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H Nadu, Juno 8, 1920.
H J. K. Moore who haa been ill for
B several days is now slowly improving.
Hj A. G. Brooks of Lund was a Nndn
M visitor laat Monday.
H . 6
M Mrs. Hedgcgs and Mm. Owens of
M Cedar spent Sunday with Mrs. A. J.
H Lewis.
m Miss Ida McGinty visited at tho
M Soft home from Tuesday until Sat.
m inlny of last week.
H Mr. W. M. White, Mrs. L. A. Culm-
M Jeo uutoed to Milford Monday with
M Mr. Lewis to have dental work done
M Mrs. II. M. Dinwiddie went to Es.
m condirio, Cal. last Thursday to attend
M to some business connected with her
M estate. She will return next month.
H Mr. and Mrs. Lotcn Kcsler have
H sold their home in Greenville. They
M went to Beaver Tuesday to draw up
m the papers.
H Mr. -iiiul Mrs. 0. II. Mooro went to
H Calicnte, near which placo they nro
M now engaged in cooking for the rail
H road construction company.
H Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Moore went to
H Milford Monday evening on No. 4.
H Mrs. Moore fof tho purpose of visit-
ing n dentist.
m Miss EHzabotli Barnes has gono to
M Denver, Colo, to make an extended
H visit with her mother. She will bo
H greatly missed among tho young
B people.
H K. E. Mortin is busy digging a
H well with the nssistnnco of B.
H Ilcnschkc. Mr. Mcrtin who recently
offered his plnce for sale has decided
1 to remain.
H Roy Guernsey of San Bamardiuo,
H Cal. arrived here Sunday evening on
H No. 4 and visited at the A. J. Lewis
H home until the following day when
H Mr. Lewis took him to Milford, where
M Mr. Guernsey mado final proof on his
H homestead north of that city. Mr.
H Lewis acted as one of the witnesses.
H Miss Connie Culmsce has been rc-
H elected as teacher of the Port Angeles
H "Washington public schools, nt an in-
H crease of 25 per month or $12G0 for
H tho whole yenr. This is tho now wage
H schedule for teachers of 5 years ex-
B perience.
m Mr. James A. Alexander who has
H been living at his home in Newport,
H Tcnnwsco, since his discharge from
H tho army, has returned to his home-
H stead about eight miles south of
H Nudn. Mr. Alexander spent about
H twc yeurs in Franco and was com-
H pnny clerk for some time.
H Come to the dance on the 12 of Juno.
H Now don't forget the date.
H Tell all your frionds and neighbors,
H Don't any of you be Into.
H Tlici place is at the Lewis ranch,
H I guess you know the way,
H To music you can shake your eet
H Until tho break of day.
H Ladies, kindly bring a cake,
H Or sandwiches will do.
H Gentlemen bring your dancing foot,
Hj Tlint's all required of you.
H The above is an invitation, posted
H in the Nad a store and cleverly com-
H posed by the hostesses, Mesdamcs
H Lindemnnn and Lowis,
H Grunt Lowe and Arthur IIuBlam
H were in town Monday. Thoy camo
H from Delta and took a car full of peo-
H pie back with them. Thoy reported
H lots of work there now.
Sahara, Juno 8, 1920.
Harlow Mngnussen of Beryl spent
Sundny with his parents.
Those who planted spring crops
around hero report everything is look
ing fine.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Baker and
daughter Tncoma of Nada spent Sun
day with Mr. Baker's mother.
Mr. II. T. Griffin has purchased a
Fairmont engine for pumping pur
poses Mr. J. E. Houso met with an acci
dent whilo at work with the B. & B.
department Though not seriously in
jured he was unable to work so is
spending a fow days with his family.
A fow pcoplo from Lund camo
down and visited us at tho danco Sat
urday night. Ico cream and cake
were served and all tho guests seemed
to have a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Griffin and
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Griffin and Mrs. J.
L. Holland of Provo wero down to
look over tho new homo of Mr. and
Mrs. A. T. Griffin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Holland and son
Lcroy motored down from Provo. Mr.
Holland went on to Los Angeles and
Mrs. Holland and son will stay hero
until ho returns and then they will
all go to Los Angeles in their cur.
Shardlow is Well, Cheerful and
Happy Since He Began
Taking Tanlac.
One of tho distinguishing fentures
in connection with tho introduction
nnd sale of Tanlac throughout Am
erica is tho large number of travelling
men who have been benefited by its
use. From Maine to California and
from the Gulf to Northern Canada
men representing almost every line
of business have testified to the re-
markable and gratifying results ob
tained by taking Tanlnc.
One of tho latest of those to en
dorse Tanlac is II. Shardlow, sales
mnnnger for tho Solar Illuminnting
Co., of Chicago, who lives at tho Ho
tel Stowcll, Los Angeles, Cal.
"Tanlac is tho finest medicine I
have over run across," said Mr. Shar
dlow recently. "I gained nino pounds
on three bottles and hnvo gotten rid
of a case of stomach trouble that
nearly cost mo my life. For several
months I had suffered terribly from
acute gastritis and was very nervous
Everything I would eat soured and
formed gns, my chest nnd lungs would
pain me and my heart palpitnto so at
times I would almost faint. I have
walked tho floor for hours in misery
and have been forced to spend days
nt a time in bed. I lost nineteen
pounds, was a nervous wr,eck and hnd
to give up nil idea of business.
"I hud tho best treatment and med
icine and was put on a special diet
but got no better, and was finally told
that only an operation would reliovo
my trouble. One duy whilo in El
Paso, Texas, I had an attack that
almost proved fatal. I had been read-
ing about Tanlac and immediately
tried it. Thanksgiving Day I was sick,
1 a
t r J
b 2
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I for That Sturdy Smaller Car p J
"j V iiwiimi bm - ii .. 1 nl .r1 T1 Mi t !,,,, n - , ilium n iiiimiiib mil .m im i.ii u.. iihiimib imiiiih ! iiaiaiiitH in f L
d I I ( r ff ?.
l -, fe5 Cf'ali Goodyear notable accomplishments f;'
f&U A n tue-making none exceeds in high relative ), 'i
OrVAtoi value of product the Goodyear Tires made I ; J
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I ' " '"'"r3"?!!!!zrzr:,nr i..-.'!. """'" !rjj s I
maMlmmmmmmmnmunmmutamimanm&mmmnaaa&mmiaMa&mamamBrmmmammmmmmmmmminmimit n n n. turn rt rKtaaBaafaamammammamsamamKMammttmBBammmmimtJ
Ohio farmers are proving that a real agriculturist cannot bo
defeated that ho will ovorcomo all obstacles. Ohio, more than any
othor 8tato, It soeme, 18 aufforlng from tho farm labor Bhortago. Tbo
tractor and tbo faraor'a wlfo as operator 1b proving tho answer.
Ono farm-tractor with a woman operating Jt can do tho work of
threo plows, throo men and six horsea. It is anojjior triumph for
farm women. Thoy aro holplng to keep famine from all our doom
bluo nnd discouraged, but since taking
Tanlac I can enjoy a good meal and
feel well, cheerful and happy. It
gigvegs 1110 pleasure to recommend
Tanlac and I hope all sufTorera from
stomach troubles may be induced to
try it."
Tanlac is sold in Cedar City by tho
Cedar City Drug Co. nnd in Parownn
by the Parowan Drug Co.
George Corry has Bold his homo to
Lafe McConncll and is moving to
tWhen j
Your thoughts involuntarily u
turn with pleasure and antici-
pation to .( )
where the best that the season affords in Fresh Meats, Fish, Ham I
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Oar uppermost desire is to please you.
Biederman's Market j

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