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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, October 18, 1912, Image 1

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X Unlvinltr of Uthb ;iP M'
Iron Countyhasbecncttin Real Newspaper 9Se inc "New"Record Appeared: There's aReason I
I Iron CouIty Record. I
H ' : rr- 1 "' '. IH
I Stats Ex-Presideit as He Leaves
I Hetel in Milwaukee. Woaad
Not Serieas
I His Assailant Had Trailed Him
for Several Days Evi
I dently Crazy
Milwaukee, Wis.., Oct. 14.
An attempt to assassinate Col
onel Roosevelt was made as he
- . started on his way from the
Hotel Gilpatrick in' this city to
the Auditorium.
-- As he stepped into an auto
mobile a shot was fired by a
poorlyjittired man, who edged
his way through the crowd to
thefmotor car. The stranger
took deliberate aim and sent
- the bullet crashing into the ex
Li president's right side, just be
' low the nipple. The shooter
was seizd by Elbert II; Martin,
L- t,1G ex-president's stenographer,
k . and Captain Alfred G. Gerard
, . of Milwukee, rough rider, under
" Roosevelt.
. As he was about . to fire an-
LLt iv5 '' oth shot the-tovolvor, a thirty
lT eight caliber, affair, was
Vv Cecil Lym oi Texas, who
H $, is accompanying Roosevelt on
t -; his mid wostern campaign trip.
Lyon jumped out of the auto
mobile and started to choke the
? would-be asassin.
Effl Rooeevelt who had staggered
"rtf back into the auto when the
"' shot was fired, raised himself up
?', andjstood looking at Lyon, who
; i was sitting on the shooter. The
" ox-president cried, with a
II N ff gesture, "Don't hurt him. I'm
fy & all right."
I - A captain of police rushed in
I as Lyon trcleascd his grip on
the fellow and with Lyon's help
I ' dragged the man in to the hotel
I kitchen.
, With rare presence of mird
I the colonel, waving his hat,
r cried out, "My good friends,
t I'm not hurt. I'm going to the
I . hall to speak, Good luck."
1 The'j whole incident had oc-
I curred so quickly that tie
i astonished crowd did nothing
but stand stock still.
The colonel then turned to
the chauffeur and in a calm
r voice, remarked, "Now just run
the car up to the Auditorium.
i I'm not hurt and everything's
I all right," and in a moment
' . Roosevelt was on his way to the
I hall with a bullet in his side.
The " ex-president did not
actually realize that he had been
shot until he got to the Audi
f torium, five blocks distant.
As he reached the Auditorium
the ex-president felt a sharp
r sting in his side and instinctive-
i ly placed his hand upon it. Dr.
Terrill, his private physician,
who rode in the automobile with
him noticed the gesture.
l "Colonel, I believe you are
hurt," he suggested with alarm.
"No, not at all, "returned
Roosevelt with a smile. "I feel
fine." -
Dr. Terrill persisted that he
MfeSfa-"m. m
v' lilMlilPlM
I"1:?" ..." .....-. in i mill iumfnK'fSi ii.J'
FOR the second tlmo Georsu 11 Slii-It, Uivisurcr of tho Itopub
lienn imtloiinl committee n?nl li"" 'W,w.' has beUMiie If It was
not In former yonrs-tlio extremely di'lli'Ste as well na Itnpor
tnnt tnHU of raising thi funds for n prcsldptlul cmaimlRii. Mr
Sheldon lins had n wldo uxpprlriii'c aa a tronsurcr of political commit
tees. UckImiiIiik with the Now York county commlltco In 1SD0 v orvod
until 11)03 nnil held tho olllclal purse bUIukb for tlul Nowj Yorlf fite Kc
publican committee In 11)00, when he collected $.T'.liVo.(!0 na n cam
palKn fund for tho election of Charles E UuKhesWid the nt or tho
ticket tils Detection as treasurer of ttie national coniuiltU'e far 'tho Tart
campaign was a natural Bequenco of his huccoss in tlJHi of Governor
(now Justice) riiiKhes. Mr. Sheldon Is a Now York banker, n director In.
a large number of Industrial and financial enterprises nnd was for some
years president of the Union Lunguo club of Now Yuri.
. ... ii ii i -n.T-miT-1- i ii ! i ii i i i" r - -- ii
I. II I ! IIII.BI.P.IIIIW - '"' ' . Illlll -'
Statement of 0vnersKip, Management, Etc,
of tho Iron County Rwoorcl, publiehl -woKly at CMiaur City,
Utah. -quirod by Aot of August 24, 1912.
Name of: . PcSt-Qfilce Address:
Editor, A. D. McGuire Geddr City, Utah.
Managing Editor, A. D. McGuire Cedar Gity, Utah.
Business Manager, A. D. McGuire .Cedar City, Utah.
Publisher, A. D. McGuire, (under lease) edar City, Utah.
Owner: ,U corpora'-ion, gtreimiiittt ami Adriroet of tocklwit IwMlux r cant or
mure uf tntnt animiut of Mock.)
C. S. Wilkinson, Cedar City, Utah, J. T. AVilkinson. Cedar
City, Utah, II. E. Peterson, Cedar City, Utah, G6o. W. Middloton,
Salt Lake City, Utah, Mrs. Anna Cox, Moapa, Nevada, Lehi VV.
Jones, Cedar City, Utah, George W. -Decker, ($dar City, Utah,
John S. Woodbury, Cedar City, Utah, David Bulloch, Cedar City,
Utah, Benj. F. Knell,-Cedar City, Utah, John T.f Mitchell, Paro
wan, Uteh. i
Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other jfecurity holders,
holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of Wwls, mortgages,
or other securities: " "
None. 'A1
A. D. McGUIRE, EdiW and Publiaher.
Sworn to a'nd subscribed before me this 2nd day of October,
My commission expires January 21, 1910.
..I i - - -
ought to examine the colon).
"Now, if we wait to do that,"
fretted Rocsevelt, "you'll delay
the meeting and here are people
waiting" in the Auditorium to
see me."
Dr. Terrill was obdurat.
"Oh, well, if it disturbes you,
go ahead." laughed the colonel.
After the doctor had made a
hurried examination, Roosevelt
got up from the chair and in
sisted on being shown to the
stag. Seeing it was usless to
interfere, the ' colonel's pody
guard escortd him to the plat
form, where, he spoke for
nearly an hourj to an audience
that cheered him madly.
At the close Of his address he
was removed fo a lca' hospital
and later ' a hospital in
Chicago. 1
Price Last Week Advanced on
Nearly AH Grade Hog
Prices Increasing
Kansas City Stock Yards,
Oct. 11, 1912. Cattle received
here this week 81,100, last week
88,300, same weok last year 78,
900. The general market is 10 to
25 .higher than a week ago, a?
tho demand -has been strong
from all sources, Shipments to
the country in four days amount
to 27,000 cattle, and outside
killers havo bought heavily this
week. Local packers havo killed
more cattle in the last two
weeks than any similar time this
11. Buyers seem to think
native pastures havo shot their
wad for this season, and the
p.rgc proportion of trash bears
out the theory. The pre
ponderance of low grade cattle
also indicates that the country
i3 being scraped down close in
cattle, in responso to the
magnetic influence of high
prices. Opinion is shaping itself
more favorably toward tho mar
ket on fed cattlo this season.
Prime cattle havo been off the
list hire this week, except at
- tho stock show, where-some fat
TiPWWteriafi''jw"'?l'Bi1fe' ai q-aiV'
Jntii&aJEz nTTrHtr nil
prime sCCersHViittc' ho around
$11.00. Tho range country , both
the panhandle and Col'- ido,
has sent in some 1. j;h ' red
stock cattlo and fc '-wi his
week, which have sold at ipu-SO
to $7.00, the bout grade stuff
selling freely around the latter
figure. Indiana distillers bought
forty loads of platu-fjL'edors hero
this week at $5.85 to $13.00. Last
week they bougth 50 cars of the
same class of steers at $5.75.
Grass cows and heifers range
from $'1.00 to $G.00, bulls ?4.40
to $5.25, veal calves; $7.00 to
$9.25. Hogs received hero this
week 400,00 last week 32,700,
same week last year 49,000.
The market is jumping up fast
this week, prices 5 to 10 higher
here to day, with two load of
heavy hogs at the top, $9.10,
bulk of sales of all tho hogs at
$8.60 to $9.00. Stocks of pro
visioned are said to be decreas
ing rapidly, and good prices
will be paid aJJIong time ahead.
Sheep received here this week
7G.900, last week 75,000, same
week last year 85,300. Like tne
cattle run, the big supply of
sheep this week is regarded as
tho swan song of the heavy fall
business, and prices are strong
er. Range Jambs sell at $0.05
and $0770, feeders around $0.00,
wethers up to $4,10, yearlings
$4 GO, ewos $3.2H to $3. GO. Price
changes occur frequently, and
the general feeling is bullish.
Dr. R. A. Thorley returned
Sunday from a trip of two weeks
duration in California. He was
accompanied .by two brothers,
P. A. and D. A. Thorley, but the
latter stopped at Modena on the
return trip.
Buy your "COMFORT" shoes
Meet in ParflwatT and Name ' Caadi H
dates for County Officers H
Few Cwtcsts H
Endorse Proposition to Bond H
County for Road H
Improvements H
A county convention of the Re- H
publican party was held at H
Parowan yesterday for the pur- ,H
pose of nominating a countv H
ticket, delegations being present H
from all precincts of tho county. H
County chairman J. II. Arthur H
called tho convention to order, H
at 11 o'clock, and after the ofllc- H
ial call was read, temporary H
organization was perfected by H
electing II. J. Doolittle of Lund,
temporary chairman, Wm. IIou- H
chon of Cedar City, temporary H
secretary, jH
Committees wero appointed, H
as follows: 'H
On credentials, J. II. Arthur M
and E. L. Clark and Wm.F.Robb.
I On nnrmjinnnfc 0riTfini7.j1t.1nn H
land ordor of .buainessJrC'S?
j On resolutions. A, H Rollo1" p' M
T. A. Thorley and II. N. Hen-
drickson. M
Adjournment was then taken H
until 1:30 p. in. H
Tho reprrt of the committco H
on credentials was the first ordor
of business at tho afternoon ses- H
sion. This was followed by tho H
report of tho committee on por- M
manont organization and ordof of H
busineess, which recommended
as pcrmacnt cnairman, A. D. . H
MeGuiro and as permanent sqc-
retary Wm. Houchon. H
Chairman McGuire addroeiod H
the convention briefly on the H
more important questions of the H
campaign, following which the H
committee on resolutions' sub- H
mitted its report. 4 M
Following the order rocpm- H
mended.by tho committee, candi- H
dates wero nominated, as Xol- H
lows: H
Wilford Day for Reprcsenta- H
tive, by acclamation. For com- H
missioner for tho long term, W. H
A. Evans of Parowan was nomi- H
nated by acclamation. For short H
term commissioner, J. W. Will- H
iams of Kanarravillo was nomi- H
naed to succeed himself, defeat- H
ing II. J. Doolittle of Lund and H
Mr. Robb of Paragoonah. John ' B
Fife and J. S. Woodbury of Ce-
dar City were named for county H
attorney, Mr. Fife receiving H
the nominaion. For county fl
clerk, Prlorgan Edwards of H
Paragoonah aid Charles D. H
Adams of Parowan were H
named, Mr. Adams being H
chosen. Sheriff J. II. Corry was H
nominated by acclamation, for H
recorder, Morgan Richards of H
Paragoonah for treasurer, arid I
Wm. Houchen of Cedar City for H
assessor and surveyor. For sup H
erintendent of public instruc- U
tion, Randall L. Jones defeated
W. E. Corry and J. W, Barton,' B
all of Cedar City.

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