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W" ih &' v : ' ," ;-.-- -M,r -,-. , ,HpT..," '"rFWSiP!m"B
yla f ' UHlTx!ty of tftfth W JH
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E tr "
Bill Introduced in Legislature Proposes
Bond Issue of $1,620,009 for Koad
Building in the State
Constitutional Amendment Will
Be Necessary Plan is to Di
vide Funds Among Counties
Salt Lake City, Jan. 25. Bills
.' ri p a bond ssue of 1'620'000
wT for good roads and making
M$ changes in taxes on vehicles will
- be introduced in the legislature
tas a result of a meeting of the
committee appointed by the
f ( mass meeting 'on good mads held
M in the Commercial' club last
- JBp. week. The committee met in
r- the library of the Commercial
f club, Aquilas NeBeker presiding.
fc It- was also decided that two
years from now an amendment
. ffc to the constitution would be
"Tyn sought that the tax money from
m all vehicles might be taken from
till ne en&" fund an Pu m-
'p, the red fund.
lf T Legislation, proposed by the
5 state highway commission was
JilL submitted to the committee,
TSft. which will suggest considerable
.jpfa tax on freight" vehicles
F with wide tires only one-fifth of
IXxjfc that suggested by the commis-
''f sion for narrow tires. It was
;; argued that wide t tires were
;j$ much less distructive to roads'.
'f. The altered bill on this subject
'sfK would impose $2.50 per year on
fSk every vehicle of two wheels
, 9l with tires less than four inches
Jf wide, $5 on vehicles of four
, 4fc wheels with tire less than four
-J f - inches, $2.50 on vehicles of four
;! i wheels with tires from four to
.S' five inches, and $1 on vehicles
$jjdT f four wheels with tires wider
hf than five inches. ,
7 : The $1;620,000 is to be divided
' 1 . equally among the counties. A
' special tax is to be placed on
t passenger vehicles to pay the
' l " interest and aid in supplying
i L sinking fund to retire the
MfP bonds. The interest, at four
jm per cent on the bonds, would be
v$ fy $64,800 a year, and it was esti-
b. mated that the special tax would
ij t raise $100,000 a year, the differ-
1- ence to go into the sinking fund,
if Later, it was proposed, when
t the amendment to the constitu-
I ' tion was made, the money de
I ,t rivqd from vehicle licences
I , would go into the sinking fund.
, In this connection the high-
. i way commission had proposed
a tax of 60 cents per horse
fA power on every automobile.
The committee reduced this to
50 cents. It was said that the
average horse power per motor
,. vehicle was thirty, which woul$
make the tax $15. A tax of 50
cents is to be placed on every
horse-drawn vehicle of two
wheels seating one person, $1 on
every one of two wheels seating
two person8,$1.50 on every one of
four wheels seating two persons,.
$3 op every one of four wJieeXa,
seating mord than four persons,
9, Motor trucjcsyare t(? be txed 25
Sl cqnU pr horsepower.
Two Prominent Turks In
The Balkan Peace Conference
. k.
I mw 1 1111 mi iiiiiiii win 111 "r!"jC- ' -l1 iirnwin .ii'iiiiiiu'wrnir-
fln A '" piK M S1 E B 9' . I F ji ifcM L HHHC ol. 1 I
i'' -iSx ji'yAfAfti?AviN5(v afewww.
nMaMNHRiMBaKinsEsaaiKnOj vttPknSRfckV r '" ''lll"ll'WMiyg'(y
Tk TAZIM PASHA, thcurkish mlnteter of war, wlio'apcempnle4 i3wk&
gales from Iilscountryto the pcaco conference In London, w agJoiiflof
JL tne cnIef though not active, figuroa in the negotiations. v,ITaijras
snapped aboard tlio Roumania on the way-frojki ConstautlnepTp. In
tho, picture he Is nt the extreme left At the right la Sallh Pasha, one of the
delegates. JXo the tiylit of Tazlm Pasha la hla military ajd, and at tuo left of
Snllh Pasha'fs his private-secretary. ' I
The officers of Parowan
Stake have received a, petition
signed by some forty residents
of Newcastle, asking that a new
Ward be organized in that com
munity; ,
With the rapid increase in
population in the Newcastle
country, and the prospect for a
greater increase within the next
six months, there has appcare'd a
need for a ward organization for
the benefit of the people.
President L. N. Marsden and
the other officers of the stake
will go out and look the situation
over at an early date and if the
needs appear as urgent as the
petition suggests, a ward will be
organized without any more de
lay than is absolutely necessary.
These taxes are to be imposed
in addition to the personal prop
erty tax of the state on vehicles.
Iti was the sDnse of the commit
tee that it would not be wilHng
to advocate the special tax un
less the state issue the $1,620,
000 bonds. Those present were
itavor of having the $1,200.0Q0
frbpi the bond issue for the state
capitol diverted "to good roads
and made part of the proposed
$i,20,00'Q issue." ' was argued
that as the state had about $1,
2t)0,000 ppm the inheritance
tax, itcoultjusQ that -mbirfey for
the capitol and as more inherit
ance tax were .paid, it would
have ample ior" the new building!
lamnni !! V-- -. "",
IL -
Among other things which
may be credited to the efforts
of Randall L. Jones and Miss
Mame Parry, delegates from the
Cedar City Commercial club to
the convention of the Utah De
velopment League atOgden, is
the securing of the next con
vention of the League for Cedar
WJiile the place of holding the
Yiext convention 'has not ben
definitely decided, this city has
been invited to-send an official
invitation to the League, and
several members of the board of
governors have stated that they
would favor Cedar City as the
place of holding the next con
vention. If the League should decide to
meet, in this city, The Record
can assure them that they .will
be entertained in a manner.-that
wilt completely eclipse any for
mer attempts,
Persons troubled with partial
paralysis ars often very much
benefited by massaging the af
flicted parts thoroughly when,
applying Chamberlain's Lini
ment. Thi? liniment also re-r
lieyes rheumatic pains. Eor sale
tiy the PalacejDrug Store!
1. inriwwi.ii.-i 1 ,! 1 m -
" If
A number of the best local
stage Artists will soon put on
pl$y .entitled "The -New Mag
dalen." Get ready for it; Mt
will, be the theatrical hit .of the
Several Contestants at Work and the
Re.ults Cannot Possibly be Pore
told Work Wins
Interest in the piano contest is
growing?' Today there appear
a number of new names, nomi
nated during the week, Voting
has been lively since the last
issne of The Record and several
changes are to bo seen in the
candidates. The standing of the
candidates at this time is no in
dication whatever of the final
result. The lady with the fdw
est number of votes this week
may easily take the lead by a
little effort among her friends.
Under the liberal vote-getting
plan, the candidate who begins
this week will stand as good a
cjianceto win as the one having
the highest number of votes, if
she will but worktl work, work.
With each cenj; spent at the
Ce:lar Mercantile Co. a vote is
given. Ask yoUr friends to
cast their vote3 for you when
making purchases. With each
renewal subscription to The Rec
ord, if paid a year in advance,
1000 votes will be given, with
new 3-month3 subscription 350
votes, with each new 6-months
subscription 1000 votes, and
with each new yearly subscrip
, tion, 2500, votes. Think of it!
csra to We Record will give you
10,000 votes. Thi alone would
be a good start. Then with each
cent.spent with The Record for
job work or advertising one vote
will be given.
Now, girls, don't wait for
something to turn up; get out
and tern something up. It's the
hustler that wins. If you have
longed for the sweet music of a
Piano in your home, get in now
and win one; you have several
chances, and you may win one
of the other valuable prizes in
addition to the piano. If you
want any further information see
Mr. Wra. R. Palmer, contest
manager, at the Cedar Mercan
tile Co.
Deposit your Piano Ballots,
whether secured at the store ,or
from The Record, in the ballot
bes utthe dedar Mercantile Qo."'
:A piano is a thing of beauty
and a joy forever. Every lady
who wants one (jan win one by
getting out and' doing a little
woift for a few weeks, absolutely
Wiccut one cent of cost.
I .-.. . . Ill I I II '
Haw York, Jarj. 28 -With
hatpins and umbrellas several
hundred women fought the police
today in one of the fiercest riots
since the beginning of the- gar
ment workers' strike. A police
man who tried to protect strike
breakers was badly beaten.
The policeman arrested one
woman, but had to summon 12
more blUecoats before he could
get his prisoner to the station,
house. ',"
Five women, were arrested in
another riot which started when
the women 'assaulted a truck
driver delivering.Thattresees for
the use of strikebreaker-.
mmwz :. I
BLonim I
Prominent Citizens Join in Plan to H
lirect Largo Main Street H
Structure H
. tf H
Movement Launched Which f H
Practically Insures Erection , . M
During Summer M
i M
As a result of meetings held ', H
on Tuesday and Thursday nights (J H
there has been launched a plan, , H
to erect the most imposing busi- Q H
ness building during the summer 1 H
yet constructed in the city.' , H
For several weeks plans. have H
been quietly outlined and nego- i t H
tiations carried on looking t$a c
combination of several Main.,- ' &tjH
street property owners in the,. J M
erection of a business block, and ( 9JH
it now looks as though.the result ' ' HH
would be an actual beginning of . ' .H
construction in the near future. J H
At the lat meeting, which ?"B
was held in the office of the , 'fl
Cedar Mercantile Co., there v ',H
were present representatives of f ! ?
that company, M. D. Higbee, M
manager of the Cedar Sheep ;- P " JH
Association, and Wra. 'Houchen. JjJ . ' ' "H
The plan is for the three. .inter-l-.... ....5,w?ii.. H
building simulVanusiyfsJlB
doing only three walls would be t"4 IH
needed for the three divisions. ,H
The Cedar Mercantile Co. would - H
use the north wall of its present ' - H
building and pay for the con- ' ' H
struction of the north wall. The ' I
Sheep Store woujd use the south 1 "H
wall of its present building and H
pay half the cost of construction ' H
of the aouth wall. Mr. Houchen ' H
would pay a portion only of the " v H
construction of the walls on his ' H
property. By this plaj of cc- H
operation the building could be ' H
erected at a saving of several ! I
thousand dollars to' each proper- ( H
ty.owner. H
The building would have a H
frontage of more than 100 feet - H
and a length of 80 feet, two : t H
stories high. The formation H
of a compj(nys is planned, to be 1 ,-
associated with Mr. Houchen, to 4 I H
take over hjs property for the - J H
opening 6i a moving picture and - 'f- i I
vaudeville house. Several lead- H
ing business men of the' city are - '" H
interested in tho project. " I
Elsewhere will be found at'
notice of assessment by the 1 H
Cedar Electric Co. The com-. H
pany proposes to use the pror f -B
ceeds from the assessment for ,., H
the construction of a flume to -
carry its water supply. H
The West Ward Mutual Assoc-
iation will meet Sunday evening H
promptly at 7:30. The prelimin. j H
ary program will be as follows: r "I
Qrgan olo Mary Urie H
Reading..., Jean Brown 1 H
Ladies' Quartette,. .. ,..-: Isabell j ' H
' Jackson &-Co. I .. nh&i ',
The mo eting. promises to' be a&for " ' H
btsforall.whrt.w-illnVDtbM 1 ,H
0 (fort to attend. .etnaraKeb ". . ' I
1 J
" !
" b

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