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I Thelron County Record
M Oldest Hurrivlng Taper in Southern
1 Utah Best Advertising Medium
H pw- 4 -
M published nt Cedar City, Utah, Every
fl Editor nnd Publisher.
, WILL DORSON, Assistant Editor.
fl Subscription $2.00 Per Year.
B Entered nt the Post Ofllco at Cedar
H .City, Utah, as second class mntter.
H Address all communications to tho
H editor, nnd make remittances payable
H to Tli o Record.
H FRIDAY, AUG. 13, 1020
H Must Make His Position Clear on
H Vital Issues of the Coming
H Fall Campaign.
1 Already Governor Cox when asked
H to declare himself on this or thnt issue
H is showing nn inclination to refer
M questioners to his record as Chief Ex-
H ccutlvc of Ohio. Now references arc
H all right in their way. But refer
M enecs go bnck into the past; they do
H '' not carry into tho future. Thoy tell
m r what a man has done with some pnr-
H ticular incident thnt is closed. They
H " lo not guarantee, they do not oven
h- affirm, what ho will do with situn
H. ' tions that arc ahead of him and wide
K Governor Cox running for president
' " of the United States must tell thd
B American people, and tell them dircct-
M ly and specifically, not what ho has
H done as governor of Ohio but what
V lie is going to do as president of tho
K United Ctntes.
When the question is put to him,
: cither Governor Cox is going to tell
Hi the pcoplo of tho United States in
R plnin English thnt ho never will pcr-
' mit their government to be intornn-
m tionnlizcd by the league of nntions or
' ho is going off tho slate of the Amer-
H lean voters.
H. Either Govemor Cox is going to tell
H the people of tho United States flatly
j what he will do when tho labor unions
H demand that he agree to help give
B them tho railroads and set thorn up in
V soviet control of them, or he is going
- oiT tho slate of tho American voters.
H. Either Governor Cox la going to
H, tell the pcoplo of the United States in
h so many words how ho and his party
B proposo to raise the taxes to pay tho
B government's debt nnd keep the trens-
B ury solvent, or he is going off the
B 'slntc of the American voters.
B Either Governor Cox is going to
B como straight out and tell the pcoplo
B' of the United States what he will do
H. when the wets, who nominated him,
H call upon him to mnke good to thorn,
B or ho is going off tko slntc of the
B, American voters.
B On any other basis thnn frank dc-
H clnration nnd square dealing with the
B: people of the United States as against
B. all other interests nnd classes, for-
H. cign or domestic, Governor Cox is go-
H ing to face disaster. Warren G. Hard-
Hi ing will bo a very trying mnn for him
H. to mntch swords with, because Hard-
H' ing always runs straight.
Hj- (Continued from first page)
i "
j, of the field, works along steadily thru i
R; the heat of noonday nnd far into tho
H ' night if need be nnd itr, tirclosrr.css
K olten doubles tho binder's opacity in
H! n day's run. Neighboring fanners
H' can get their grain in faster than ever
BB' before by working their binders to-
H' gether behind a trnctor. At least
B eight horses are replaced by this plan.
H In this manner the tractor, 'f properly
H handled, will do more than anything
B else to make successful the 1020 liar-
H (Continued from first pngc.) .
HB owan that night was in exceptionally
B bad shape owing to tho rains, nnd
fl thoso so unlucky ns to skid off tho
H turnpike had some trouble getting on
1 rfgain. But the trip was called well
B worth tho trouble by nil who enjoy-
B cd
H' Dr. J. J. Buswcll, opthnlmic
H specialist of Salt Lake, will be at
H the Cedars Hotel from Saturday
B noon to Sunday at 2.00 p. m.,
H August 2 1 st and 22nd. No charge
H for testing eyes. References.
H. glasses arc worn for health as well
H , as vision. Advaug 13-20
i If wc nro to have the Victory Mcd
,als here by November 11th it is nec
essary that we prepare the applica
tion blanks nt once. You know the
tnBk has been given to your Legion
Post to mnke this application for you,
and it is planned to hnve every mednl
hero for presentation on November
11th. In order to do this it is request
ed that each cx-Ecrvicc man call at
the Forest Office Wednesday, August
18th and bring his discharge in order
that he may sign his application bank.
Since theso blanks must be made on
a typewriter tho Post has arranged
to have a stenographer do tho typing
I nnd all you will hnve to do it to bring
your discharge certificate and sign
your name. Remember if you don't I
get your application filed you will be
disappointed when you see the other,
fellows receive theirs on November
11th, so don't forget Wednesday. I
There wore two more knots added;
to the Cedar Post this week, the new
members being Wells A. Williams of
Kannrra and Morton Thorloy of Cc-
dar City.
The executive board of tho Cedar
Post met Thursday night for tho pur
pose of discussing plnns for hnndling!
the concessions at the county fair. Tho )
County Fair Committc has granted
tho Cedar Post the privilege of hand
ling nil of the concessions nt the fair'
grounds this year, tho proceeds of
which will go toward tho furnidhing1
of qunrtcrs which have been arranged ,
for in the new hotel. Tho following;
committees were appointed to lapkj
nftcr the details.
Booth Construction Lehi Jones, nndj
George Hunter, I
Transportation, Corlctt Simkins
nnd Rulon Dnllcy. 1
Refreshments Ashton Jones, Geo.
Jones nnd Junior McConncll. ,
Supervision of Booths Erwin
Walker, Fernleigh Gnrdnor, Wells
Willinms, Lamar Graff, and Ilyrum
Perry. I
R. T. Forbes, Business Manager. i
W. K. Granger Ass't Business Mgr.
Cnn n mnn who is conducting n "le
gitimate business afford to spend hid
time upon the streets buttonholing
other pcoplo and trying to imbue
them with his pcrsonnl animus toward
some third person 7 Isn't the old pro
verbial Mormon creed n pretty good
one to follow in this respect? Docs
'tho knocker ultimately accomplish
jany thing more than to disgust rc
'spectable pcoplo with the acidity and
' forlornncss of his own withered soul ?
Men who nttend to their own business
, nnd saw wood have little to fear from
j the Blander and vituperation of such
' parasites. Every knockor is a defac
'ing element to' the community in
which he resides, but neni'ly every
town has a few such, and we have to
'endure them ns long a? they sen fit
to lemoin.
there is widespread criticism
of the lack of enforcement of tho pro
1 hibition laws of the state and Federal
I Government is proven by the follow
I ing nrticle which recently 'appeared in
the "Citizen," a weekly magazine pub
I lished in Sat Lake City. Tho article,
j if founded on facts, .liscbses a sur
1 prising state of affairs. Here it is as
1 taken from the columns of tho
Liberty Leasing Association.
Location of principal office, Cedar
City, Utah.
NOTICE. - There are delinquent
upon tho following described stock, on
account of assessments levied by tho
Board of Directors on June 10, 1920,
tho several amounts set opposite the
nnmes of the respective shareholders,
as follows:
No. Cert. Name No. Shnr. Am't
,82 V. L. Allen 500 $25.00
) S. W. Barton IM0 17.00
f8 S. W. Barton 1000 50.00
10 C. P. Cannon 100 5.00
13 1). T. Cox 180 9.00
4-1 W. M. Cox 250 12.50
19 G. P. Houchen 200 10.00
52 L. Jollcy 200 10.00
81 L. Jolley COO 15.0C
i52 P. Johnson 200 10.0C
I a'l if .T.ili(tcn ftnn ir, nc
55 Geo. H. Lunt 180 9.00
CO Win. M. Mcrryweathcr 250 12.50
59 E. Mcrryweathcr 90 4.50
GO D. Perkins 200 10.00
, 76 I). Perkins 500 25.00
1 80 Isaac Parry 500 25.00
03 D. C. Uric 200 10.00
j And in accordance with law and an
'order made by tho board of dirctors
on the 10th day of August, 1920, so
many shares of each parcel of such
stock as may bp necessary will be sold
at public auction at tho office of tho
,compnny, Southern Ulnh Plumbing &
I Heating Co., Codnr City, Utah, on '
(Saturday, tho 21st day of August,1
J 1920, at 2 p. m., to pny tho delinquent
assessment, together with the costs of
advertising and expense of sale. i
, (First Aug. 13 Last Aug. 20, 1920.)
, , , A
Substantial prizos will bo offorcd by
j tho County Fair for the best display
each of canned fruit juico, vogctablcs,
j Meats, Jolly, Jams, Preserves, and
I Marmalade, Pickles and Relishes. j
( The Misses Agnes Brown and Glad
ys McConncll arc home from a voca
tion trip to Snlt Lake City.
! Dr. M. II. Harris, State Agricultur
al Club Leader, has been here all the
, week visiting the boys nnd girls clubs
1 of Iron county. v
I o
j Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer arc home
I from Delta, where they have been
looking over farming mnd with the
j idea of buying some.
I The Christcnsen Construction Co.
1 hns moved its road camp up to Gard
ner's flat, indicating fast progress on
I the road.
I o
I Mrs. E. C. Watson, Cedar City Li
brarian, is home again from her vaca
tion trip to California, where she
spent a very pleasant month. i
Federal Reserve Bank Examiner, E.
L. Sladc of Salt Lake City, has been1
here all week checking up the opera-'
tions of the locnl banks, i
Mrs. Jack Wright of Salt Lake City, I
dnughter of Mr. and Mrs. James!
Smith, is in Cedar visiting her par-1
cnts. I
Director 11. L. Frisby announces;
that there will bo no band concert
next Sunday evening, because too
many of the band members are away
on vacation.
Tho Misses Eln Tobler, Ida Jollcy
and Nellino Turner of Washington are
in Cedar visiting. The Mjsses Turner
nnd Tobler will go on to Delta in a'
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Booth nnd
family and Misses Bernicc nnd Ruth
Dotson of Minersville, have gone to
Snlt Lako City for a few weeks. Mrs.
Booth went to get mcdlcnl attention
for an affliction of tho cnr.
William W. Roundy of Knnnrra was
in Cedar City on business todny. He
said many of the Knnnrra farmers
had cleaned up their noxious weeds
as i-cquired by law, doing so at con
siderable expense, nnd they were de
sirous of seeing the lnw enforced
against the fnrmers who had thus far.
ignored the lnw and disregarded tho
cleanup notice.
Dr. R. W. Leigh lenves today for
Boston where he will officinly repre
sent the State of Utah at the annunl
meeting of the Nntional Association
of Dentnl Examiners. Mrs. Leigh
will join tho doctor in Salt Lake and
accompany him cast. Besides Boston
they will visit in Chicago, Washington
and New York.
Close observers of the Cedar-Enterprise
gnme Wednesday noted nt least
thrco runs that tho Cedar team lost
for lack of side-line coaching nt the
right moment. One team necessity
that has been seemingly overlooked to
some extent is orgnnized nnd sysitom
. ntic conching thnt never leaves a run
ner in doubt ns to the proper move
(for one second. Tho Ccdnr team is
( chosen for this comment only with the
wish to sec it ndd to its mnny oth;r
Effectual in Securing $280 for Don
A. Lightncr, a Member, Com
pensation ior Illness.
Through the efforts of the Cedar
Post of the Americnn Legion, Don A. '
Lightncr of Minersville, a member of
. this post, received $280 from the Wnr
Risk Bureau this week as compensa-'
tion for his recent long illness. Mr.
Lightncr hns been in Snlnt George un
der the carts of a physician for a long
while, but when he npplicd for the
compensntion which the law allows
him tho Wnr Risk Bureau turned his
npplicntion down. The Ccdnr Post
then took the matter up for him, onlyi
to be turned down nlso. The complete
file of letters to and from the Bureau
on this subject mnke very interesting
rending, but ore too long to repro
duce. Tho Post was not satisfied with
the decision of the burenu, being cor-
1 tnln that Lightncr hd a valid claim.
' So the matter was taken up ngnin,
this timo through the congressional
delegation. This time the claim re
ceived the consideration it merited
nnd was allowed. The payment of this
just clnim will onablo Lightncr to
square up the obligations incurred
through his long illness nnd take the
vocational training course to which ho
is entitled through his service in tho
nrmy. Mr. Lightncr, though ho knew
his claim was just, gave up all hope
of getting his due, nnd offered fifty
per cent to anyone who would collect
It for him. The Post got it without
cost to him.
- i
Owners of burinl lots in tho Cedar!
City Cemetery are hereby respectfully
notified that the samo are now entire-J
ly overgrown with weeds, nnd should
bo clenned during the coming week in
order to keep the weeds from seeding
thi soason. The city is cleaning nil
weeds out of tho streets of tho ceme
tery but it is tho duty of onch lot
ownor to clean out his own lot.
CITY COUNCIL, Cedar City Cor
I poration.
1 pnC EDAR'S ',m""""j I
I Boys and Girls j
ifMiHiiiiiimhiiiiMrttrtHiiHiMiiMfiifiiMiMniiiiniiiiiiiit(iiiiiimnitiiiiiiii 5
Fit us for the fight f
J Morally f
I 100 Citizenship. I
P a
Between eighty nnd ninety children
I participated in the sports at tho B.
A. C. Campus last Tuesday.
j Tho sand boxes, which hnve been
' recently installed were greatly wcl-
' coined by tho little folks.
1 All mothers wishing to help us in
I supervising the children and who feci
' they cnn give two hours each week
I in n good cause, their efforts will be
very much appreciated. Phono or sec
Mrs. J. M. Foster.
The Children's Playground Com
mittee engnged five men and a team
to level the ground nnd prepare it
for plnnting grass this season. Upon
Investigation, however, it was found
thnt it would require nt least 100
loads of dirt and that n number of
large rocks would have to be blast-j
cd out, in order to mnko this spot
level nnd suitable for a play ground.
So wo decided to wait until later
when tho busy season is over nnd hnve
a Park and Play ground day and give
everybody a chance to help in this
work and prepare it for next season.
New members listed for Junior
Band and Orchestra work this week
Thcon Watson, violin.
Helen Foster, cornet.
Elma Walker, cornet.
Melbn Froyd, cornet.
Norma Webster, alto.
Wilma Leigh, violin.
Arvilla Higbco, drum.
Alice Higbcc, clarinet.
Eroy Webster, trombone.
Mclvin Thorlcy, snxaphonc.
Waldo Adams, saxaphonc.
Katura Parry, violin.
Wilmn Leigh, violin. 1
Roma Higbee, piano.
Evn Wood, piano.
Genevieve Chamberlain
Caddie Rollo.
Alice Rollo.
Tho following hnve offered their
services to the Junior Band nnd Or
chestra work: Miss Alice Higbee,
Mrs. Hazel Granger, Miss Jnnet Rol
lo, Messrs, Moroni Perry, Leland Per
ry, Pratt Tollestrup, Scth Harper, Lc
Roy Frisby. Wo hope by this week to
be completely organized and have a
school of music established for our
boys and girls.
Miss Genevieve Chnmbcrlain and
Miss Noln Smith hnve small violins
that can be procured for our "Baby
WANTED Boys and tfirls from six
to eight for orchestra no. 3.
Arrangements have been made to
continue the bnll games at the campus
in connection with other games for
. tile remainder of the summer.
A croquet set hns been ordered for
the piny grounds.
WANTED. A tennis court for tho
older boys nnd girls.
A letter enclosing n check was re-
t nntiml Tnatr?n -frnm n lnrlv nf tho
town who stntcd that she wanted to
give a LITTLE in so BIG a commun
ity cause. Thank You Lndy.
Wo are so grateful for the B. A. C.
campus this summer. It is such a de
lightful place to play and Mr. Slaugh
ter has made every concession in keep
ing with his work on the grounds,
6 '
Hnns Chnmbcrlain of Ordcrville, a
brother of Howard Chamberlain is in
Cednr visiting relatives and friends.
Behold tho Classy Loafer with a Fu
uilKutlng Fug pasted to Ids Lower Lip.
waiting for Good Job to Turn Up.
wlH'ii lu Is going In Blow this I lick
Town. As lie Nonchalantly Poses
against tho ClKur Ouso. trying In Look
llko Claronco X. Miirshmnllow but ro
euihlliig Cluirllo Chaplin more, he's
oao reason for the II. C. of L.
y j
, C 1
I ' '""I
jsQ Fine Steels form the Sinews of a JO
Search for the sinews in a Maxwell and you
discover new steels, fine steels, special steels
etccls manufactured to Maxwell's own formulae
I 1 Anents - Lund, Utah ifjr-J
1 - W
k 1' J I
yours reality.
Bank of Southern Utah
f ... 1
-fco prepare
Why Hid Yourself?
"With tKe idea that you
cannot save money?
A great band dance is plnnned for
August 27th at which tho Cedar band
will be out in the new uniforms re
cently ordered. Tho dance is given to
help pay for the uniforms nnd de
serves the hearty support of all loy
al citizens of Ccdnr. The new suits!
nrc navy blue with black braid, and
arc ncnt and of good qunlity without
being extravagant in price. The band
boys will be a credit to the community
in nppearancc, ns thoy nro now in pcr
fornruice. Forest Supervisor W. M, Mace is
away on n trip to l'nnguitch and Kan-ab.
1 J. A. Kopp, proprietor of Kopp's
Garage and J. II. Fife, proprietor of
the Arrowhead Garage are both in
Salt Lake attending a conference of
nutomobile dealers.
I 0
FOR CARPENTER or day laborers
1 call on William Hardy nt Ilyrum
Corry residence, or phono 122F. tf.
For a'good homo on Second Enst
St., Cedar City, sec L. McConnoll.
Adv.' tf.
No better timo to subscribe for The
Record than right nowl

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