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H (Continued from first page.)
H liquor were offered in evidence by the
H district attorney Attorney McNnmco
H for the defense objected on the ground
H tbnt a man hnd the right to have a
H reasonable quantity of liquor in his
H own homo and on the further ground
H that the still ns offered in evidenco
H was incomplete. Thin objection was
H sustained by Justice Palmer and the
H district attorney was forced to con-
M tinuc the fight without the vital cvl-
H dence of the still parts and the liquor.
M "Attorney Scott has informed the
m Record that Justice Palmer remarked
m during tho trial that 'this man, is not
H ffoing to bo bound over anyway un-
M less you prove to my absolute satis-
H faction that ho is guilty." This nttl-
M tude is amusing when it is ronsiderpd
M that the laws of tho state of Nevada
j plainly sny that n defendant shall be
M bound over to tho district court if
M there is probable cause for guilt
H shown.
H Calicnte Druggist Implicated
H "W. A. Thcyson, manager of the
m Caliente Pharmacy was called to tho
H witness stand and testified thnt on
B July 12 Kaulbaugh came to him and
B nsked to borrow his Overland car, but
that as the machine was not working
well he (Thcyson) was not over.
anxious to allow it to go out, but ho
agreed to accompnny the machine and
do tho hauling himself. Theyson was
certain that he did not know where
they were going when they left Cali-
cntc, but said that aftar some II.' tie
timo driving thoy landed nt Klondike
j Wells, where thoy found Wnddcll,
H Kaulbaugh's partner, and tho other
H member of tho alleged gang of moon-
M Bhiners, who, according to Thoy3on,
1 mixed Up a batch of gems, which wcro
baked and eaten with molasses, tho
1 latter being tnkon from the contents
M of a barrel on the place. After the
'meal" was finished, Thoyso:i testified
1 the other members of tho pnrtv rolle I
M up some bedding nnd also loaded n
H largo box into tho automobile. 1 hey-
son being told, he said that the box
1 contained cooking utcnsiU. Theyson
was bo certain that it was not a still
H that he hnnlcd it to town on this oc
1 casion. He testified that ho wns sur-
prisiil to find Wnddcll at tho Klondike
B Wells, ns he had believed him to bb
m in rait Lake.
"Thoy left camp for Caliente, Thcy
m. son said, about 8:30 p. m. but broke
down on the road in and were rescued
M by a sheepman, who took tho load on
into town, arriving there at 2:30 n. in.
on July IS. Thcyson ndmittcd that ho
B drove through tho back alley to tho
rear of Kaulbough's ond Wnddell's
M home, where the load was taken fiom
M, the machine.
KTV Thcvson's Lame Story.
Hiji "Thcyson said ho never saw Wnd-
mA dell again, and thnt it never occurred
l to him (Theyson) to nsk an cxplana-
m tinn for the curious mnnner in which
H the lond was handled and the fact that
H they reached tho house thru a back
It alley, etc. Ho said it was none of his
m business, although he received no pay
H for making the trip to Klondike Wells.,
H He further said that it was not nt all
H unUBUal for him to lenvc his business
B in Calicnte nnd embark upon pilgrim-
H ages into the country for which he re-
H ccived no pny.
H "At tho conclusion of the evidence
H for tho state the defendnnt, W. Kaul-
H baugh offered no evidenco whatever
H and Justice of the Pence Palmer im-
H mediately ruled that there was not
L- enough evidence to warrant tho de-
fendnut being held for the district,
H court and he was accordingly dis-1
H charged.
"E. B, Waddell, Knulbaugh's part
H ncr for whom a warrant was also is
H sued, has not been found and it is bo
H lieved that he has left the state. He
H will be arrested as soon as npprehend-
H "Incidents relating to the search of l
H the Klondike Wells hnunts of the men j
H who were under surveillance by thei
H officers are indeed interesting to tho
H cusunl reader and nre here outlined ns '
H related to a representative of the Rec-
H ord by Sheriff William Culverwcll
H when he wns in Pioche Monday nfter-
H noon.
H Sheriff Gets Wise to Facts.
H "According to the sheriff, he had'
H reason to believe, without conclusive!
H evidence, however, to prove his opin-,
H ion, thnt it still was being operated in
H Calicnte, and thnt tho product there-
H from was being; peddled in tho vicin-j
H ity. Ho belioved that he hail cnoughV
H evidence to warrant a search being
H mode of tho Waddell and Knulbnugh
H pool hull, and if necessary the resl-
H dence of the pnir in Cnlicnte. When i
H ho visited Pioche nt tho time of tli.'
H meeting of the county commissioners
H Juno 0 the sheriff confided his belief
H to District Attorney A. L. Scott and
H a wnrrnnt In blank wns issued, to bo
H placed in operation by Mr. Culverwlo
H , when he deemed the nction most ad-
H visable.
H "An over-watchful eye was kept on
B the coinings nnd goings of tho alleged
H Btill operators and moonshine whisky
H peddlers for a period of over thirty
H days, and the trap was sprung on tho
H night of June 17, when a search was'
H made of Klondiko Wells, located four
H miles south of Bennett Springs, 12
H miles from Calicnte and at the north
H cm end of Chief mountain. The birds
H had flown from there, however, but'
B there was evidence to the effect that
M an effort had been mado to destroy
HI tho former presence of n still thore. A
H largo quantity of prunes and barley
B around on the ground, three fifty-gal-
B lon'barrels, three ten-gallon kegs and
Back On The Job Making More
Money Than Ever In His
Life, He Sayj.
"For tho first timo in fifteen years
I can sit down and eat a big bcefstcajc
supper and go to bed afterwards and
sleep like a lo all night long," ontd
George Sanderson a well-known minor
living at 1016 Smith St., Peoria, 111.
"This Tanlac has ovcrcomo a
mighty bad enso of stomach trouble
and rhcumntism for me" ho continued.
"My legs ached and pained so bad, V.
couldn't sleep nt night and my hands'
were so drawn I couldn't use my pick
half tho time. Everything I nto
bloated mo up with gas for hours af
terwards and I would havo tho worst
cramps in my stomach you over heard
of. Sometimes a cramping spell would
hit mo when I wns in the mino at
work and I would have to run out and
lie down until it pnsscd off. I finally
got in Buch bad shape I had to quit
my job for three months nnd I was
not able to hit a lick of work.
"I saw in the paper where Tanlac
had reliovcd our Stato Mino Inspec
tor of troubles just like mine, so I de
cided to try it, too, and sir, it was
simply amazing the way Tanlac put
mo on my feet. I haven't a lrn):a ofl
rheumatism or stomach trouble now
ond actually believe I am stronger
than I over wns in my life. You would
thing so too, if you could see tho tons
of coal I pllo up every day and I am
makinp; more money than I over did.
Tanlnc is certainly a real mcdiclno
and I boost it every chnnco I have."
Tanlac is sold in Cedar City by tho
Cedar City Drug; Co. ond in Pnrowan
by tho Porowan Drug Co.
ono five-gallon keg were found in tho
wntcr tank, where they had probobly
been plnccd to keep well soaked up.
The officers making tho search were
Shnriff William Culverwcll ond Depu
ties J. Less Denton nnd Lloyd Denton.
Still and Whiskey Located.
"The next day, July 18, o search of
tho pool hall operated by Waddell &
Kaulbnugh in Caliente was conducted,
to which Manager Knulbnugh readily
consented, but nothing stronger than
soda water was found. At tho com
pletion of the search Sheriff Culver
wcll remarked that "wo will now go
to your house and see what wo can
find there." This remark caused a look
of consternation to pass over tho faco
of Kaulbnugh and ho requested of the
shoriff permission to again look at the
warrant. This was assented to by the
sheriff nnd ns tho warant also called
for a search of the homo further ob
jection upon tho pnrt of Kaulbaugh
was useless. Sheriff Culverwcll re
quested that Kaulbaugh go with him
to tho home, but the latter said ho
was too busy and could not get away,
at which tho sheriff changed request
to a demand and took tho pool hall
mnn with him nnd mndo a thorough
search, of his residence.
"One and n half gals, of moonshine
liquor wns found, together with the
still in which it was supposed to have
been manufactured. Here once more
Kaulbaugh asked a favor of the sher
iff and requested a drink of tho stuff,
saying thnt it was his own private
stock and that his Bystcm required a
certain amount of the beverage. To
this the shoriff consented, but instead
of tnking n drink, Knulbnugh is said
to have filled a flask, a port of which
ho drank.
At Least 100 Gallons Output.
"Sheriff Culverwcll informed tho
reporter that in his opinion there hnd
been nt least ono hundred gallons of
moonshine manufactured through the
medium of tho still nnd tho alleged
operators, judging from the nmount
of refuse discovered nt Klondike Well.
He said he also believed it was ped
dled by tho gallon nnd in lesser quan
tities in tho immediate vicinity of
Cnliento nnd that some of it was prob
ably taken tq, Snlt Lake where it
doubtless could hnve been easily dis
posed of.
"According to the sheriff there wns
a fourth party connected with the op
erations of the nllegcd lnw-breakers
in the person of n man snid to havo
hailed from Salt Lake, whose namo
was never learned and whose identity
is unknown. It is known, however,
thnt this mnn put in his timo for
nbout five weeks nt Klondiko Wells,
where tho still is supposed to havo
boon in operation, nnd it is believed j
by those on the insido thnt ho was the
"expert" in manufacturing tho booze.
He is known to have departed for Salt
Lnke a day or two previous to tho
search and arrest of Kaulbnugh. As
ho had several trunks shipped to tho
jUtnh city it is nlso belioved that a
qunntity of boozo wns transported to
Snlt Lake in that mnnner. Sheriff Cul
verwcll notified Snlt Lake officials as
soon as this information wns learned
nnd requested thnt a lookout bo kept
for tho alleged offender, but to date no
information has como to the sheriff's
offico to tho effect that he hns been
tnken into custody.
Paoer's Publicity Strikes Home.
; "Last week's issue of tho Record
, contnined tho nows of tho raid on the
, home of E. B. Wnddcll nnd W. Knul
bnugh, in Caliente, whore n still
which hnd been used in tho mnnufne
turo of "moonshine" liquor wns con
fiscated, in tho transportation, at
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ped with motor drawn pump, a
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The July number o tho Hotel
Monthly, published in Chicago, fea
tures tho building of tho new CednrJ
hotel in an nrticlu illustrated by n cut
of tho btructuro ns plnnncd, nnd end
ing with this pnrngrfraph:
"A few dnys ngo wo received n per
spective drawing of the hotel nnd wo
tnko pleasure in presenting same
herewith. The new hotel is n pictm
oscuio stmcturo of the kind to appeal
to tourist travel. It is roomy, airy,
has n comfortable look nnd wo feel
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do n good business."
I 4
least, Druggist Thoyoon was impli
cated. "Attorney McNnmco, who repre
sented Defendant Kaulbaugh, last
Tuesday informed tho mnnnger of tho
Record that ho had been instructed by
Mr. Knulbnugh to have his subscrip
tion to tho llccord discontinued.
"Two days later, Thursday, a post
card wns received from Druggist
Theyson instructing tho Record to dis
continue tho four copies being mniled
to tho news department of tho Cnl
iento Phnrmncy.
"Tho Record glndly complies with
tho requests of theso gentlemen, ns It
desires not to handle nny of their ill
gotten gains."
i - v !
JIImm V A It Pities, Bottled Vinegar, Sauer Kraut, Crackers, Canned To-
jMWlWitLJy MW matoes, Sweet Potatoes, Soups, Sugar, Corn. i
H i Cedar City Bakery & j
3 :: Confectionary ::
l NotSlw 7 I If '
We'll tell
the world
But heat has no
I terrors for those
I who drink at our
fountain. : : : : :
Cool, sparkling,
I Sodas, Grape
Juice, Budweiser;
Koot Deer. : : : :
Cedar City Drug Co.
ii -i - i in ..i
Why lot a littlo thins lo A
million dollars stand in, tbo way
of gottlng tho hay In? David
NIcoll Cant, who camo trom Scot
land and for twonty years has
been working as a farmhand, after
& Boven-year uourch baa been lo
cated by hla relatives who aro
holding his aharo of a million or
moro for him. Dut, owing to tho
fact that it'a haying timo, Davo
says ho'll havo to wait until tbo
end of tho month anyway boforo
leaving hla employer at Doylcaton.
James Judd of Hurricane wns in
Cedar City Tuesday on his way to
Pnnguitch. At thnt date, nlthough
heavy rains hnd fallen nbovo and
north of the Black Ridge, not n drop
had touched earth below it.
Price 2c. per Word for First Insertion
and lc. per Word for Each ;
Additional Insertion.
home. Sold nt n bargain if taken at
onco. S. S. Owens, City. Adv tf.
FOR SALE CHEAPA seven room '
residence on tho lane just one block .
cast of the center of Main Street for Mk
only $3,000.00 if tnkon nt once.
Cedar City Corporation by,
J. II. ARTHUR. Recorder. ft
WANTED A competent cook. Good I
wnges for right npplicnnt. Apply I
Cedar's Hotel, Cedar City, Ut. Adv tf I
Dividend Notice. H
A dividend of Ono Dollar ($1.00)
por shnro haa been declared upon the I
common stock of tho Dixio Power
Company, payable August 1st, 1920,
to all stock holders of record at tho
close of business July 24th, 1920.
Secretary. H

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