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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, February 14, 1913, Image 1

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i . Ualnnhr of ITtKh Jts , ', flfl
I i Iron Couniy Record. : I
1 ,- rTl ' - . i H
UVV I !! ...---.. I- ....Wl.lMl.l.Ml.l II...-I llll...-.-.-..Bl-ll,. I. I I -- I in -I I -- ' '" ' ' ' " -. ! - I "I""' --. --a-. . -. .. &! w . ' l .
I Representative W. Day of Iron
I; County Introduces Measure in
Ii the Legislature Transferring
II the Branch Normal School of
H This City to the Agricultural
K College.
$. Moyemertt Has the Support of the Commercial Clubs
mk Oof the Towns in the South and the Endorse-
jfc , t merit of Practically Every Citizen in Iron County
wv y . .
Wtl JV t Following 4i conference of the leading citizens of this
PB . ' i city andanembers of the Educational Committee of the
wnt Legislature, and after an extended discussion of the pro-
MJv" . . posed move with the governor, the secretary of the Salt
Ijj8v v Commei'ciai Club, the Utah Development League, and
wy.", others vitally interested in the welfare of thfc entire state,
Wi,,l' ji bill was introduced in the House of Representatives
MivM'fasK Tuesday byKeAi'erientatiVe Ifsslisih
fHr county, oy-.the tmns oFwmclrtbedSninch formal .located
jl in this city, together with the b(Hn3andgiMndsand"
tfc .all interests of every nature, 'is transferred to the Agri-
i'F cultural College.
a A telephone message received
by Principal Q. W. Decker from
MX Senator Henry W. Lunt shortly
m; before noon conveys the informa-
m. tion that the Board of Regents of
JVK the State University have en-
M7 dorscd the Day bill.
fe't This movement has the sup-
Ifv port of practically every individ-
ual and every commercial or-
K. ganization in this sefttion of the
If state. It would mean the de-
T velopment of the greatest unde-
jj$"- veloped section of Utah and
i the enrichment of the state
IK within a few years' by hundreds
b. of thousands of dollars,
ft T'h6 matter was Arst discussed
by President Randall L. Jones
jm 1 of the Commercial Club of this
fli. city with Governor Spry, Secre-
rW tary Caino of the Salt Lake Com-
,'M mercial Club, Assistant General
W; Passenger Agent J. H. Mander-
field of the Salt Lake Route, and
A otneers ot tne utan ueveiopmenc
$m League, while the former was in
f Salt Lake City, and the matter
il, met with such (free and hearty
fl support that the movement was
H entered into With zeal and deter-
S mination. iThe Commercial Club
fl of thi3 city endowed the idea
flj unanimously, and when delegates
m from the Legislature arrived in
B. . the city Saturday the matter
H was fully and freely discussed,
H the situation being laid before
jjjfl them as it actually exists, and
Mm the possibilities of an agricultu-
jnl ral college here pointed out to
Wk them in detail, with the result
33 that the senators and representa-
Wm tives who were present, among
"H them some of the most capable
ft and influential in the legisla-
Jl ture, as well as the most farsee-
;1 ing in matters that concern the
M future of the state, c j,j exprcsned
himself as convinced that it was
the best proposition that could
possibly be proposed for the
benefit of the southern part of
the state.
, Wednesday night the Commer
cial Club of this city met and
passed a resolution endorsing
the Day bill and memorializing
the legislature to pass it, and
the same evening a mass meet
ing of the citizens was held in
the tabernacle at which the pro
posed resolution by, the Com
mercial Club was enthusiastic
ally endorsed.
Also on Wednesday evening a.
mass meeting of the peopla of
Parowan was held and tile pro-
posed change glvfcft unanimous
endorsement J. T. Jones of
this city s appointed by the
ComiflfeYcial Club, and E. L.
Clark of Parowan was selected
by the mass meeting, to present
the resolutions to the respective
on.nizations and explain to the
legislature or the members there
of anything that may be desired
respecting the situation in this
section of the state.
If they will but pass the Day
bill it will mean more for South
ern Utah than any and all other
efforts of every kind that have
heretofore been attempted. It
would mean the development of
the greatest undeveloped section
of the state, one that is rich
with agricultural, stock jmd
fruit-raising possibilities, Those
informed do not hesitate to state
that within five years after the
establishment of an agricultural
school here, the increase in stock
and agricultural wealth within a
radius of sevety-five miles from
Cedar City would afford revenue
sufficient to support the school
and leave a surplus for other
Ute purposes.
i " " i inn i - - i i ' -
Czar's Picture a Reminder
To Members of the Duma
' IF WWmTnmm(mWftmwmrWMl&Jmft J $"'" $Y K mammBffmmaSmmtSSSmammaMmmmaKtmmamamamamm ' " i u I
m9BfmlHmlmMmmaMaMHHMMBE!!!S&lM aHuHw f AV " "WBVPVv mtmamamamamam- t NflEllfl i
MHBHHHRS9BIilKra&ss'. 5 Hi laBSjfi . mMM ; ? , . mMMMMMk .vll 1
1 9liiKiVHCiBSiHcS$iBURJBHBiiiuJBiiiH D
BsflHBVCJp jW u-vaKl BKMtt!SHKBBMflB9iflBMBSBKrBK' vflpMft Hi
11KE' the to&r whom -we hnve always with us, the picture of the cznr ol
Russia Is constantly with tbo members of the' duma. It hangs on the
j wall immediately over the president's chair; big as life, n silent but
firm reminder to the members that Russia is not a republic. As our
picture shows, the czar's portrait is the most prominent feature In the duma
chamber. There is no cbauce of forgetting the ruler.
in iiw ni
Automobile Capsizes , While
Coming From Lund and Legis
lators are Thrown Out
While coming from- Lund Sat
urday afternoon, with a number
of members of' the legislature,
the auomobile being driven by
C, S. Wilkinson turned over and
the occupants of the machine
were thrown to the ground, but
fortunately no one was injured.
The road was muddy and the
machine skidded, turning en
tirely around and when the rear
wheels loged against an obstruc
tion, the momentum caused the
machine to turn over on its side.
The occupants were spilled out
on the ground in a heap, much to
the embarrassment'of their "leg
islative flignity." Fortunately,
and almost miraculously, no one
was injured, but the machine
was rendered "hors de combat,"
two wheels and an axle being
broken and the car body badly
The passengers were forced to
walK about three miles to a ranch
and await 'the arrival of another
machine, sent out from this city.
There is some young: lady
among the candidates in the
Piano Contest who needs your
help to win. When yQu make a
purchase at the Cedar Mercantile
Co. or pay your subscrjniton to
The Record or purchase station
ery, ask fof ballots .an4 cast
them for your .favorite candidate.
. 1 11 PIES
Several Surprizes in Store This
Week. -Low Candidates Last
Week Coming to the Front
Candidates are getting in the
contest to win, and the race is
getting so warm and the sur
prises so many that it is simply
out of the question to predict
who will come out in the lead
at the close.
"Nearly everv day a different
candidste calls at The Record
office and cays she is "going in
to win" and tho results of the
balloting shows that the girls
are huoll)ig.
The interest grows greater,
both to the candidates and the
public. Contest Manager Faimei
is kept busily engaged giving
advice to anxious contestants,
byt he wants every candidate to
feel free to cnsutlt him as often
as desired, The manager of
The Record is also always pleased
to answer questions or make sug
gestions. Don't hesitate to ask
as many as you choose. v '
Three of the candidates w'lro
are showing increased strength
this week are Mrs. Lottie Ssplin.
Mips Pearl Urie and Miss Katie
Dalley. If ypu are onu -o'f the
low candidates you can take a
front place by doing a little
"hustling," for it is -work that
counts. Very few pqVsns get
anything hy sitting down and,
waititng. ' ' ',
A Piano in your "home.'"
You've long wanted we, per-
Senators anil Representatives Arev U
Royally EatertaiHed by Facalty v fl
e! the Branch Normal ;,. , H
Are Highly Pleased With R- . .fl
ception Accorded Them ami H
Express Delight at Progress ' 'H
Saturday evening the membri" ; jH
of the legislative committee were - , H
entertained at a banquet at tho; H
Branch, Normal, which was at-, ) H
tended by the faculty and about ',;'-" H
forty other, invited guests. i ,H
Clifford Ashby, instructor of Jl
biology and French in the Branch H
Normal, was toast master, and ' H
tho several honored gentlemen f. ; jB
were called to make short toasts.' ' VJH
The remarks ranged from comi-, 11
cal to serious, the words of Sen- H
ator Booth causing a riot of 'r ' 4-H
merriment. Senator Henry W. . ' t, "sl
Lunt and Representative Wil- ' . VmW
ford Day each were made the t ;7f H
object of a number of gooc jokes , , , . . -, IM
by their visiting colleagues. j'i ,- H
The visiting jnembers were T . fa; i ' fl
Senators Booth, (fh airman )"' 'A''1', '? - jLm
Hansen I I I I Ii i jllB
Mabey, JuddandDay. " w' ' fWT
President Kingsbury of the0 ; ijk , NOJH
State University accompanied J ,?J "B
the legislators anil was one of - Ar s . I
Ihe speakers. We regret that . lM
space will not premit us to give , :
a synopsis of the remarks of all' ' H
the speakers, which would have Wmmm
been most interesting to all our ;H
readers. jH
Fife-Burnham Nuptials "' H
Mr. Wilford Fife and Mies '1
Flossie Burnham were united in , M
marriage at the home of the cf" , ' '.. H
groom's parents, Mr., and Mrs. ' p, """'B
Jos. S. Fife, in this city Wednes- , &i ' S
day evening. Only the relatives r' M
and immediate friends of the , JH
contracting parties were pres- H
en. The young couple are well iH
known and The Record joins jfl
their many friends in wishing , i.-SjM
them a Ion g and happy married H
life. ' :4, m
U. T. Jones left for Salt Lake ' V
City Thursday afternoon to rep- fl
resent the Commercial Club be- r fl
fore the legislature in the mat-, , . " fl
ter of the pending bill to change ' jfl
the Branch Normal school to an J
agricultural school, Jfl
...HiMUMiMi iiiiiiii trwam-MTnMttnmmmmrmMmwmmi'rTri mmMm
haps. Now is your chance to
win one an equal chance with M
everybody else. Don't say "X '' iM
can't." Get in and do it. W
Votes with each purchase at '-
the 'Cedar Mercantile Co. anct ' j M
each purchase, and subscription..,. x j
to the Record. " M
The week-qnd prize waa won( I
yesterday by Misa Katie Dalley,' " I
We, the undersigned judges m .1
the voting contest, do whereby '
certify that Katie Dalley has the ' v. "
highest voto of any eligible cob- , ' . ,
testant and is entitled to the? ,
week-end prize, one cut glass ',
' h K. P. MACFARtiA'Er" ' j '
r VlJH

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