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, i , - a-- . iii
'I 1
Just Where and How
-.. , , Is the Money
I .mi to be Spent?
y A businesslike Answer to
B ; 1 a businesslike Question
j ' OpHIRTY denominations -cooperating in the Inter-
JL church World Movement have budgeted their
1 j needs. No business could have done it more scientift-
i ; cally.
j I They hve united to prevent the possibility of duplica
tion or waste. At least a million dollars will be saved
I'1 by the fact that thirty individual campaigns are joined
' in one united effort.
; Each denomination has arranged its budget under six
1 mam heads:
1 AT HOMK. AKn ontmitome 4 WajtlXjMCKW children and roans
'.' noder thJa hM4.Coo.lder anlrcn. people undar 25 yaaraafaea arc co-
"f PWaanda half mllUanpnale Intha tartar American life wtthrut mar
United Btateaeannotavanreadaod raUgiaactralniocat all. Rarnarnbar-
' ' writatheZncilahlanraace.Whala In th faith WaaMocton and
Iii to carry forward thla vaatwarkof Llrycaln. da you think that Antrlt
AoMrtcaalcatlaa U U cbarch doea will continue te arodnce Wathtna-
so tuu and Lincoln! If faith dlaa aut
, aftttabaarteafltaroiath?
Krrre.rtloa-d..fmnd J) ABROAD. UDn.naa cam. ftrat
7' "' ft' V mmT, ram th Orient thirty yeare ato;
I a laafcoOoaaOTbachttdreoa Uaet piacuBa lane aa China lii onlr
I TL?ma4.m ,wy mf aoephrrtdantoerr4ec,eeoeep)e
j afaaMreathaatlMraaarwatTe. tfco OrUnt will cantlr.ua te ba a
fl aaanaec. Q tang aa ana-third of tba
1 . baklea af IndU dUbwathU.
y POR 1UGIIKR EDUCATION. Of and year our awn bablaa are not
I O the SaOO American etadente In eafe. A Christian doctar ar teacher
taatttotlooa af higher grade, one- eent abroad I werkine tor America
hajfareln Inatitutlona founded and aa trulr aa though he worked at
I aopportedby thaChurchea.Man7 of bacne,
I Meae Instltutlena have had no great
I eodowment campaign., but their
needa are Ju.t aa preaalne aa the f. PREACHERS' SAUARIR3. Tba
needa of larger achoele; and yaw U preacher U called the "forgotten
I Ua only to read their llatai alum- man," and well he may be. High
nlaadalumnaetomeaaaretheTalua aut of ten preacher are paid laaa
, ofUMtr contribution to Anarica. than KEO a weekl
Each denomination has its own detailed budget, and
iwill administer its own funds. Your pastor has copies
of the budget: examine them for yourself. In the week of
April 2Sth-May 2nd yoa will be given your opportunity
to help. You can do it with the full satisfaction of know
ing that every dollar of your gift has its post assigned
to it in advance.
Every dollar for better America and a berrer world.
When your church calls on you give and give with
, '. your heart as well as your pocket-book.
Unhd tWCSv April 25th
Financial B9 K&f to
Campaign wfr My 2nd
j " j "rld Movement
I ofShbrth Jmerica
Tit pmUlcafitM tftkii 0dvtnl$tmtnt it tnJe fudbU -; 4 ri ffitrstin
f thirty WraeWaaMMK.
I When a testing hour f
comes to a home, it is
quiet dignity and assur-
ance that each minute dc- f
tail will be attended to,
that is most desired. i
8 1
We have established this
. firm with fifteen such years
J of service. I
s i
I Prices are based upon
quality and do not fluctu-
ate with sentiment nor
I surroundings.
Toll ndvertisors that you saw it in
The Record.
Monday "Greater thnn Fame,"
featuring Elaine Hammerstein. Snub
Pollard Comedy.
Tuesday Louis Bennison in
"Speedy Meade," Two reel western
Wednesday "How Life Begins."
This is special educational attraction
which we are exhibiting at the re
quest and with the co-operation of
the school board and Mr. 11. C. Lewis.
Special afternoon matinee, admission
10c and lCc.
Thursday The serial story "Dare
Devil Jack," with the world's champ
ion Jack Dempsey, also five reel fea
ture. Friday William S. Hnrt in "The
Hoarder Wireless." Fox Weekly.
Saturday Wallaco Rcid in "Too
Many Millions" with two reel comedy.
Mr. Mont Hunter is out at Meadow
Field working for Mr. J. N. Smith on
his farm.
FOR SALE 1 6-horsepower gasoline
engine for ?G5.00; also 1 Avery 6
10 tractor in good condition. Will pull
1G inch bottom plow; can use same for
sawing wood, pumping, etc. $450.00
takes it. Enquire of D. F. Shelley,
Modeno, Utah Adv. 2 w.
Rcservior Stock for Sale
Tho Nowsactlo Irrigation Company
has a number of shares of stock in
tho Enterprise Reservoir & Canal Co.
for sale. Anybody desiring to pur
chase any of this stock can do so by
writing to George S. Ashton, secre
tary of tho New Castle Irrigation
Company at 75 W. So. .Temple, Salt
Lake City, Utah.
No better time to subscribe for The
Record than right nowl
Iron county bonds for good road
have carried by u majority of four to
A Si.'OO.OOO RymnaHlura Is o bo erect
ed by the Weber formal college at
Ojjden proposes to Install an outfnll
sewer at an estimated cost of between
$150,000 mill ?lli."i,000.
Salt Lako will be an Important sta
tion In the aerial mall roitto from New
York to San Frnnclsco.
Klghty-flvo per cent of the teacher
of Weber county have signed their
contracts for next rtenson.
The Duchesne county board of edu
cation proposes to erect a new build
ing at an estimated cost of .fCD.OOO.
A new .chnol building to cost $175,
000 Is to bo erected at Nephl, bonds
having been voted for that purpos.
The drive of the advocates of the
weekly half-holiday closing of the
stores Is being continued In Ogden.
The state livestock Injector reports
the discovery of three cases of gland
ers among horses at Plain City, Weber
Joseph Neff of Kurekn pleaded
guilty to operation 'an Illicit still Mild
was sentenced to six months lu the
county Jail.
(leorgo Humble, lessee at the Chlof
Con. mine at Eureka, was stabbed In
the throat by a Mexican miner, and Is
in a serious condition.
The Logan military band reorgan
ised nt u meeting last week nnd Is
preparing for rehearsals for public con
certs to lie given tlilrf summer.
On April 17 It was announced that
$7C,000 had been received by the Mor
mon Battalion Monument commission
toward the erection of the memorial.
Emery county has voted $225,00(1
bond issuo for the erection of two new
school buildings' and additions und Im
provements to buildings now In use.
The county commissioners of Carbon
county nro soliciting bids for the erec
tion of masonry, abutments for new
bridges to be erected onthe county
Rapid evaporation of moisture as a
result of the wind Saturday night and
Sunday will give many farmers an op
portunity to start long delayed sprint:
Warning to fruit growers to prepnre
for a strenuous cnmpalgn against the
San Jose scale is contained lu a bul
letin Issued by the Utah county pests
Wlntergreen extract, swallowed by
Qlenna Chugg, Infant daughter of
Bishop Moroni and Ida Taylor Chugg,
caused the death of the youngster at
Fnrr West.
The citizens of Layton entertained
nt a reception one day Inst week In
honor of tho young men of East nnd
West Layton who were in the service
during the world wnr.
The launching of additional overall
clubs In Ogden by the employees ot
the various departments of the rail
road as well as industrial offices and
plants Is being considered.
(Handera which attacked three
horses belonging to Thomas Jenkins of
Plain City has been traced to the pur
chase of an animal from Idaho which
was aflllcted with the disease.
A windstorm which threatened to as
sume the proportions of a cyclone
swept oor Salt Lake City and vicinity
early Saturday night, April 17, doing
considerable damage to property.
A movement to make Salt Lake the
center of Grecian Intelligence, progress
and religion for the Interniountnln re
gion tins been announced by (. A. I'n
pulllou, Greek consul In Salt Luke
Notice of a special election for the
purpose of raising $20,371.70 over and
above the tuxes and receipts of the
present year bus been announced by
the Logan city board of education to
take place April 27. This Mim will
be ustd to meet tho expense of the
current year.
That tho public of Salt Lake nnd of
Utah should continue to save money
on meat by buying cheaper culn us op
portunlty affords, as well as the rlh
and loins, Ik the substnnee of a utatc
incut Issued from the office of Jamea
W. Funk, federal fair price eomnilM
sinner for Utah.
0. W. Johnson, formerly president
and manager of the Johnson Realty
company, nt Salt Lake, who was sent
to state prison last November nt bis
own request, after he had confessed
to a series of embezzlement runnlnu
Into thousands of dollars, ha been
released oil parole.
The protracted cold, wet weather ii
causing alarm among fhe farmers of
Boxelder county because of its effect
on spring plnntlng and spring feed
The hay supply Is practically exhaust
ed, many of the farmers being forced
to turn their cows and horses onto
last year's pastures to pick what llttlw
feed they can
Margin et Webb, 2' years of uge,
died Sundny nt tho county ho.vpltnl at
Salt Lake ns tho result of scalds re
ceived when Bho fell Into a bucket of
bolllng-hot scrub water which bud been
placed on the floor of her home.
The pollco of Logan nro searching
for the vnndalB who entered the dis
play rooms of the Logan Stone A Mon
ument company nnd dostroyed head
stones nnd monuments which had been
speclnlly prepared according to ordei
for tho Memorial day butlness by the
Institution. The damage done wn
estimated at $1000.
i ' i i T i , , nan- . . M .. hi i . ., ,i.ii i ii. ,m i n " n WTi i m i H
CB!saawaMaaaaaiBsiaKBnMeacBjaBmnaNBnBaBnmaaMBaB9aaHMaBBaaM 'H
Has Won Its Following Through V
Its Quality I
POUND for pound, the metals used in the Maxwell chassis compare favorably
with those in the best cars that the world has produced, according to I M
metallurgists. There is a deep-seated reason for this quality in a Maxwell. M
For the fundamental purpose of the Maxwell is to carry the same passcn- M
gcr load over the same roads and at the same speeds as larger and more expen- H
Its particular mission is to carry this passenger load in an extremely eco- H
nomical way. M
Therefore the Maxwell had to be light. But to make it strong as well as H
light only the very best of materials could be employed. K
Hence the quality metals. 1
And it was through the quality of its metals that Maxwell developed its H
following. M
This is a following that began fwe years ago with a foundation of 5,000 M
-'- ' and now reaches a mark of i 00,000 in 1 920. M
" 300,000 Maxwells now on the highways of two continents M
arc a daily endorsement of 'the merits of this great car. M
J, D. LeigK Merc. Co. I
Could Not Eat Meats or Bread
For Two Years Gains 18
Pounds Taking Tanlac.
"No one could sec tho wonderful
change in me and doubt that Tunlac
is just a grand medicine," snid Mrs.
Louise Rogers, of 4017 Brooklyn Ave.,
Los Angeles, Cnl. Mrs. Rogers for
merly lived at Wenntchee, Wash.,
where she is also well known.
"My health was so bad for years
that I became almost a physicul and
nervous wreck," she continued. "I had
nervous indigestion, disordered kid
neys und other troubles. I was per
fectly miserable for over two years.
I could not cat any bread, milk or
meat and hnd to live on the very'
lightest of foods. I suffered so that
sleep was almost impossible and I fell
off to a mere shadow of my former
self. I was under constant treatment
for eighteen months but kept gettinK
worse istend of better. I nearly pave i
up all hope and my husband, too,'
thought I was going to die. Ho de
cided to send me to a health resort,
but I was so low I had to be carried
and have nn attendant all tho time.
"It wns then that a lady from Van
couver persuaded me to try Tanlac
nnd it was just three days before I
noticed n chnngo for tho better. I hnvc !
gained eighteen pounds nnd ull of my '
troubles arc gono entirely. I ent three
good meals every day and sleep like a
child nil night long. I just want to
tell everybody what n great medicine
Tnnlnc is."
Tnnlne is sold in Cednr City by tho
Cedar City Drug1 Store and in Paro
wan by the Tnrowan Drug Company.
Best Method Is First to Lay Rim on
Floor and Insert Valve Stem In
Proper Place.
The best method of mounting
fitrnlght-slde tires Is first to lay the
rim on the floor nnd Insert the vnlvo
stem of tho tire In the proper place.
About ten Inches of the bend on I oth
sides of the valve should then bo
forced Into place. After thus start
ing tho tire It should be further
forced Into plnce by stamping on It,
first on ono ldo and then on the
other, which as a rule is all that Is
necessary to sent tho tiro properly,
though sometimes It may bo neces
sary to resort to tho aid of n tire tool.
Tho ends of the rim may bo brought
Into placo with tho nse of u screw
driver, due care being taken not te
get the wrong end of the rim on top.
"M"iaaaMaaaaiMaaMaataMMaaaM. rl
Cedar City Bakery and I
Confectionery I
Hot Coffee at All Hours. IH
Best Sanitary Conditions. H
P. R. BRINKMANN, Proprietor.
i J M
in ii i ' H
Your Domestic Fortunes Are H
In Your Own Hands H
Marital felicity depends upon the ability to keep the girl JH
There may be times of TROUBLE ahead. Every married 'H
pair must expect their share must take the bitter with the H
sweet. H
Open a SAVINGS account 1 It will ward off the wrinkles M
which FINANCIAL worries bring. It will protect HER and be
a cause of eternal satisfaction to Y0U1 H
A SAVINGS account is a young couple's best friend! Start B
it in this bank TODAY!
Sron Commercial & Savings Siank H
j n
All good boosters subscribe for the local newspaer. SBP

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