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r.hould be regular practice. Fully onc-t
half of the efficiency of n team de-j
pends upon tho battery the pitcher (
and catcher. Monroe has a? bested a
little on the pitcher. Wo aro (old
that Wilford Fife, a native Bon of
this place, who is now on the Salt
lako firo department, and ia pitch--JUing
three games a week for them,'is
'JKwilling to- return to Cedar City if he
jllSnn Ret something here profitable to
do. Wilford was a good pitcher for n
ountry team when ho left here and
must have improved greatly by now.
Why can't we arrange to get Wilford
back with us? Who has some satis
factory employment to offer him? He
is n steady, reliable man and should
make good almost anywhere.
We mustn't havo any mote easy
victories over Cedar City. The county
Fair is coming up before long and
come good exciting games will be n
, pleasing change to so much horse-rac
Turn out and support the games,
and show that you are a booster for
your home town.
- Bill Brennan ot Chicago,
' heavyweight of eonslderablo abil
ity, gets the first crack at Demp
Boy's crown. Tho fact that tho
( rronchman. Carpentier. was
signed up by Cochrane, London
promoter, preventing hlra from
fighting any place but thero this
year caused Dempsoy's man
ager to turn to tho Yank fighters.
Brennan and Dempsey will moot
jLabor Day tho highest biddor to
get tho bout.
When you need any
thing in the line of
neat and attractive
I Printing.
1 J
i -
Drop In
ItVthe live spot of the town.
The gang, is always here the
pepful bunch who know WHAT
Billiards, pool, smokes and nice
cool drinks.
Be a Mixer.
mmmwmniMiiiimniiw wiinnimnmiiiiinii mm wwiaw!MiwaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiwiwiHiiiiiiiiii ' J
Kanarra, July 22, 1920.
The farmers are jubilant in this"
section over their hay crops and grain
prospects. A littlo rain would be
greatly appreciated just now though.
There will be somo alfalfa seed for
sqlc here also.
The sheep ranges are holding out
fine. Several of our sheepmen aro
fencing their mountain land. Past
experience proves that by careful
management tho depleted range can
bo brought back to its former abun
dance by fencing and preventing
over stocking.
Wm. G. Piatt and wife have return
ed from tho Day Farms at Parowan
where Mr. Piatt has been working
Binco March.
A Mr. Ncwbergcr of Salt Lako City
is visiting" here with tho George A.
Berry family for a short time.
Miss Jennie Reeves is working with
her brother Eldon on the Pace farm
north of here.
Otto Reeves is hauling fence wire
up iho mountain for Bishop Pace of
Harmony who is fencing.
Mr. A. L. Watson, one of Cedar
City's enterprising farmers and sheep
men has somo nice looking crops on
his farm near this place. Some time
soon he intends to build a home. hero.
He is nlso contemplating drilling n
well and if he cannot get flowing
water he will raise the water with tho
aid of an electric motor.
John W. Piatt is building a modern
cement bungalow on his ranch near
Truly, Zion is growing. Kanarra
ward reports eleven new babies since
summer opened.
Many tourists camp here during
the week and they ask why there are
no side trips offered from here into
tho deep canyons in the eastern
mountains. Some day we hope to bo
ablo to care for such inquiries. Care
for these tourists and get acquainted
with them. Some of the influential
men of the age pass unawares.
Thero is somo encouragement when
one thinks that tho valuable lumber
timber in the mountains southeast is
producing some valuable and beauti
ful lumber for our consumption. Wo
will comparo lumber with anyone.
Sunday July 18th, Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis E. Rowe served dinner to Mr.
and Mr. Wm. G. Piatt, Mrs. G. H.
Pingle, Mrs. H. M. Roundy and Mrs.
II. M. Williams. Mcsdamcs Pingle
and Roundy aro here visiting their
mother, Mrs. II. M. Williams.
Miss LaRue Stnpley and brother
Campbell are here visiting rclntives.
Mr. Jas. S. Berry's new residenco
is nearing completion.
Mrs. Mary A. Griffin a former res
ident of this place is hero getting
titles to real estate straightened out.
Sho hopes to sell some of tho land
holdings under the Griffin estate. Sho
will return to her home in Idaho Falls
sometime next week.
The Culver dipping corralls at Pine
Springs wens partially destroyed by
fire last week. It is not known how
the firo started as it was at night.
Everyone is preparing for a good
celebration on the Twenty-fourth. The
Firing of cannons at daybreak.
Serenading of town by band.
Raising of flag at sunrise. '
Parade at 10 o'clock.
Meeting at 10:30 a. m. at which the
following program will be given:
Singing by tho choir.
Invocation, R. J. Williams, Sr.
Singing by choir.
Oration, Wm. G. Piatt.
Martial band selection.
Reading, Lewis E. Rowo.
Song, Junior Girls.
Piano Solo, Arvilla Ford.
Musical selection, Lcatha Graff.
Song, Myrtlo Williams.
Martial band selection.
Prognostication, Jennie Reeves.
Reading, Elada Berry.
Martial band selection.
Comic reading Hattio Roundy.
Piano Selection, Vera Staploy.
Duet, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Williams.
Maid of Utah Lula Pollock.
Indians Boy Scouts.
Pioneers Contributary.
Dance for chhildren 4:30 p. m. Ad
ults 8:30 p. m. Sports all afternoon.
We invito everyone to come and
celebrate with us.
County Agent Esplin, accompanied
by Mr. Price and Mrs. Kunz were here
Sunday and supervised the launching
and organizing of junior club work.
The boys of tho junior club will
leave for a six-day hike over tho
mountains to Zion Canyon.
Dis-union between tho towns of
Southern Utah only retards tho facil
ities of business and industry. Lets
tmm-UBwmwmmiimimmmiimBimnmmi.HmiBummmmmmKiuMi I
pull together and mako this section
what it can be.
Nada, July 20, 1920.
Mrs. Rambler, V. C. Johnson and
their guests motored to Minorsvillo
last Monday.
J. C. Hnrler came over from Wah
Wah valley to attend to some work on
his G40 acre claim which has just
been allowed.
Sheriff Fothcringham of Beaver
was in Nada Monday looking ftr n
prisoner who has escaped from his
custody while at a hotel in Beaver.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Myers who
havo been spending a week at their
ranch in tho mountains were calling
on friends hero today. They returned
to their homo in Milford.
V. C. Johnson has purchased C. C.
Kindcr's pump and engine. Good stunt
to begin now and get ready for next
Miss Ida Wright who has been
spending n fjow weeks with her sister
Mrs. Keillor departed for her homo in
Kentucky this week.
Nada will celebrate tho 24th this
year with a danco at Culmsce Hall,
which will be in tho early evening
and preceded by races and later an in
formal program is being nrranged.
J. . Rambler spent Sunday at home
and returned to Lund Monday morn
ing on No. 3.
Mrs. Fred Olson returned to her
home in Proctor nftcr an extended
visit with her children residing in
thi3 vicinity.
Tho following of our people who
are employed in nearby towns were
home to attend the ball game Sunday:
Borland Lash, Phil Costcllo, H. Linde
man, Andy Lewis, C. Roper, C. R.
Keith, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Moore,
C. Morrow. Several from Sahara
were also in attendance and a large
crowd of rooters from Lund.
Our Nada boys once more out
played Lund's team In n faBt game at
Nnda last Sunday. Morrow and Couch
pitched a fino ball for the winners.
Tho largo score of 14 of 8 may bo
attributed to faulty fielding rather
than lack of ability in opposing
pitchers. Our best inning was the
second when we made eight runs. The
Nada nine may play tho Cedar or
Mincrsville team somo time Boon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ingersoll and Mr.
Downs drove through from California
in their car, having previously ship
ped a well rig by rail to Nada. At
present they aro unloading and haul
ing tho rig by team to R. W. Wright's
place, which is in chargo of Mike
Schaaf, who has his pit dug and ce
mented and nil in readiness for a deep
well. Ingersoll and Downs expect to
have tho well finished in n short time
so that Mr. Schaaf can begin to irri
gate in about two weeks which will be
in time to save his corn, potatoes and
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. M. Fuller of Kanab
are in Cedar, where Mrs. Fuller has
como to seek medicnl attention. Mr.
Fuller is a brother to John P. Fuller
of this city.
United States Land Office, Salt
Lako City, Utah, July G, 1920. To
Whom It May Concern: NOTICE ia
hereby given that the State of Utah
has filed in this offico lists of lands,
selected by tho' said State, under sec
tion 6 of tho Act of Congress ap
proved July 16, 1894, a3 Indemnity
School Lands, viz: Serial No. 026678,
NW'i, NE'A SWK, NW4 SWtf,
E4, SWH SEtf, SEK SE4, Section
24; SE'i NW-, NEK NEtf, NWtt
WK SEK, Section 25, Township 32
South, Range 8 West, Salt Lake Mer
idian. Copies of said lists, so far ns
they relate to said tracts by descrip
tive subdivisions, havo been conspic
uously posted in this office for inspec
tion by any person interested and by
the public generally. During tho per
iod of publication of this notice, oi
any time thereafter and before final
approval and certification, under de
partmental regulations of April 25,
1907, protests or contests against the
claim of the Stato to any of the tracts
or subdivisions hereinbefore described,
on tho ground that the same is more
valuable for mineral than for agricul
toral purposes, will be recoived and
noted for report to the General Land
Office at Washington, D. C. Failure
so to protest or contest, within the
time specified, will be considered suf
ficient evidenco of tho non-mineral
character of tho tracts and the selec
tion thereof, being otherwise free from
objection, will bo approved to the
(First July 10 Last Aug. 13, 1920.)
i . . i ,i .I.
fEajgBge--- ' 'ft' -- mf m
in HI 11 WO I
xzffKzKK Oh, Boyl Wuz you to'
tho game Wednesday? She wuz a
good ol' game 'til tho sixth tannings,
wuzn't she? Well, all wo gotta do is
to learn to keep our heads and not!
blow up so easily.
All this hapepned at the ball game
Wednesday: '
Died of heart failure, 6.
Hit in the eye by fan next to them
when good catch was mode, 153.
Rendered speechless from yelling,'
200. I
Wont home with the blues, whole
What tho kids think tho sidewalk's,
for to walk on, fall down on, play1
and run on. But hero's tho best one:
They think it's to slip on nnd off. ,i
Well, bein's it's tho 24th tomorrow,
I guess Fd better close me cut-out and I
keep quiet. I
In somo of tho northorn states
women Insist tho dainty organdie
and transparent hat is no longer
i supromo in summer wear, but
such verdicts aro caused by the
1 backward season thero this year.
This organdio of delicate tint hat
to match in flimsy georgette and
lace is bolng worn In this pic
ture by Elalno Hammerstoln, th
Sealed bids will bo received by tho
Iron County School Board, to bo op
ened nt the meeting to bo held in Ce
dar City Monday, August 2, for the
furnishing nnd hauling of coal for the
School District, as follows: Cedar,
piOO tons; Parowan 125 tons; Parago
nah, 50 tons; Kanarra, 50 tons; and
,25 tons between Summit nnd Enoch
.schools. All bids must be marked:
"Coal Bid" on the outside of the en
velope. JANET ROLLO, Clerk.
(First July 23 Last July 30, 1920.)
' United States Land Office, Salt
Lako City, Utah, July C, 1920. To
Whom It May Concern: NOTICE is
jheroby given that tho Stato of Utah
has filed in this offico lists of lands,
'selected by tho said State, under soc
tion 6 of the Act of Congress ap
proved July 16, 1894, as Indemnity
School lands, viz: Serial No. 026679.
NEK SWK, NWK NEK, Section 14,
Township 39 South, Range 0 West,
Salt Lako Meridian. Copies of said
lists, so far as they relate to said
tracts by descriptive subdivisions,
havo been conspicuously posted in this
offico for inspection by any person
I interested and by the public generally.
During the period of publication of
'this notice, or any time thereafter and
before final approval and certification,
.under departmental regulations of
April 25, 1907, protests or contests
against tho claim of the State to any
,of the tracts or subdivisions herein
before described, on tho ground thnt
tho same is more valuable for mineral
than for agricultural purposes, will bo
, received nnd noted for report to tho
j General Land Offico at Washington,
D. C. Failure so to protest or contest
', within the time specified, will bo con
, sidercd sufficient evidence of the non
mineral character of tho tructs, and
, the selection thereof, being otherwise
free from objection, will bo approved
i to tho State.
. (First July 16 Last Aug. 13, 1920.)
, Largo and small steel "tanks, largo
' redwood tanks, corrugated iron, tim-
, bcr nnd other building material all
1 nt Johnny Mino at Statelino, Iron Co.,
I Utah, or write
Modena, Utah.
I still havo 80 acres of excellent
. irrigated land for sale. J. M. Foster.
' Adv. tf.
wmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmm H
B3-RREflHPKTv?. x ---WH-B-TiW--B--W--?y--B--Ptf--.fci.c
Ki9UHHIBHhMB&1 Xtm-TBttBTMBUmlflnKfBhUKfr'
HA T !l I
I We Have Been Extremely
I Fortunate ' I I
I --in getting a good advertised line of realB ,M
I up-to-date hats. One grade and one price. I M
1 Hats that are built for wear and style, jj J
I Everyone should know and use an Eagle I M
I Hat. I
I Stock just arrived. Call and see them if I M
1 you don't buy. Only- H M
I. $6-00 I 1
I Use Your Head and Wear an Eagle Hat. I l
Any piece of Georgette in tho store H fl
now at $2.75... Why wear cotton when
it costs as much as silk? H H
Fair time 1b coming and school days -1
arc approaching... Get you a Silk dress M
now and be prepared for tho many H ,H
dress occasions that aro outlined for H H
this Fall and Winter. H
CedarSheepStorel I
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Offico at Salt Lake City, Utah,
July 14, 1920.
Notice ia hereby given thnt Lehi
M. JoncB, of Cedar City, Utah, who
on October 23, 1915, made homestead
entry, No. 016120, for NE& NWJi,
W NEW, NW SE', Sec. 24, Tp.
38 S., R. 10 West, Salt Lako Men,
has filed notice of intention to mako
throc-yenr proof, to establish claim
to tho land nbovo described, beforo
Clerk of tho District Court, at Paro
wan, Utah, on tho 28th day of Aug.
ust, 1920.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William H. Bess, David C. Bulloch,
Erastus L. Jones and Angus Bulloch,
all of Cedar City, Utah.
(First July 16 Last Aug. 18, 1920.)
Department of tho Interior, U. S.
Land Offico at Salt Lake City, Utah,
July 8, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that Harriet
A. Wilson, widow of Francis L. Wil
son, deceased, of Prout, Utnh, who on
September 2, 1915, mado homestead
entry No. 015480, for Lots 1 and 2;
31, Tp. 33 S R. 17 W., Salt Lako
Men, has filed notice of intention to
mnke three (3) year proof, to estab
lish claim to tho land nbovo described,
before Clerk of tho District Court, nt
Parowan, Utah, on the 16th day of
August, 1920.
Claimant names ns witnesses:
Georgo D. Webster, Frank G. Web
ster, Daniel Payne, and Mrs. Nettjo
Payne, nil of Prout, Utah.
(First July 9 Last Aug. 6, 1920.)
Dividend Notice.
A dividend of Ono Dollar ($1.00)
per share has been declared upon tho
common stock of tho Dixio Power
Company, payable August 1st, 1920,
to all stock holders of record nt the
close of business July 24th, 1920.
" , , - , , XW jH
Tho "luckiest fighter" in th H
world, say all American heavy- H
weights of this Yank boxer, H
Battling Lovlnflky, who gots the H
first crack at tho European champ, H
Goorgoa Carpontlor. Tho bout la H
to bo stagod In Now Jersey early H
In Octobor, tho winner to meel H
Dompsoy. This la tho newest pic K
turo of Loviuoky. IH
Mr. Esplin, chairman of tho Iron jH
County Fair Committeo, says the H
premium list is boing prepared and H
will soon be distributed and that the jH
sub-committees aro at work on their H
various features of tho exhibition. A H
meeting of the committee is Bched- H
uled for next Tuesday, aH

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