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Sahara, Aug. 9, 1920.
, Mr. Ernest House has returned
', from Los Angeles where he has been
J working for the last few months, we
i arc all glad to have him back with us
- Miss Valborg Magnusscn and her
I brother Harlow spent Sunday with
the Sahara folks.
Mrs. N. L. Mcndcs has purchased
a fine jersey heifer of V. M. Carlson.
Messrs Earl Markwith and and II.
i 0. Dougherty and Doc Hoxio took a
1 flying trip to Cedar City and Parowan
Well, if the corn and soudan gross
contest is on between H. O. Dougherty
and V. M. Carlson, we nre of the op
inion that the spud contest will bo be
tween Mrs. J. E. House, Mrs. N. L.
1 Meadcs and Grandma Phillips, altho
Dougherty and Carlson certainly have
Borne nice looking potato fields. We'll
1 see later on.
Miss Tacoma Baker took a horse
back ride to Beryl Tuesday to spend
a day with Miss Vnlborg Magnusscn.
While the grown ups have been
contesting for the best crops, the
kiddies have been learning their mul
tiplication tables and will soon be ablo
to determine which of them have
worked the hardest during vacation.
Wc arc looking for Mr. Chas. An
derson from Los Angeles the end of
J this week. He is coming to make finnl
proof on his homestend near here.
; Mrs. J. E. House was a caller at
Grandma Phillips Monday.
S Nada, August 10, 1920.
iDowoy McGinty went to Milford
last week to consult an eye specialist.
Mrs. Glenn Blackburn and her son
Mclvin arc visiting with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Kcslcr.
D. L. Barnes, C. C. Kinder and A.
A. Kinder hove all quit work on the
section ond are employed in the shops
at Milfoid where wages are higher.
Mrs. Mae G. Barnes is making nr
' rongements to moke final proof on her
1 Sheriff Fotheringham and Mr.
Hedges of the S. L. R. R. were in town
on official business last week.
T. J. Norris who leased his ranch
to Mr. Kcsler for five years wants to
come back to Utah and will if he can
so arrange with Mr. Kcsler.
Mrs. II. M. Dinwiddio returned
homo from an extended visit with her
sons in Escondido, Cal. Her son, G.
II. Dinwiddio returned with her to
remain for n month.
Weber Brothers of Milford have
The Blokely Drug Store has been
I Bold to Mr. II. H. Peterson, on old'
timer in the drug business in Richfield,
and his son, II. E. Peterson is coming
1 here to manage the local institution.
I The deal was closed up the first of
this week, immediately on the return
of Mr. Blokely from the coost, where
ho went with his wife in the interests
of her health. Mrs. Blokely remained
in Los Angeles, where they hove token
; apartments at 120-1 F. North Kingsley
Drive, and where they wil reside ns
soon ns Mr. Blokely winds up the bus
I iness of the transfer of the business.
! Ho drove to Los Angeles in his cor,
1 but returned by roil occomponicd by
his fnthcr-in-law, Mr. Fred Bortlett of
' Los Angeles, who is remaining in Ce-
,' dor a few days ond will return with
i Mr. Blakely.
Enterprise, Aug. 10, 1920.
Mr. ond TNlrs. Thomas Truemnn and
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hall have re
turned home from Pahranagnt Valley
where they have been for some time.
A crowd of the Bee Hive girls went
on a fishing trip last week and re
turned home Saturday.
Mrs. Sarah Hunt was called to Solt
Lake Saturday, her husbond being
very sick with appendicitis.
Dcssie and Max Hunt have gone to
Solt Lake City where they have em
ployment. Mrs. Mary Bunker of Delta is here
visiting with her parents and other
Mr. L. M. Windsor of Salt Lake
came down to attend the stockholders
meeting which was held for the pur
pose of considering the erection of an-
cher dam.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jnivs of New-
o.nllc were in town Sunday.
The relatives and friends of Grand
father Terry were grieved very much
the other day to learn thot while
he wos wolking outside he slipped in
a hole which caused him to fall and
break his leg. Dr. McGregor was
j called to set the limb and states that
it was a very bod break. Grandfa
ther Terry is nearing his ninety-sixth
year ond is suffering very much.
drilled a well for Mr. M Schaof ns the
well rig which ho had shipped in from
California did not work in this soil.
E. R. White came down from Mil
ford lost week to work on his trac
tor. He returned to Milford Sunday
evening ond took the limited Monday
night for Eucinitos, Calif., where he
will remain until next spring.
Ollie Norris is putting down a well
on his place and hopes to irrigate
next year.
Since the rains, the boys arc hav
ing great sport swimming and "boot
ing on the pond by the track south
of the post office.
Mr. ond Mrs. H. Lindcman and
daughters Lillian and June motored
to Milford last Saturday and Mr.
Lindcmnnn purchoscd C. D. Kieth's
five h. p. Economy engine ond pump
which he will instnl in a well on his
ranch. Good! let the work go on!
A train came through Sunday fore
noon picking up all the section hands
nlong the line to assist in repairing
damages done by the big wnsh out
between Colientc and Los Vegas.
J. W. Dinwiddio has purchased Mrs.
A. J. Vaughn's house, which he has
wrecked ond moved to his place to be
used for n barn.
Mrs. II. E. Smith and Mrs. Z. Roy
ond families nrcs pending a few days
in Cedar City.
j Mr. and Mrs. 11. Lindemonn, Mrs.
McGinty ond Mrs. D. Wix spent Mon
day in Minersville.
State of Utah, County of Iron, City of
Cedar City.
To Whom It May Concern:
I hove in my possession the fallow
ing described estroy animol, which if
.not clainfed nnd token away, will lie
sold at public auction to the highest
cosh bidder at Bicdermnrt's corral, in
Cedar City, Utah, August 18, 1920,
ot the hour of 4 p. m., to wit:
One light red, white foced steer,
about 20 months old; crop off lcf,
under-hack in right ear; branded Li
on left ribs.
Said animal was taken up by Perry
Brothers on the 9th day of August,
A. D. 1920, for trespassing.
GUV TRVJN to so fraid of vne'llV
Pugg0N "$ cgTHeN BEftTCHft
The old ball games out Id the bock lot? The tlmo you used to
have "choosln' up sides "' Skinny StenrnB and Fat always wanted to
choose up and then the fun would start Skinny would always claim
that he could set thoao "three fingers" (ho could got throe flugors
whore Fat couldn't think or it) "Well, a'rlght, then, If you guys get
yor Ins we get the extra man and you can hove Porgo for right Hold."
Porgo was usually dragging up In the rear carrying the bats aud
the much-covotod mask Then, after ubout an hour's arguing over
tho sides, the old game would Anally bo on and ovorythlng going fine,
and Ad Morcer would probably loom up In tho background and that
meant pull stakes for another field. Somehow, Ad nevor did llko to
have tho fellas run through tho potato field after a fly ball out thoro
in center field. Somoone would yoll: "Hero comos old man Mercer, wo
hotter boat It for" ho gets hero " Finish ball game
A feller Isn't so awfully partlculur whero he steps when ne'e
after a ball and there were parts of Ail's potato crop that lookod as
though they wouldn't amount to very much, In tact, it didn't amount
to very much. Dctwcen tho corn silk pulled off the corn and tho ratio
from the old rail fence down by the creek that tho fellas used to make
bridges with, Ad used to be kcut pretty busy watchln' where the
bunch was It wnf s kron llfp h'-"-,,?,,l1B
To be held at Library Auditorium,
August 21, at 8 o'clock, p. m.
Musical number under direction of
Mrs. Adn W. Webster.
Five minutes on Parliamentary
Rules. Mrs. Buckwulter.
Reading "Womon in Industry,"
plnnks from different platforms.
Zelma Lunt.
Explanation of the Woman's Bur
eau in the U. S. Dept, five minute talk
Mrs. Christine Clnyton.
Rending, "Woman's Rights," Lib
by Gower.
"Lure of the Double Salary," five
minute talk Janet Rollo.
"Legislation Favorable to Women's
Work nnd Child Labor Laws," five
minute talk Mrs. Emma Secgmillcr.
: Serial No. 1 "League of Notions,"
I commencing with n five minute talk
1 on the Constitution of tho United
States Mrs. E. II. Ryan.
I Roll Coll ond minutes read.
I Musical number under direction of
Mrs. Ado W. Webster.
I All paid up members of tho Ladies
Republican Club nnd their partners
wil be roynlly entertained at the Li
brary auditorium August 31, 1920.
(V- )(V) $ I
)n,D :
' 1111111? 4"
The University of Utah Reserve
Officers Training Corps unit, which
represented tho stnto institution nt
tho recent encampment held nt Camp
Knox, Kentucky, was not surpassed
by any other college, nccording to
Major M. G. Randol, in charge of tho
R. O. T. C. nt tho university. In tho
individual ratings a Utah student,
Maurice Mayer, won second honor in
the entire camp with a score of 08.7
per cent.
For six weeks of tho camp tho men
lived under military discipline and
studied tho various phases of field ar
tillery. Expenses wcro paid by the
government. Every R. O. T. C. stu
dent must attend one such encamp
ment during the four years of tho
The object of tho R. O. T. C is to
train college men thnt they may
servo ns officers in lime of war. The
work is elective, carries college credit
ami leads to second lieutenant's com
mission in tho reserve corps. Students
ore provided witli army equipment
and juniors ond seniors ore paid.
Plans for tho year hovo been recoived
from tho chief of field artillery ot
Washington and will bo put into effect
with the opening of school, September
In speaking of tho R. O. T. C, Mn
jor Randol said: "Results of tho o
enmpment nnd tho post year's work
sliow conclusively that tho judgment
of ihc war ricpiuimcnt in planning
surh wok w.t sound. It has been
benefit inl to Ihe schools, to the Mu
dents and to the pnvornment."
Jomes Smith is equipping his form
for dairying nnd lias imported n car
load of pure-bred Holslcin cows. He
i now in Saint George buying a hord
of Jerseys, and intends to try the dairy
bus'itoss on n largo scalo. Most of
his Holstein herd wos bought from
tho State Industrial School and tho
balance came- from Murray, Ulnh.
Next Wednesdoy, the bull teom will
play at Monroe, and will jirobnbly
ploy five other gomes while they ore
on tho other side of tho mountain.
Not nil Iho gomes ore assured but the
list is pretty certain to include beside
Monroe, Snlina, Elsinoro, Richfield,
Marysvolo and Pnnguitch.
Miss Julia StlmBon, who lm H
boon mado chief of army nurso H
corps with tho rank of major. H
Miss Stimson Iibb boon engaged M
in army nurso work for many H
years, serving overseas In tho ro- H
cent war Slio has Just donned H
her now military uniform of ma- H
One of tho most unique social func- H
tions of tho scoson wos given Wed- H
nesdoy evening by the Tnbcnmclo
choir in which about fifty persons H
participated. 'l
The affair wns in the form of n pro- 1 H
grcssive supper and tho following
menu served: Sandwiches and root
beer ot Henry L. Webster's. Bos- '
ton baked beans nnd crackers ot Inez 1
Woodbury's. Snlad and bread and H
J butter ot Mr. Frishy's. Cantaloupes
ot Mrs. John Urie's ond sherbet nnd H
wafers nt Antone Lunt's. H
The spacious lawns, bright lights,
music nnd gay flowers were most in-
vitiug and everyone had a jolly good
time, singing, dancing ond playing H
gomes. The lender, Mr. Frisby, with H
his hoppy genial spirit, is pronounced H
' by all the members as a splendid fcl- H
' low and they nre all behind him with H
great enthusiasm for the choir work.
--v .".? '-"- m '
August 18 and 19 I
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