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JSt. Nada, Aug 3, 1920.
More rain has fallen the first twa
days this, month than during tho
month of July and as it is still
i threatening, tho farmers no doubt
v icel that their crops are saved.
Phillip Costcllo and Gcrland Lash
J -who conceived tho idea that a freo
ride" to California would be a lark, ar-
I Tived in Los Angeles finally, wiser
it .and, wearier than when they left Ut.
J Phil had a pass, but was game and
sawt it through, although it was not
all a pleasure trip.
K. E. Mertin is mowing Mr. B.
1 Hcnschke's dry land grain, he has
1 wheat, barley and onts and while it
. 'will bo inconvenient to thresh, it will
5 mnkc excellent feed.
I ' "
Oh, boy, thoso home grown Nada
roasting ears taste good! First rc-
j ported July 25. B. Hcnschke and L.
A. Culmsco have corn measuring 0
i ' ' ft. high in the field and still growing.
; A. A. Kinder has sold his motor
cyclo to D. L. Kesler. A few years-
.ago they were not practical on ac-
count of the roads but Mr. Kcsler's
'' " is equipped with a side car which may
I prove satisfactory.
:l ...
I Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. Morris arrived
from Caliento Sunday evening to
l spend h monh on Mr. Morris's home-
i stead near Thermo.
f ...
, Government surveyors havo been at
I work recently surveying tho Iron-
'', Beaver county line near here, which
I has never been very clearly defined.
f Mr. A. L. Dotson of Minersville was
here Sunday taking a census of school
children and discussing the question
ij of joint school at this place with Iron
County as has been done heretofore.
The county superinendend and Mrs.
Dotson also accompanied him.
Mrs. George Meyers and little
daughter arrived from Vallejo, Cal.
( last Sunday evening. Mr. Meyers
. will join them in the fall. They arc
i' visiting Mr. Meyers' mother Mrs. D.
Wix, whose mother is also visiing her
j and making four generations to-
;; ...
J "Jockey" Myers and son Joe were
T Nada callers last Wednesday enroute
to their ranch in the mountains.
Mrs. H. E. Smith and neice Forded
J to Cedar last Saturday and brought
'l Mr. Smith back with them Mr. Linde-
man and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lewis
1 also came over Saturday, all tho
', gentlemen returning to work Monday.
1.1 The bachelors of Nada most royal-
w" ly discharged their social obligations
( last Saturday evening with a big
( r- dance and feed. People were in at-
tendanco from Milford, Lund and Ce-
'; dar City.
,' R. W . McGinty came up from
near Caliento where he is working on
!' the B. B. gang to attend the dance and
! visit homo folks.
' J. F. Dinwiddio who has spent the
( season putting down wells for his
1 neighbors has decided to work for
himself for a while and has just fin-
,. ished a well on his own place. It is;
' 90 ft. deep and a 12 inch well. Ho en-
i countered water at a depth of 50 ft.
' Engine and pump will be installed
j soon.
New Harmony, Aug. 3, 1920.
Tho Misses Nora Ballard and
Mndgc Jones of Grafton aro visiting
friends and relatives here for a few
Mrs. MJclissa Hammond returned
homo Saturday from Cedar City,
Enterprise, Aug. 4, 1920.
Mr. W. II. Leigh waB in town last
week leaving another Edison machine
Mr. Joseph Holt went to Cedar City
laBt week and brought back a ncir
Studebakor car.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Drake aro tho
proud parents of a fine baby girl.
, Mrs. John Hunt went to Cedar City
last week to visit relatives for a.
short time.
t . .
Amos Hunt returned from Milford
. .
A fine baby boy arrived at the home
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jacob Trucman thftj
A largo crowd of young peoplo went
to tho reservoir Saturday evening re
turning Sunday afternoon.
James Rancher of Pinovalley died
here Saturday night, the remains
were taken to Pinovalley for burial.
Eph. Barlow is erecting a house on
1st south street. Ho moved tho house
from Fay.
We have been enjoying some fine
rain storms tho past week which havo
been fine for the crops.
Sahara, Utah, Aug. 3, 1920.
Mrs. V. M. Carlson and little daugh
ter, Mrs. A. T. Griffin and Mrs. N. L.
Meads and children were callers at
Magnusscn's on Tuesday.
The rain and bad roads prevented
several persons from going to Nada
last Saturday evening. Those who
went up on tho train were: Misses')
Tncoma Baker, Luclla Magnussen and
Bessie House; from Beryl were Mrs.
Vnlburg Magnussen and Hnrlin Mag
nussen. All report a dandy good time,
and lots of enko, ico cream, punch
and fruit. They all say they aro go
ing again.
Mr. and Mrs. J . E. House and
daughter Bessie, and Mrs. A. E. Phil
lips nnd Miss Tacomn Baker, spent
Tuesday night with Mrs. Forncrook
at the Lund Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. Baker ant'l
daughter Blendino Sundayed with
Grandma Phillips.
Mrs. A. T. Griffin called at Mag
nusscn's on Tuesday.
Mr. V. M. Carlson is on tho sick list
at present. e
where she visited friends for a few
days last week.
Floyd Grant and Clark Pace who
have been visiting ' at Grafton and
other parts of Dixio retunied yester
day. . . .
Mrs. Eliza Kclsey and Miss Minnie
Pace are home again after six weeks
absence cooking for tho men who have
been working on the road between
Central and Pinovalley.
Stake Mutual officers visited us last
Sunday afternoon giving some valu
able instructions.
J. W. Prince of St. George was vis
iting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fran
cis Prince here last Snturday.
i1, n 1---TI- r - -. "-'" - ' ' .,.. -ii..iwt .,, ... -- - .- ....m. , ,. , -. ..-., i. - I....- -i , ...w. .. , . jw-, .. .. - - -rfl T j nr- mi,,, M
i ; B
,, , ' - H
Whats done as much as i I
anqthin else to fill up : " I
the movie houses Y5i I
IOOK at the crowds that ing for, something that isn!t , H
- step out of their cars in there when they look for it. H
I '.;! front of the movies every ... I H
,11 ;v summer evening. H
What a man pays for in a H
The movie managers tire is quality notalimited , H
would be renting half of their number of miles or the privi- M
theatres for store space, if it lege of getting a rebate in , M
weren't for the automobile. case the miles don't come
Setoctyour Una ac- ,. Up tO the limit. H
cording to tho roada H
'XHZ- S !t iS typiCal f AmerIcans U. S. Tires are guaranteed
Ktorbrheavy-Thc t0k t0 the SUt" SS t0 quality Wltfl HO Jim!- 'H
u.s. Nobby. mobile as a matter of course tation of mileage.
JitSSicSS ist as they have to the ; ' .
movies and to every other And that holds just as good H
rlVtt great invention of the last for the srna11 car iirG as for ' M
For beat results haif century the blZ&st U'-S- Tire wve ... ,s iB
RoyaTcdT""'8, got. There's only one stand- '
iiUmW'mg And the Same thing haS ard of quality with U.S. and H
tLlll haPPenedevervtime- Talin the size of the car has noth- H
WtlM4Mtf)l thm&s as they come is a fine ng whatever to do with it H
PIJ way to foster waste and ex- Jt
BDwrxoRD-NoeBY-oiAiNuscD-piAiN travagance.
We represent U. S. Tires H
As regards tires, the come- in this town. You'll find ,it M
back is about due. People worth while to talk to us be- M
are pretty near through pay- fore you buy any more tires. M
United States Tires t I
I , - -- - H
,M,'''"M"'wi,MI"M,'ll'M'l,''wi'''IMIWWWMIW ' " "' 'n--i.l ., , H
Toll advertisers that you saw it in
Tho Record.
I,, try Yrrrr ,
On the 2Gth of July the Stockhold
ers of the Cedar Sheep Storo held
their annual meeting, at which n mer
chandise dividend of 20 per cent wa3
declared. The annual election of of
ficers was postponed to August 23rd,
to await tho final determination of the
negotiations now pending with Cedar
Co-op storo for consolidation of the
two institutions.
, - ' H
JOE MAPTIN- A Cage Mqmkb, r I
WMM I I I I , II 1 I 7 11 "" it ' l I rlEYJOE! COME DOWN!) I IP TNIX ON THAT TP X i
WEm J)4(m )hlJl DE .CUSTOM OFFICIAL i 5 iHEM 1 X "
' i8o uNivr'mAL ainvice bynoicate 1 - I - ' 11 " ' hi H H llll 3 .-- yyTyffe: I McfNsZ$r ' .' i S
H I. nT i - IIJIDi i' J illlll',Jill,iil tUtiiut i,wm(i;mtmy p'.'i.ik .1 !. '. ' ''"' I 1. .. . ...W ' ill 1IHWHH I1IHH1Y 1 , ) I. II, -T. It T- '' I in fl ,1 .1 . I Sp

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