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fc. Nada,July 27, 1920.
r Tho Pioneer Day celebration at Na-
' da -was quite "a successful affair. On
acount of tho heavy rains to the north
i N and sickness in several of the fam
' I ilies, many wero disappointed in at-
; tending but a goodly crowd gathered
i and a pleasant social hour was en
joyed. Lorin Kcslor, Bcnnet and Bar-
. rot White won in tho children's rac
es. The following program was ren-
, dercd, each number worthy of special
" notice:
'ft Paper, "Tho Pioneers," Miss Bertha
M Ecslcr.
ft Duet "0, Sole Mio," encore Marian-
fjj You'll Soon Bo Marryin' Me," June
If " Lindcman and Carlton Culmsce.
I Recitation, "Sage Brush" Elizabeth
j White.
; Address, S. S. Owens.
;jj" After tho completion of tho pro-
II . gram a delicious supper was served
jf by the ladies and dancing was in-
W dulged in throughout the evening.
I E. It. White will return to Milford
I this evening to remain for some time.
I H. Lindcman and A. J. Lewis spent
$ a few days at home the last of tho
I week.
1 Mrs. H. E. Smith acompanicd by
a her sister, Mrs. Ray and children of
f Castlo Gate, Utah, drove over from
i Cedar Monday. They will remain on
"jj ' the Smith homestead.
I Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bonner of Mil-
' ford and visiting their son Robert nnd
H-fL family.
. Some of the showers last week
fl missed this immediate vicinity,- but us
-, we "go to press" a nice rain Is faU-
J Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Owens of Cedar
fi attended the Pioneer celebration Sat.
T? Mr. and Mrs. R. 0. Dunham, Mrs.
ft- Rambler, J. E. Moore and V. C. John-
son motored to Milford last Wed. af-
ternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Dunham took
I tho limited from there to Los Angeles
' Don Ingersoll who spent n few
f days at the homo of M. Schaaf re
ft turned to San Diego last wek.
Sahara, July 2C, 1920.
Well, what do you know about it?
Here's Sahara .again. Oh, yes, Sahara
has been here all the time, busy as
ever, only the writer got slack, went
on a vacation, took a nap or some
thing. Mr. Earl Markwith arrived back
hero n few weeks ago from Los An
geles, Cal. We arc glad to have him
'"" -with us again, ho was accompanied by
his sister, Mrs. Sissuy and a friend,
Mr. Bcrkhart, also from Los Angeles.
D. C. Uric, road supervisor from
Cedar City was in this neighborhood
lately and had arangements made to
put in culverts in the draw north of
Sahara, in three different places. One
near Frank Hedrick's place, one near
J. A. Baker's and one near Mrs. Bcr
l tha Schindler's. Those who did the
work were Messrs Earl Markwith,
H. 0. Dougherty and Wm Griffin. We
aro very glad to have theso culverts
in as some of our roads arc almost
- ' impassable in wet weather on account
of tho deep ditches.
Word has htcn received from Mr.
and Mrs. H. T. Griffin thot Mr. Grif
fin has undergone his operation and is
doing nicely. We are all glad to know
it and hope they will soon bo with us
Wo all enjoyed a dance at tho
school house on the seventeenth. The'
outsiders who were with ub were tho
Misses Wright and Keeler of Nada
who rode over with Mr. and Mrs. Jas. J
A. Baker nnd daughters, and Mrs.
ninnri.nnnnHiimiiiiMmimunHpmnviinimnnninHMfviiiniiii wihhhii
New Harmony, July 27, 1920.
We havo neglected to report the
farewell party that was given Elder
Donald Schmutz on the 9th, Inst. A
program and dance with refreshments
were , tho main features of the- party
and the neat sum of $106.00 was
donated to help him in his good work.
Ho left on the 12th for Salt Lake
where he was assigned to the Iowa
mission. His address is: Elder Don
ald Schmutz, 427 East 14th St., Dav-.
enport, Iowa.
Mr. James Knell and daughter Iva
of Newcastle are hero visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Ashby Pace for a fey days.
Morris Whitehead of St. Georgo
spent the week end here visting.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Cox of Fnirview
returned home today after a few
days visit here with Mr. and Mrs.
Oren Kchey, Mrs. Cox's parents.
A number of our people went v
Knnarra to attend the dance la"t
Mrs. J. D. Ncilson returned to her
home here last week after a short
visit with relatives in Monroe.
Mrs. Golda Cox, who has been vis
iting her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Geo:
F. Prince here for a few weeks, re
turned to her home at St. George
Floyd Grant, Clark Pace, Oren
Taylor and Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer Tay
lor spent the 24th at Grafton nnd
Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Mathis and
Mrs. Melissa Hammond are visitors
at Cedar City today.
Sissuy and Mr. Bcrkhart, visitors of
Mr. Mnrkwith.
As far as the writer knows, Mr. V.
M. Carlson has us all beat on raising
corn and soudan grass on dry land
this year. His corn measured 5 ft.
2 inches and the Boudnn 46 inches be
fore the rain. Mr. H. 0. Dougherty
has the finest potatoes and his trees
arc a credit to tho community.
Little Dorothy Meadcs spent a
couple of days nnd nights with Luel
ln. Magnussen this week.
Harlow Magnussen of Beryl has
been nt home with his parents for n
Tncomn Baker is staying with her
Grandma, Mrs. A. E. Phillips.
Those who drove over from Beryl
Sunday were ns follows: Mr. and Mrs.
H. C. Davis and little daughter Ro
mnine., Miss Vnlborg Magnussen and
Messrc Harlow Magnussen and Joe
Yocman. They all spent tho after
noon nnd evening at Magnussen'n.
Lawrence Meades has been on the
at this writing.
The rain Inst week was a God-sond
. nnd we all know that every body ap
preciated it by the smile they have
worn ever since.
Mrs. J. C. House and dnughtor Bes
sie visited with Mrs. N. L. Meadcs and
children for n couple of days recently.
Letters havo been received from tho
Reynolds Griffins nnd Corns who are
in the east 'visiting their old homes.
They are all enjoying thcmsloves nnd
hope to be here with us again soon.
Snhara was well represented at the
( Johnstone home in Salt Lake City
during the month of June. Those ivho
were there are as follows: Mr. and
Mrs. II. C. Davis, Mrs. C. M. Mitg
: nussen, Mrs. Corn, Mrs. Reynold j, Mr.
and Mrs. G. E. Griffin and daughter"
Ruth, and Messrs Olaf Johnson and
N. L. Meadcs. We arc looking for a
call from Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone
nnd fnmily here in the near future.
Tire stone
Sales of this tire have increased 96 9t ,H
the first six months of this year, prov- jBSRHnL il
ing the balanced tire, the Firestone j JBJSBfllk '
3Vz has accomplished what Firestone SSSHmi i
sought for it, more mileage, greater WipBvVM '1
economy, greater comfort, which has i wi 1
been passed on to the public at low p u Wi 1
Balanced! That means to you more flfMrMM i u, Egia m
than mere thickness of tread, great- H
er air capacity, more plies of fabric, 4Kfe H9
greater cushioning, or the gauge of ttPJP4h3r?2fc 1
the sidewall. It means that all " non skid )
component parts of the Firestone 3& mHfcfc CLf 1
are scientifically balanced by special- S) M9
ists who have put years of study and cfTube $3J7s"
practice into a single purpose to Red Tube $4.so M
meet your demand in a small car tire. M
You can now have all four tires on ,m;?i.iIi. i M
your car give uniform service if they I II II Hi 1
... . . j..MM&&&& ir?:'Timsw..rjTf,,vsaMrtCi,i i iiTirMrBiin-i-riMiiiiriT mumwuw mm aaaw aa H
s voPE vf Avorr ojChT1
( Dp-to-dabo
- tL "J S aftti inn-"""
Ono of tho most difficult aerial flights ovor attempted In this
country Is now under way. Four planes, comprising tho Alaskan
flying expedition, loft Now York July 15th for Nome, Alaska, and
roturn, a trip of 9000 miles. Abovo aro tho fivo oulcors who, with
throo Borgeanta, aro now on tholr way across tho continent. Cap
tain St. Street (at tho loft) Is In command of tho expedition.
Mr. J. W. Imlay, President of the
Iron Commercial & Savings Bank and
of the Iron County Milling Company,
was up from his home in Hun:can)
Wednesday looking after his many lo
cal interests. Mr. Imlay stated that
the crops in his home town fields
were suffering to some extent on ac
count of the leaks thnt had Intely de
veloped in their big canal, which
took tho water out of the canal for
about ten days.
Largo and smnll steel tanks, largo H
redwood tanks, corrugated iron, tim- H
bcr and other building material all M
at Johnny Mino at Statcline, Iron Co., H
Utah, or writo M
Modena, Utah. H
The Iron County Fnir Committeo H
met at Parowan Wednesday night, H
and went over the various problems; H
connected with the preparation of H
the annual county exhibition. Tho H
full membership of tho committeo H
was present and took nctivo part. jH
Another meeting of the committeo H
will be held next Monday evening at' H
the Public Library Auditorium in H
Cedar City. M
f "Joe MARTI NF When a Club eats u6ker mnrTm I
i IIIhOU 00 YOU III I I TURN I " WHEAH 0) D ) T ( WHY1WHATS i PO YOU SEE ) II 1 1 SHO'DOESJ t"V i Hill ( y " I
V, I (B ioao vwivb8aw -;wvipn yfftioT J 1 mn 1 "-1 i . . :.:...-' ..'.. :.. '-' ' - .'t.vj i-ntji..'j j ti- . .in:.i,J, 1 " " ' 5k
' (MR

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