tho resignation of Commissioner Her
mann hns not yet bcon forwarded to
tho proper authority. Tho resignation
will be forwarded shortly, however,
1 and tho commissions of tho new ap
pointees will then bo signed.
Banks and Life Insurance Companies
Prospered During Past Year.
It will bo shown by tho returns of
tho various banking and trust com
panies thnt 1902 has bcon ns profitable
na 1901. Tho westorn Institutions re
port greater progress than in tho pre
vious yenr, and tho several commer
cial agencies in tho United States and
Canada make gratifying statomonts as
to tho gonoral business of tho country.
Tho flro lnsurnnco companlen will
show hotter results tiila yonr than last
Only One Troopship to Be Held In Re
serve by Army.
The transport Warren Is oxpected
to arrlvo at San Francisco Friday from
Seattle Sho will bo laid up with tho
othor discarded troopsnlps, and as soon
ns good anchor can bo found for thum,
all of tho idlo transports except tho
Kilpatrlck will go up tho Sacramonto
rlvor, to Ho in fresh water. Tho Kil
patrlck Is to bo kept near ns a rosorvo
ship. Tho Sumner la, being stripped
and may at nny tlmo bo turned over
to the navy.
- - - --!
' Thore Is n lurklr.fr
. 4H dinger tn tllQ aching
x3bJiPB Tho nehes and pains m
PBBflB of a bad back tell oC"?
SaBf kidneys overworked.
iBRBJT'i Go to tho kidneys"
mmB assistance when.
T "4bb backacho palus warn
i!p5HBfer a kidney warning -ij53BKai5
should uo heeded, for
SgSWaSV dangerous diabetes
Bfc quickly follows In tho-!)EkzZ-
wnko of Dackache.
T5- Urinary disorders'
KBii?Trci nro s e r I o u b and
Brlght's dlscaso Is near nt hand. Read
how tho danger can bo averted.
Caso No. 15,741, Re-. Jacob D. Varj
Doren, of 57 Sixth street. Fond du Lac,
Wis., Presbyterian clorgyman, snya:
"A man or woman who has never had
kidney complaint or any of tho little
Ills consequent upon Irritated or Inac
tive kidneys knows very llttlo about
what prolonged suffering Is. I had at
tacks which kept mo In tho houso for
days at a time, unnblo to do anything,
and to express what I sufforcd can
hardly bo adequately dono In ordinary-Anglo-Saxon.
As tlmo passed, compli
cations set In, the particulars of which.
I will be pleased to glvo In a porsonnl
interview to any ono who requires In
formation. I used plenty of romodlos,
nnd, ever on tho outlook for something ;
that might check or benefit my condl.
tlon, I began taking Doan's ICIdnoy
Pills. This I can conscientiously soy.
Doan's Kidney Pills caused a general
Improvement In my health. They
brought great relief by lessening the
pain and correcting tho action of the
kidney secretions.
A FREE TRIAL of this great kidney
medicine, which cured tho Rev. Jacob j
Van Doren, will be mntlcd on applica
tion to nny part of tho United States. '
Addres8 Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, '
N. Y. For sale by all druggists. Prlco
50 cents per box.
Winter Joys.
Now Is tho season whoa tho younu
man rolls up his trousers at the bot
tom and seeks tho houso of a maid
where there Is a fireplace. Summer
in a hammock Is bliss, but winter
by the side of a pink and white girt
with kind eyes seems to be more at
tractive. Thero la always tho fire ;
to poke up when the conversation j
grows dimmer than tho light Oro- i
gonlan. :
Discovers Remedies That Restore )
Sight to Blind People. '
Dr. W. O. Coffee, a noted oculist, SCO Good
Block, Dcs Moines. Ioira, Ufti dlscorerod moil- '
lctnes for the eyes thnt peoplo can use at home
and cure Cataract. Scums Granulated Uds ,
Ulcers or Blindness and restore sight.
Dr. Coffee has published an BO-pago book v
Eio Diseases which he will send Pr to every 1
reader of this paper. This bcoV tolls (bow to-..-- '!
'prevent old sU'ht and make weak ejes strong,
write Dr. Coftco today for his book.
Various Traits Exhibited by Thl
Notable Family.
Young Cornelius Vanderbllt is to
day by far tho most notablo member
of the multi-mllllonalro family to
which ho belongs. Helped by his.
clever wlfo, ho has won tho reputation
of being a many-sided man. In turn
ho has earned distinction as success
ful Inventor, railroad engineer, politi
cian, national guardsman, four-ln-hand
whip and yachtsman, and now ho Is
about to make his debut as a lecturer
at Columbia University, where he will
speak on railroad engineering. Fred
Vanderbllt haa become a recluse,
George Vanderbllt, a man of cultured
leisure, whllo W. K. Vanderbllt Sr.
his son and nnmosako, W. K. Vander
bllt Jr., and Alfred and Regglo Van
derbllt havo apparently no othe aim
in llfo than pleasuro and tho pleaslnc
of their tastes.
If you want creamery prices do as
tho creameries do, uso JUNE TINT
Gallant Colonel Had Science or
8hootlng Down Fine.
Col. "Tom" Ochiltree was onco In
vited to spond a week at tho doer
hunting lodgo In the Malno woods of
one of hla frionds, and tramped th
wilds for a week without bringing:
down anything. On the last day ot
his visit ho was approaching the
lodgo In company with hla entortalner
just as dusk, and seeing somothloc
in the thicket, fired at It. It turned
out to be a calf, but the Honorable
Tom missed It as gallantly as if it had
bcon a buck of many antlers. "What's
this," shouted his host, "you protend
to be a hunter and can't hit a calft"
"Well," Tom replied, "I wasn't just
sure what it was, go I shot to hit it it
it was a doer and miss It If It was &
Putting "a Stick" In It.
Over tho aoda fountain In a Den
ver drug storo la a sign which cos- f
voya a hint roadlly understood by
thirsty people who llko a stimulant
In their coda. Tho sign contains tbesn
worda: "Just Wink nt Bllly, Billy
Knows." iV '
One for xSaeh of His, Wlvev
A member of tho aulte of KlngT.o
wanlkn, tho Black King, glvos ai.
amusing account of tho llbertV
dresses which tho king boughin Lon
don juat before his departure. The ,
chief, It eeems, occupied two solid
hours In the show room of tho great
Bilk morchant, and during tho whole
of that tlmo two young ladloa wero
kept buay trying on tho gorgeous
costumes us fast aa thoy could be
brought up, displaying their beauty to
tho unusual visitor. In tho end Lj- '
wnnika bought twelve dresses, otio for
each of his wives, at a cost of $800.

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