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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, November 14, 1903, Image 9

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H( - "" . ., .
. tw- . A Jt.LMm A w'Sfc .. ' . . ,., II ' ' ' ' . ',,,'
I i i ii i i i .'-."'.. rrr . s , . .
Hi ",".Uj."-, .-- -" '- "'-', ii.j : L-:: '' VL! 1 - m MMMMMMiMIMMMMWBMlBWMBWBHWMi
H A full asssortment, lines
H1 and sizes of Boys' and
B Men's -
I clothTng
H . i Ladies' Furs, Jackets, Mantles, Capes, in great
H variety and charming. Woolen blankets white
H:.. tanned, mottled. Cotton Blankets from 60c to -
H $1.90, extra good. Underwear, Latter Day
H Saints' knitted garments, pants and vests, also
H v Union Suits. Our Hams and Bacon are choice; w
' , cheaper than you can buy in Salt Lake City.
j . Cream of wheat for breakfast. The finest as-
j ' sortment of pickles in the city. Handsome Lino-
' leum. A Large assortment of heating Stoves,
H from $4.50 up to $14.00. Also a number of ex- ,
! cellent ranges and cheap cook stoves. Prices
H " low. Stove Beards very handsome. All sizes of :
H stove piping and elbows. We are paying for 1
'. good clean wheat, $1.50 per hundred; Barley
: $1.10; Oats, $1.40. Drummers say we sell too
; I cheap. We are for the people. -
v wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmWLnmMmm
I Old Reliable GEpAft, GITY GO-OP. . i
H c ARTHURj Supti i
H ' J , 3R&-. 3 fj,, jfela,.,,,,:- --- II
H -A I, MH W(1
H Wo lire sorry to learn Mrs. II. A. An
H . dellu Is ill with pneumonia.
Hj Mrs. Isaac llnight is enjoying tliornrc
H pleasure of a visit from her mother Mrs.
H Cllucman, whom sho lias not seen for
H twenty years.
H ..! i 'v
H Chuuiberluin's Stomuclt and Liver
H - Tablets nvo becoming n favorlto for
H r stomuoh troubles und constipation.
H '? "For sale by all Dealers.
H Cedar Co-op. received three loads of
H lncrcliandlse this week. It is astonish-
H-r iug what an amount of goods tho "old
M ' reliable" docs bell. Hut the Coo. is a
H "mighty live proposition."
H A Runawav Bicycle
1 Terminated with an ugly cut on tho
H ' leg of J. B. Oruor, Franlclln Grovo, 111.
M , It developed a stubborn ulcer unyicld-
H Uig to doctors and remedies for four
H ; yeai-3. Then Bueklen'a Arnica Salvo
m cured. It U just as good for BurnB,
H - Scalds, Skin Kruptlous and Piles.
H Price 2ao.
H For sale by IS. V. Knell.
K Cnvcln at Iron Mines.
H 'e learn tbat a large qnantlty of the
H top of shaft No. No. 1 of one of the
H Colorado Fuel and Iron Company's
H mines fell in a day or two .since and
H, that It took two days to remove tho
H7. debris. The miuo boss is rustllug lum
her to repair tho damage and provcut a
vl- ' recurrence.
H Disastrous Wrecks.
H Carelessness is responsible for many
a railway wreck and tho same causes
H are making human wrecks of sufferers
9 from Throat and Lung troubles. Hut
- since the advent of Dr. Klng'fl New
H DUcovcry for Consumption, Coughs
M and Colds, oven the worst cases can. bo
M eurcO. and hopeless resignation is no
wor ncccBsarr. Mrs. Lola CraSK of
Doi"cucter, Maw., ie one of many whoso
Hfo was Ba by far. King's Now Dls
1 VnrrT. ThU great rcmady li KUarn
iC'-ed7oVullThKatand LunyS dl.ea...
Vor br1 by U. F. Knell.
The party given In the Ward Hnll
last night Is bald to have been a good
Tho Cedar City Co-op M. & M. I. will
not be responsible for any grain left on
the platform Kast end of mill. Parties
leaving grain on the platform do so at
their own risk.
The oulccrs of the Mutuals and the
Normal faculty aro to have a party at
tho resldenco of Mayor Jones tonight.
Mr. Handle Joues Is to blame for it, so
we have been told.
Tho Cedar Stoek Company are taking
steps to place a play on tho boards soon
Several rehearsals have taken place,
and we shall undoubtedly have the
pleasure of witnessing ono of their pop
ular performances within a week 6r
two. There is just about time to put
a couple of plays on by Christmas.
The Best Liniment.
"Chamberlain's Pnln Balm Is consid
ered tho best liniment on tho market,"
writes Post & Bliss of Georgia, Vt. No
other liniment will heal a cut or bruise
so promptly. No other nffords snch a
quick relief from rheumatic pains. No
other is so valuable for deep seated
pains liko lame back nnd pains in tho
chest. Give this liniment a trial and
you will never wish to bo without it.
For sale by all Dealers.
Flour is still at a premium. Al
though good crops have been raised the
stores have no flour to sell. Superin
tendent Arthur of the Co-op, had to
pay S3 per hundred for Hour to fill an
order for a small quantity this week.
Not Sick a Day Slnco.
"I was taken severely sick with kid
ney trouble. I. tried all sorts of medi
cines', none of which relieved me. One
day I saw an ad. of your Electric Bitters
and determined to try that. After tak
ing a fow doses I felt relieved acd soon
thereafter was entirely cured, and bare
pot been sick a day since. Neighbors
of mine have bcou cured of Rheuma
tism, Neuralgia, Liver and Kidney
troubles and General Debility." This
! what D.F. Baes of Fremont, N, GV
writes. Only 50 otnts.
For sale by B. F. Knell.
v? Notice Oxxr Groceries. ! 1
i ..' sl I
g We quote you to-day Lard per bucket, 401 cents. g H
g Tea, equal to any in town 20j cents. J
49 Saponifer Lye, three Boxes for 25 .
49 5 Gallon can of Coal Oil for $1.90 0 i
49 Mush, two packages for 25 (A I
49 li ,
49 Buy where you can get the most for your money, and we 29
iV shall see you often. 0
To the nOIto.
Mn. Editoii;
People here cannot see why it was
thatO. J. Bracken swggested driving
mail for Mr. Lamb last Wednesday
night, but the suggestion readily ex
plained itself when the South bound
mall was 2 hours lnie and the only pas
senger was Miss Mwwle Worth en from
St. George. It is understood that Miss
Worthen Is going to clerk in the Brack
en storo to sec if she cares to except
tho half interest that has so generously
been offered ber by "Orlc." Ab-MIss
Worthen is one of our former students
wo welcome ber to Ccdnr again.
M. J. E.
Only Mates a Bad Matter Worse.
Perhapsbou have never- thought of
It, but the fact must bo apparent to
evert one that constipation la caused
by alack of water In tho aystom, and
tho use of drastic cathartics like tho
tho old fashioned pills only makes a
bad mutter wow. Chamberlain's
Stomach nd Liver Tablets aro much
mTeilld and gentle n their effect,
and then the proper dose Is taken
helractloii- ipWrt?M cn
tirtlTrU" lt " t!22Sn
! W-My'JflSl
I Good Teams and Rigs
5 o ' Will be found on the o
I Qdiat Mail Route. I :
I Ono way, - $2.50. Hound trip, - $4,00. x
K.Dlnnercanbohaaenroute. J j pr(p
Flowers by express Sis;
application. b. C. MORRIS FLORAL CO.
flcComlck Block, Salt Lake City, cUli.
'Hound by an Oath" Is the title of a
play to bo presented at llunkervllle
next Saturday evening by the home
dramatic of that place, assisted by
Charles Hlgglns of St George and
WHUrdCorryof Cedar 'City? who aro
teaching school la that locality)
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines.
If you dlslro to bitya first class up-to-date,
light running sewing maohino
you will do well to call at the resi.
deuco of aamncl II. Wobstor.
.Old sewing machines ftnd llvo stock
token In part payment.

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