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H .
H Pm-ownn, April 30, 1920.
H Mrs. Wallace Houston of Pnnguitch
B who has been visiting her mother,
1 Mrs. S. A. Matheson for the past
H six weeks is returning home. Alice
18 Mnthcson her Bister, is returning with
m her for n short visit.
M Miss Venice Rollins and Roy Mooro
M botli of this place were quietly mar-
M ricd Wednesday evening at the home
M of tlio "bride. The young couple will
M wake their homo hero at present ns
B Mr. Moore is ono of the stendy cm-
ployes on the Day fnrm.
M The Paragonah opera which was
M presented Wednesday night to a
fl packed nudienco in tho Opera House,
H under tho direction of Clifford Em-
fl poy and Miss Luke, proved a big
M luccess. The pupils of the Para-
M jonnh school nnd their directors dc-
M icrvc n great deal of credit. After
M ,he opera a missionary dance was glv-
M .11 honor of Jesse Guymon who will
M leave Saturday for the Southern
B States.
V Enterprise, Utah, April 28, 1920.
m Mrs; Naomi Abbott is in Modcnn
f helping to cook for tho shearers.
B Mr. Ed. Twltchell nnd family are
M home again after working in Cnliento
M the past winter.
H Mr. John Fife of Cedar City do-
M livcred a enr to Mr. Amos Hall of this
M plnco the other day .
H The Eighth grado pupils are
M rather excited this week, as they aro
B now taking the final examinations.
. I
Mr?' -Will Hnll and family havo
fl moved back from Cedar City. Wo
1 learn that Mr. Hall intends to start
fl the picture show again, nnd also to
M establish a good meat market here.
H Kanan-a, April 21, 1920.
H Wm. B. Staploy returned home last
week from the conl mines up north
linving been there since about tho
H middle of January.
M The saw mill that has beon in op-1
oration in Dry Crock has been soldi
HB and the present work is just about
H completed. .. j
B "Wallace Davis has recently pur
chased tho L. J. Balscr home here. Wo
wonder if herintends to join tho ben
edicts or if it is mere speculation,
but trust it is the former.
Junius Williams h'as (bought tho
Dee Parker homo and Henry Pollock
hns bought tho Charles Parker home.
Soven men left Inst week to shear
sheep at Hurricane corral.
R. J. Williams went to St. Goorgo
to bo thero whilo liis sheop wcro bo
injj sheared lost week.
Born Last evening to" Mr. and
Mrs. Dec Parker a girl. Both doing
fine nnd Deo all smiles.
Since February 21 thoro havo been
23 homes quarantined for whooping
cough, eighteen of which aro now
released and tho remaining five havo
been quarantined since April 7.
About fifty cases havo ben reported
so far. .
New Harmony. April 201
W. S. Thorley was a business vis
itor hero yestcrdny.
W. P, Taylor is on tho sick list this
Mrs. Rceso Davis ' is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. G. B. Williams for a
few days.
J. I. and G. E. Prince hnvo gono to
Dixie to shear sheep,
Mrs. Mary Prince is visiting her
parents in St. George.
Funeral services wero hold here
last Wcdncsdny over tho remains of
Cecil Taylor Schmutz wifo of Androw
G. Schmutz, who departed this life
April 11. Sho was 2D years old last
September and leaves a husband nnd
two children, two brothers nnd ono
sister beside a host of relatives nnd
friends to mourn her loss.
"None know her but to lovo her
"Or named her but to praise."
Could we say more.
. Nadn, Utah, April 27, 1920.
John It. Robinson of Cedar City was
a Nada visitor last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Delmcr L. Kcsler hnve
returned to their homo in Greenville.
Lotcn Kesler motored to Beaver and
Greenville ono dny last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lewis motored
to Milford to spend tho day Tuesday.
Glen Barnes has quit work on sec
tion 21 and is now employed in tho
shops in Milford.
II. E. Smith nnd II. Lindcmnn of
Cedar spent Sunday at their home
Sim Kcsler of Lund passed through
Nada Monday, on his wny to Beaver,
where ho was called as witness in a
Glen BInckncr and family have re
turned to Greenville. Mr. B. worked
on the Thermo section for a few
J. P. Stephenson nnd Mr. Baumfiold
of Ironton, Ohio, arrived hero Thurs
day to look at tho country and visit
,with tho former's sons of this plnco.
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Owens und Mrs.
D. J. Hedges of Cedar wcro Nada
callers Tuesday. They wcro return
ing from Milford and Newhousc,
where they spent a week on business.
A party of fivo located on home
steads enst of Thermo last Sunday.
Wo certainly wish them success and
will bo glad to wclcomo them ns neigh
bors. '
J. F. & II. F. Dinwiddio and Mrs.
Ollio Couch went to Beaver Wednes
day to witness for J. C. Hnrtcr in tho
casd of J. D. Leigh vs. Harter.
Clarence Collvor, who has beon
making an extended visit with his sis
tor, Mrs. 0. H. Moore, went to Salt
Lake last Thursday, where ho is em
ployed in n creamery..
James Stimpson of Hyncs, Calif.,
arrived hero today for a short visit
with Mr. and- Mrs. ' Keillor. Ho hns
visited in Milford with Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. McCutchcon. Mr. Stimpson is
trimming his trees nnd otherwise at
tending to his property here, before
returning to his ranch in California.
J. T. Talbot, J. II. Linford nnd Leon
LcFcvrc, who hnvo wintered their
sheep horc, nro leaving for their homo
in Pnnguitch, where they will shear
next month. They havo made Nada
their headquarters for the pnst seven
months nnd have made many friends
Ed. White went to Milford Sunday
evening, onco moro with the intention
of returning with his tractor, weather
and road conditions permitting. He
has now finished his well, which is 82
feet deep, with 30 feet of water in it.
Tho first stratum of water was thru
28 feot of gravel. It was his' intention
to drill deeper but so many rocks
wero encountered that it was found
impossible to continue. However, it
promises an abundance of water and
results are being watched with great
interest. J. F. Dinwiddie, who did tho
work, moved his rig to L. A. Culm-'
see's place, where ho is at prcsecnt
working on a new well. m
II I I ' A .... ..
A Washington dispatch says tho
Democrats aro worrying about the
possibility that President Wilson may
want n third term. Probably ,tb,o
Democrats can find enough to worry
about if they confine themselves to
the President's first nnd second term.
Knnsnn City Star.
H Thn mlraclo man in tho flosh la Jl flj$r Ef B osity, but mostly tho blind nnd
saUMo "S wrSfJlng wonderful . ' A W VX L&A crippled i, who hoped J to bo healed.
feats of healing through faith and , fj IB . vfj Many stories aro told of healings.
prayer along tho lowor Missis- ' '4 ML' JljmL, Pollco havo .been forced to throw
Blppl) Ho Is John Cudney, 75 yoara . MkW" JjPJl up rope linos ond maintain order
sw old, who lives on a houseboat, and 'IlfiiS to keep the pooplo from ewamn.
I now led UP at "Now Orleans. WSMKSl ,ng tho "tll, boat Coy ?'"
LB -He prefers to bo called "Brothor v... JSailliiMtea accept no feo. accrediting tho
B j Isaiah." Thousands have turongod, - 2tf7JA I work to Divine Power.
Hudson Says "It Is Simply Won-
derful What Tanlac Did
For Me."
"If nnybody had told mo what Tan
lac could do for mo what it has dono
I would not havo believed them,"
said C. It. Hudson, of Knoxvillo, 111.
"It freed mo from rheumatism after
twelve years of awful suffering," ho
continued, "and my stomnch trouble
is also gone.
"I was in such bad shape that I
could scarcely digest a thing, and any
solids would give mo such cramps in
my stomach that I could hardly
stand them. Gas would form and
affect my heart so bad 1 would get
faint and havo to lie down. Tho
rhcumntism mado my legs swell all
out of shape and tho muscles felt
like they were tied to knots. I could
not straighten my right leg at all
and it pained me so I could find no
rest. At night it was especially bad
and I simply rolled from ono sido of
the bed to tho other unnblo to get any
sleep. Not being able to work any
moro I rented my fnrm and moved to
town. I tried every sort of medi
cine I ever heard of but got worse all
the time.
"One dny I heard some pcoplo
talking about how much good Tanlac
had done them and I decided to try
,it, and tho way it took hold was
siniply wonderful. I now can eat any
thing I want, my rhcumntism is all
gone and I sleep like n log every
night. I feel ns strong and well as I
ever did and am going back to the
farm able to do as much as I did
years ago. If anyone wants to know
nbout Tnnluc.scnd them to me."
Tanlac is sold in Cedar City by tho
Cedar City Drug Store and in Pnro
wnn by the Parowan Drug Company.
It Isn't Your Town It's You.
If you want to live in the kind of a
Like tho kind of a town you like,
You needn't slip your clothes in n
And start on n long, long hike.
You'll only find what you left be
hind; For there's nothing thnt's really
It's a knock nt yourself when you
knock your town;
It isn't your town it's you.
Real towns are not made of men
Lest somebody else gets ahead.
When everyone works nnd nobody
You can raise a town from tho dead.
And if, while you make your per
sonal stake,
Your neighbor can make one, too,
Your town will be what you want
to sec;
It isn't your town it's you.
Author Unknown.
Mr. McAdoo snys he is waiting for
tho Democratic presidential nomin
ation o seek him. He seems to bo
due for n "long watchful waiting,"
but then ns tho son-in-law of the
originator of thnt policy, ho should
bo conversant with the fact that there
is no end to it. Charleston Mail.
Monday Olive Thomas in "Out
Yonder" nnd ono reel comedy.
Tucsdny Six Reel Universal spec
ial feature with Ford Weekly.
Wednesday Six reel Patho featuro
ond Topics of tho Day.
Thursday Second opisodo of "Dnro
Devil Jack," featuring Jack Dempsey
and a five reel featuro.
Friday Douglas Fairbanks in
"In Arizona." Also ono reel comedy.
Saturday Ethel Clayton in "The
Mystery Girl." Mack Sennet comedy.
I As Clean Cut as a Thoroughbred l
The clean-cut businesslike design of the "Z" Engine t
I results from efficiency in manufacture. A farm engine, U
i to be efficient, must be properly designed may also have S
Ijj graceful lines free from gcegaws. f
: I Immensely strong in every part weight where weight is j
needed. Every strain foreseen every contact part case i
i hardened all parts carefully, precisely made by accurate
'j machine wdrk therefore interchangeable.
(j Looks like a thoroughbred is one. Delivers a steady flow I
of power runs smoothly operates economically. Unit i
: assembly, precision methods, and efficient design make it B
j the perfect farm engine. A mighty pleasing engine to ft
look at. Come in and see it today. u
Other "Z" features are: Runs on kerosene, coal oil, tops, i
i , as well as gasoline; built in Bosch high tension oscillating I) I
j! magneto; more than rated power; every part interchange- j J
l' able; long-lived endurance. I J
lil . 1
i Factory Price: 9 -a
1HH.P S 75.00 A
l . 3 H. P 125.00 ' S
J 6 H. P 200.00 A
' CEDAR CITY CO-OP. M. & M. I. 1
Cedar City, Utah. 1
nr"iii i i wi hi " '-n'--' - "-&J.""- .r i : - -rirj -. - -J. . ..lrfJt r-Tf-i f i, j -v jg j.U JF
? A I
and monthly insome can be bought for considerably less money j '
than a small cottage can be built for today. For particulars ('
inquire of
I have opened a Vulcanizing and I
Tire Repair Shop in the rear 8
of Kopp's Garage.
Your Patronage will be appreci
ated. I
Is it not singular that tho Demo
crats can smash the Constitution to
promoto international interests and
invoke the Constitution to promoto
1m i
IniiiuimiiiiitiiHiiiiuiimiiHiiimiiiMiinMiiiiiiHitiiiiiiiiiiitiiii(HiiiMiimii )
When a testing hour V
s comes to a home, it is "
quiet dignity and assur- I p
j ance that each minute de- W,
j tail vyill be attended to, j f
i that is most desired. I
I We have established this 1
! firm with fifteen such years i
1 of service. 1 'l
1 Prices are based upon j
I quality and do not fluctu- 3
I ate with sentiment nor j j
1 surroundings. 1 'J
" ""'"' tllllUIIHIKllUUnmiHIIIIIIIIIIIHttlllltllllMUniHUIBHltf M
Has tho Democratic party boon if
"vnmpeil" by President Wilson, or J
hns the Democratic party applied for I
a divorce from President Wilson 7 iJ

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