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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, October 18, 1912, Image 2

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S "See the World" 1
(0 FOR lOc A DAY $
H MiV'immm,.vm .,!,, j -f .... .,..,.,. , i)
( $
jH i Motion Pictures bring tl tlio important vJ.
H .V' unci notetl places of iiitciost tlic wotltl over, , W
H (?) ri!tt to your door. (You can ti them as 0)
H f they aio at r liilliig cost, yj
W $
I I Change of Programme $
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
H ($ 776 tfcsf FiVm Service in the World. i
M h idmlsslon.lO cents ii
B (fj C.nS, UILKINSON, Prop. 0
H III , ,
H .lust now tho furmes is iiros-
H parous. Take him ns a elnss.and
H ho will bo found on joy lug mast !
H of thg comforts, and luxuries of
H lifo. llo comos pretty nonr Ins
H ingr tho most intolligent as woll
H as tho most industrious and'pro-
H vident member of the body poli-
H - tic. It is duo to theso facts that
B ho is not content to let wall
H ' enough alone and depend wholly
H on the promises of the politicians.
H Tho farmers all over the land
H ' are jtis't now tlosely studying th,e'
H 'plAtfbl'ma 'of the vnWous' parties
H -sanll'ftro cbhsldorinijrwhetheVtheir
H I nictiW 'at the polls in l NtJ velVJqr
will be conducive to tho continu
ance of agricultural prosprit,
or whetiior it might ancourHge a
national policy winch would de
creaso tho income of fhe fanners
and lower tho values of the
farms. What decision the farm
ers as a class arrive at, will have
vory mtch to do with the making
of tho next President, at the
next Congress.
Elsowhoro la this issue appears
tho card of Orton hotel of Par
owan. This popular hostlery
enjoys a liberal patronage, due
to tho careful attentions given
tho travelling - plihlic by tho
proprietress Mrs. Ml-A'. Orton.
- tt 4
letter. Salt Itam and Eacma
. j " ' "
ffpuJ Election.
' p '
Notice i by, giVC?' th?fc!
at the nex Pral electlon to
einct of Iron fPiB th?tat? '
of Utah, onlfc fifth day of
November, lfethef following,
question shoup voted upon:
Shall tho " of County ,
Comrnissioncriof Iron County, ,
State of Utah issue and sell
bonds of tho nbsber. amoun t, de
nomination, rafeof interest, and
running for tte number of years
hereinafteriseioutr , ...
1. Said electa will bo held in
each and everjP31"01" 8a,l
Iron Cou nfy, of the State of
Utah, on Tilfe the fifth day
of NnnmKntJi912. There will
be polling Hces in each and
every precinpwith'n said Iron
Co;nty, at tlftfollowing places,
to-wit: ;'
Name Pardfnah; precinct pol
ling place, lament of Meeting
1 House. I
Name PaWan ; precinct poll-'
ing place, district No. 1, Court
goom of Goanty Court House,
istrict Nd4 Relief Society
Hall. '
NameSuninit; precinct poll
I ing placo, nbth room of Meeting
I Houso. '
Name Ce&r City; precinct
polling place, district No. 1, Cedar
Investment. Building, District!
No. 2, William Houchen's Office. J
NamoKararra; precinct poll
ing place. Basement of Meeting
House. p
Nume Awjena: precinct poll
ing place, mA. Bond's Frame
Building obtain Street.
Name Saline; precinct poll
ing placo, fHeorge F. Buel's
Office. H
Name -Lud; precinct polling
place, J. A.jyj'ot's Tent House.
Name Ni; Castle; precinct
polllpg plffi, T. W. Jones'
Residence, jf
Name -Bul Horn; precinct
polling plat Nephi Edwards'
2. The polwill ren ain open
during theime from seven
o'clock in Jo morning until
seven o'clocKJu tho evening.
trtIviSauo jRved, is fiity !
(50), and the denomination or,
face value of each bond is nm
; thousand dollars ($10(J0.C0). to i
bear interest at .i late not to
exceed five per centum (5) per
annum, payable somi-unnually, ,
said bonds io run for the period '
of twenty (20) years, with the op-
Hon reserved. by said Iron County, '
of redeeming all or any part
thoreof af tor ten (10) years from
date of said bonds.
4. Tho money from the sale
of said bonds to bo used as foj-'
lows: i
For the purpose of improving
and constructing roads in Iron
County, Stato Of Utah, to-wit;
Fifty thousand dollaVs ($50,
000.00) for the purpose of im
proving and constructing the
following roads in said Iron
I County.
j r Beginning at tho town of
Knnnrra and running thence
in -a general Easterly direction
; through Sects. 25 and 2G, Tp. 37
South, Range 12 West, and sec
tions 21). 30. 82 and 33, Tp. 37
SoMth, Range 11 West, of Salt
Lake Meridian, on the present
county road to the summit of
Kanarra Mountain, in Section 33,
To.' 37 South,, Range 11 West;
From said town of Kanarra in
a genera' Sflolherly direction
thtough Sees. 4,5. o, 7, ; and 9,
lp. 38 South, RhPfe 12 t-t, Salt
Uke Meridian, alcrgtht i resent
County road loading to K.w Har
mony, to tho county l-.ie be
tween Iron Gunty var.d Wash
ington County; Fro.n said
Kanarra in n geneml1
N'urch-westerly direction, along
tho county road, through Sect
tions 4. 9, 10, H 15 and 23, Tp.
37 South, Range 12 West. Sec
tions 29, 30. 32 and 38, Tp. 36
South, Range 12 West, and Sec
tions 22, 53, 24 and 25, Tp. 36
South, Range 1$. West, of
Salt Lake Meridian, to thej
.mouth of, Leeches Ganyon in,
c. 22. Tp. 36 South, Range 13
West, Salt L4ko. Meridian;
!FromCe3ar City in a general
North-westerly direction, along,
fthe presenti county! - road via,
.Iron.iiSpnej ipiJUwafrr Eirom!
1 .oK3iriO;J(
direction via Coal Creek Can
yon and Gulch along the present
county road to the County line
between Iron County and Kane
County; From Cedar City in a
general Westerly direction,
along the present county road
via Leeches Canyrn and New
Castle to Modenr, From New
Castle in a geneial South
erly direction, along the
present county road, through
Sees. 1G, 17, 20, 21, 28. 29, 32 and
33, Tp. 36 South, Range 16 West,
Salt Lake Meridian, to the
county line between Iron county,
and Washington Cour.ty;-From
Modena in a general South
westerly direction, along the
present county road to Gold
Springs; From Modena in a gen
eral North-westerly direction
along the present county road to
state) me; tfrom Sec. 24, Tp. &
South. Range 11 West, Salt Lake
Meridian, in a general Northerly
direction, on the Cedar City
Minersville road, along the pres
ent county road to the county
lino between Iron County and
Beaver County; From Enoch in
a general Easterly direction,
through Sections 7 and 8, Tp.
35 South, Range 10 West, Salt
Lake Meridian, along the pres
ent county road to the State
road between Cedar City and
Parowan in Sections 7 and 8, Tp.
'& South, Range 10 West,
Salt Lake Meridian; From
Parowan in a general South
easterly direction, along the
present county road via Par
jowan Canyon and Fish Lake Hill
to the county line between Iron
; County and Garfield County;
From a point in the county road
I in Parowan Canyon in Section 1,
Tp. 35 South, Range 9 West,
i Salt Lake Meridian, in a general
I South-easterly direction, along
i the present county road through
Sections 1,2, 11, 14, 15, 23, 26.
I and 36. Tp. 35 South, Range 9
West, Salt Lake Meridian, to
Boar Flat in Section 30. Tp. 35
South, Range 9 West; From
Parowan in a general North
! westerly direction, along the
i present county road via the Gap
to the Cedar City-Minersville
road in Section 24, Tp. 33 South,
Range 11 West; From Para-
to the county line between" Iron
County and Garfield County;
From Little Creek, along the
present county road, via Kane
Springs to the Cedar City
Minersville road in Section 11,
Tp. 32 South. Range 11 West;
5. All qualified voters, as shall
have paid a property tax in said
Iron County, State of Utah, in
the last year proceeding this
election shall be permitted and
are -entitled to vote upon said
question of bonds.
Done by Order of the Board
!of County Commissioners of
! Iron County, State of l':b, ii.
special .bi, this 24n. . uy ti
iSepteruer, A. D. 1912.
j Chan man of ihe Ird of
I CoiHy Ccnn isioncn
I Atttst:
(seal) Ci S. D. ADAMS,
i County Cleric
, Stato of L't;h )
j County of a en )' Sfc
I, Chas. I). Adams, County
Clerk of Iron County, State ot
, Utah, and ex officio Clerk of the
Board of County Commissioners
of said Iron County, State ol
Utah, do herebj certify that the
above is a full, true and correct
copy of the Notice of County
1 Bond Election to be held in Iron
County, irtu i of Utah, on the
fifth tia ut November, A. D
1912, authorized and directed tc
e given, ptbted and published
by said Board of County Com
missioners in meeting assembled
on the 24th day of .September,
A. D. 1912, us the same appears
on file and of record in my said
In witness whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and affixed
my official seal as County Clerk
of said .Iron County, State of
Utah, this 24th day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1912.
(seal) CHAS. D. ADAMS,
County Clerk of Iron County,
State of Utah.
Dr. .Goo.' W- -.Middleion ;was
thoRueatJofiiDr.'AHN .EeWnard
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Orton Hotels I
Parownri's Populur Hotel. 1
fleudqiiftrters for Oommer- I
did Men and Court t- ' 1
tendnntsf I
In the Center of Town i
MRS. M. A. rtTON, Proprietor
Ada. Wood Webster . I
Soprano Soloist Voice Building
Rcprctoirc Interpretation
Special Terms to Outside. Students I
ocooooooooooooooooooooooo I
I DR. n. A. TH0RLEY S ;
K Office Mercantile Block x , '
V Phone 18-2 I
I . iS ?
' ' i "
Do Your Business With the '
ISouthern UteiHi
Tlio Strongest Bank
i in the Southern Pait
I of tho State . . . .V
i Capital and Surplus !
$120,000 1 j
S DepooltB S&SS.OOO ; ,
1 ';.
Managed Conservatively in j
$ the Interests of Its Patrons. S 1
JK I '
tt S. J. FOSTER, Cnshlor. IK S
W .
gun .smith 1
u At all lJrit!o.s Kimn S 1
S 7im up; ilio Best 0 M
h Makes. x H
8 $ I
S b J
g Alex G. Matheson. o .
n I
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S develops ttoniethln? moro J f
oerlous. .
I BaJIard's S I
Syrup I -I
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M It relieves coueliinij Immcdl. H H
P atoly, i-asos soreness In the H 'A
; I lunga, loosens phlegm and H M
;M clears the bronchial tubes. It flj
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y JamesF.Dallard.Prop. Gt.Loula.Mo. flj
H Stephens Ey Silve Cures Sore m
l m I
mi 5100 Reward, 100 Ii
Tho rcadors of this paper will t-a 10
able to euro n all Its stages, and thftt Is !
iIiJKS ,IaU' CatRT Cure Is the only B
Jv?ioJ.5u5? .,10W, Known to the medical El
;n?ISInty Ca.tarr, b''V n constitutional M
dlseaso, renulrrs a constitution treat- M
n.llnn.? Catarrh Cure Is taken In-
ternally, acUns directly ujuin the blood M
and mucous surfaces of tho system, them-
yJ?Mtr?jrl,l&. t toundatlon of the dls- H
l?. ?' nna EV:,nK tho patent srjngth by M
bu Wine up.iJiqicqnstlfutlpnMib cKlstlni U
hatifro in doing its work. Th proprietors ft
ri that they pffer One HundreVJ)ollar8 , U
9KMaU,Jfl rSend 1
Take UU'a Famllr PUU for coaatfVtlwQ I
d iariJ bikieq lunoT iCi , fl

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