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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, January 24, 1913, Image 1

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Kin l .??? fflraaHR" i? v'Tfrw aHH
(p , $, ' y- ',-M. v '. "' '- "- ''vSB r"" f"-. .-. !,- r ' .aaH
f Iron CouNif Record, t I
I e YoHHg Desperado Escapes from Sheriff
IS Proyd While Being Takei to Ike
ir Mistrial Schoel at Ogden
Kf i
S Officers of Adjoining Towns Join
- in Search But 'Efforts arc
mm in Vain
Mm As told in The Record last
wM week, Sheriff Alfred Froyd left
ft last Friday for Ogden having in
Kf- custody Tfobert Nelson, the
K severiteeri-year-old lad who rob-
mm: 'bed a safe at Modena during the
mM early part of December, theboy
mm having been sentenced to the In-
H dustrial School by Judge Green-
wm. wood.
am? While aboard the Salt Lake
jS Route train young Nelson make
Ofr a daring escape from Sheriff
mk, Froyd by jumping from a car
Fig ' window while the train was
fijp r- running at almost full speed.
P- The escape was made between
8k Oasis and Delta. Shortly be-
Mt fore the train .reached Delta,
JkK' Nelson, who had not been man-
?,fe . acled or handcuffed to the car
f s paxtoFihe chair car in which
.$ he and the officer were riding.
m" Almost immediately Sheriff
ijp Froyd thought, he felt a slight
f slackening in the speed of the
L N train and walked to the platform
Lj of the smoking car, where he
R:. could. get a view of the window
? looking out from the lavatory
fc. of the chair car. Presently the
Ifc ' train stopped at Delta but only
3r for a minute, soon gaining
"'.: headway as it left the station
I behind.
. Although the hour was about
12:30 a. m., the moon was shin
ing ' brightly and the sheriff
" could see the lavatory window
plainly. However, when several
minutes passed and Nelson did
, not reappear the officer be
came suspicious and called the
;! brakeman to open the door, and
Pon doing so, to the surprise of
both, the room was 'empty the
fl prisoner had leaped from the
window immediately on enter-
' wtf ing the room.
JHj'. Sheriff Froyd left the train at
W- Lynn Junction and notified the
j)b!E city marshal of Delta, who in
ijf turn notified the constable, and
jfigi the two officers instituted a
yB search fcr the fugitive.
V As soon as possible Sheriff
W& Froyd returned to Delta, and, in
S'jR company with Marshal Louis
MX and Constable Taylor, took an
s$&- auto and scoured the surround-
SS- ing farming community, search-
E ing haystacks, barns and other
Sgr" , outbuildings, but Nelson suc-
fgc ceeded in making his escape and
S ' '" is still at large.
$. ' Special agent Harry Hedges
jjpSS of the Salt Lake Route gave the
$$': sheriff every possible assistance
ajft and notified the various detect-
jlp$ iyea of the company (along the
&? line to be on the lookout for
m Nelsdn. While in Delta Sheriff
, $f . Froyd learned that Nelsdn was
J , known there, having burglar-
( .. n izeda store at that place last
JL ...!hs
fall, securing entrance by mean's
of a "jimmy." He was escort
ed to the " city limits and told
never to return. In view of his
action in jumping off the train
near the scene of his .former
crime he evidently did not know
what place he was near, his only
thought being to escape
After bis leap from the train
a search revealed that his hat
was missing, indicating that he
had concealed it under his coat
when he left his seat to enter
the lavatory.
If he is in the country he is
almost certain to be caught but
it is thought he may have taken
a fast train and escaped from
the state.
A rabbit ,hunt between the
East and) West' Varda will
take place on , February 12,
Lincoln's birthday arrange
ments now being under way.
The hunt will Be followed by
a sumptuous supper at tne
Ward Hall. All who wish to
participate are requested to
leave their names with S. J,
Foster, cashier of the Bank of
Southern Utah.
Farmers of the' valley are
asked to make a contribution to
assist in paying for ammunition
for those not in a position to
buy it. .....;, '-
- i i T'niMiiirTrMiMiwMiii liiTiTThi"
Reciprocity is only natural in
business, . If you palronize me
it is only .natural that I should
patronize you. We take this
opportunity of expressing to our
advertisers, those who patronize
our columns, the thanks we feel
for their patronage. We believe,
we are giving them full value
received and we have no hesi
tancy in saying to our readers
that the public spirited merch
ant always advertises in some
way to keep his name prominent
ly before the public and to ad
vise the public of- the fact that
he is still in business. The con
stant reminder is the value of
the, advertisment. There is no
better way than the customary
card in the newspaper; although
of course that is not the only
way. It might arouse feelings
for us to undertake to give names
but the stores doing the best and
largest business are fhe ones
that advertise most, and the
ones who keep at it everlasting
ly. The man who says he does
not believe in newspaper adver
tising is simply branding him
self as being many, many years
behind the times. He has a
right to his opinion the same as
he would have a right to wear
knee breeches if he wanted to,
but to the man who persist
ed in wearing knee breeches
would stand a fiirst class show
of being ostracised by his fellow
townsmen and also as being put
down as a crank, something
wrong with his head. Again we
say we appreciate nothing any
more than the publispirit shown
by the individual who patron
izes our columns. Beaver Coun
ty News; '. ' '
r' -
The entertainment Which was
to have been given Thursday by
the Enoch Amusement Co. has
been postponed for the present,
district coiir
Many Important CaijWiDisposcd
of &t Long Si6ri f !District
Court. Niht S&ons
a vJq'
' ' " ' it'
? .
lly Wahnisk Mitcueix, Court Corespondent.
During the paitjfrek, Paro
wan has assumed "Wtf the ap
pearance of busins5nan it has
been known to for$Jme time.
Court has been in awiion since
Monday the 13tji, 'anrom pres
ent indication's, it viiffi continue
until the 27th 6 28th. At pres
ent there are still two jury cases
pending, after whiei?$rHl come
the case of the &tat$Board of
Medical ExamineraW Dr. Jas.
Green,, ihe waef cafe between
Parowan City1 et al 2$"d tyitchell
brothers, and lWcMi Lowder
vs GouTb? io'yifh & probable'
that thh'court ; offiflfiaSy ill leave
us'untif some timlsTnlxt week.
Among the cbiirjQcials 'pres
T$tt this terinrare Jwige Green
wood, District At'iprnev E. ft.
Ryan, Official Sten(iaher W.
L. Cook, Judge'S. 1& Thurman,
Judge E). D? ifoutz of Salt Lake
City, Attorneys Kp. Green
wood, Lund and ItcGuire, to
gether with varibuaf county of
ficials. We also ha$B :our quota
of visiting D6ctors,ftS we notice
and Green, all of whopi are here
as witnesses.
The Court proceedings to date
have been as follows : In the case
of the State df Utah vs Louis
Roshon the 'jury found defend
ant Roshon guilty of an assault
with intent to do bodily harm,
and included in their verdict
recommendations for mercy.
At the request of the Defend
ant's attorney, McGuire, thirty
days were givdn in which to
file motion for a now trial. In
the case of the State vs Robert
Nelson, defendant 'Nelson was
committed to the State Industrial
School until he became of age or
until otherwise disposed of.
Word has recently reached us,
however, that he failed to reach
hie destination, but made his
"get-away oy means oi a car
window somewhere on ,the road
between Delta and Oasis.
In the case of Cedar-" City vs
Jno. Macfarlane a verdict of
guilty was rendered, and a fine
of $35.00 was imposed. In the
case of DeWolf, McKay Co. vs
J. A. Root, with Greenwood and
Ryan respectively as counsels,
a verdict was rendered in favor
of the defendant Root, but plain
tiffs were allowed 45 days in
which to file motion for a new
trial. The case of Harriet A.
Root vs DeWolf, McKay et al
was submitted to the Judge onv
the evidence brought out in the
nrevious case. 'On this we
haven't the courts decision at
this time.
In the case of Charles Ledger
vs Gold Springs Mining & Power"
Co. and the Capitol Trust Com
pany, the defendants received
judgment in the sum of $10,000
as attorney's fees.
The case of George A. Ash
down vs South & West Field
Reservoir & Irrigation Co, was
pospohed by mutual consent un
til the second day of, J:be next
if M :
term, which is April 10. The
cane of Earnest L. Carter vt
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Root and Mr.
and Mrs. J. D. Leigh was dismis
sed. ( In the case of Parry and
Lawrence vs Harry Leigh, the
jury returned a verdict award
ing Parry & Lawrence $25, with
interest, from November, 1910.
The night session has just ad
journed with ajury partly em
paneled to decide the case of
Urie vs Robinson. This, with a
few probate matters, is the result
of court proceedings to date.
Among other things,"T;he coun
ty Commissioners at their last
meeting decided to allow no
claims against the county here
after that are not made out on
proper forms and sworn, to be-,
fore a notary or the clerk, People
having claims to present will
therefore save much delay and
extra work by securing blank
forms from the county and,
having their clames sworn, ,td,.
We have to say further, that all
warrants issued by the clerk,
must feajigned for by .the per
gons'lNfraSm they are issued or
by personfauthorized by them,
before they can bo paid by the
treasurer. If people out side of
Parowan will therefore, authorize-
someone here to sign for
their warrants and present them
for payment it will dispense
with much delay now connected
.w... :, i "
, Friday night the stockholders
of the. Equitable Co-op met in
annual meeting and, in additon
to transacting other business,
elected a board of directors for
the ensuing year.
The directors elected are: Dr.
A. N. Leonard, Geo. W. Decker,
Moroni Corry, Win, Tucker and
Chas. S. Wilkinson.
The report of the officers for
the past year showed the busi
ness to be in a thoroughly satis
factory condition, a marked in
crease in the volume of business
over the previous year being
shown in the report.
The 'substantial increase in the
store's patronage and the more
satisfactory condition of its af
fairs generally are credited to
the capable and untiring efforts
of Miss Mame Parry, the man
ager, who was installed in that
position only a year ago. Under
her directions the sales have in-cro-sad
and friends have been
won by the institution, until to
day it is one of the leading con
cevrrs of the city.
For several days work on the
new Cedars hotel has been sus
pended, the. delay being occas
ioned by the cold weather and
also the lack of a sufficient sup
ply of lime.
In the District Court at Paro
wan Tuesday, Parry &, Lawrence
obtained a verdict against H. W.
Leigh for $25 and interest there
on from Nov. 1, 1910. '. The com
plainton which the action was
based asked for $100.97, but the
jury returned a verdict for the
above sum.
What is Said to to Largest Attendance j
Ever Know at Ward HallOccasfeflr '.Lum
cd by Liquor Meciitg , H
Vigorous Speeches and Stereop-, H
ticon Views Hold the Interest ' ' H
and Attention of Hundreds '"'
What is said by many to have tl
been the largest attendance ev '11
seen at the Ward Hall, yaspres- lJ
ent last night at the anti-liquor iB
meeting lield uncfer th uapicea ,,. H
of the Cedar Ci'ty Commercial; v IH
club. The hall was completely jH
fulled, every available. space be- lH
ing occupied By the hundreds' M
who wanted to hear what the :
club had prepared as its next '!B
move in the camaign to curb jH
the illegal sale and use of liquor' kW
in this city. ;H
Miss Jean Brown, by. request, H
again read the paper which she , H
read at a former meeting, en- ( H
titled, "The Dragon That' Is H
Abroad in the Land." In the ' H
course of her remarks Miss tH
would have paid for the paving, H
of all the principal streets of the iaB
city or would have paid the cost 41
of another modern school build- ikm
ing and the salaries of the nee-' i
essary teachers. !
Dr. C. MA Clark clearly' M
showed the dire results of in- H
toxicating liquors on the indivi- H
dual and on posterity. 'i
C. S. Wilkinson, manager of - iH
the Gem theatre, exhibited a H
number oC views, by means of a' 'H
stereoptican, showing the course , "V r-jB
that invariably accompanies the 'H
use of intoxicating liquors. " , H
Other meetings are being .H
planned by the Commercial club y . ,H
and means are under considera- M
tion for the ferriting out of f W
chose engaged in illicit traffic M
in intoxicants. mu
Tuesday afternoon Randall Lct M
Jones and Miss Mame Parry left' . M
for Ogden to attend the conven- fl
tion of the Utah Development M
League as representatives of the,," fl
Cedar City commercial club. ' M
The Development League is . ;,H
composed of various commercial M
and industrial organizations of . , H
the state and is seeking by a un- H
animity of action to bring about- H
legislation and such other reg-i. VH
ulations as will tend to benefits v
the entire state. It is expected-: ,yt
that the Ogden convention will .y, . H
request the present legislature H
to pass certain measures whichv-,
it shall adopt and submit foren H
actment. ' I
i mi i ii aaH
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Forsyth qftjt
Pinto are in the city for a fejy '" M
days, bejng called here to le at ' , ,
the bedside of their daughter 'M ' v I
Miss Cassie, who underwent ai ,f
operation Saturday Inst fev r?- B

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