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Nov. 10, 1G03.
lu.lruotqr Burgess gavo a very able
talk in chapol this morning. Ills sub
ject wn9 "The Importance aud Power
I of Truth and the Necessity of bolng
The Normal musical club will give
.their first entertainment this evening.
It will consist of ladies' and gcntlo
men's choruses, instrumental selections
by t lie bnml und Mundolln V Guitar
Club und piano solos.
All the students attended tholr chop
. ol Friday morning. One Of our stu
dents, ,1ohn Gublor, spoke on the char
acter of studeuts and brought homo to
many their duty to themselves and all
Students society was filled to over
flowing last Friday night. All woro
eager to have "an evening with the
negroes." A very Interesting program
consisting of negro songs nnd topics
concerning negro life was carried out.
The physics class" has just completed
the subject of the Mechanics of Solids
and will be examined on it next week.
Instructor Ward thinks thatthe hardest
chapter is over. A great deal of earn
est work has been put on this subject
, . and the students Intend to get all that
is in It.
Instructor Milne answered the chal
lenge of the L. D. S. boys in tho nega
, tlve, but asked them to send us another
in tho spring. The boys havo begun to
practice in the Ward Hall and will play
'from J:lf tofi p. m on school days.
They arc going to play to win this time
ftntl tuK'Q the good record from tho L.
d: s.
, . largo boiler for tho now building
, arrived yesterday to be placed In tho
engine room hesldo tho old one. It'
J" was certainly amusing to watch a half
dozen men try to unload It. It was
raised with tho jackacrcw and placed
on rollers. All were hurrying to get It
off beforo dark for fear if they left-It on
the wagon with the rollers under it
some children might roll it oil. When
I all was ready and ropes wero fastened
f' to hold It back, a small crowbar was
Jt applied to start It. Jack was then
if made uso of and to tholr amazement
!' the friction was too great for that.
Night stopped their toll, but moat of
r. , TliH.Brbimth win -pont In solving the
""'"'""Itnoity problem.
TT'' ' ' Nov. It, 1903.
Tho first of the publio lectures will
be given Saturday evening, Nov. 21, by
rrlncipul N. T. Porter.
Tho dnnco given by tho Ladies' So
ciety last Saturday was very successful.
.Their magio mirror panorama was
something now und much enjoyed by
' everybody.
English C Is taking up Whlttler's
.poems In commotion with their work
f ;. in description. Last week they ills-
! cussed "Snow Bound," and for Monday
- v are to try nn original description of a
I ) home scene.
' Tim studcniB aro going to have a big
ballon Wednesday boforo Thuuks'giv-
,m lug. -Tho purposo is to bring tho stu-
dent body closer together and to let
jt them take to tholr homes the spirit of
patriotism, that, thoy may encourage
others to join our Institution and nj-
colvo tho benefits.
The natural solonco Instructor is
making an effort to establish a zoologl-
1 , cal muzeum. IIo has u live Gila monster
and n rattle snako penned up In tho
laboratory already. When wo get a
room for this purposo, doubtless bo will
' greatly lncroasothls number and mako
the museum of Cedar one of the best in
tho state.
Q IN I . .
I Coal and wood art) the things most
sought after these times. Wc could use
a load or two of wood at this office on
subscrltlon, butwe don't ltuovr how to
get the chance. If any of our subscrib
ers can cnlltrhtcn ua on thin matter wo
hhall be obliged.
; Ono of tho moat rcmarkablo oases of
f ' a cold, deep seated on the lung, caus-
1 ing pneumonia, is that of Mm. Oer-
If trudoK. Fcnnor, Marion, Ind., who
was entirely cured by the use of One
Minute Cough Cure. She sdys: "Tho
coughing and straining 60 weakened
Iino that I ran down in weight from H8
to 02 pouodB. I triad a number of rem
edies to no ftTftH until I used Ono Mln
( uto Cough cure. Four bottles of this
wonderful romedy cured mo entlroly
of tho'cough, etrenpthoncd my lungs
and restored mo to my normal weight,
health and strength."
For Sale by Cedar Sheep Ats'n.
Vor rnrthsr Information Consult (Jounly
Cleik or Ilia IlespectlT-Klgners
Creditors will present claims with vouchers (
the undersigned at her rrstdcnrr at Cedar City,
Iron County, Utah, on or before the 4th day of
March, A. I)., 1904.
MARIA II. nm,I.OClt.
I. II. Ryan.
Attorney for Administratrix,
Cedar City, Utah.
tFlrst Oct 31 -Last Nov. 21)
Estate of Ceo. L. Evcrstliie, deceased.
Creditor will present claim with voucher
to the undersigned at his office In Cedar City,
Iron County, State of Utah, on or before March
1, 1901.
(rirstOct. 31 Last Nov.2Ii
That was a flimsy, indefinite lot
of data upon which the Tribune's
Washington correspondent bmlt tip
a column special in reference to the
approaching fight against Senator
Smoot. A prominent attorney had
been employed to defend the Senat
or, the correspondent stated, but his
name could not be ascertained; Sen
ator Dubois of Idaho was getting
busy and collecting a lot of evi
dence.but refused to be interviewed;
"an effort was made by the Tribune
correspondent to obtain a list of wit
nesses who will be summoned, but
with no result; the reply was made
that no names had been delivered
to the committee of the Senate, and
none would be delivered until the
committee was ready to issne sum
monses; an effort has been made to
ascertain the line of testimony which
will be submitted against Senator
Smoot, but whoever has it in hand
will not disclose it," and a lot more
such vagaries as these constituted
the foundat on upon which the arti
cle rests, Wc think thespecial must
hava been a "Marconigraph," and
that it originated pretty close to the
Tribune manager's office. The Tri
bune management met with a rever
sal in the recent municipal election
and an attempt will now be made to
vent their anger and disappointment
on Senator Smoot, and the Mor
mojtis. Dixie Advocate.
Kodol Dyspepsia C'uro does for tho
stomach that which It is unablo to do
for Itbdf, even when but slightly dls
drderpd.or over-loaded. Kodol Dyspep
sia Cure sunpllos tho natural juices of
digestion und does tho . work of the
ftomaciii i:oJaxlng the nervous tension,
wh'llo'thcinflamed muflclosof that or
gan arc allowed to rest and heal. Ko
dol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you
cat and enables tho stomach and diges
gcstlvc organs to transform all food In
to rich, red blood.
For Sale by Cedar Sheep Ass'n.
Wo havo a six-col. quarto Vuugn
Idoal hand cylinder newspaper press,
completo with inking apparatus, just
as good us now, which wo will dispose
of very cheap for cash. This is a very
iiatisfactory press for a country news
paper, and should nor. ho confused with
tho miiu-killln;; Washington hand
press or small army.
Some of our exchanges that aro con
templating Installing u better press
would do well to write us for prices.
The socialists seems to bo a live prop
osition at Salina. The republicans and
democrats fused In order to down them
at the last election; and if this had not
been done the Suit says they would havo
elected a portion of their ticket, There
Is one man at least there who is not a
socialist as tho following taken from
the editorials of tho Sun will attest:
"Salina has become a hot bed of Social
Ism. it proves that thcro is something
wrong with the town. Dissatisfaction
lied disgust breed Socialism. A con
tented and happy man is not a Socialist.
Thcro Js all the difference In
t the world between a Socialist aud an
ant to Takt.
Tho. finest quality of granulated loaf
sutrur is used in the manufacture of
Gham&orlaln'a Cough Remedy' and
tho roots used in its preparation give it
a flavor similar to utuplo syrup, making
it quite pleasant to take. Mr. W. L.
Roderick, of Poole, vlllo, Md., in
spooking of this remedy, says: "I have
used Chamberlain' Cough Remedy
with my children for several years add
can truthfully say it is thu- best prejmr
atlon of tho kind I know of. Tho chil
dren like to take It nnd It has no injur
ousater.offoot. . '
Pr sale by nil Dealer.
jt.A.N'O S7il.
Application for Patent.
Salt l.ke Wty. Ulah, Octobtr 29. 1903.
NotlceU hereby given (hat the Cincinnati,
UUh nd W.rom6iOiKotnpti, a corporation
oritaulred under the iw of the ,t,te of South
Dakota. Us post office iddtMi being Clnciliatl,
Hamilton comity. htt :or Ohio, by P. 15 Ken
nedv, Up Jul """X"''!, lias made an
Br.p1lcllonfirnU"fJbuic patent for the
Cincinnati. Cincinnati H 3 ,! Cincinnati No.
Ilodea, veltia or iiuerai deposit., in pinto Iron
ec27-1-8J and 31. tp S h. 11 14 y, coti.Utlnp
oflSOtllliiearfertor ech of j Cincinnati,
and C nclnnatl ho. I lodei .and 1270.3 linear
feetol MldCluclmrtt No..ilodeln length tl"
lreunita Rcneral wurje or direction or which
are huwn oil the official pta filed In thlo ortlce,
aaucnr.ns can uedeten' ned from ,eent ile
Tclopmcnla. tocelher vith the mtfacr Ktound
as ahown on aald official nut i,ea,n R0m,alt.
vcr, copper, lead. Iron and other precious metals
beliiBlclsldbyUie Surveyor r.t,lttn
It No. 6ut; on ft official pi 8sl(l cn,
peine described In the field , B1i,
oiriclal wirrcy oil file in thisoflice. with maunel
Ic variation nt 11 tleg 17 luln l.to 17 dec ;& mln
If. nt follow, to-tt It: m "
CoiiiinencinB nt cor.Ro. J of nld Clnclnnllt
I.kIc survey No.Mltf, '''' the SV cor sec 27.
tp 30 S, K II W. bears M3deK 13 ,in w ;wu .
ttienccN33de(c0imlnV oooft to cor No. a
sntd Itxlei thence N j Jej Jl mm K 1600 It to
cor No 3 m hi lodej thence s aideR to mln it M)
ft to cor No. 4 of said lode and cor No. 1 or said
ClnclnnnilNo, 3lode.leiiiK Identical whence
the HXV cor sec 27. tl K , 11 1 1 , i,elr!l s 60
iletr 47 mln W 071.7 ft: thence N 17 dci; 29 mln
WC03 ft In cor W. ZLInclniutti No. 3 lode-
Itinnro V 7.-. llpirM llllll Jt I'iTll S ft l.i m v..
Cincinnati No 1 lode nnd Cor No 2iald Clncln
unit No. 4 In c, belnp Identicali Micnce N JO dee
20mln KiWI.l ft to cor number 3sald Cincinna
ti number 4 loile: thence s 17 dec JO mln i: r,oo (1
to cor number 4 Cincinnati number I lo c:
thence S72leir 31 mln W lJODfttocor number
1 ClHClunntlnumbe,rl lode and cor number I cr
Ctnclniintl nuniber 3 lode, belue Identical
whence the KV for sec27, tp SO s. R 1 1 v i,ears
HC3d('irC8mlu V2il3ft! Ileiices72dec31 mln
W 1278 ft to cor number 1 Cincinnati number 3
lode and cor number 4 Cincinnati lode, belnc
Identical: thence S 22 des 31 mln v l, It to
cor number 1 Cincinnati lode, the place of be
gluiiltig. The net area claimed herein bfiug 51.033
The locations of said lujiili-c claim belnc of
record lulhe office of the 'County Recorder of
Iron county, nt l'arowan. Vlah, In book l" of
MlnliiK Location notices, nt pagrsOiO nud G2I.
The nearest known locations being the Itex
number 3. Hex number 1, 'Hex number 5 nnd
Kex number 0. nnd Itex number 7 lodes.
I direct that this notice be pubtilied In the
Iron CoUNtv HncouD at Cedar Citv Iron conn
ty. t'tnh, the newspaper publUlied nearest
said miulnt; claims, loathe period oflxtv days.
I'll am; i. umiiw
lt-Ei ter
II. O. Twontev,
Clalmniil's attorney.
t'lrslUcL.3liI.astDc J3.1
: ....ju." . .
M'A'No, 3753.
Application for Patent.
t'NltfitD STATU J lANO Ol'l Ich.
Sa'.t'I.ake City, Utah October 29, 1903.
Notice Is hereby given tint the Clnclnntil,
rtnhand WyomlncOll CV'4Mny, n coroti
lion orcaulzed and existing nailer the laws of
the State ol South Dnkotn, its prut office address
belnc Cincinnati. Hamilton county. ouo, by I
I'. 15. Kennedy,' tt duly !iAotlzed neent, has I
made application forn tliyjedhtates patent lor I
the I'riendshlp Tip Lode, rrlu. or mineral de
posit. In I'luto Iron MIniu? DUtrlct, iron Coun
ty. Utah, lnHec27. tpMS, R It V, consisting oM
1174.6 linear feet of said loilc In leucth, the pte
sumed general course or direction ot which Is
shown oil the olllclal pint filed In this office, as
tear as en 11 be determined Irom present devel
opments, together with the surface ground as
shown oil said olllclal plat, bearing gold, silver,
copper, lend. Iron and other precious metals, be
ing deoignated by the Surveyor Ueuerat as Lot
No. M on said official plat, aid claim being
ilUcf lhrd III III field n,-.i... nl. V,r r.tT.c-.u1
.irvey.'oft "Jttni5r,'--w.i( tiiainietlc
v-rlatloir at 17 deg 23 mln Crt aj u mm
as follows, to-wit;
Commencing nt cor No. lofsnld friendship
Tip lode, survey No.r-OH, whence the SK cor of
seclT. tp30S, K ItW.besrs 553 drgM mill H
602.3 ft; thence8(i.Sdef5mlii U' 883.5 ft to cor
No. 2 said lodet theuct .N"33'lct-33mln IVS21.7
ft to cor No. 3 said lode; tlieuce N 83 deg 05 mln
U 1111.5 ft to cor No 4 uld lode; tlieiice S 33 ileg
30 mln U 311.7 ft tucorNo.5. said lode; thence .
UdegUI miu V soujfl tt cor Xo. 1, the place of
The net area claiaed herein being 14,751
acres. ,
The location of said mining claim being of
record In the office of the County Kecorder of
Iron county, at l'arowan, UUh, in book "O" of
alining Location Notices, page 616,
The nearest known locations being the Kex
No.lJ, KcxNo. 7, RexNo,8 aud Mlluer Mlue
1 direct that this notice be published in the
RON COUNTV RKCOKD, at Cedar City, Iron
county, UlRti. the newspaper uubliahed ucarest
said claim, for the period of sixty days.
. Register.
II. O. Twomey,
Clalmnul'a attorney'
(First Oct. 31 lJt I'ec. 28.)
M. A. No, 3735. '
Application for Patent.
Salt Lake City, Utah, October. 29, 1003.
Notice Is hereby given Ihnt the Cluclnnntl.
Utah and Wyoming Oil Company, B corpora
tion organised under the laws of the state of
South Dskuta.ltspost office addresa being Cin
cinnati, Ifninittou county, stale of Ohio, by 1',
It. Kennedy, itsduly authorized agent, has made
application lorn United States patent for the Vi
ola No S lode, ven or mineral deposit, in Pltilo
Iron Mining District, Iron Couuty, State ol
Utah, in sections 20 and 27. IP.38.S, Rh XV., con
sisting ol 1490.0 linear feet of said lode lit length
the presumed general courhe or direction of
which la shown on saldofficial plat, filed in this
office, as near as can be determined from pres
ent developments, together with the surface
ground ns shown on the official plat, bearing
gold, silver, copper, lead, Iron nnd other pre
cious metals, Veing designated by the Survi'vor
(leueral as Survey No. 50J1I on said official rlit
Said claim being described in the field notes'
and plat of olllclal survey, on file In this office
with magnetic variation at 10 deg3orain n in
17 deg CO mln Hasloltowa.towit: ' ll lo
Commencing nt cor No. 1 of haid Viola No 3
lode, survey No. BOt), whence the ftljcor or Vp
27, tp 30 S, R 14 W beara S 1 1 deg V, ,t, v Z 1
ft; thence N B8deg61 rain W 14RI.C ft to cor No
2 said lode; thence N 17 ilcg 00 mln 1 goo ft to
I cor No. 3 said lode! thence S 80 deg ot mln 12
14V9.6 It to car No. 4; thence 8 17 ,w
00 mln WOOD ft to cor No. 1 said lode, the place
ofbeglnnlng. The net area claimed herein h.
ing 20.400 acres. . . .
The location of said mining claim being of
record In the office of the Couuty Recorder of
Iron Couuty at 1'arowau, Utah,liibook,"jr' Mln
tng Location Notices, page l&.
The urarest known locations belnc the Mj.
ner Miueaid Kex Na 7 lodes.
I direct that this notice be published In the
IKON COUNTV RUCOUD.CedarClly.lro,, Co.,
I'tahthe newspaper piiWI'lietl neatest said miu
lug claim, for the period of sixty days.
iitAMt u. iionns.
.. "ejlUler.
1I.O. Twniny,
Claimant' attorney.
(I'lrst Mi. 3l-Lst fC 2.i
Send or a free sample ropy of tho
8-lt Lalto Scinl-WccUly Tribune. it j
a eotupletc, general nowspapor.jK.pnb
lUhodtwlcc a week, and c-outari8 teB
or twelve pages ench Issue, Und will be
vsnt'tb any address from now until May
31, 100S, for,. I. SO.
1 1 1 --- 1 n
M. A. No. 3781.
Application for Patent.
Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. !, 19M.
Notice is hereby given that In pursuancp of
the act ot Congress, approved May In, 1872, lo
promote the development of mining resources
oithci United StatfH, that Jame II. White, a
cltlten of the couny of Salt Lake, State of
Utah, claiming
1500 linear feet of the Negro lodr, with surface
ground bUOfcel In width;
H54.5 linear feet of the Illack l'rlucc lode,
with surface ground 600 feet In width;
14.SS.5 linear feel of tho Defender lode, with
surface ground CWifivt In width;
1500 linear fret of the Oak Spring lode, wllh
surface ground wt feet In width;
1500 linear feel of the l'luc fnut lode, with sur
face ground C0U feet In width;
lbOullue.tr feet of tho Horse Trail lode, with
surface ground CoUfvi't In width;
All covering udnt, lodes and mineral iteiios
Its bearing gold, slher. Iron nud other precious
uirtals, and all lying, Wing und nltualu within
tho I'luto Iron Mining Dltulci. In tho Couuty of
Iron and State of Utah, nnd bvlng cnniolidati'd
as one group of claims, has mado application to
the IJulttd States for u pnti-nt for said consoli
dated mining claim, comprising all of thoahow.
dcscrlln.il claim", which arc moro fullv dc
scrilKil as to metes aud bounds bv the ollicial
pl.it herewith (Misted, and by tho held notes of
Hiirtry hereof, now tiled In ihoofilccof the Keg
later of the DNtrlct of Lands, subject to sale at
Salt Lako City, I'tnh, which Held notes of hup
ey describes the Ixiuudarics and extent of said
claim on the surf.ice with a magnetic variation
iit 11 deg 4U mln to 15 deg und 4o miu east as fol
low s, to-wlt:
llegluiiliig at corner No. 1 of the Ulack Prince
hue from w lu'iicn a cular tree. H Inn. dlaui.,
boars s 0) deg 57 mln W 52 0 ft, nud a cedar two
10 Ins. dlam., (tears N78deg ltl mill V, 85,1 ft,
each treoblaztd and scrlbctt l-5tVU II. T. and
from wheHce
The j sec cor on east side sec 30, tp 30 S, K
13 V, S. I,. II. audM., bearHSI-ilvg 23 miu K
7X2.J fl.
Thence S 1 deg 25 mln E 1204.7 ft to cor No. 4
Thence N8S deg 35 miu E COO ft lo cor No. 1
Negro lode;
Tneiice S 1 deg 25 mln V. 150.0 ft to cor No. 2
Negro lode;
Thence a 88 deg 35 mln WWW ft to cor No. 3
Negro Inoe;
'1 bencu N I deg 24 mln XV 1250.2 ft to cor No, 2
Illack Prince lode;
Thence S Blilcg 44 mln V i0 ft lo cor No. 3
Illack rrluce IimIc, ami cor No. 2 Defender lode;
ThciicoS&4dog44 mill Vb33J tt to llnu 4-1
Plnu Nut Lode;
Thenco.N 81 ilcg40mlu E 5.0 ft to cor No. 1
Pine Nut Lode;
Thence SH deg 20 mln E53I.3 tt lo cor No. 4
Oak Spring lode;
ThcncoN 04 deg 4? mln E 620 ft to cor No. 1
Oak fpriug lodo;
Thence SH deg 20 mln E 1500 ft lo cor No. 2
Oak spring lode;
Thence 01 deg 12 miu V 026 ft to cor No. 3
Oak Spring lode:
Thence N 8 deg 80 mln XV 631.3 ft to cor No. 2
Pine Nut lode;
Tlieuce S 81 deg 40 miu XV M0 It to cor No. 3
!l- i.ii( l.ul.. itt.l .... IkJ.. l !!.... W..,lt 1...1.
. ..w .. "i. ,,, tut .. .iii'im ,1,1. I.'.IV.
Tlicace S 81 deg lUmlu XV 000 f I to cor No. 3 1
norse Trail lodo;
Thence N MdegZO mln W 1300 It to cor No. 4
Horse Trail lode;
Tlieuce. N 81 deg 40 mln E COO ft to cor No. 1
llorre Trail lode, nud cor No. 4 Pine Nut lode;
Thence N 81 deg 40 miu 1. 671.3 ft to line 3-4
Defender lode;
Thence Nt) deg 43 mln E 1 173.5 ft to cor No. 4
Defender lode.
Thence N 84 deg 44 mln E C00.3 ft to cor No. 1
Defender lode, aud cor No. 4 Illack l'rluce lode:
Theuco N M deg 44 mln E C45.3 ft to cor No. I
llluck Prince lode, the placn of beginning, con-
talnlug it net area after deducting areas In con-
tlllct with the Illack Magnetic lode Lot No. 54,
the Hurricane lode Survey No. 4344 and the
I Darkey lode, Survev No, IbOT of 1 10 i5 acres.
Said claim lelug sltuatiil In Nl".i SEU and
ISWM mtc 30 and NKHand NWt sec 31, tp30S,
K lit V, S L. M.
I The areas In conflict with the Illack Magnetic
I lode Lot No. 54, the Hurricane lode. Survey No.
1 4344, l.ot No. 4 the Darkey lode are not
I claimed, all of ald mining claims comprising
1 said group Iwlng of recoid lit th odice ot tb
I County Recorder of Iron County, Purowan. tr
r I ,h- cmtitv i,tt utuit- afnti-rtattl. the llttce of lo
cation ol the Mid DefenrfrrliMle lelng rvcunlrd
In book "W mge33. the Illack l'rlncc In book
"D" age 43, the Negro In book "U" aga 577,
the Oak Siiring In book '!" page 41. tho Pine
Nut In book "0" page 45 ami me Horse Trail
in book "D" pace 253, the said Imok "II" being
of mlnliig location notices of the records of said
couuty aud state, the presumed general course
ordlrectlou of the said veins, lodes or mineral
deposits as shown on the plat posted herewith
as uearascau bedrtermliied from present de
velopments, thU claim bring for the number of I
Itn.arfeet of each lode, together with the sur-!
face ground khown nKiu the official plat (Misted !
herewith and as herein described, the nearest I
known locations being illack Magnetic Lot No. I
54, the Hxtensioit of the Pot Metal lode Lot No,
S3, the Hurricane, lode. Survev No. 4314 and the
Darky lode Survey No. 4609, lielug so designat
ed In the ollicial plat iiostcd herewith. 1
Any aud all persons claiming adversely the mill
ing giound,elus, lodes, premloes, or any jnir
lion thereof sodescrlbed, hurt eyed, platted and
aoollcd for. aru hereby notified that unless
their adverse claims aru duly filed an according
to law, nud the regulations thereunder, within
sixty Jays from date hereof with the Register
of the U. S. Laud Office at Salt Lake City nud
County of Salt Lake, Slate of Utah, they will
bo barred In virtue of the provisions of said
1 direct that this notice be published In tn.
Ikon Cou.ntv Kkcohii, a weekly uewMupei
published at Cedar City, Utah, for a Ijerjod ol
olne weeks. I'KANK D. HOIIIIS,
(Klrst Oct. 3-Last Nov. '
Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 2J, 1IW3.
To tvhom it mavtoncntit
The Statu of 'Utah having selected ns a part
of its grant for the establishment and mainte
nance of a Deaf and Dumb Asylum under the sec
tion of tho Act of Congress approved July IB,
1801, tho following described tracts, returned by'
tho United States Surieyor-llencral as mineral
laud, notice Is herein- ghcn that tho said
state will subml. proof as 10 tho character of
nalil land beforo tho Register aud Receiver, at
this office oil Monday, tho2tstday of December,
1903, at 10 o'clock a. 111., vlt:
NWMSWW, section 35, township 39 south,
range 9 wet, S. L. Mer.
All persons claiming any oorliou of said tie.
scribed tracts as mineral land.ordeslrlngio
protest or object lo the selection Iheieol by the
state ire he'ehr summoned to appear ou tint
dstenud submit testimony In support of thelt
claim, or objections. pRANK . .,--,
(First Oct. 3-I,ast Nor. 31.)
Cedar City, Utah, Oct, 17, 1903.
To Wuost it M.w Conckk.n:
That we, Eugene Kny and J, If. Arthur, hav
ing dissolved our partnership In the business
known as the Roy's Exchange, do hereby agree
as follows; . ....
That the said business shall from this date
belong to the said Hugeue Koy.
That all accounts owing to said hnslness ou
this date shall be the property of J. II. Arthur,
and lieiiavablettihlm, ....
That the said I'.ugenti Roy Is responsible for
all hill o Ing bv said business, and hereby ex
empts the said J'. II Arthur from any resjxmsl
blllty In the premises. ...,-..-. ,.,.
signed, r.roitsn K .
fc ' J H.AHIUUK.
(Vlrst Ocb :4-T,at Not. 14)
Haw 1b your Mock of letter heads,
bill hcadh, envelopes, eta'.' Uljjht now,
while tvo ore not especially busy,' Is a
cood tlmo to replenish your stock. . .
mmimmmmmmammtmmmmmmimmmmmmKmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmB H
Application for Patent. H
Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 19, 1903. M
Notice Is hereby given that Richard M. Walte H
whose postofTice address Is Denver, Colorado, jH
by his agent and attorney J. It. White, who4n fM
postofiice addresa (a Salt Lake City, Utah, has H
made application for a United States patent for IH
the llurton, Drown and Wlghtman IihIci, con B
solldated mining claims, situate In Plntn Iron H
Mining District, Iron County, Utah, consisting
of 1600. 1215 and 1147 2 linear feet respectively of gH
said lodes and surface ground as shown by plat jH
of survey, tiring Survey No. 6041, and described FH
in the Held notes aiul idat of the official surrey lHl
on llle in this oilier, with magnetic variation at V
drg 45 mln to lideg 51 miu tast as follows; '- H
lteglnulug at corurr No. 1, a cor of the llurton Hl
lisle claim, from which the tiuarter section cor H
ou north tKitindarv of sec JO, tp3fi t, K 13 W," jH
beam N 41 deg 21) mln W 782.8 It, and running H
thence S .fl drg 55 miu It 1500 ft to cor No. 2 oT H
said claim; thence N 71 tleg 51 miu E CU0 ft to H
cor No. lot llrcwn claim; thence S 30 deg 65 H
mln 1 186 ft to cor No. 2 of said claim; thence K H
65 deg XV 1M0.1 f t to cor No. 3 of Wlghtman
claim; thenco N25deg W2I3 ft .W No. 4 of H
said claim; thence N 39 deg 40 nilu IV 13.4 ft to 1
cor No. 5 of saltl claim; thence N 60 deg 14 mln H
V 582.3 ft to cor No. 6 of said claim; thence N 31 H
tleg 10 miu XV 3SW ft to cor No. 7 of said claim; H
thence N 05 tleg E6U9. 1 ft to ror No. 1 ol rald H
claim; thenco N 4 drg 69 nilu XV (.85.0 ft lo Cor M
No.5of lluitou claim; thriiceN?! tleg 51 lulu H
L 307.6 ft to cor No, I of said claim, tho place of H
begluuliig, containing a total area of 3S.977 H
ncres, fiom which the urea of 3.827 acres in con-
Illct with Walllngiou No. t Lode Survey No. 4'KI H
is epresHl excepted nud rxcludrd, leaving n H
: net arra of S5.150 acres hereby claimed and ai- H
I he presumed distance aud course of each -HH
lodr lino is ns shown In tho plat. H
From corner No. 1 of' Itrowu lode claim the H
quarter section corurr ou nortit bnuudaiv of H
action 30. tp 30 S. U 13 XV, beam N 47 deg 48 H
nilu XV 2510.2 ft, and from corner No.l of Wight- H
man claim said quarter section comer bears N H
11 tleg 40 miu w ttU.o ft distant. H
Said ciaiuiH form - miitlou of section 3'1, tt30 H
!i, H 13 W. S. L M., Utah. H
Said lode location mining claims being of H
record In the odice of the County Recorder nt H
l'arowan, Utah, In Hook "It" of Mining Locn- H
tlon Notices, pages 81 and 85, rt cords of said 1
Tho nearest known locations lieluc Last ---H
Chance survev No. 4978, Illack Magnetic I.U,t,iO H
No. 51, Lookout Mine Survev No. 6003, Tho .. H
Dlckmau Mine Survev No. 6nat. Wellington No. - H
1 Huney No, 4906 nud'HIiic Illrd Survey No. 4990 H
Itxlo milling claims. H
I tlirrcl lust 0, notice be the H
' Ikon .ou.tv KhCoKo ai CnU l. . i 1 n. Hi H
newspaper pubiiHiitd uenrtsi i o uilniii H
claim, fjr tlie period ol nine wcck H
K. E. Hoss, clalniautsnltornev. B
U'lrHtSept. 20-Last Nov. 211
Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 25, 1903. H
To Whom it May Concern: H
Notice Is hetehy given that the Stste of Utsli 1
has filed in this office, a list No. 52, of lands sr. B
lectcd by raid state for the (Ktabllshmejit and H
mantcnance of a Deaf aud Dumb Asylum, H
under section 12 of the act ol Con- B
gress approved July 10. 1894. The lollowing H
tracts embraced In said lists, are In 11 township H
containing mineral claims of record, viz; H
SW'U SW.'f section 20; Ui'.H SKU. section 27, H
SW'H SlC.if aud K)i SEH section 31. township H
30 south, rnngeO west and NK'f SEl( section B
25. township 37 south, range 10 wrM. aud Let n H
section 1, township 38 south, range 10 west, S. L. 1
A copy of said list, so far as It relates to said H
I tracts by dr.crlptive suIhIIvNIoiih, had been -.H
I consplcumiKly imikihI lu this onice for Insjirctlou B
I bv any person Interested, aud the public geuei. BBB
ally. VBBB
Within the next sixty days lollowing the (lata H
ot this notice, under ctrp.itmtnlit nstruc,tloii JH
I ul Novtuibel 77. 1806,123 L. I).. 4W).'protet 01 iH
Uconlests against the clajm of the ljin " -wy-tf 11m mini .. -BH
the tractaorsutxllrfsloiis hereinbefore 'described -BBB
on the ground that the same Is more valuable BBBI
for mineral than for agricultural purnoies, will 'BBBI
be received and noted for report to the General H
Land Office at Washington U. C. l'ailure .so to ,H
protest or contest within the time speclfin: BBf
will be considered sufficient evidence of the nou- H
mineral character of the said tracts, and the H
selection thereof, being otherwise tree from H
oblcctlon.wlll be tecomnieiided for approval. H
1'RANi; d. iioni-, M
Register. H
Receiver. H
I First Oct, 3-Last Nov. 28.1 M
Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 2S, 1903, H
7ti ll'hovi it May Concetti! H
Notice Is hereby given that the State or Utah H
hasllled in Ihinotiicen list, No.61, of lands re- H
lected by the said State lor the establishment iH
and maintenance of a School of Mines H
under Section 12, of the Act of CongresH M
approved July IC. 1391. The follow M
tug tracts, embraced lu said list nre In H
a township containing mineral claims ot H
record, viz; H
TheNE'f SWUsecH. tp;.3S. K 11 W, nud H
lot 9. sec ID, tp 39 S, R 10 V, b. L.-.Mcr. H
A copy ol said list, so far as It relates to told H
tracts, by descriptive subdivisions, has been H
conspicuously posted in this office for Inspection M
by any pel sou interested, nnd by the public eii B
e rally. H
Within the next sixty days following the dale M
of this notice under dciiartmental instructlous M
of November 27, 1S96, (23 L. D., 459.) piutets or H
contests against tho claim of the State to any of B
the tracts or subtllvlsloiis hereinbefore tlescribetl, M
oiilhe giouiiil that the name Is more valuable for BMV
mlt-eral than for agricultural purpotcs, will bo H
received and noted for reHrt to the General M
Land Ollicc al Washington, D. C. Failun- so to B
1 protrst or contest within tlio time s(eclllrd will M
1)0 considered sulllcleiit evidence of the nou-nilii- 1
cral character of the tracts, and the selection B
thereof being otherwise free from objection will B
be recommended for apprnwil. 1
Ucgistrr H
Ceo, A. Smith, H
Receiver, , . H
(rirst,Oct.i;--T,aRtDcc.;:,'33.) H
Salt Lake City, Sept. 0, 1003. H
77, ll'tnm it Aftiv Cottetrrt; BB1
Notice Is hereby glxru that the State of Utah H
has filed In this office a list No, 60, of lands he- H
lected by the said State for the (-stabllshmrut jH
mid maintcnauru of a Normal School, nodi-r H
section 12 of the Act of Congress approved Iulr
16.1891. M
The following tracts rmbrarrd In sald'.llst M
are lu a township containing mineral claims of H
record, viz: JH
NE'4" tiWH. s!C 10, tp 39 8. It 10 XV, s. L. M. H
A copy of said list, ho far as it relates to t-ald H
tracts, by descriptive subdivisions, has been H
conspicuously posted lu this oilier, for Inspcc M
tlon ly any person Interested, aud by the pub' BA
tic generally.
Within the next sixty days follow lug the date
of this notice, under dcjiarlmcuw Instructlous H
of November 27, 1X96, (23 L. D. 459), protests or H
contests against the claim of the State to ant H
of the tracts or hiilsllvlslous herrinbeforo de- H
scribed, ou the ground that, the eauic Is more H
valtuble for mineral than for agricultural psr- H
iHHes, will be recrivtil and noted for report to the H
Ueiieral Laud Olilce, at Washington, I), (.'. M
Failure so to protest orcouteKt within the time H
Kpeclllwl will be consldrred rfufllcleut evldcure M
ot ihetioii-niitirr.il character of tho tracts, a-it M
the selection tliereof, iK-lugotherwiNO freo from M
objection, will be recommcndisi for approval. M
I'KANK D. Hl.nilf, H
. ''il,f.
;i;o. A .Smith,
iFlr.l -s.-uu IS -ri,i N 1. U '

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