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M Mil i m i .in inn in in H II "'iiU
H We've all been stiching to home pretty
H close for tKree years now
m But this will be a "going-away year for many-a vaca-
fl tion a trip-well earned.
H If you have such needs wc ask the priviiage of showing
H you our lines
H Leigh Furniture 6C Carpet Co.
ms (Continued from page soven)
H "I hereby certify that this bond is
H within the lawful debt limit of Cedar
H City, Utah, and is issued 'according to
Hy City Recorder and Ex-Officio
t City Auditor.
H Said bonds and each of them shall
Hj be signed by tho Mayor and City
Hjj Treasurer and attested by the City
H Recorder and scaled with tho seal of
H said city and tho said coupons shall
H bear tho fac-simile signature of tho
H City Treasurer. Tho Mayor and City
H Treasurer of said'City are each hereby
H ' empowered and directed to sign, tho
H , City Recorder to sign and attest and
H nfflx the seal of tho City to each of
H f said bonjds and tho acts of said Mayor
H - City Treasurer and City Recorder in
B j so doing arc and shall bo tho act and
H deed of said Cedar City, Utah. All
Hj covenants, statements, represents-
H! tions and agreements, contained in
H- said bonds und coupons and all re-
H "citals and representations of this or-
H (finance aro hereby considered and un-
H ' dorstood and it is hereby ordered and
H' declared that nnid covenants, and prom-
B ises therein are the covenants and
H ' promises of said Cedar City und that
H tho representations and atatcmonts
H therein aro the representations and
H statements of said City.
H And it is further stated und repro-
H scntcd that said Cedar- City is a niu-
H nicipal corporation and a city of the
H' Third Class under tho Constitution
H und Laws of the Stnto of Utah.
' Section 3. All ordinances und rcs-
H" olutions, or parts of ordinances and
H resolutions in conflict with tho pro-
H visions hereof, bo .and the samo aro
Hi hereby repealed, and after said bonds
Hf r issued, this ordinance shall be
Hj! and remain irrepcalublc until said
Hl bonds and tho interest thereon shall
H' have been fully paid, satisfied and
H discharged as herein provided.
H) Section 4. Tho interest falling due
H on said bonds on tho 1st day of No-
HJ vember 1020 shall bo paid out of the
H general fund of said City und for tho
H.1 purpose of reimbursing said general
H ; fund for the payment of said inter-
H ' est and to meet tho principal and in.
H terest accruing on said bonds on tho
H first day of May 1021, also the inter-
H ' est accruing on said bonds on said
H first day of November 1021, promptly
H and us the samo becomes due, there
B shall be levied by the City Council of
H said Cedar City on all taxable prop-
H , erty in said City in addition to all
H other tuxes a direct annual tax in tho
H year 1020 sufficient to produce tho
H sum of Seven Thousand Three Hun-
M dred and Ten Dollars ($7,310.00) be-
H ing $5310 interest and $2,000.00 prin-
H' cipal, und to meet tho interest nc-
H c ruing on said bonds thereafter
H promptly and ns tho same becomes
H due und also for tho purpose of paying
H tho principal of said bonds us they
H severally )ccomo due, there shall be
H ' levied by tho City Council of said Co-
H dar City, on nil taxable property in
H said Cedar City, in nddition to all
H i other taxes, u direct annual tax as
H follows:
H t In tho year 1021 sufficient to pro-
B duco the sum of $5,420, being inter-
H est $3,420 and principal $2,000.00. j
H In the year 1022 sufficient to pro-
H duco the sum of $5,300,00 being in-1
' torc'st $3,300 und principal $2,000.00.'
H In tho year 1023 sufficient to pro-,
H duce the sum of $5,180.00, being in-
M ' tercst $3,160.00 and principal $2,000.
H In the year 1024 sufficient to pro-1
B duco the sum of $6,000.00, being in-
H ', tercst $3,OGO.00 und principal $3,000.
H i In tho year 1025 sufficient to pro-
M ! duco the sum of $4,880.00, being in-
B terest $2,880.00 and principal $2,000.
In the year 1020 sufficient to pro
duce tho sum of $4,760.00, being in-
tercst $2,760.00 and principal 2,000.
In tho year 1027 sufficient to pro
duce tho sum of $6,640.00 being in
terest $2,640.00 and principal $4,000.
In tho year 1928 sufficient to pro
duco the sum of $6,400.00, being in
terest $2,400.00 and principal $4000.
In tho year 1029 sufficient to pro
duce tho sum of $6,160.00, being in
terest $2,160.00 and principnl $4,000.
In tho year 1030 sufficient to pro
duce tho sum of $3,020.00, being in
terest $1,920.00 nnd principnl $2,000.
In tho year 1031 sufficient to pro
duce tho Bum of $5,860.00 being in
terest $1,860.00 nnd principnl $4,000.
In the yonr 1032 sufficient to pro
duco tho sum of $5,560.00, being in
terest $1,560.00 tind principal $4,000.
In tho year 1033 sufficient to pro
duce tho sum of $4,320.00, being in
terest $1,320.00 nnd principal $3,000.
In tho year 1034 sufficient to pro
duce tho sum of $4,140.00, being in.
tercst $1,140.00 and principnl $3,000.
In tho year 1035 sufficient to pro
duce the sum of $3,960.00, being in
terest $960.00 nnd principnl $3,000.
In the year 1936 sufficient to pro
duce the sum of $3,780.00, being in
terest $780.00 nnd principnl $3,000.
In tho year 1937 sufficient to pro
duce tho sum of $4,600.00 being in
terest $600,00 and principnl $4,000.
In tho year 1038 sufficient to pro
duce the sum of $4,360.00 being in
terest $360.00 nnd principnl $4,000.
In the year 1039 sufficient to pro
duco tho sum of $2,060.00, being in
terest $60.00 nnd principnl $2,000.00.
Said taxes when collected shall bo
npplicd solely for the purpose of tho
payment of said interest nnd prin
cipal! of said bonds, respectively and
for no other purpose whatever, un
til tho indebtedness so created under
this ordinnnco nnd resolution, prin
cipnl nnd intorest shall hnvo been ful
ly paid, satisfied nnd discharged. But
nothing herein contained shall be so
constituted us to prevent said City
from applying any other funds that
may bo in tho City Treasury nnd
available for that purpose, to the pay
ment of said interest and principal
nnd interest ns the same respectively
mature, nnd the levy of levies herein
provided for to meet the interest on
said bonds and to discharge tho
principnl thereof, when duo, nre here
by appropriated for thnt purpose and
said amount for each year shall also
be included in tho annual appropria
tion bills passed by the City Council
in each year respectively.
Section 5. Tho sale of said $9,000
Lighting Bonds, consisting of bonds
numbered from 1 to 9 inclusive, also
$50,000.00 Water Works Bonds, con
sisting of bonds numbered from 1 to
50 both inclusivo to Palmer Bond and
Mortgage Company, n corporation of
tho State of Utah, nnd the nction of
tho City Council in accepting its bid
nnd nil nets and proceedings pertain
ing thereto, are hereby considered nnd
nro hereby ratified and confirmed and
tho City Treasurer is hereby author
ized, instructed nnd directed to deliv
er snid bonds when properly executed
to snid Palmer Bond nnd Mortgage
Compnny, upon receipt of tho pur
chase prico therefor.
Section 6. In tho opinion of tho
City Council of said Cedar City, it is
necessary to the peace, health und
pnfety of snid Ccdnr City that this
ordinance become operative immed
iately, so that the work of cstablish
i ing a lighting system as well ns
water works system may bo commenc
ed without delny.
Section 7. Now thereforo, be it
further ordained that an emergency
is hereby declared and that this or
dinance shall take effect and bo in
force upon the duy of its passage, ap
proval and publication.
Councilman S. J. Foster, "Ayo."
Pawed by the City Council of Cedar
City, Utah, this 8th day of June, 1920. ,
A. SWAPP, Jr. Mayor.
The vote upon tho passngo of said I
ordinance was as follows: ,
Councilman M. J. Macfarlnnc, '
Councilman .T. J. Jones, "Ayo."
Councilman J. G. Pace, "Aye."
Approved this 8th day of June 1020.
A. SWAPP, Jr. Mayor.
J. II. ARTHUR, City 'Recorder.
County of Iron
I, J. H. Arthur, the duly chosen,
qualified and acting City Recorder, do
hereby certify that tho above and
foregoing constitutes a full, true and
correct copy of the minutes of an
Adjourned regular meeting of the
City Council of snid Ccdnr City,
which all members had due legal
nnd timely notice as required by
law and the rules and ordin
ances of Raid City, held at the
regular meeting place of said City
Council on tho 8th dny of June, 1920,
in so far as tho samo refer to or con.
cern tho $9,000.00 Lighting Bonds,
nnd $50,000.00 Water Works Bonds of
snid Cedar City, as tho same appear
of record in my office in Book No. 4
at pages 183 to 192, that I personally
attended at said meeting and that tho
foregoing proceedings were in fact
held as in said minutes specified.
hereunto set my hand nnd affixed tho
corporate seal of said Cedar City this
9th day of June, 1920.
(Seal.) J. H. ARTHUR,
City Recorder.
Panguitch Lako has never boforc
been so largo according to n lcttor re
ceived in the local forest office from
one of tho forest rangers. Tho wator
is within twenty inches of tho top of
the concrete dam and is expected to
run over the dam in a few days. This
is due to tho exceptionally heavy
snows of the pnst winter.
The fence around the tourist camp
ing ground is all up and ready for
the paint. Tho ground inside has all
been cleared of the boulders that for
merly strewed it, and made level. Tho
young trees with which tho place has
been planted are visible from the
street, nnd n3 they arc of quick grow
ing vnrietics, they promise nn abun
dance of shndo in tho nenr future.
A rattlesnake bit the little daughter
of W. H. Mace in Kannb the other
day, according to C. J. Smith, who re
turned from Knno county Wcdnesdny.
The child was on her way up town
nnd stepped on the snake, which was
crossing the sidewnlk. Tho bitten leg
Js black .and badly swollen, but the
doctor's opinion is that the girl will
E. J. GrafT, merchant of La Vcrkin,
was in Ccdnr City Thursday on hi3
way to Salt Lake City.
Howard Chamberlain is homo from
his sheep range in Kane county nnd
says the range i$ in fair shape but is
getting very dry.
Creating, Designating, and Estab
lishing Fifth West Street, in Ce
dar City, Utah.
Be it Ordained by the City Council
of Cedar City, Utah:
Section 1. Thnt there is hereby ere.
nted n public street in Cedar City.
Utah, to bo known ns Fifth West
.Street, extending south from First
North street to Center street, in said
Cedar City, Utah.
Section 2. Thnt the center line of
said Fifth West street commences at
n point 59.4 feet south of a point 2501.
28 feet west of rock in the center of
Main street nt Ccntor street, nnd run
ning thence northerly n distance of
1296.9 feet, to its intersection with
said First North street, nt n point on
tho south line thereof 2495.5 feet west
of corner rock in the center of Main
Street nt First North Street, Plat
"B," of said Cedar City Town Survey,
Section 3. That tho width of said
Fifth West Street is hereby estab
lished ns being 33 feet on each side of
snid center line thereof, ns describee1
in Section 2 of this ordinnncc.
Section 4. This ordinnnco shall
take effect and be in force on nnd
after tho 11th dny of Juno, A. D. 1920,
Passed by the City Council of Cednt
City, Utah, Juno 8th, A. D. 1920.
A. SWAPP, Jr. Mnyor.
J. II. ARTHUR, City Recorder.
Countty of Iron. j
I, J. II. Arthur, City Recorder of
Cedar City, Utah, do hereby certify
thnt tho above and foregoing is a full,
true nnd correct copy of nn ordinnncc
entitled "An Ordinance Creating,
Designating, and Establishing Fifth
West Street in Cedar City, Utah,"
passed by the City Council of Ccdnr
City, Utah, on the 8th day of June,
1920, us the samo appears on filo and
of record in my office.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand und affixed the corpor
ate seul of said cii.y this 9th day of
Juno, A. D. 1920.
J. H. ARTHUR, City Recorder.
Mrs. Julia A. Cox haB gone to Salt
Lake City to attend conference.
o j
Born this week to Mr. and Mrn.
Reese J. Williams of Knnnrra, a boy.
Miss Vcrdn Esplin has taken n posi
tion in the Bnnk of Southern Utah. I
Mrs. Randall Jones is in Knnab
visiting her father and mother, Mr.
and Mrs. James Swapp.
Mr. Jonathan Hunt and sister Den.
sic of Enterprise, nrrived hero Wed.
1 o
Arch Swapp is hnving a herd of
I his sheep sheared at tho Grand Pnce '
farm near Kanarraville. j
John C. Benson of Enterprise, for-
mer ranger on the Dixie forest, was a j
visitor in tho local forest office this
I Chidestcr Little of Glcndale is mov
ing his family to Cedar City this
week and intends to mako this his
home town.
Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan
Hunt, u fine girl Tuesday. All con
cerned doing nicely.
Samuel F. Leigh has bought the 40
aero interest of Glen Simkins in tho
Jenson farm.
Thomas Isom and daughter and
Mrs. Mary Hall of Hurricane wcro
conference visitors to Salt Lako pass
ing through hero this week.
Mrs. E. C. Watson is moving to tho
residence of her daughter, Mrs. Don
.Findlny, this week.
Mr. R. E. Hemmel, recprcscnting an
eastern firm of potters, nnd known
fnmiliarly to tho trade as "Teapots,"
is here interviewing the local mer.
County Agent Esplin is going up
into the mountains cast of Paragonah
next week to try to find out whnt poi
son weeds are killing cattlo in that
Mr. and Mrs. Royal Reid arc here
again for a few days, having driven
through a distance of 750 miles in
their Essex roadster. Mr. Reid has
a contract nt Beaver that ho is sup
ervising and Ib also taking occasion
to visit relatives at this place.
At last Cedar City is to have a base
ball team, we are informed.
It is reported that plenty of work
Is to bo hnd at Dolta at $4.50 and $5
per day.
Miss Moll Corlett, who has been
working in Salt Lake, is horn on a
short vacation.
home, sold at a bargain, if taken nt
once. F. S. Owens. Adv.
Mrs. B. F. Knell left yestordny to
nttend conference at Salt Lake City
in session this week end.
I Lclnnd Leigh was acquitted from
the charge of forgery ns his prclimi.
nnry trial before Justice Edwnrd Par
ry last Saturday.
Mr. Byron Roundy of Kannrrn, who
has been residing in Salt Lake City
for some time, will make his home in
Cedar City in future
Mr. Lafayette Hanchett of the Dixie
Power Company pnsscd through Ce
dar City on his way to visit Dixie and
tako a trip through Zion Park.
M . and Mrs. J. E. Hanlam who
have been visiting in Duncan, Ariz,
for tho past few weeks, roport that
they found a very prosperous com
munity there with many now settlers
moving in.
Juvenile Club Leader Price has or
ganized clubs in every town of tho
county nnd reports thnt club work has
begun in good shape, some being
rendy to hand in their first monthly
report. There nro now moro thnn two
hundred enrolled, with moro joining
all tho time. At Summit tho girls'
club, led by Miss Vcrgio White, found
nn orphan lamb in the mountains nenr
by and will raise is as ono of their
club projects.
A meeting of boy scouts of Cedar
'City was held last Monday night in
charge of Club Leader Prico, County
Agent Esplin nnd Herbert Milne, ath
letic instructor in the junior high
school. Tuesday night was set for
weekly meetings nnd n complete re
organization will be effected ns soon
ns possible. The scout work aims to
interest every boy between tho ages
of twelve and eighteen yenrs.
Dr. Bcrgstrom has gone East w&ero i
he will remain until October study- J
ing in connection with diseasea of ,
the eye, car, nose and throat.
Last Wednesday Dr. MacfarlMo J
operated on Forrest Anderson the o t ,
of Dr. O. Anderson for acuta appeed- rf
icitls. J
Mrs. Samuel T. Leigh, who has beea
visiting in Salt Lake City for tho past !
week, returned home Tuesday. Sh
left with her son George when ko j
started on hki mission. iaTj V
FOR SALE. Pasturage in Vwcrfn ' ''
Meadow 5c. a head per day. Ar '
animals trespassing will bo taken oy '
for damages. Enquire of Rass Math,
eson. Adv. 3w. pd. ,
We noticed Thomas Staploy in tfca j
height of his glory last Monday af- . '
tornoon. He had the firo hoso hookei
up to the fire hydrants and wns mak- J ?
ingg everybody on Main street giro -
him room. !
Lnst Monday two car loads of lady
tourists passed through on their way . f
south. One wns noticed with a ham- v
mer in her hnnd pounding away at . ,.
ono of the doors, (trying to break into ' )
Cedar City society, we presume.) J
Early this week Mrs. Mary Jano t
Wade was called to Milford to attend f
herd aughter, Mrs. Arthur Lewis who "
gavo birth to a son. Mr. nnd Mrs. I
Lewis will receive tho congratulations r
of their mnny friends here. r
LOST. 5-year-old bay horse, about
1200 lbs., white spot in forehead.
Branded T with quarter circlo over it
on right thigh. Strayed from Corry
field. Reword for information or re- t
turn. Wm. Tucker. Adv. lw. pd.
Richnrd A. and Robort A. Thorley
hnve bought J. W. Imlay's sheep '
range on Cedar mountain. Mr. Imlay ,
who lives at Hurricane bought this
same range from the Thorley brs-
thcrs Inst fall.
Wednesday evening tho Tnbcrnacla j
choir members gavo a very plcasaat
surprise party to Miss Bernolln Gard
ner who hns been accompanist for th
choir the past winter and whoso ef
forts have been very much appreciat
ed by the members and townspeople.
The party met nt the tabernacle and
went from there to the home of Miss
Gardner whero in and outdoor game
were played and tho guests all
seemed to enjoy themselves. Light
refreshments were served nnd enter,
tainment in the form of solos by a "
few of the choir members. Miss Gard
ner left for Salt Lake- City yesterday
whore she will study music this sum-mor.
I JPi OURCHASE uour 4th I
I mMk, week at 'the CEDAR I
I SV SHEEP STORE. :::;:' . I
I iiill Per cen I
I I it msm on a Silks, Voiles, I
I rWp Crepe De Chines and Or- I
I xi gandies. Em
f p We have a choice tor ev-
1 Beginning Monday, Jnne 14. Ending June 19. I

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