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-. . :iu i .:," ;",!: ,. m -vr j( , . .. B
BM"" - - -... J"0" CO"1" ""00101, CAK CUT. UTA. FRIDAY, JULY , ifeST -- ----.-.-.. - PAGE'THRBK H
J, i-
Members o the national guard of
Utah who havo been In camp at Fort
D. A. itussell, Wyo., returned home last
' More Uinn ISO dogs have paid the
death penalty for being allowed to
Ifln at large at Ogdcn, without muz
zles. , ! It Is reported that St. George, Hur-
ricane, Kanab, Beaver, Mllford and
? Pnrownn nro to organize 'baseball
"While u deputy sheriff at Salt Lako
wan nerving a subpoena, some one
Rtole his nutotnobllo which ho had left
standing In the street.
It Is said that Elmer Berg linn a
; chance to recover from the serious
burns suffered at Hrlgham City, when
a gasoline tank exploded.
j Colonol Enos Androw Wall, pioneer
; ' ; mining man and long a leader In the
, j Industrial Ufa of the west, died ut his
homo In Salt Lake, June 29.
Eighteen barrels containing fifty
jft gallons of corn mash each, In the
' K process of fermentation, were found
!-y 9s the police at Salt Lako one day
T last week.
Miss Iza Giles of Morgan was severe
ly cut by broken glass on the face
white riding on the Short Lino local
between'Trcraonton and Ogden during
a hailstorm.
( George Carson of Grouso Creek, tins
reported to the state livestock board
that ho had been able to kill thirteen
coyotes by filling their deu with
r7'"X nmoke fumes, from a fire In front of
" the den.
By an ovorw helming majority In
very ono of the eleven voting dls-
,, tricts, the taxpayers of Grand county
approved the pfcposal to bond the
i "" unty for 578,500 for road construc
ts' tlon work.
( An Impounding dam to cover 18,000
jj ' acres and that will store 4000 acre feet
"I "" of water is the latest proposed irriga
te tlon work In Millard county, accord-
.1 j ing to an application filed with the
E state engineer.
I . Salem Is now an Incorporated city of
the third class, and under the pro-
jj visions of a charter recently received
H from the secretary of state it has cu
ll tercd upon Its career as a city with
jj ! Ell F. Taylor as mayor,
jg Presentation of the national banner,
M wrsted from Ohio by Banner review
U No. 11 of Utah, was made by Mrs.
y ' Fagger at the afternoon session of the
I Women's Benefit association of the
I Maccabees at Salt Lake on June 20.
I f Eureka now has a population of
8G08, according to announcement mado
Ji by the census bureau. This Is a
j t gain of 102 In past ten years, or 0.0
'1 per cent. In 1010 Eureka had a popu-
f ( latlon of 3410; in 1000, 8088, and in
j 1890 had 1788.
5 After listening to addresses on
ii "Why Salt Lake Rotarlans should ac-
1 company and aid the Boy Scout cara-
I van to ZIon National park and Bryce
2 canyon," at tho Rotary luncheon at
Salt Lake, a fund of $555 was raised
j - in a few moments.
I Tho new combination power flusher
I and sprinkler purchased by the city
J of Provo fo'r 58500 arrived last week.
I " ,'Xhis will do away with the horse-
I '" drawn sprinklers. The new sprinkler
I lfj said to have a capacity of fifty
. 8 , miles of street per day.
.While Buffering .with despondency,
I due to a nervous breakdown, Mlsi
iB Gladys Blalsdell, 20 years of hge, ol
Ogdcn, took advantage of tho oppor-
tunltyaf forded by her mother's being
" "asleep aud, obtaining a revolver, shot
herself through the heart.
Consolidation of the five aeries of
Engl os in Utah Into a stato aerie,
under the title, of tho Utah Stato As
Roclatlon of tho Fraternal Order of
Eagles, constituted the principal bust,
ncss of the first convention of Ragles
held In Salt Lake last week.
Seven new wardens aro to be placed
on guard In tho Strawberry valley
country by It. H. Slddoway, state fish
and game commissioner, to see that
the laws pertaining to fish nnd game
iare not violated, or if so that the vio
lators are brought to Justice.
Capt. W. P. Kats, in charge of the
construction work nt the Ogden ar
Fcnnl, announces that plans for ten
mllos of trackage, which will bo In
stalled at the plant, havo been re
ceived and that work on laying the
track will start immediately.
The supremo court has ordered a
new trial of Ignaclo Martinez, who
was sentenced to fifteen years In the
state prison for murder lp the second
Agree in connection with the killing
of Rudolf E. Mellcnthn, forest ranger
who was murdered In the Lc Sal
mountains on August 23, 1018.
The public utilities commission of
'fe Weto last woek Issued on order per-
t, mlttlng tho Pullman company io pul
into effect between points within
Utah the samo proportionate Increases
in revenue as tho Interstate commerce
commission permitted on lntprstate
rates some months ago, tho Increase
being 20 and 25 per cent.
That the road paving program ol
the state road commission for the
present year Is In danger of being
seriously curtailed became apparent
from remarks mado by members ol
I the state road commission at the
meeting at Salt Lako last week.
Seven counties were represented al
tho mooting of the Grand Central
Hfglmay association, which plans u
cross state highway, leaving the Mid
land trail at Green River, and passing
through Snllna canyon and by way oi
Delta to Garrison, on the Nevada-Utah
tMt Mfiii -'-
Monday and Tuesday The Virgin
of Stamboul, featuring one -ol your
favorites, PrisclHa Dean in one of tho
best pictures ever made and a pro
gram which cost $500,000 to produce.
Regular admission prices.
Wednesday Will Rogers, in 'Jubilo
International News.
Thursday Eugene O'Brien, in "Tho
Perfect Lover." Episodo 12 "Dare
Devil Jack."
Friday False FaceB, with ax, all
star cast, a Paramount Artctwft
pictures. -
Saturday Dorothy Dalton, in "Ex
travaganco" a two reel comedy.
She , I
who - I
appears I
without I
a veil I
She Who Appears With- I
out a Veil in the Strange H
Old City of Stamboul is a H
Child of Vice, but Not so
with H
for She Was Known Far H
and Wide as H
The Virgin of Stamboul, H
And Many There Were H
Who Coveted the Beauti-
ful Virgin. There Was
Who Saw Only the Ap-
peal of Her Lithe, Grace- H
ful Body, and There Wan
Who Really Loved Her. H
Then There Was the I
Fanatic, and There Were B
Many Others. It Was a B
Battle for the Possession B
The Virgin of Stamboul mn
With Many Intrigues, faga
Many Plots and Many By
Hair-Raising Conflicts. w
The Struggle of Hun- H
dreds of Fierce, Inflamed B3
Men Which Constitute B
the Remarkable Photo- B
Dramatic Spectacle D
Which Opens at B
Monday and B
Tuesday, July y
12 and 13. B
Thorley Theatre j
Everybody is getting anxious now
to see tho old wooden telephone poles
moved out of Main street. It is as
serted that arrangements will bo made
to shovo the Bell company's poles into
tho middle of tho blocks as well as
those of the local company, notwith
standing the Bell people havo been
put to tho expense of one move al
ready, from tho center to the side of
tho street Since the installation of
the new lighting system the business
district of Main street is too metro
politan in appearance to much longer
be cluttered with old wooden poles and
a network of open wires.
W. W. Wylto of tho Wylio CampB,
was in the city last Tueoday, Wb
principal mission being the purchase
of a new car for himself and Mrs.
Wylie, We understand he chose a
Buick. Mr. Wylio reports business
good at the camps this season.
Gold-Mine Owner Would Simply
Havo To Gasp For Breath
Restored by Tanlac.
"Every sign of my chronic bron
chitis has disappeared and I have
gained fifteen pounds since I began
taking Tanlac, said N. H. Jones, 490
Webster St., Portland, Oregon, re
cently. Mr. Jones is well known as
a miner nnd mechanic and owns n
gold mino in Baker County, Oregon.
"Whilo stationed in camp at Wash
ington, D. C. about a yoar ago," con
tinued Mr. Jones, 'T was put on
guard duty ono wot, freezing night
and as I had no heavy clothing I con
tracted a heavy cold in tho lungs.
It left me in a very weak condition
bronchitis, I could not lio down, I
choked up so, nnd had to' get what
sleep I could sitting up in a chair,
Somotimos I would simply havo to
gasp for breath, I tried several
things but go no permanent relief,
and I continued to cough so people
thought I had consumption. I had
a shooting pain through my chest
and back every tlmo I breathed and
I had to discontinue working on my
mine, the outside work made me
choke up so bad.
"A friend of mine over near Mt.
Tabor advised mo to take Tanlac and
it has certainly been a lifo saver to
me. I took four bottles and I can
now lie down as well as anybody, and
thero is no sign of tho pain left I
work in my mino every day now and
Tanlac has built mo up so wonder
fully I recommended it to any one who
needs a good medicine."
Tanlal is Bold in Cedar City by tho
Cedar City Drug Company, and in
Evidently the tourist season is now
at its height. The heat is driving
people from the low elevations to tho
coolness of tho mountains. Tho Ce
dars Hotel is filled to capacity every
night and thero aro usually ten or a
dozen cars camped at tho park each
Tho localities represented by this
travel cover most of tho states of the
Union, nnd even Austrailin is repre
sented this week.
Lawrence Smith of Glcndalo and
his brother, Eugcno Smith, of Los An
geleB, wcro in Cedar Wednesday on
their way to Minersvillo, whero Eu
gene has challenged local drivers for
an auto race. Smith has an interest
ing record for speed nnd if ho gets a
match it ought to be well worth seeing.
iiLs ' r- ureal H
J : "" jL
H The part ' Jnj
that fine steels play " I
The definite reason for Maxwell H
performance and endurance is the H
fine steels, those steels built to- H
Maxwell's own formulas, that com- I
bine quality and rare strength, that H
defy time and the repairman. H
" ' H
BppHpEkQcscdBIBiHr HlflBMfll.
-JmmUJ How rnanq miles I
Imf. did iou march ihe1- M
' :m summer Cleveland 1
J was nominated I
v ' H
i'J'j'mJ "TJEMEMBER the time He needs it more than H
' XV the first automobile anyone else. It's part of our :M
parade was organized? Even job, as we view it, to see H
m' a M' the good old torchlight pro- that he gets it M
cession had t0 &ivc way Our tire service starts with I
before the advance of prog- good resu. S. Tires. All
rcss sizes made to a single s tand- H
s0ict your timkcJ " ar(j 0f quality none graded H
cording to the roads ,-,. e , , , , . . , . H
they have to travel: Tires are often sold the down to the price of the car
in sandy or wiiy coun- same way politics are. they will go on. iH
try, wherever the ecine B
i-.npttobeheavy-The The last people to wake u. S. perfected the first H
"iSrtea'ry country UP to what they re Z&ttu straight side automobile tire
rood-The u. s. chain are the people who pay the the first pneumatic truck . H
or Utco. U'tf j.' ilfl
For front wheel. DU1S' tlTC H
'brrcsuit.- The bilIs are getting to The u- s- guarantee is for
every w her o-xj. s. big these days in both cases. the life of the tire, and not H
wnmMK And thC man Wh iS feeling for a limited mileage. H
MSSHSttim M mst with respect to tires JV M
HlliK iS ?e man Wh WnS a When we recommend and ' I
mSSSstkmmmU moderate-price car. -, TT 0 rp. tt T A . rLH
IpWPP' sell U. S. Tires we do so in H
RcwL-cofio-NOBBYawHUSco-MAiw the interest of greater tire H
The idea that the small car economy. It is our experi- M
owner doesn't need a good ence that that is the best H
tire is rapidly going the way way to build up a sound and H
of all mistaken ideas. sizable business. H
fax,? H
United States Tires I
----. . g 1 IjH
7""" 1 1 - .,,..., , niiHin i i i i .... tNI
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