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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, February 07, 1913, Image 1

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iB'f Tl f V.I tfiL,-,"' "S""T . i 4 4 ttldTa'If'jl u U 4 It' x-""-" -..... .w,. .ihimh.,.,,.,,,,,!.,,,,,,,,.,,,,. , ,. (lt . .ifBfl
1 P Iron Caiisw teeaw,-...; I
frZuv.Mat. - fr" H ' t ) L ? I ' "I riH
Y0LUMEXX- CEDAB CIW- & '& BRUARi I. xsis. jEafjMfe, jsgsn;. : ' H
m After Numerous Delays the Plans for the Proposed
Mf Carnegie Library Have Been Approved. Bids
Mi x - Will lie Called for Soon .
After numerous cfelays, involv-
H'i Ins: the site, the plans, maintane-
i ance funds, , and other causes,
I J tho plans have at last been ap-
l proved by the Carnegie Corpora-
m tion having in charge the super-
'8on tne erection of library
'11 buildings 6utu of the funds set
If. aside by Mr. Carnegie for that
If purpose.
I ? The plans as finally approved
IE - how an arrangement that tot
Iff cbnvenience and general utility
f T ' jure almost perfect, and the sec-
I '" tary of the Corporation ,ha
written, a" letter to the Library
i Botrd in which he praises the
1 plans as finally submitted.
. 9 v"11ie Library Board early in the
" year secured a lot of ground
i1 100x100 feet on Main street oh
whf qh to erect the building. The
'J land was' given by the officers of
thatter Day amts chuchas
an inducement to secure the lib-
l " SHOW STRliliTH
' i - First Wefk-End PrizeWon by
-tj(: lRMf?Afrcd Froyd.Other
: Prizca to be Given
' , , -ne Yte? as tabujgted in ran-
4; pther column show several chan-
tf . ges in position from last week in
I 8ft- ne 'ano Contest. Several new
1 1s? candidates are showing excep-
$?P ' Clonal strength, andat ;the,pace
'I ; madeduring the last week will
' soon take the lead.
'S The changes in position show
1 I the result of active, energetic
r " work. And the grand prizes are
I' worth working for; the winners
J', will be 'more thanu repaid for
-p fc their eiforts. Thl?'; opportunity
' to win a fine .Piano WITHOUT
chance that comes to but few,
t & which accounts for the activity
:. ' of the .candidates wno REALLY
' ' And it is the contestant that
i j gets out and hustles that will
j wini It is the hustlers who win
in any conest, while the one who
t :, "waits" s always excusing him-
i selJUfor his failure and complain-
! r ing of his "luck."
) j Several candidates are turning
i , in new subscriptions daily to The
i t Record and have organized a
' system of getting in touch with
s ' thejiE' "friends and the votes on
their purchases at the Cedar
' ', Mercantile Co. The results can
beseen in the report of the
judges today. Remember you
( ,,, ." have not onebul five chances fp
,' t t, witi'aplano. No matter if you
! I are" terldvest candidate today,
bygejtjnjf'in the race with de-
ternlinalidn you can take the
' ; LAD next week. Ask ithe
I Contest Manager, lur. W. R.
Palmer, or the editcr jf The Rec
I Mi
stredt and a depth of 34f eetf and
will cost approximately410,000.
One of the porvisions of the
Carnegie donation is that the
city council shall pledge an ap
propriation of one-tenth of the
cost of the building to maintain
it after completion. This .the
city council has done, pledging
$1,000 a year to pay the fixed
, Much of the1 credit for the
securing of, the library is due to
the'persistent: efforts of- M. H."
Dalley, ' chairman of the build
ing cofrimittee'anda meVnber o
the library board
Inasmuch th6 cily now has
one ofjtffctbesjt smalt libraries in
thetae.'riew. librarycaii be
made J &fty if6r immediate use
following 'thft4ortpletion of the
Wolfcirjjpje rushed on the
specrficati;orisvahd 'bids- for - file
it will be'fladly giyeh. t h.m
The winner: tiie first weelfr
end Drize, awarded . last Satur
day, was Mrt. ' Alfred Frbyd
and the ,winneB ,o,'theprie.
awarded last night was- 'Mrs.'
Caddie Murfe.- Hereafter the
judges wjll make but one count
a week, on Thursda nightr and
the week-end prizes? .will- be
awarded the candidate having
the highest vote'on'Such days.
The followingvia the eertifcatc
of the judges:. ' ' t
Cedar City, Utah, JFeb. lr 193.'
V7e Certify; thalPMrs. Anna"
JTroydTsthe'Iady receiving"the
hignWvfiteirinHV PiantCotfT
test up to February 1st, and- we,
award her the first week-end
We certify that Mrs. Caddie
Murie has received the highest
vote of all candidates eligible to
a Week-End Prize, .and we de
clare her the winner of the Fif
teen Dollar Cut Glass Water Set.
The young men of the East
Ward Mutual wlil give an enter
tainment in the tabernacle Sun
day evening which promises to
be a great treat. An urgent in
vitation is extended to every
person in the town over fourteen
years of age. The program will
be as follows:
Opening Chorus by company.
Vocal Solo, Kenneth Macfar
lane. Quartet, S. J. Foster, F. B.
Wood, Wm. Macfarlane, Dr.
Violin Duet, Ivan Decker,
Arthur Pratt. r
Trjo, Thos. Lunt, Kenneth
Macfarlane, E. B. Dalley.
Vocal Solo, Dr. Leonard.
Duet, Billy Musser, Wm. Mac
farlane. " Vocal Solo, J, U. Webster
Violin Duet", Jas. Robb, Wal
lace Adiar.
Chorus by company.
Mil STEf!
Stock Shipments t Continue
fi'VHeavy in all 'Lin(-Hogs ?
10 to 15 higher
KansasCity StoYards, Jan.
31, lOiaCattlrtceived here,
this weeltGOO, flast vee
40,200 sattfevweefc' last year
29M: rftrfplnj beef
steer markitfince' tho firat of
the jieer mfptej as.achecl
onjguidaJWf,week and
neehavexiffipfefcB' vsrith a
jlKht show of lth, ?The
itoet needsfilgflWjcine of
the smemdrW(ffithe re
coveryhfs)wtglfe;thfirSt doee shoiSSiti- ar
thw week a!p.!MJ,Havc been
market tlmi'K" Wiyihftspeen
the chief Jffluje oweek..ateer
markets recWw.jVA few weela
of cold wUhir, oupled $vith
,mpdejte AplieifeojHW'fput the
ntogKeJ; on ots ieUjmin.( .No-.
WtaeJiMiM Ibeuch
more of a decline jVees what--ver'
hayepi. f jVcarcity.
m hf , iyeDtt emrfl
ling ten higher, todav.Wieylare
invaluable to buyers" in'icheepeo-:
ing lip their steerr. proves, t
thing reqtiired of tHem' by papkt
ing house-pianagements. , Stock
ers and feeders 'have' regained1
all theirlloss 6f last week, and
are ngainiin aVflourihin state,"
stockers.largely at $6.00 to$7,40,
feeders,l$7.00 to $7.50. Pime
quarantine steers soloVat $7;7f'
this week;;highest price paid in
thatdvisionA-kince, las June.
Other steers- sold-t5,75' to
scarce this week, a lew coesmon
ishisteeye at 16.90' io7.1br.'cowi
at'$6.0q to $6. 35.- Hogs Received
here this week 60.200, last week
67,000, same .week Jast year
58.300. Lighfhogs went to the
front with a rush' this 'week,
selling at the top along with
medium weights, heavy hogs
following,, atrear, 6 to 10 cents
below the others. Tendency of
the market is upward, though
gains have been modest, the
market closing 5 lowr today,
tops$7.52i, bulk $7.3Sl:o $7.50.
. The month ofilanuary will show
a 25 per cent decrease in .tim
bers of hogs received at the five
leading markets, as compared
with laak January, but average
weightare heavier this year,
making.the decrease in pounds
of meat about twenty per cent.
Sheep this week 22,600,' last
week 42,400, same week last
year 42,300. The market is
slowly recuperating, prices to
day about forty cents better
that the low time Tuesday.
Shippers shut off supplies at
all points, but buyers have been
in a bad mood, having 'suffered
severely from' recent breaks in
the dressed mutton trade. Deal
ers advise their customers ;that
prices will be relatively high1 all
winter, and forihem to sit
steady in the boat, and make
-T If ,- ;
them fat Beit Iamb today
worth $8.40, yearlings $7.50,
wether $5.60, owe $5.00.
A tragedy was narrowly avert
ed I at Summit last 'Tlyursday,
whnfa man by the name of Wm.
Wrjght, whose home is said to
be Millard county, 'attempted to
shoot W. Smith of thtt place: , 4
Wright has been engaged in
herding sheep for W. H. Lyman
and! on the above' date' le'ft'his
flocksfawS.went to Suihinit:- .It
appears,' irom information -subsequently
received, that he con
ceived' ithe idea that some-one
wassielpWgtb injure him, and
in ljisAtrtented conditipnplck-.
ed L;(todi tbM;oVhii
enemies. -fieyatteoipled to dW
charge a irevrtyerwhiefc hvciri
ried, at thelittfr.bSljje' ihi
fern4:of ilhek prerertfcd !him
from caring jouthw plahsr, j&
his home in this city and hurried'
to t.h SPPtlP vf fVii fliffinnlf v wt-
Wright had' flei, "Wh sheriff
proceeded Paroan s$ere Jie
succeeded in -finding ihirman ,
I Itwasappiret1that'Ithferman,
waiinaneJan he waV iinftiedin
ately taken before Judge Green
wood, who was holding court at
Paixan.vand .an , examination
trpvo? ' ' v"v iuf f i ''
konday afternoon S hVf i ft
Fioyd started' Provo ih
his charge, and will turn him
iover to the t asylum . authorities. .
Popular7 youjng oma
Friday Afternoon IJjss iLunjI5
Watsop, oneQtheinoit popular
young ladies of thV city, ..and a,
daughter of Mrs. EY C. Watson,
ftie -librarian, -undervent an
pperation at the Southern. Utah
Hospital, for appendices. " t t
ie had been suffering. ,. from
appendicitis for several xnpnths
andfor two or, three days, prev
ious to the operationwas unable
jto be at her post" at the swijEch
board in the telephone office.
Friday afternoon her condition
became so serious that an opera
tion was decided upon, and at 3
o'clock she was placed on the
operating table. Dr, A'.. N.
Lepnard, preformed the opera
tipn, assisted by Miss Belle Wil
liams, his assistant, and Mrs. J.
C. Isbell, the latter administer
ing the anesthetic.
The young woman soon rallied
from the effects of the operation
and is rapidly recovering. She
assures her friends that she will
bo "on duty" within another
week, which will be delightful
news to all who know her.
The yount? ladies of tho East
and West Ward Mutuals will
give a joint concert in the Ward
Hall Sunday evening at 7 o'clock
sharp in honor of the mothers of
the city.
Miss Kate Dalley will sing a
solo, Mrs. Knell will lead in the
discussion of the lesson and Mrs.
Adair will toll a story entitled
' ' IRON ORE 1
The Scarcity of Iron is Causing Co
suaiersl to fmkn "Field ! I
f Operatieas " i'f -1
T; . .' 1 -m
The;SeirKfw-IrwiWai.Rfuit l
m Devtlopmof Ow I '
- -Sj0rDoeJto " , M
JT8$$t Lakerifcinelt ;
respecting the piuHMrGMfii. IM
M. Schwab, the, sttjtk'iMnale, . 9
pi immnee iron jorelofftirin ?
Chili; and-from.Ae ctSof'ihe fB
9fm manfaUirervthe Tribwie !
seeethe powiiWlitiee of the'.jit- 1
yelop'inent itit; f
the rpn deposits in this-county. I fl
Contrary, "iq the views', pf the " i':H
rribunp, there woulp; bejio nee- !
essityt for bansporting the. crude &H
oires to any'Other point, Ifor H
bituiiiinousLandtMini.aBtliricito n aM
enough to supply" 'immense gteel 19
Ai. i.'.. ; v. .. L. "S
trB.porttW1f?and'-ti'o:' ' S
is wn from' twenty -to -tftiiT'- wM
mlier With sieelrafllit ' H
tionthV coet of 'trtih'g fhi ofV't JW
would be reduced to t'lri H
Jmum, oriy.rHe7flnitjhfed?produ'ci . IH
Jf puld-be irequire' 'to fe"traii - fjM
ported, saving' in tonnage thbus' iH
ands of dollars t,nnually..JThe S
Tribune says: r.: V 'ft U
.' "There is a continual reachihir-' ifH
out 'by -the iron and" steel in'dui-'-
tries of the 'United Stater iw-' V
further deposit's of iron-'ore, sd ":t i'H
as to 'make the manufacturing :H
plants secure for an' indefinite jH
humberof years" to dome "of the'v IS
raw material which they so im' H
peratively require. The'-U'S ,S
Steel Corporation has it'simmenie"-: .H
ore reserves 'in the mine v6n' -H
Lake Superior and in Minneeota; ' M
this latter on contract some thritP :4H
pince with President James J-- jM
Hill, j but that contract1- was-' j H
abandoned on the anti-trust H
prcsGcutions. Still, the ore'is'' H
there and' undoubtedly ther U. 5SA ' l'
Steel corporation will get it in H
time. 'II
I President Charles M. Schwab J
of the Bethlehem Steel corpora IH
tiohl in which Mr. Carnegie is' uH
supposed to have a big interest," H
perhaps feels himself shut out' H
in somejdegree by reason of these H
big holdings and options of U. S. H
Steel corporation, and so he haa :H
concluded negotiations for ana , H
immcnae iron ore tract near tha; t JH
coast of Chili. It is said to be H
an enormous ore deposit, rivals lfH
ing that on Lake Superior, and- ,, HI
to be so near a good seaport thaf - Q"x' -H
transportation Will be easy and . . " H
cheap. It is said that Mry - H
Schwab will build a number of l " H
steamers of 15,000 to 20,000 tons '' -JH
capacity each to transport this"- ' jH
ore from Chili through the Pan- ,H
ama canal to his works in Pen- H
nsylvania. It will be nearly all- Q
sea-shipment, and the cost of the: -iH
(Continued on iat ik.) -H

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