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im HKfiff
r Au the Thief Takes HI Seat at the Steering yheel, He Seta Going an
t . - Invisible Alarm Dell, Which Continues to Ring Until Switched Off by
a Concealed Switch in Another Part of the Car.
8 Many good nnd cfllclcnt automobile
locks hnve been called Into exlsfenco
by the epfdcmlc of automobile thefts,
Ud there is now no excuse for leav
tag a car unprotected. The locks In
jt general uso are of several classes,
m . cacli presenting Its own ndvantnpes
and open to its own objections. Elec-
v trlcal locks for merely breaking the
Urnltlon circuit were the llrst on the
" utfiqe, and are still used to some ex-
I tet, although no expert automobllu
I thief would be delayed by them for
fj woe than n few seconds, as ho would
i simply connect around the "lock" with
I a wire leading directly from the bat'
I cry to the Igniter.
f! Complicated Locks,
n Cta.iollne-llnc locks aro useful, ' but
, i sonicvrliat complicated In their In
I Btallntlon, and Introduce the question-
I ftftlc element of additional opportun-
I . lf for gasoline leakage. Probably
M tie favorlto method Is a purely ntc-
m ohnnlcnl lock, on the steering gear, the
in starting craulr, or some other e.ssen-
tlnl part of the mcchnnlsm.
w While all of these locks may be re-
H lied upon to prcTout or at least delay
re considerably the work of the thief,
Wj -Pu 7rmrcncs 1Z . T switch
m ?'VWWBjpijgiAti.
S mtiihy ,.&. 1.1 K )r
1 j rWTWIH OXCOT OH 0-OUH T" "'eta?
ij Various Parts of Circuit.
.$ feir, if any, of them arc of any assist-
n art to the police In capturing the
Sj wpaU-b thief. The device hero do-
&j 8fbed la Intouded to accomplish this
- H purpose, and at the Mime time furnish
ft a protect Ito device with all the con-
m yealenct of the Ignition lock.
Arrangement of Circuit.
8 Tho efftct of the contrivance Is that,
1 wfcen a thief enters the car and takes
S felt place In U10 driver's scat, an In-
I viaHvu intni bell under the car starts
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ringing, and continue to ring even
nfter the thief leaves his fcoat and
eecks safety from the police or citi
zens who are sure to be attracted by
the noise of the bell. The bell will
continue to ring until tho owner re
turns to the car, or until somebody
Minis the hidden control switch and
turns It off. Of course, If the thief Is
Ingenious enough to find this switch
at once, he can turn off the alarm him
self, but there Is small chance of a
thief working very long around a car
to the accompaniment of a loudly
claliglng belt. '
Diagram Explains. ,
Tl'e various parts of tho circuit and
their connection are shown In tho din
cram. Tho materials needed aro : One
or mere smnll switches to bo con
cealed as well as posslblo within
reach of the driver; n good, loud elec
tric bell ; a relay, or circuit breaker,
such as Is used on nearly all modern
automobiles to connect tho generator
to the battery when tho proper speed
Is reached; somo roslstnnco wire,
large enough to carry several amperes
of current and some pieces of wood
and spring brass to make the scat
switch. As will be noted In the cir
cuit diagram when tho concealed
switch Is closed nnd the seat switch
Is closed, the circuit through the bell
Is established, and, at the same time,
tho circuit through tho circuit-breaker
switch, so Unit, even though the
latter Is open, tho bell continues
to ring. The resistance coll would
not be necessnry If the circuit through
the bell was continuous. Since, how
ever, It Is Interrupted at eacn tap of
the bell, the coll Is necessary In order
to maintain n sufllclent current
through the circuit breaker to keep It
from permitting the shunt circuit
across the scat switch to open, thus
stopping the alarm. The only way the
alarm can be stopped Is by breaking
the main circuit, either at the con
cealed switch or at some other point.
If properly wired this cannot be dona
by a stranger without spending con
siderable time, which, under tho cir
cumstances, is out of the question for
a thief, at least In a city or town.
' Popular Mechanics Magazine.
The peace resolution passed by
tho Houso of Representatives is not
n separate pence with Germany, but
a declaration thnt n stnto of peace
exists. Tho Versailles Treaty or nny
other Treaty can be taken up by the
President and the Senate nt nny time.
The framers of the Federal Con
stitution never dreamed that there
would bo a President who would re
fuse to join the Senate, in giving
pence to the United States. Prob
ably that is why in tho instrument
they omitted any reference to the
establishment of peace nfter n war.
h A
j ITlSnrT - Home Building
OMyT Wood
1 Wk J Jf Own your home! To have
I wh I nn kW 13 e ambition of
' Xm Z"r every red-blooded young man. To
I I ll- care for a home is tho desire of every
j ' J forward looking young wife.
ti ' I 'I j Whenthinkingofyourhome
Ui to 1 1 remember that it is almost as
S f j easy to build as to buy ready built.
1 I And it is often more satisfying. I
CV t I i' 1 Choose Wood ;
' ; y
I 1 1 M ou cannt onty design
1 I W I your homo to please yourself but
E ! I A you can eelect the materials inside
1 1 e and outside.
, ft Hi I 1 "0U mae no mistake in
U U J I coming to us to do both. We can
1 js-i5j( help you get home beauty at a sub-
I JJ I'l 6tantial saving, Come to us for
. (J of Qu.alitV at Economy Vrices
I "" Cedar Lumber & Commission Co.
As a result of the recent election,
Salem is now a city of the third class.
Tho people of Heaver raised their
interehurch fund quota of. $'JO0 In less
tlinn two liourit.
A jiew union, eomposed of the Jani
tors of tho various office buildings and)
flats, will be formed In Salt Luke. -;
Snow Is so heavy lit the mountains
near American Fork that miners and
j their families nru reported short of
Herbert Mlddloton and Martin Nel
son, who robbed n store at Tremon
ton, have been sentenced to twenty,
j years' Imprisonment. ,
I Tho "poppy drive" recently held In)
, Ogden netted $2000 for tho fund for
1 tho relief of the children of tho devas
1 tated regions of France.
An epidemic of smallpox has broken
out among the Indians at Washakie, in
the northern part of lloxelder county,
Two deaths have occurred.
It is expected that tho street cir
employees at Salt Lake will strike on
May 1. Thu men aro asking an In
crease In wages and shorter hours.
Airplane mall service to Salt Lake
before winter Is tho expectation of
the superintendent of railway mall
service In the San Francisco district.
Three VIctrolas have been stolen
from three different school buildings
In Salt Lake during tho past week.
The machines were valued at ?100
llccoming Involved In a quarrel over
money, Sherman Jackson was shot In
the head and seriously Injured by O. It.
Johnson, nt Salt Lake. Doth men arc
Judge Hulleu of Logan fined .an of
fender .?23 for llshlng without a license
as required by law. He also Issued u
warning lo others who may do the
same thing.
It Is dellnltely settled that tho four
troops of Utah cavalry now organized
will hold th'elr annual summer encamp
ment this jenr at Fort D. A. Kusscll,
near Cheyenne.
Of $52:1,11)0.01) collected as premiums
by the state Insurance fund blnce Its
Inception July 1, 1017, to December 81,
1910, u total of $1)7,780.11 has been
paid In beueilts.
The tlrst day of tho financial drive
for the Interehurch World Movement
In Utah brought a total of $70,000, or
nearly one-half of the quota for thU
state, sot at $lGo,000.
Nino people wero Injured Sunday
afternoon In three automobllo acci
dents in Salt Lake. Three cars v"cre
wrecked and two others suffered losses
to the extent of $1200.
Auto tourists who'nre planning trip?
to the Grand canyon aro warned by
the United States weather bureau not
to plan on beginning the trip before
June 15, as until tliut time roads will
be Impassable.
Plans are being formulated by a
largo party of Washington newspapet
correspondents to stop off In Suit Lake
for 11 day on their way from the Chi
cago convention to tho San Francisco
national convention.
Carl Larson, reputed leader of the
Communist party In Utah, will be de
ported to hlrf native laud of Sweden,
according to Floyd T. Jackson, special
agent in charge of tho Salt Lake ofllce
of the department of justice.
Jim Cofl'os, proprietor of a shoe shin
ing establishment, is in nn Ogden hos
pital and Alex Gashls Is held at the
city Jail without ball pending tho ro
suit of Injuries which Gashls Is alleged
to have lutllcted on GoiTos In u fistic
Consent of the state board of exam
iners lias been given to the UnIvoilt
of Utah to take out" membership, at a
cost of $100, in the American Council
of Education, an organization devoted j
to the solution of various problems be
fore the nation's institutions. j
Final figures1 of the Utah sugar beet
crop and the amount of beet sugar
made In 1010 show production to
have been 101,02.") tons, as compared
with 10.",77-1 tons In 1018. The acreage
in 1010 was 108,217, as compared with
87,717 tho year preceding. Eighteen
factories operated 81 days.
Trappers In San Juan county are
having remarkably good luck In rid
ding tho county of wolves. Two of
the animals which have made the
greatest Inroads in tho flocks nnd
herds of that section of the state and
have caused losses aggregating thou
sands of dollars have been captured
Following au Investigation of the su
gar supply situation in Utah, James
Astle, secretary of the Utah-Idaho
Wholesalo Grocers' association, said
that If consumers' and small dealers
Will protect their supplies and pre
vent shipments to other points there
Is absolutely no dauger of a sugar
famine In this state.
Tho Stato Automobllo association Is
planning to erect signs marking the
route from Salt Lake to Zlon canyon
Jennlo Scardlno, alleged slayer of
i her cousin, Mlko Tennaln, will appear
j nt Ogden for preliminary heating on
May 5. Sho la charged with second-
degree murder. Jennie, 1(S, shot and
i killed her cousin, Tennaln, n rejected
suitor, about two months ago.
Another big Irrigation scheme In
Utah has been launched by James W.
Imlny of Hurricane, who would Irri
gate 7100 acres of land In Washington
county and for this purpose ban ap
plied to the state engineer for author
ity to divert 100 cubic feet of water
from tho Virgin river.
-J M B
Buick Valve-in-Head Ml
THE appearance and design ftr '?"X-.H
of the Buick seven passenger I TJT T 4TaI
touring car readily distin- sythnll Ahf ?' Jl
guishes it from others of its class. (G M MA '" J
It is a diffierent type especially de- 4jPidHHHI f'B
signed and built for those desiring jrjjLm. " . J I M
an ideal family car. -kkkB
The pleasing body lines, large com- I VPI
fortable seats and tonneaus makes . (: ' ll
it a favorite car among the ladies iN$l
and children. ' MIH
With its simplicity of control, its I "Wli iii tv -w. ?lfH
surplus of power, its wonderful faBfrw-JsflS!S2S 'feB
economy, it assures each purchaser rttyBB 3f
of efficient and dependable service. L -M M
11-32 If'tiSf H
KOPP'S 0-V.BT.CJ-E "'4, m
ki' wHK. vdBPV
Sb-M ''
That basoball holds Its place a,
tho great Amorlcan sport Is duo
to the tact that deaplto oil offortit
tho honesty of tho gamo Is alwnyn
maintained. And horo is ono of
tho men who holps. It Is Clay
Folder of Clovclund, O., who is
baooball's "Socrot 8orvlco" man.
hunting out ull porsons or groups
attempting to promote gambling
In connection with tho game
Tell me not in mournful numbers
thnt tho old town's on the bum; rouso
up from your penceful slumbers nnd
come help us make things hum. If
we go bnck to work in earnest we can
mnko things hit on high, "dust thou
art, to dust returnest," is n song of
by nnd by. All the past has gone for
ever you can't call ono moment back
nnd tho future may come never,
this it true, so help me Mnck. Now's
the time to do the boosting, do not
wait tomorrow's dawrt; you may in
the grave be roosting all your chnnce
of boosting gone. Lay nsidc your lit
tle hammer, grab a horn nnd toot
few; squelch the kicker's dnd bunted
yammer with a joyful blnst or two.
Our old town is sure n pippin and we
ought to boost it big, when we hear
some growler yippin' wo should biff
him on the wig. Those who do not
like our city ought to strnightway
hit the grit boost for Cedar that's
my ditty or nrise nnd strnightway
"git." Ex.
Send us the price of a year's
jubscription if you are in arrears;
We Need the Money
The Los Angeles Times suggests
that Secretary Daniels would prove
"a first class housekeeper to n wid
ower with children, but na Secretary
of tho United States Nnvy his out
look is a trifle circumscribed.
In the' contest between Mr. Bryrfn' vMB
and President Wilson for conrtol of. tTB
tho minority in congress over -the: 4H
pence treaty, Mr. IJrynn appears to
have the best of it. (Peoria (111.) ijjl
Evening Star. . nj2H
Special Closing Out Sale S
Going at a Tremendous Sacrifice. , 'H
PRICES FROM $2.90 TO $6.50 ,r-r yl
Bargains in Shoes and entire stock on hand! , ll
ypip --4ifflQ . ;fl
I The Messenger fGvafoYtni Convenience """H
To Make Your T
Washing Easier rW
Why make such hard work of (' 4 TH
washing ? Why carry heavy J H
pails of water ? Let plumbing gMr)
relieve you of the burden. 'rii V J
Modern stationary laundry tubs -'Wl "TTH
with running hot and cold water jMfy "'UulB
will save you thousands of steps I f" fL j i
during the year. And they will I 1! W' j! M
save you hours of time as well, v UL fv Jbr 1
We will be glad to figure I A ""
tlic cost of installation ViV B

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