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I T?ae Iron County Record
I The Leading Newspaper of Southern Utah.
H Established December, 1893.
H Indopondont - O - Arolwo
H A. D. McChitrc . , . lidltor nnd Manager
H Entered tit tliu Pintodlco nt Cedar City, Utah, ns Second Class Matter
I Subscription $1.50 a Year
K Aililress all communications to the Kdlior mid make nil Itemlttauccs
1 1'njable to the Record. Display mlverllnlnj,' rate quoteil 01 leqties
Hj Local and Clfiwullkil notices 10c n line for the flrnt litscrtloii nlitl So at
H l(it for'oich miliHtuuit ttiHdrtion.
I Would Impose Poll Ta on Women.
H A bill has been introduced in the State Senate
H by Senator Benner X. Smith of Salt Lake City
H which provides for the levying of a pool tax on
H women in the sum of $3 annually, placing them
H on an equality with men in that respect.
H As a matter of fairness, we do not think the
H , bill could be reasonably opposed even though the
H object of the measure be to increase the revenues
H frolh taxation, for the reason that women in this
H state"1 enjoy the franchise equally with men, and
H there are thousands of women, who, though they
B exercise the right to vote, and by the power
H given them, help to shape the policies of the state,
H from whom not one cent iseceived in taxes, and
H this, in a measure, is an injustice to the taxpryers
H whose interests may be adversely affected by
H thoso who have no property and no taxes to pay
H and c6nsequently are more or less indifferent to
H anything except that which has the appearance
H of being of either direct or indirect benefit to
H themselves.
M But such is not the intention of Senator
H " Smith's bill. Instead it is intended to compel
H voters to manifest more general interest in public
B masters at the polls. The bill would impose a
H poll tax in the sum as above stated, on all voters
M in the state, regardless of age, the tax to be rc-
M mitted provided the voter be present and vote at
M each general or municipal election and. each pri-
M mary election, whenever primary elections are
M held, the records of the registration and election
B offcials to be evidence conclusive as to whether
1 the voter should be entitled to exemption from the
H payment of the tax.
M The indiifence shown by a large percentage
Ktt K a subject of; general discussion within recent
P years and has, in the opinion of many statesmen,
i, become a source of great concern if not actual
M alarm, for the reason that as a result of this
l "don't care" attitude upon the part of many of
m the more substantial citizens the matter of deTrfd-
H ing questions at the polls is too frequently left to
M the professional politicians and ward heelers, who
fl . not infrequently hold the balance of power when
M a momentous question is to be decided.
M It is for the purpose of compelling an expres-
M sion of the views of a majority of the people on
H all public questions that the bill as above stated
H has been introduced in the legislature. It is a
H good measure and should be enacted into law.
Why Not Bulletin Boards?
fl Would it not be a good idea for the city coun-
H cil to restrict the posting of notices and bulletins,
B to bulletin stands especially erected for that pur-
H pose.
H The present plan of using trees is rather un-
H sightly, to say the least. Ihalia dozen bulletin
H stands were' erected' in the most conspicuous
B places' and tlo posting ot papers of a public
H nature, other than legal notices, confined to
H these locations, much would be accomplished in
H the way of improvement in the appearance of the
H business section'.
1 Advertising; and Liquor.
B - The News and the Journal of Brigham are
H having a battle royal over the wisdom of accept-
m ing liquor advertising by a newspaper. The
H Jews began, the war and, as is usual when one
B publication seeks to take advantage of another,
H it seems to be getting the worst of the contro-
B , versy.
H Bo'h papers appear to h,ive less support from
H the business men of their home city than the size
H of the town would reasonably warrant, and in
H order to increase its revenues to a point where it
H would not be dependent entirely upon the income
H ;of one day to pay the bills of the day before, the
H the Journal accepted a liquor advertisement
H The News thought it saw a chance to pounce upon
B its competitor and deal it a crushing blow, and
H took the Journal to task for running liquor adver-
B tising in its columns. The Journal came back
B with a bitter chastisement of the News for a
H tobacco advertisment which was being run in its
H columns.
-J "
The Journal made the point that its adver
tising space whs its-source of revenue, and it had
a right to sell'it to any concern for the purpose of
advertising any lawful business, no matter what
it might be, and as the sale of liquor was not
absolutely prohibited, it was justified in selling its
space to a liquor dealov the same as to any other
It also saidfthafeif it were to be prevented from
selling space to dealers in liquor, every merchant
in town should boiventcd from selling tobacco
in any form, andliljlenged its competitor to be
gin an attack orilfe business men for selling
tobacco. ; ,,
While .as a'fnatter of right a newspaper
should not refusdfffre use of its columns for any
advertiser eriageclx in a lawful business, no
matter how distasteful it may be to a large por
tion of the public, yet many papers do it, The
Record being one of;them, in the interest of the
public good, and to that extent deny themselves
the income which such advertising liberally ' and
promptly affords. - &
There are newspapers on earth (we know of
some of them) which have such a narrow, shriv
eled, contracted-vision that they will not publish
the name of a competitor when he is concerned
with a matter of public interest for fear it will
give him a little publicity. When a publication
reaches such a point it ias developed a condition
where it almost hate's itself.
Ever since the ejection of Woodrow Wilson
there has been going 'oh. a contest between the
Standpatter in . the . Senate and the progressive
wing. Wilson has been giving his unflinching
support to the progressive leaders and they have
now gained control of t'lie party machinery and
will shape legislation. When Mr, Wilson enters
the White House their numbers will be greatly
increased by the addition of new Senators of the
progressive faith that will be chosen from the
various states during; this month.
The Legislature Busy. '
It can be well snkl that this session of the
legislature is a busy'.one. Contrary to the claims
made by many respecting the last two ' previous
sessions, this. legislature is a "working legisla
ture." Already more than"ti score of bills have been
.in trHucfrd ajUt moIk orcUijaryinterest and
concern to tho people,, plominent asnong'them be
ing the revenue measiwsj the amended liquor law,
the rearranging of th'e senatorial districts of the
state, the divorce law, th'e marriage1 law, the bill
to levy a poll tax on all citizens regardless pi
age or sex, the state land interest bill,, the bill to
raise the majority age of vomen to 21,, and? others.
That the present legislature is made1 isp of
solid, substantial, broaa"-minded men,, of stmonjr
character and firm determination there can be x
And the people may expect valuable results,,
even though they refused to raise the compensa
tion of the members to where it would have been
u partial recompense for-the.ability and integrity
exacted. , .
Lovers who never have)a quarrel miss all the
fun of making up, and it's the same- with climb
ing on the water wagon.
; ,
Two post parcel packages in Yonkore were a
brindle bulldog and a piece,ofc meat, both' of. which
were finally delivered in oneTbundle.
According to the way the politicians- look at
it, the Panama Canal in not a water way,' but a
great, big tree full of luscious plums.
Congress apparently made up his mind that it
wasn't worth while to do anything before Christ
mas. Then the holidays' being over probably it
will make up its mind it wasn't worth while try
ing to do anything in thai short time befoae
March 4. !
If there is a citizen of tftis senatorial district
who has in mind a law thafc'fie believes would be
for the interest of the people he should communi
cate his ideas to Senator-jfi. W. Lunt, who. will
see that the matter is givxn proper consideration.
Residents of Iron county may address either Sen
ator Lunt or Representative Wilford Day, and
they will find lhat their suggestion- will be given
the most, candid aud careful consideration by
whichever of the' two gentlemen mentioned in
whose hands the request or suggestion be placed.,
Our representatives in the state ltegislature not
only gladly receive any suggesthm relative to
legislation that may be needed or which would
improve conditions for the people but they would
welcome such suggestion
I ,
Terre Haute, Ind., Jan. 24. E.
V. Debs, Socialist candidate for
president of the United States
in the last election, was arrested
here to day on an indictment re
turned against him in the federal
court for the Third district of
Debs was ' charged with ob
structing justice.
Debs wrote an expose of al
leged conditions in the Fort
Leavenworth prison for the Ap
peal to Reason, which caused a
government investigation. Tho
matter printed in the Appeal
was considered obscene by the
federal grand jury and action
was brought against the editors
for sending it through the mails.
The witnesses in this case,
it is allegedrMr. Debs encourag
ed to leave the jurisdiction of
the court. Debs brands the in
dictment as an effort to ruin The
Appeal to Reason.
There is a movement on foot
which, if consummated, will
mean the erection in Cedar City
during the coming summer of
the largest and most pretentious
business building yet constructed
in this city. The plans are not
yet complete although the build
ing is practically an assured fact,
but The Record deems it best to
withhold details until definite
action Is taken.
When you want a reliable
medicine for a cough or cold
take Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. It can always be depended
upon and is pleasant and safe to
take. For sale by the Palace
Drug Store.
A high grade of candies always
fresh. Cedar City Drugstore.
"Billy's Place."
i' Surveyors, Land Atop, Licensed Abstract- B
::: ers, U, S, Mineral Surveyor, Notaries Public, ; I
All Real Estate and Land Business . B
; dfflca ol City Surveyor, Clerk of School ;!; H
;; Hoard, 3ecy-Trcns Excelsior Publish- ;:i; B
';' Inif Co., County Surveyor after Jan. 6th ::,' m
',',', Location: Suitk 1, Mkkcaktilk Hlock '':' m
', Address: 1'. O. Ilox 100, Cednr City, Utnh :;l K
Agricultural and mineral survey;, '; H
j Surveys for walcr Applications and ;i; H
;;; Proofs, Entries and Final Proofs :; . Vj
;; under Homestead and Desert ;i; H
Land acts, . Water Applications ; V
'' and Proofs. ; B
All business with State Land '.
is Deeds, Mortgages, Powers of I : : B
' Attorneys,. Bonds, Leases, Con- ji;
!;;; tracts and Agreements, Articles ' B
j of Incorporation and By-Laws. B
; Apstracts of 'Title Prepared ;i; B
and Titles examined anl, corrected 'l B
$ Rcol Estate Listed, Bought and : K
8 Sold. Certified Land Saipts, ; B
Bought, Sold and Located. B
l Applications for Loans from ji; B
$, State and Loans Procured from ':: B
; Loan Associations, Surety on Bond ji; B
v; with American Surety Company !?! B
: of New York. B
I'. Maps, Tracings and blue prints j:j B
y prepared, Residences and placer ! B
cj; of business Listed for rent. ; B
; StocU"'in Mercantile banking j ',
:j and 'printing corporations, Con- l: H
tracts for plowing and clearing and j;j B
? Supervising work under Enlarged '' Bl
i Homestead Act Small Farms, ji; B
fi Large Farmes, Resident Lots, i K
? Business Sites, Homes and Busi- vj B
x ncss Blocks. Bj
a It,, pays to buy Homes in ;jj; B
Cedar City the Educational and ji; B
f Business Center of the "South." B
It pays to buy land and water in jjj Bj
Iron County where land k rich ji' B
and water is in abundance. fl
""" hi i .i i .f -BH
You will find that druggists K
everywhere speaK well of Cham- m
berlam's Cough Remedy. ,jjhey L N
know from long experience in the Jt
sale of it that in cases of coughs 1
and colds- it can always be de- 9
pended uponr and that it is pleas- 1
ant and safe to take. For sale' 4
by the Palace Drug Store. ''AliVS35HSlj
I Southern Utah Hospital, j
g Equipped to give special atten- 1
p tion to those requiring the care S
g of a hospM. & & & S
I Clean, sanitary rooms and beds
Latest surgical appliances. A I
home-like place for the sick. I
I flflSee the World9
it FOR lOc A DAY W
ito m
JS Motion Pictures bring all. the importaBt 2J
y. and noted places of interest the world over $?
W right to youc door. You can see them as. ($
' Hi they are at a trilling cost, fk
U Change of Programme m
:$ Mosday9 Wednesday and Friday $
ti The Beat Film Service in the World, '
$ Admission IO cents
1 W CJ13 IAH.ICINSOIN.. Prop. (ft

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