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fho tallest man In tho world has arrived In America. Ho is John
Van Albert or Amsterdam, Holland, who la 8 feet 5 inches tall. Ho
comos to Join an American circus. Ho is of normal proportions do
eplto his abnormal size. Ho wears a 14 glove. 9 1-4 hnt and No. 12
i shoes. No stateroom was largo enough for him on tho boat ho came
U n. soJio was forced to sleep In the companionwar on two cots plftcert
end to end.
i Bh. mK XW W VC lP ( S -a
I Sm b -sTV "2s RMs 79 J( Jhr V .
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k b j9ftvl SHhw WfthB bA. b 9V .lP kA
I How much should I give
to make this a better world?
K f A CERTAIN nuin in New York filted out hit
I , income tax report.
l It showed an income so large that his tax wm
I 53. Andhia totml gifts to church mud chmr-
: xty for the jroar were $148.
Think of it tfaootands spent for hnmries ani
pleasure for himscU; and $148 to leave the world
a Httla better than he found itl
U Most of us do better than that; but not so verjr
'(. couch better.
i ' Oar average daily gift for all church causes is
't kw than we spend for daily paper
lew than a local telephone call
J less than a third of the day's car fare
1 tea than 3 cents a day
" No wonder that BO of the ministers of America
f; are paid less than $20 a week. No wonder that
i the church hospitals turn away thousands of sick
people a year. No wonder that China has only
one doctor for every 400,000 people. No wonder
' that every dhurch board and charity society is
u Sorever rneeting deficits, forever passing the hat.
It isn't because we are selfish; it isn't because we
'' don't want to help. It's just because no one has ever pot
p a treat bi program to us, and asked us to think of the
I work of the church in a systematic businesslike way.
I The Interchurch World Movement represents the united
program of thirty denominations. They have surveyed
their whole task, no business could have done it better.
They have budgeted their needs; no business could have
i a more scientific budget. They have united to prevent the
possibility of waste and duplication. At least a million dol-
' 'lars will be saved by the fact that thirty individual cam-
tpaigns are joined in one united effort.
I And they come to the men or women who love America
j to you this week asking you to use them as the chan-
l nel through which a certain definite part of your income
i can be be applied to make this a better world.
Only, you can determine what part of your income that
should be.
It's a good time right now to answer that question.
f ,. We're passing through the world just once; how much
U better will the world be because you passed through?
Urrited KnTO. ApH1 25t
I Campaign mfl WjM M7 2d4
; Wbild Movement
l qfSNorth America
71 faUicatUm tids Jpr1ismtt It mdi pmiili rArr li rptrtitn tf
Miss Lena Bell Barnum of Enter- A bnby boy nrrivel at the homo of
prise came over for tho track meet Mr. and Mrs. George Nelson Thurs-
1 and stayed a few days visiting rela- day, May G. All concerned doing nice-
tives. ly-
NorwrlniiH of I'tnli will celetornflj
tliolr tin t lount holiday Mny , nt the
Uranllo stake talitruui'le.
No witlli will Im admitted to the j
Wnsiitch national forest which have
not been vaccinated for blacklcK.
Tho Kane County HIrIi School held'
a track mid field meet In which thul
seniors won with (13 points as against'
! for tint juniors. I
The city commission at 1'rovo has!
sold two additional lots In the city
cemetery to tho State. Mental hospital
fur a burial (.'round.
losses of cattle In parts of the I-'tll-1
more forest, reported to have been due.
to "oak poisoning," were In many In-'
stances caused by ticks.
Andrew Unravels, n (Ireek, Is to be
tried nt Salt Lake for the murder of
V. II. Scott, who was shot and klll&l
In a rooming house in Salt Lake on
December 121.
When a board bridge slipped us
they were crossing the l'rlce river,
two children of Frank Krgen of I'rlco,
aged 5 and (I, were precipitated into
the river and drowned.
Failure to disconnect an electric
.floor polishing machine's current
when workmen left the newly complct
ed llawtlioruo ward chapel, Salt Itkc,
caused $1000 fire damage.
Class work at the University of
Utah will conclude for the yenr on
June 0, and plans for the fifty-first
annual commencement exercises oi
the senior class are now being per
fected. The tluckVt lor the May term of the
Mipreme court of Utah shows a total
of thirty-five cases, In addition to
which the main West Cache Sugar
case is het for special hearing next
Following the award of the arbitra
tion board granting tin Increase In
wages to the street car men at Salt
hake, the company has asked permis
sion to charge 8 cents fare Instead of
0 cents.
Nearly 100 business men, represent
ing almost every branch of Industry
In the city, left Salt Lake May 1, for
a nine-day tour of Idaho. Thirty
towns will be visited In the course of
the trip.
Four hundred car repairers laid off
at the Denver ,St Illo (irnndo shops at
Salt Lake because of the interference
of the switchmen's strike with the
movement of cars, have been called
back to work.
Union Pacific railway officials are
In favor of cooperation between the
utote nnd tho railway In' the construc
tion of an overhead crossing of the
railroad tracks at ltlverdalo, Weber
county, It Is announced.
Klghty-four Salt I-ake high school
cadets have been recommended by
Captain It. M. Thomas, cadet com
mandant, for admission to the It. O.
T. C. training camp, to be held nt
Camp Kearney, June 17 to 28.
The report of federal operations of
the Salt Lake Koute filed with the
public utilities commission of Utah
shows a balance transferred to profit
In 1010 of ?:i,:i70.(UH).8'. which was
ft!0,l;0.-7 more than In 1018.
Wlille busily making five gallons of
moonshine whiskey from a cracked
corn and raisin mash In a room within
less than 1200 feet of the .sheriff's of
fice, .11m IMycr, colored, was surprised
by officers at Ogden and arrested.
The Ogden Housing company, an
auxiliary of the chamber oX commerce,
which was organized recently, will
ask for bids upon twenty or thirty
houses Immediately, In an endeavor to
furnish homes badly needed In that
One hundred Inside carpenters and
cnblnet workers went on strike May
1 at the various planing mills of Salt
Lake to gain recognition of their de
mands for u new wage scale of !HI
cents an hour. Tho present scale Is
7f cents.
Four alleged ringleaders In a move
ment to foment a radical May-day
demonstration at Hlngham were at'
rested by special agents of the bureau
of Investigation of the United States
department of justice and deputy
Sacrifice of 10(5 Salt Lake couwy
hoys who gave their lives In the recent
overseas struggle will bo cefnunemor
ated by trees to be planted In "Head
to Memory Orove," according to plans
now nearly completed by the Service
Star Legion.
Mystery surrounds the whereabouts
of A. (iiirtninn, a man of about r.r
years of age, owner of considerable
property In Salt Lake and until De
cember 120 a resident of that city, lie
disappeared December 120 and has not
since been heard from.
Agents of tho department of Justice
who warned several leaders of thq I.
W. W. element at Hlngham to discon
tinue their radical agitations or face n
sentence in the federal penitentiary
are still watching the local conditions
with Interest although no trouble Is
expected now.
Michael Scanlon, secretary of the
Salt Lake local of the Industrial
Workers of the World, has been nr
rested by special agents of the bureau
of Investigation of tho Uidted States
department of Justice, and Is being
held In the county Jail to nnswer to
a charge of violating the stato syndi
calism law.
U. D. Anderson, a resident (if Idaho,
has been awarded the gold medal
granted annually by the Sons of the
American Revolution for tho best pa
triotic address delivered by a student
of the University of Idaho.
"Whn one la In n pol of trouble,
tlirr Is no jmxslbU irooil In pluli
Iiik other people." tluxUf.
It Is In the little things nnd smnll
wastes that multiplied by hundreds,
make tb" crent wastes In many homes.
8" Hxample speaks louder
than wordR, m If the
house mother w!hcs to
train maids or children -to
he thrifty, -he must
first be thrifty herself.
It takes but a moment's
thought to turn off thu
light when leaving a
room, even for a short
, time and the turning off
i of the gas" from the range before re
I moving a dish, should become second
i habit.
' How many women leave the soap
(Ion ting In the dishwater while wash
ing the dishes Instead of using the lit
tle economical soap shaker which holds
even the tiny bits? The same habit
Is noticed when doing any cleaning
about the home, soap floating In the
scrubbing pull, Instead of resting in a
dish where it can be easily reached
when needed,
China and all crockery Is so costly
now thut we must of necessity take
caro of the household supply. When
wiiihlng dishes they are often nicked
or broken by striking the handles of
the pnn; turn the pan so thut the
handles arc In front or a little at the
side, out of range when bundling the
Use triplicate dishes on one burner
to save gas; the heat of tho burner
will cook three things In nearly the
time used for one.
"A stitch In time" nnd "a penliy
earned" are proverbs so well known
that It It; trite to mention them, yet
we need to constantly remind our
selves that a nlckle Is the Interest on a
dollar for n year, und It. Is not parsi
mony to save, but something of which
to he proud In these days of costly
If making ginger bread, add a cup
ful of cold coffee Instead of the boil
ing water; save the coffee and Improve
the cake. Cold coffee may ho used In
spice cuke, in place of milk; thickened
with gelatine and weired with cream It
make: n dnlntv dHfert.
A Miiali olt of butter, too small to
seem of use may be saved nnd when
six smnll bits are added, one will have
enough butter to season a dish of veg
'"Mm "!.,. iinthlnt; be wnsted." Is
a fine motto to have framed In our
Summer frocks aro carrying
out the sume linos as aro now be
ing worn In taffetas, as this now
sketch from the metropolitan
shops shows. Of course the big
wldo sutnmor hat will rule su
preme onco the hot days get here,
but it Is surprising tho number
of small hats shown for summer
for jootor. wir. m
Death only n matter of short time,
Don't wait until pains and aches
become incurable diseases. Avoid
painful consequences by taking
Tho world's standard remedy for kidney,
llvor, bladder and uric acid troubbu tho
National Ruttedy of Holland sinco 1696.
Guaranteed. Threo slaes, all druggists.
took for tho rsrno Cold Medal on uTcry box
UiJ accept oa Imitation
, , -. I
Special Closing Out Sale M
Going at a Tremendous Sacrifice. iH
PRICES FROM $2.90 TO $6.50 H
Bargains in Shoes and entire stock on hand. H
ii in i -- i hi ij H
! pl.u mbing
TheMessenerComJ&rt Arci Convenience H
f ilLLP diirrff M
Reliable Repair r) H
Service S! -H
A leak in your water pipes should JtX h !
have quick attention, lest it be v?W'y"77--N. H
the cause of ruining your walls, s'fwil ( 1 l
ceilings, rugs or furniture. v" fill
Should the leak occur, phone us V ,jLlv-i . H
at once and we will show you I' i il V. H
what quick service means. J V f ,3
All our repair work is done K y Vit:. H
carefully and skillfully, and J Nis W fl
our charges arc reasonable. FV " 1 H
Give us a trial next time it 1 Hl
you need repairs. M Jk H
pjTPlTl I Home Building' jl ; H
wis TfT I Wood - I
Pm ilU Own your home! To have H
' 1 1 I an to hold is the ambition of M
It It every red-blooded youn man. To : H
I r. ) care for a home is tho desire of every H
j I forward looking young wife. H
'I Whenthinkingofyourhome j H
m II remember that it is almost as .. M
1 I j I easy to build as to buy ready built. 1 H
T 1 1 I I And it is often moro satisfying. 1 1 H
11 i
1 1 ' ' Choose Wood H
Pi You cannot only design H
t) I your homo to please yourself but I H
I you can select tho materials inside ' H
I c and outside. M
K j I You make no mistake in H
1 H n coming to us to do both. We can H
J i?! help you get homo beauty at a sub- H
-I vi stantial saving. Come to us for M
n riVm I
II- 1 tv l Si J B W J H
f BHL WJ I n y UP m LM r H
rc?. w LJfl m. I s la B Im. M
J of Quality at Economy "Prices H
Cedar Lumber & Commission Co. H
Ip2llfdlMl fesB I
flv f j It B I E nV '' Mrl i
I Cedar City Bakery 6l Confectionery M
V,,-Ba MIMM-1I -lll- II !- t

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