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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, May 28, 1920, Image 2

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I JOE MARTIN ?flf ,, il'f fff.T Elephant Aboarp imiumium
1 rHEAH AM mi) II TTZyKfM p3TZT IgXNGWAY.') iljfiPHPMfe--M
j I trunk joe. L - jSethen" I.he's comI S(1llBliCTHHSHr'GHT 8EU5B
MB --
B Nadu, Mny 25, 1020.
BBB Edgar Morrow, who hiin been visit-
BBB ing his brother Calvin Morrow, loft
BBB for his homo In Loh Angeles, lust
BBB week.
BBS Mrs. J. I). McCutchcon and two
BBB little daughters, and Mrs. Stanhell of
BBB Milford .spent Sunday with Mr. and
BBB MrH. Do Wix.
B Detective Hedges of the Salt Lake
BBB llouto was in Nadn Tuesday making
BBB inquiries in regard to the wreck on
V this section.
V Gcrland Lnsh went to Cedar City
BBB today to work for Mr. Gray.
B The Misses Tncoma and Dlcndinc
J linker went to Sahara last week.
B The section crews, Nos. 23 and 21
BBB returned from Calicnto Monday and
BBB ire now both working on the wreck.
B Carlton Culmscc, who has attended
BBB the Ii. A. C. returned last Thursday
BBB to spend the summer at home.
H , Last Sunday morning train No. .1
BBS was tin-own from the track at Latimer
H siding. Engineer "Waddingham and
BBB Fireman Miller wcro killed instantly.
H Tho, locomotive, tender, two baggage
BBB and' express curs and two cars of
BBB theatricul equipment were injured or
BBB demolished in the de-railing. A ro-
H lief engine brought the uninjured cars
B to the switch at Nada and wrecking
H trains arrived soon after. The track
H wns.badly torn up, but traffic was rc-
BBB sunned Monday morning. The bod-
BBB ics pf the victims were taken to Mil-
BBB ford. Both were married men. Mr.
H Wotldinghnm was 59 yenrs of uge and
H had been employed on tho railroad for
BBB forty years. Mr. Miller was n soldier,
H having returned from France last fall
H and was married soon after. Our sym-
BBJ pnthy is extended to the bereaved
K Enterprise, May 25, 1020.
B Mys. James Woods of Provo, is here
H visiting Iter daughter, Mrs. J; M.
BBV Terry.
B Born' to Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter
B Bowler last week, n fine boy.
H Fifty babies under the age of three
H yearts are in the baby contest at tho
H Hall Picture Show. Five prizes will bo
B awarded to the prettiest babies.
H Most of the men in town are busy
H doing spring cleaning on the canal.
B Mr. Thomas Terry's family of St.
B George have moved to their ranch
BBm near here.
B Mr. John Pulsipher and family of
B St. George are back for the summer.
H Mr. and Mrs. Elius Hunt are home
H from St. George where Mrs. Hunt has
B been teaching school the past winter.
B Sahara, May 2G, 1020.
H Mrs. Atliol Griffin is slowly rccov-
BBffj cring from her recent illness.
Q Mr. Louis Benton of Beryl was
H an all duy visitor at Magnussen's
BBB Monday.
B Miss Valborg Magnussen with her
B sister Mrs. II. C. Davis of Beryl
H spent the day with Mrs. G. E. Griffin
B of Modcnn Tuesday.
B The .Magnussen family, Benton
B Reynolds and Mr, F. T, Howlnnd
H spent Sunduy with Mr. and Mrs. H,
B c- Davis of Beryl.
H Mi. F. T. Howland was suddenly
B called , by telegram from his sister
H in Denver, to thu bedside of his
B mother who is living thcro. His
many friends here hope to rcccivo
the news thnt is mother is well on
the way to recovery.
The. terrible wreck which occurred
on the Salt Lake R. R. near here
has caused a fooling of sadness
amongst the pcoplo who live along
the railroad. A number of the men
from Sahara helped make up tho
crew that was called to clear away
tho wreckage. Engineer Wadding
ham and Fireman Miller will bo missed
very much along tho lin5 for wo
will always remember their cheer
greetings ns they passed through.
Summit, May 27, 1920.
Nelson B. Dnllcy has returned
from northern Idaho whore ho has
been working tho pnst threo months.
There has been considerable wool
shipped from here this spring and
the wool growers have received n fair
price for their product. ,
Aunt Lottie Dnllcy who had her
leg amputated some time ago has
now got cratches and i3 nblc to get
around a little.
Mrs. Sargent, of Panguitch who
has been here with her daughter,
Mrs. John II. Dallcy tho pnrit winter,
returned home recently.
Mrs. Imogenc Cowdell nnd her sis
ter, Miss Leone Dallcy are hero
from Beaver visiting with relntives
and friends.
Wm. II. Dnllcy has sold out tilt his
property here to Amusn Clark of
Parowan for a consideration of $9,000
and will move his family to Delta.
Mr. Worthen of Panguitch is .lore
to do the plastering for John 11. Dal
ley's new house nnd A. T. Lawrence
will put in tho plumbing soon.
Herbert White hns sold out all his
field property to D. P. Chenoy nnd
the Pratt brothers for a consideration
of $10,000 nnd his Wyndham proper-
ty to Joseph B. Dnllcy for $5,000.
Frank O'Donnell and family aro
moving today to Parowan bottoms
where Mr. O'Donnell will run Herbert
White's farm which was recently
purchased from Mr. Culver.
Bishop John II. Dallcy who under
went another operation at tho
Macfarlunc hospital a few daya ago,
is getting along us well as can be
For once the farmers of Summit
have all the water they can use for
irrigation. Tho bottoms have been
almost liko a lake the pnst week nnd
corn planting is impossible until tho
giound dries out a little.
B. R. Lawrence who hns been
working at Delta is homo again.
While there he had tho misfortune
to fall fiom a scaffold which gave
way with him breaking threo ribs.
This laid him up for some time but
ho hns now recovered from his in
Utah is a very clean state, morally
and physically, as far as tho students
nre any sign, nccording to tho report
mndo by Dr. Ilober J. Soars of tho
University of Utah, school of medi
cine to the government. Ho declares
that due to the large number of stu
dents coming from tho country where
the moral stnndnrds aro very high,
practically no cases of social diseases
are over found among the enrollment
of the state school. Tho University
has n well developed department of
preventive medicine and social hy
giene to keep track of tho health con
ditions of tho students and due to
the success of the work, both with the
students and in the state gcnornlly,
the government is giving tho institu
tion an appropriation for the carry
ing out of tho preventlvo work.
YiaMuwrnw A'frK-ititTraerjvjiMBtuinimimmitimuuMtimmammaummmmamtmnBmmmsmm ! iiiiii wimrm i iimniiii m immhuuii m j..uU3Bi-.iagngnP' a
ilj The World's Largest Tire Factory j
I Building 30x3, 30x31 and 31x4-itich Tires
I ,
t j4gS Owners of the smaller cars can enjoy the )
i 0r? same high relative value in Goodyear Tires '
. Jyjr!i$ Sives utmost satisfaction to owners of '
' Is(sS kig costly motor carriages. j
;' US jKiln They can take advantage of that tremendous r
tnf illtlM amount of equipment, skill and care employed ,
' vfxQ Mil Si ky Goodyear to build tires of extraordinary j
jWAT All worth in the 30 x 3-, 30 x Vfe, and 31 x 4- '
I ( M 2r I itlliHi III' IXXWiX alZwu . t
rJ(X J JH";!i They can secure these tires without waiting, ;j
Awf I I despite the enormous demand, because, ; (i
y5Nv I n acdition to its larger sizes, Goodyear builds j
(Ja III an average of 20,000 a day in the world's
wi fill largest tire factory devoted to the three
fflWffc III ses mentinec . j
fflffijC III If you own a Ford, Chevrolet, Dort, Maxwell,
wlfW I or any oter car using one of these sizes, go P
JliBH. mil to tne nearest Goodyear Service Station ' -
lwmmW el ml Dealer for Goodyear Tires and Goodyear
ySmW&lm Heavy Tourist Tubes.
30x3' Goodyear Double-Cure 0250 Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes are thick, strong tube that
Fabric, All Weather Tread... JLJ' reinforce casings properly. Why risk a cood casing with a
cheap tube? Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes cost little more
30x3V Goodyear Single-Cure (fcO 1 10 than tubes of less merit. 30x3'2 size in wattr- t A ZCl
Fabric. Anti-Skid TreadV Zlr proof bag . ?4
E MWCJff.iAiijKJjjwaAtwgJWMiiiwiisWsinoMMKMWsnssmafT i iiibismc apyHjWiiL'wtAr'i. crm iiwi i tiBmmaKmmmmmmamwammmmmmmmammmmmmammmamnmJi I
Tho proudest moment of tholr lives as they Btood in tho huge stadium at Washington, D. C, re
ceiving first, second nnd third prizes and loving cups from Socrotary of War Bakorfor army essay pa
pors. Donald Campbell of Clinton. la., Bhown in tho contor with Socrotary Baker, was first. Marjorio
Shootx of Chillicotho, Mo., on tho loft, was second. Botty Eason of Olivo Branch, Miss., on tho riEht,
was third. On tho loft Is General March.
The department does work in two
fields. The students aro given phys
ical exams upon their entrances and
defects nre corrected where- possible
All first year students aro compelled .
to take the physical education nnd
gymnastic work which consists of
competitive athletics, games, and I
swimming. 2070 students are en
rolled In the different classes, while
707 have had defects corrected under
the direction of the department.
There nre four men instructors nnd
doctors, with two women, constantly
in attendance.
In addition to tho work witli the stu
dents tho department of medicine does
extension, in which 11,000 peoplo of
the stato have been reached in tho
form of lectures on henlth and social
hygiene, tho lectures being given by
the doctors of tho school of medicine.
Moving pictures nro shown in con
nection with some of these talks and
At Ca3s Lake, Minn., lives Kn-Be-Nnh-Gwoy-Wonce,
or John
Smith, native American Indian,
but now convortod to whlto mnn'fi
clothes, aa tho silk 'tllo" shows. Ho
has records to show that ho in 121)
yoars old born In 1791, and re
members tho days of tho great
white father, Georgo Washington
so popular havo they been that they
will bo repeated next year in every
town where they have been ljeard this

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